Steampunk Police Partners (1x1 w/ CrazyUnicorn)

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  1. "I'm getting a what?" Nikolai stared in disbelief at the chief behind the desk.

    "A partner."

    "I know what you said."

    "Then why did you say 'what'?"

    "You know what I meant!" she said angrily. Daily life in New Chrome City went on outside the windows, and it was the Quicksilver's police department's job to protect it. Nikolai had more than dedicated herself to protecting this daily life... in admittedly more than disruptive ways, but hey, it wasn't like crime wasn't disruptive enough. The department got at least one property damage complaint each time she was sent on a case, but things were just that to her. Things. Those could get replaced. Lives couldn't.

    "Look, I know you're not too happy about this, Nikolai-"

    "You think?" Nikolai crossed her arms.

    "... But it was actually Dale who suggested you get one."

    Another look of disbelief, "Ugh! Of course, I should have seen this coming! He was getting way too concerned whenever we went out on our lunch breaks... Okay. Fine. I can understand, a partner to keep me on the right track. I get that. Don't agree with it, but I get it. But why, of all people, did you have to pair me up with him?!"
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  2. "You are getting a new partner." Denny was looking indifferently at the chief behind the desk. He had known this would come sooner or later.

    "Alright. Who is the unlucky guy this time.." He had given up protesting a while ago trying to protest whenever the department decided to find him a new partner.

    "You are accepting it easier than she did."

    "Who are we talking about?", he asked suspiciously. There were not a lot of women in the force. Even fewer would be alright to work with.

    "Nikolai Tessy of course." Of course. He would have to get the one person he would not in hell be able to work with. She rushed in with no second thoughts while he preferred setting up traps.

    "Why...why her", he asked absolutely horrified.

    "Look. This will work out. Most likely. Go into the conference room. We will send her to you. You can talk a bit and then we will be giving you your next assignment."
  3. Nikolai wasn't used to having a partner. She was used to working alone. She was used to not having anyone drag her down. She brushed some hair out of her eyes. Whatever. She'd just do what she usually did and maybe that'd convince the department-- and Dale-- that all she needed was herself to keep herself in check.

    "Go meet your partner in the conference room while we get the next assignment ready for you two. Maybe you might like him more than you think."

    "Yeah, sure I will." She said before she went for the conference room. She spotted the free tea and made a dash for it, pouring herself some out of the kettle it was offered in into a metal cup. God, did she need some. Looking around the room as she sipped on it, she tried to spot where this 'Denny' guy was. She'd heard that this guy had numerous partner changes from some rumors around the department. Maybe she'd just be another passing one, but then that might mean that she'd get some other guy... she sighed to herself, eventually gulping down the tea and dumping the metal cup.
  4. Denny watched his new partner through the glass in the door for a while. She did not seem happy at all.

    He tentatively opened the door standing there undecided what to do. He had never been good at meeting his new partners.
    She did not seem to notice him - he decided to act as if she was not even there. He felt a lot calmer that way. Walking over right next to her he got some tea. Without even spearing her a glance he sat down a few chairs down from he and started sipping his tea slowly.

    Starting to reflect once more on all the failed attempts of trying to partner him up with somebody he got lost in his thoughts. Whatever was going on around him passed him by.
  5. It took a few moments for Nikolai to really recognize that her new partner was already in the same room as her, only a few chairs down. When she was first told who her partner would be, she was also shown a picture of him, seeing as how she might not even know who he is by name because of the fact that this was their first time really working together. And no wonder she couldn't find him! He wasn't wearing anything that might indicate that he might have been a part of the department, so at first she thought that he might have been a citizen inside the station. What, was he working undercover?

    Deciding to get first impressions done and over with, she went over and took a seat by him. Already the personality differences were evident, as he was taking more time with his tea, compared to how she'd just inhaled hers for the caffeine boost. He seemed a whole lot quieter too. Nikolai swore that they just threw a bunch of darts at the board blindfolded to decide how they'd be matched.

    "So. Uh. Hey." she said, bumping his shoulder to get his attention, "Okay so, I know your my partner. I'm just gonna tell you this right up front-- I don't wait up for anyone. If you can't keep up with me then, well," she clicked her tongue, "tough luck, partner." she finished sarcastically.
  6. Looking at her intently after she sat down he still stayed quiet. When she started to quiet he knew it - this match was the worst the department had ever made. They were just so different. Even just if you looked at the two of them sitting there you could see that they had nothing in common. Hopefully the partnership would just not last long and their bosses would see reason. Otherwise he would be stuck with a person that would leave him with no cover in a dangerous situation if it suited her - that was at least what it sounded like.

