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  1. In a world. Where life was just as dull as monochrome; gears were being tossed and conjumbled into the earths atmosphere enough to make the air turn as black as dirt. This was not an average day at work. Nor a factory, or a train station. This was normal for everyone who lived in that state of mind. The gears that were left on the ground after work each day were re-used to make other useful things like helmets, montegroles, or even glasses.
    Soon, the people were able to corrupt this method to make bigger and better things like plains, trains, and other mechanic-like things...

    This is a High school Steampunk RP. ​

    "hey!" a guy with sudden large big mechaninces come rushing towards an albino looking dog. Slowly, he stopped up his pace then knelt down to pet the large white mutt. "Did you bring what I needed?" it winded. Sounded like it felt guilty as well too. As the time time, it tried hacking back up whatever the guy needed. As he could he the dog swallowed it. Maybe he should contemplate on giving it back or not. A nail slowly gooed-slimed out of the mutts muzzle as it tries to catch its breath. "Oh... Your ok busicut?" busicut nodded with shame because it was taught not to eat such things that fall off onto the surface of the ground. Especially metal. The guy with special machinery picked up the icky nail price and added it to his arm machine piece. "Don't worry, we will get ya checked out later. Right buddy?" he smiled with warmth then stood back up. "I'll see you whenever!" he briefly walked away from his albino dog to continue on his work. Hours later, it is finish. "Yes!" he slid the machine piece on his arm to try it out. Of course it fitted well; he built it to fit his arm only and only for his use. the glove part of the machinery; he grasped the air to make fir more room in. "Now I've finally got something in for workshop class." he took it off abruptly then Put it away safely. Only til tomarrow will he only get to present this to the world.
  2. Material Eater Charges were a great idea, in theory. To speed up the rescue process of workers trapped in collapsed mechanisms and buildings, EMTs would attach the devices onto the debris, and watch as the rubble would quickly melt, bubble, and evaporate into thin air. Pressure would be relieved, a path could be cut straight to the victim, and no more need for MEC suits or industrial size rescue machines.

    Expensive material wise, but there were few companies willing to admit the lives of their workers were a cost/benefit analysis.

    Now, if only Lysel could get the compound to stop eating, it would be perfect.

    The alchemist watched in dismay as her latest charge ate right through the test block, the table, the safety plate, and another five or six feet of ground. Sighing, she made for the shovel and the sack of dirt.

    She noted out of the corner of her eye Professor Varenn giving her a look of sympathetic commiseration. "Don't end up like me," Her sad, sad eyes said.

    "I won't." Lysel's nod replied.
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