Steampunk Slice of Life?

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  1. This RP is an alternate take on the setting of a previous RP

    In this setting, humanity is only a small collection of unified City-States, and Dragons rule the skies and wilderness. However, the industrial revolution has created ways to effectively hunt these Dragons to harvest magical crystals that grow on their skeletons, which can be used "Raw" for their elemental abilities or refined into an extremely effective energy source.

    The city of Apollo's Rest is where the trade of Dragon Hunting started about 100 years ago, and the RP will focus on the citizens of Apollo's Rest.

    Questions and Suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.
  2. Hey~hey.

    Straight up, bruh:

    Can we play as dragons or sky pirates?

    Thanks ya.

    (Gem-powered SteamDragon-riding Sky Pirate Squadron?! NYARR~WUUUUUT!!)
  3. Dragons are non-sapient in this setting, unfortunately.

    Though in the current state of the world, it would certainly be plausible for sky pirates to exist, very likely attacking Hunting Ships just after a successful hunt to steal crystals.
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  4. Sky pirates right here... Right now!!! Nyarr for one and Nyarr for all o this here crew!!! ;333~~
  5. sounds interesting
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