    He had also heard stories about her that he found a bit...scary. She seemed to like destroying things - or at least did it very often.

    "Hello", Denny replied quietly after Nikolai had just declared how little she wanted to work with him. "I'm Denny. But I guess you know that." She had declared how she liked to work - kind of. Maybe he should do the same. "I like patience, traps and inventions. So be patient." He had never seen any sense in rushing into a situation in a hurry and even less without knowing said situation or being unprepared. He tried to convey exactly that with the look he was giving her.
  7. "Patience?" Nikolai rolled her eyes, "What the sense in that? You can't just wait around and let crime solve itself." she made all sorts of hand motions to emphasize her point, "You gotta get in the action! I mean, come on, it's not like being a Quicksilver officer is the safest job in New Chrome... Then again, you ain't wearing a uniform." To be frank, Nikolai didn't get this guy. Completely different from how she operated. Was this some sort of joke? Maybe it was, and they'd call it off when it got too ridiculous.

    "... What the heck do you mean by 'inventions', though?" Nikolai asked, idly taping on her mechanical, prosthetic arm. This kind of piqued her interest. She didn't have the patience for mechanical stuff, obviously. In the kind of city they lived in, there was a need for guys inventing new stuff to fill new needs. It could have been just boring, plain old stuff for all she knew, but hey, maybe it wasn't. Might be a redeeming factor here.
  8. "They actually do... People are not very intelligent beings - most of them at least. You just have to have the right information and know how to manipulate people. Then you have to set up a trap, have a few plans and the crime close to solves itself...", he replied. "I don't like uniforms. I don't want to look like everybody else. I'm my own person. Also - if you walk into a place with a uniform you are completely differently treated than when you do without." Denny was sitting calmly and talking without ever raising his voice. If she did not listen then she was not interested enough to know it and he would not try to get the information to her no matter what.

    "Inventions. As in: this is a thing. This is kind of the same thing but better. Or. This thing we might need. Or as in this thing." He pulled his gun out of his boot and put it on the table. "I made that a while back."
  9. "... Yeah, I can agree with you on that." Nikolai said, "I mean some criminals can be dumb as a rock... And don't think I'm so dumb as to walk into the worst part of town with my uniform on. Sometimes it helps to intimidate those guys and get'em to spill... But I know when I should put this police emblem," she pointed to the one on her uniform, "away."

    She looked at the weapon he got out with interest, and got out her own standard weapon as a comparison, "So what can that thing do? Well, compared to the standard one most police officers are issued with, anyways."

    "Nikolai and Denny, please report to the main office. Your case report is ready." said a voice from the intercom.
  10. Denny picked up his gun and got up. "I'll explain it on the way." He walked out of the room in the direction of the main office. He relied that Nikolai would just follow him. So he started his explanation.

    "Well. This gun has only stunning mode - I find that it is in most cases sufficient. It's a bit more stealthy as it does not have any blinking lights or anything. Instead of 6 shots I have 9 until I need a cool-down period. The cool-down period is pretty much the same, maybe a little shorter. And hey - look at the color. That's a feature! Your gun is not any kind of flashy blue or anything."

    He proceeded walking and came to a decision. "I can make one for you, if you'd like. You can even pick the color."
  11. Nikolai nodded, and followed him towards the office, "Oh... I see." she said, continuing to look at his gun and her own. She found that she didn't use the 'pulse' option all that much either, as she didn't want to shoot a crook and end up accidentally injure a civilian. She laughed when he mentioned the color, "Oh, so your gun is more pretty than mine? ... It prolly would do better in undercover work, though." she commented.

    He really got her attention when he offered to make one for her, "Sure, I don't see why not. As for the color..." she looked at her prosthetic, robotic arm and an idea came to her, "... Say, would you be a good enough inventor to make that gun," she tapped her robotic arm, "come from here? Wouldn't even have to waste time drawing it out."
  12. "Yes.", Denny simply answered.

