Steampunk Idols/artifacts

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  1. Hello!
    I am Yukinari (AKA: Rheagos Shuvar)
    I need some help, you see. . . I am quite stuck on ideas.
    So i am leaving it up to the community to help me build my RP!
    The topic is quite simple. . . My RP Deals with Steampunk weaponry and mechanics. . .
    The rules are quite simple:
    1) NO overpowered weaponry/robotics!
    2) each Weapon/robotic feature must serve a purpose!
    3) Only original ideas will suffice. . .

    1) I will put your name as a GD (Game developer)
    2) You will be invited to nightly meetings (VIA: Skype/Teamspeak)
    3) You will have your own section of the LORE!!
    I wish you all the best! Let's get this creativity rolling!
  2. I don't need any of those perks (I don't really do group RPs) but I can try to help!

    What kinds of things were you wanting?
  3. Simply put in the TITLE!
    I need "several" Steampunk Idols/artifacts!
    All of which NEED TO BE Original in name and design function!
  4. Ok my struggle is:

    1) idols are most typically statues, so I need to know what in your mind would make an idol steampunk

    2) anything old is an artifact; a bowl can be one, so can a tooth, or a coffin, computer, chair, or a paintbrush, so I need more specifics on what kind of artifacta you want.
  5. Hmm
    Mechanical/robotic/statue. . .
    Will that work?
  6. I honestly don't know which question you answered and I'm still confused on both counts :/