Steampunk Pirate RP (need more crew members)

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  1. Probably shouldn't be making/joining another RP right now but what the hay.

    1. I'm looking for a new or about to be started Pirate RP. My main concern that I always have on this site is trying to find an RP that I'm interested in without 20+ more plot pages to sift through. Buut I will join one like that if the IC hasn't put up and someone provides me with the current plot ideas.

    2. If number one doesn't happen then I'm all for making my own Pirate RP. If that happens then this will become a plot discussion page where you guys can just throw in your ideas. Some of mine is either a realistic pirate venture, fantasy lore pirates, or steampunk sailing the skies one (<-- maybe mixed with some fantasy too because why not).

    So this is going to be the second one. The setting as of right now is semi steampunk and of course victorian era. The roles needed to fill this RP are the following:

    Ship's Captain I'll be taking the role :)
    Quartermaster TAKEN by @Crono
    Sailing Master (basically the navigator) TAKEN by @PetticoatLane
    Boatswain (Engineer) TAKEN by @Windsong and @WarriorHeart
    Doctor/Surgeon (Will NOT be the carpenter too because just cause) TAKEN by @MonarchFrost
    Master Gunner TAKEN by @GreenSea
    Cabin Boy TAKEN by @CheekyBeretta

    Heres the link to the website I got this stuff off:
    (mainly because it wouldn't let me copy. Lol that reminds me, right click when you're on this page. A funny pop up message comes up ha.)

    AND because I feel like people will forget if I don't shove this somewhere in here. This is still an RP discussion. SO DISCUSS. Show me some ideas. Dropping an interest post is kool too.
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  2. Uhh.. This guy. Would totally be into that! If you need to bounce some ideas off someone then I would be glad to help!
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  3. Kool. Which one is looking like your favorite idea?
  4. I'm a sucker for a good, traditional pirate adventure but I would like to try out some steampunk gadgets and maybe a cursed crew here and there.
  5. Maybe the setting could be post steampunk then? By traditional do you mean you're leaning towards sea sailing or would you give sky sailing a chance?
  6. Sounds good to me! How about both? I could incorporate my fear of heights into my character then. Lol
  7. (I'm interested)
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  8. Mmkay steampunk flying convertible water sailing ships sound goood.

    Pin pricked for the future voodoo collection of other RPers. Uhhh welcome aboard rrrr...
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  9. Are there going to be roles that you want filled or just take what you get kind of thing?
  10. Am sure there will be roles that are essential like the erm Captain, Navigator, that person who directs the cannons (Gun master, Gun captain, something something forgot the name), the quartermaster, doctor (Taken), and the cabin boy-girl. The rest is down for grabbing.
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  11. I call doctor!.. If that's okay with you that is!
  12. DOCTOR = @MonarchFrost

    *thumbs up* Kool with it.
  13. Sweeeet. Once we get a few more bites I'll chalk up my CS.
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  14. Alrright. Just edited the first post for some roles. Am probably going make a banner.
  15. Oh, a pirate-based rp sounds incredibly fun. I'm in.
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  16. Consider your voodoo doll pricked. Welcome aboard rrrr...
  17. I'm currently interested with Carpenter and Master Gunner hmm...~ you know what master gunner it is~
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  18. So, flying pirates that occasionally-take-to-the-sea-because-why-not sounds exciting.

    Now... sailing master to satisfy my love of navigators ... or cabin boy for kicks...
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  19. Pirates? Steampunk? Cursed crew? Sounds like an adventure! ψ(`∇´)ψ
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  20. Updated all positions water sphinx.

    Orrr both.

    Indeed it is. Except in this adventure were here to get lost. Putting a pin on your voodoo doll. Welcome aboard rrr...
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