    Denny looked at her arm. It was nothing extremely special - he probably could upgrade it a whole lot. "Well, I could do that. But I could make your arm better in a lot of ways, I guess. I would have to see the plans, though. And it would involve time and some testing, maybe another arm like yours to experiment. Or I could construct a new one...", he trailed off, already planning everything in his head. He kept walking automatically and only when he nearly walked into the door he remembered what was going on around him. He raised his hand to knock and then just walked into the office. He was not in the mood to wait.
  13. Nikolai grinned, "Nice." she said, moving the fingers of her prosthetic arm, "Whatever ya' gotta do... partner." Hey, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. She might actually get an upgrade out of all this trouble. She chuckled at watching him almost walk into the door. She wouldn't have been so polite to even knock, being used to just walking in uninvited all the time. If they really wanted to keep others out, usually they just locked the door.

    "So, what's the down low?" Nikolai asked.

    "Track Tarnishes are causing trouble." The person behind the desk laid out a case file.

    "Again?" Nikolai said, looking at the file, "What's with those guys?" Reading it, it detailed that some of the criminal members were doing 'shady dealings' by an airship dock.
  14. Denny tried to follow the conversation but his head was still playing with ideas and he had no idea what they were going to have to do. He grabbed a file and started reading.

    "So you want us to check out what's going on and if there's something we can arrest them on, right?"

    "Yes, please work together on this. It won't do anybody any good if the two of you go your separate ways and maybe even hinder each other. You are a team now."

    "Yes, yes, we get it. Nikolai, let's go. Plans to make. Plans to look at." Denny was way more impolite that he usually would have been but he was longing to see those plans and start working.
  15. Nikolai rolled her eyes, "What he said. No need to go on the 'we're partners now' spiel, I've heard it way too many times before." she commented before heading for the door, "Look, we'll just... figure it out, okay?"

    "... We really need you to not screw this up, though. The Track Tarnishes have been causing us trouble for far too long. And be light on the property damage!" he warned Nikolai

    "I know!" she said looking to Denny, "So you ready to head for the airship docks?"
  16. " Right now?" Denny wanted to at first read up a little on their targets and the specific place they were going - even if they were just going to check out the whole situation. And he was still longing to see those plans.

    "Can't we look at like some plans before. Any plans. Plans of the airship docks. Plans or you arms. Or old files. Or just not rush into this without any information..."

    Denny looked at his new partner. "Also, you will have to take off your uniform."
  17. "Of 'course. That's just plain obvious around the Track Tarnishes." Nikolai said, before sighing, "... Really? You can't plan for everything! What if something happens to disrupt your little perfect plan of yours? What then, huh?" she questioned, "The best way to do this sort of stuff is to just jump right into it and adapt-- it's how ya' gain experience... but sure, whatever. Get your plans." she waved her hand.

    More information was laid out on the desk, as per Denny's request.
  18. "It's always better to at least have a plan and one or two back-up plans together with three escape plans. It's still possible to adapt when necessary."

    Looking at the plans of the area they needed to visit he made out a few good escape-routes if they needed them. He took out a pen to mark them accordingly. Staring at the plans for a while he tried to memorize as much as possible. Then he pointed out. "Now we have a little idea of what we are getting ourselves into. I believe that can make the difference of a mission accomplished or a failed one. Or even life or death if things go really wrong. I'm not saying we need to plan out every step we make - you know that, right?"
  19. "Well, I'd hope not-- otherwise you'd be just plain unbearable." Nikolai said, "Look, I get the point of a plan... they just don't work for how I do things."

    "... The way you do things isn't always the most productive, you know." pointed out the person behind the desk.

    "But I still get things done, right? The more time you waste making a plan, the more time those crooks have to do with whatever stuff they're doin'... You done yet?" she asked Denny, crossing her arms impatiently.
  20. "My way is safer though. Mostly. I have learned that a person should be more than just how productive they are. If you think I am being unproductive, please go ahead and do things more productively." He looked up at her and gave her a dark look. "I want to do things the way I am comfortable with, alright?"

    "Yes - you get things done. But sometimes some planning makes the whole execution of something shorter and more efficient... Don't rush me. I need to memorize that last bit of the map"

    Denny ignored his impatient looking partner and looked back down on the map lying in front of him. A few minutes passed that he was just silently staring at it.

    "Alright. We may go. Change."
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