Steampunk Plot Bunnies

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  1. I'll admit, I got these all from a random generator. I thought it would be cool to go off something and make it our own, though. It doesn't have to be exactly as said down below, but rather plot bunnies that we bend to our own liking without taking away the main thing that's going on in these plot bunnies. These are all steampunk adventures, they will all have romance as a subplot, as well as mystery, suspense, and drama tossed on the side, depending on what we do and how we bend it to make the plots our own in a way.

    If you choose to help create a plot because you're willing to roleplay one of these ideas with me, please understand that I want at least two detailed paragraphs, proper grammar and spelling, as well as contribution to the plot (i.e. playing npcs, throwing in plot twists, etc.) because I do not want to be the only one driving the plot forward. Also, know what you're doing. Expanding on the plot bunnies are good but not discussing further detail like setting, characters, subplots, etc. isn't my piece of cake. I'd prefer my partner be patient as well, and look over my roleplay resume just to get an understanding of what I do, what I like, and my plot candies, etc.

    Plot #1: A team of explorers consisting of a professor, a lady, a lawman, a superhuman, and a benevolent detective discover an artifact from a watch-and-clock shop. Complications ensue involving a field of roses, speaking the truth, and mistakenly believing someone has a crush on one.

    Plot #2: The hero of this story is someone who can't go home again who has a steam-powered automobile. On the way to the story's conclusion the hero encounters someone passionate about their work. This person has a sense of humor. Plot elements include unusual paradigms of warfare and masquerading as another character.

    Plot #3: The narrative contains hero/sidekick dynamics. Romance blossoms between an American and an ordinary person who makes mistakes, but comes through it OK, while difficulties they encounter include eldritch inscriptions and a steam tank.

    Plot #4: The story starts as a good guy who becomes a bad guy encounters a high-stakes game of rounders with cannonballs while in the space behind screens. The overall narrative is about the uncanny.

    Plot #5: The story starts as a man with spectacles encounters unwilling alliance while in a dirigible. The overall narrative concerns love that transcends barriers.

    Plot #6: The text starts as a ridiculously stupid or lucky protagonist encounters a masquerade while in a graveyard. The overall narrative contains gender-bending and the motivation behind the major plot events is: to bring new life into the world.

    Plot #7: The villain of this piece is an aviatrix, while the hero is an artificial human. The plot begins with shiny gadgets in the Grand Canyon. The ending includes elements of gerrymandering and a pneumatic messaging system.

    Plot #8: This story begins as a decadent artist investigates a mystery about lost knowledge. Clues include language for its own sake and panthers. The hero is revealed to be a courtesan.

    Plot #9: This story begins as it ends, with a consulting detective. In a hidden waterfall, a misanthropic loner and a Chinese man struggle against the odds and encounter having a child, a swordfight, and an intelligent person who has a climbing apparatus hidden in a crinoline frame. The text is about the universe's sense of time vs. human time.

    Plot #10: Your story begins with watching someone sleep. In a giant country mansion there is a misguided detective who has a sense of humor. The protagonist experiences things like a slave auction and a romantic weekend. It finally ends with learning how to be human.
  2. I'm up for #2 and #10. I'm a guy, and I'd rather not do a gay romance, so would a brotherly bonding or battle-forged friendship thing work?
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