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  1. Just wanting to see if anyone would be interested in this idea before I actually post it in the sign ups section; not to mention I can't post a thread there yet anyways. Be completely honest please and if you have any suggestions let me know!

    Basic Idea:
    As time passes society grows, it evolves and learns more. Technology advances, science expands and way of life changes. People become dependent on technology as it grows though and they come to expect it to be around, they take advantage of its reliability. They depend on it to help through their everyday lives and they come to a point where they couldn’t survive without it. So what would happen if suddenly it was all gone; what if suddenly television, cell phones, the internet, it was all gone? Would governments fall apart and there be anarchy and chaos? Sometimes, the government decides that something isn’t good society anymore so what happens when the government of the world decides that the advanced technology of today is making the people too powerful. What if they realize that they’re too dependent on it and decide to be rid of it?

    There are people that dream of a day when they will be able to live in their fantasy world; many would call this way of life that they dream of Steampunk. Those people would have no idea that soon; their dreams would come true. The government began extracting people from society, taking people that they saw traits in that could possibly survive in a world where things weren’t done for them by technology. They chose people that were hard working, fantasized a lot, were well known for their thoughts and opinions of thinking that the world needed to change, inventive, and many other things. They also chose people that they thought wouldn’t be able to make it; they wanted to see how these people reacted to this situation, of being tossed into a world without their precious computers and cellphones. These people would be offered a job for the government. Each person would then be sent a facility type area where their memories of life before are erased or ‘blocked’. They are all put into a compound where they must live. They are provided with the necessary tools to make living possible but they aren’t told what to do or anything of the sorts.

    Basically what I’m wanting to do is have people come in as people that have been chosen for this experiment and be placed in the compound . No one remembers their life before the compound in the beginning but slowly a few will begin to remember bits and pieces of life before. What I’m wanting is that everyone ‘wakes up’ in an elevator type space in complete darkness. It’ll begin to move upwards and a sliding piece of metal in the ceiling will move, allowing them access to the ground above by a latter in the elevator type cage. As they climb out they’ll find a small area that has been sectioned off in different spaces for what they need such as farming, an area for them to build some sort of water irrigation system, and an area with a few plain houses. There will be supplies of all sorts such as broken clocks, televisions etc. that they can use to build different things. Oh, and their clothing are in the style of Steampunk.

    From there, I’m hoping that everyone will build the story on their own. Every now and then I’ll speak with a few people about a plot twist to make it interesting. I’m hoping that everyone will just have fun with this and build the story in whatever way feels best!

    Character Outline:

    The Character Outline isn’t needed but it’s greatly appreciated to help keep track of everyone.
    Occupation Before Transfer:
    Steampunk Daydreamer or not:
    Small History:

  2. I must say, I like the idea. Stempunk, survival, but mixed in with light-hearted freestyle. I think you should go with it, you are sure to get people who join in. :)
  3. Thank you, Church! I'm hoping I'll get enough people interested in it that it should work out well.
  4. Chalk me up for interested.
  5. i must say this has got me drooling might i ask to be apart of this.
  6. Of course, when I get to post it in the sign ups section you can sign up for it. (:


    I actually was able to post the sign-up topic! I named it Experiment Steampunk Revolution