Steampunk Murder Mystery

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  1. So, my premise is this:

    Basically, my character is a bit of a chemical engineer/inventor and specialises in fuel additives and sealants, and she's come under suspicion when someone steals one of her formulas and uses it to commit murder. So she goes on a bit of a mission/investigation to clear her name and find the murderer.

    This is my character:

    Name: Camilla del Bosque

    Bio: Camilla del Bosque's family are relative newcomers to the kingdom. Her family's money, resources and charm helped them to quickly establish themselves among the high class of Orhmere. Camilla hopes to make her own impression by developing fuel additives and other compounds to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of steam power. With super-heated steam and special sealants, boilers could be smaller, more powerful. Batteries and electricity so far are big, bulky, unreliable and notoriously inefficient. Steam was already proven, and only needed refining. Her family's coal mining and transport business supports her research, and also her explorations around the world to discover new materials and metals.

    She has been nicknamed 'Gatita del Bosque' (Kitten of the Forest) by her family, who equate her to the solitary jaguar. She prefers to be left to her work, but like a kitten, sometimes acts surprisingly playful and friendly. When she's in the mood of course.

    Naturally left-handed, her governesses and tutors forced her to learn to write with her right hand. Her own stubbornness not to be outdone, however, she can now write simultaneously with both hands. If she really concentrates, she can write in separate languages with each hand.

    She also plays the glass harmonica.

    So, I'm basically looking for more ideas on how to develop the story, and what kind of characters/cast we should include.

  2. Also, I have included her first ever post, just to give you a sense of style.

    The sound of a hammered dulcimer could be heard over the slight hissing of steam, nudging Camilla awake. She picked her head up and groaned, stretching the kinks out of her back and neck. She'd fallen asleep at her desk again. It was an all-too-common occurrence for her; indeed, she fell asleep just as often at the desk in her workshop as she did in her own bed.

    Yawning and rubbing her eyes, Camilla rose and trudged into the water closet of her apartment, which took up half of the third floor in the east wing of her family's estate house. She pulled a lever, which started the bath filling with hot water as she continued through the room into her bedroom, and on into her kitchen where she opened the steam valve for the room, setting her steam staff into action. The main valve fed into individual valves which controlled each machine. By shutting off individual valves and feeding in punched cards detailing recipes, she decided her breakfast for today. Smoked salmon with petit suisse cheese and dill on fresh bread, a soft-boiled egg, marmalade on toast and coffee with cream.

    Satisfied with her choices, she returned to her bath, shedding her work dress and minimal night undergarments and depositing them into the laundry chute before climbing into the tub. It took a moment to remove all the pins from her hair before she could relax in the water and begin to clean herself up. She had a meeting later today, and it wouldn't do to look as if she'd slept at her desk.
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    but its just Boo boombooming some ideas...?


  4. OOH, I think I might be interested in this.
  5. Um, no. I need ideas related to the premise because that's actually what I'd like to play.

  6. Ummm... Kay... you said discuss. And so I was like... like...


    ~awkward silence~


    ..Kay. Good luck with your RP!!^^!! Byeeee~~
  7. I see from the first post that your char hasn't yet become aware of her situation. Brace yourself for a bombardment of ideas:
    Perhaps the murder has something to do with the bloody game of political intrigue, a rival (and maybe slightly insane) inventor, or a radical atheist group.
    Other characters could incude friends of Cam, a private investigator, colleges, or simply people who have her integrity in their best interest.
    Typically murder mysteries like to go beyond a simple killing, and steampunk enjoys dipping small occurrences in very important ones. Like the threat of a war.

    Hope this helps you in some way. I would definitely be interested in joining this either way.
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  8. Why an atheist group specifically? Just out of curiousity.

    But those are all really good ideas! Maybe the villain could be even a colleague of hers, someone she had trusted all along. Though, I do like the political intrigue/threat of war. Or at least, the threat of an insurrection.

    But yes, she finds out her situation when the authorities come pounding at her door a bit later, interrupting a very delicate experiment and causing it to literally blow up in her face. So we get to see her temper a bit as well. ;)
  9. SHIT. Amish! I ment amish! You know, anti-technology, that sort of thing. It could be made to look like Cam's formula killed someone important. Glad you like the ideas anyway.
  10. Oh, Luddite is the word you want then.
  11. That, I ment that.

    I'm very tired.
  12. *patpats* It's okay.

    I would try to come up with more ideas tonight, but I'm too tired. I'll try again tomorrow.
  13. Could this be one of the gems floating around in the muck of generic and seemingly endless streams of poor RP's? I have a question about Camilla, your character, since she is a wealthy aristocrat, would it not make sense for her to employ a butler of sorts? By a Butler, I'm implying that this particular person is not the typical "help". He/she would have an array of skills and abilities that the family rely on extensively. He/she could be or become whatever the family needs at any given time, from personal bodyguard, to assassin, to even being a world class chef. Yes, I think I would like to play this role in the RP; that is, if you agree to the idea?
  14. Hm, that's a very unique idea! I'm glad you find the idea interesting!

    Her mother is more a social queen than an engineering genius. Camilla herself is fiercely private, even from her family, so if anyone is helping her, he'd be her own personal assistant/valet. Other than that, her apartment is almost fully automated with steam mechanicals, so she can live independently and alone. Having an assistant/protégé, though, who also works as a go-for boy and valet, maybe not bodyguard, sounds good.

    Maybe he grew up in the household? Maybe he was a servant boy that she saw potential in and tutored him, training him up?
  15. Okay, to summarise the ideas we have so far/that I have decided to take on:

    Camilla is going to be called upon to 'investigate' a crime scene where a man has been killed in a manner that could only be accomplished by using one of her formula, which she discovers has been stolen from her. However, her coming to the scene was only a ruse, as she comes under accusation herself, and must both clear her name and find the killer before the kingdom falls into rebellion, as the man was the key to what might have been a successful treaty between the nobility and the potential uprisers. We're not sure who the murderer is as yet, but they could be someone she's trusted and may have even worked with in the past.

    One character we have so far is her assistant/valet, played by @Sammael9216 if they want the spot. @Crono and @Protagonist, are you still interested?

    There's still other stuff we can flesh out further as well. A more substantial political landscape would be useful, for instance, and the constabulary.
  16. I most certainly am. I would like to play a rather mysterious individual who joins Camilla for the sole intent of keeping the peace. Would you be ok with this?
  17. @Crono Hm, would you mind expounding a bit on that? Not entirely sure what you're getting at.
  18. Basically the character wants to solve the murder to avoid the rebellion you mentioned. They don't as much care for Camilla's innocence as they do stopping possible civil war. This includes finding and revealing the murderer. They join Camilla mainly to have the advantage of numbers, along with the fact that she is genuinely smarter then them. The two would probably meet at the scene of the crime as they are conducting there own investigation, the person possibly being accused as well.

    By the way I like the idea of the standard Victorian constabulary with the hats and batons (probbably rifles if rebellion is brewing) but with large automatons that deal out heavy metallic fistfuls of justice following them around.
  19. I think there'll be those as regular bobbies, but also a more elite group of bullyboys, like the brownshirts or something. Different name, though.
  20. And the whole char idea? Your ok with that or...?
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