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  1. So. After reading a book called Lotus war, and rediscovering my love for Feudal Japan as setting, I sat down to shamelessly rip off write a rp in the same vein. The premise for the RP will be a industrialized Psuedo-Japan that while maintaining its culture, also is going trough rapid industrial development due to a toxic crop that works as this amazingly potent fuel. The Golden Islands as this Nation is called, is trying to be a Empire, invading this worlds equivalent of China and is now engaged with enemies from the West as well.

    The world is a vast and often hostile place, from the stepped of the Vuc to the Barren norths of the Daen and down to the southern shores of the Green Sea. All with its own distinctive cultures. All with their tribes, kings, thiefdoms and struggling would be powers. The world is full wonder both gorgous and ferocius, from the steppes giant wolves, to the strange beasts that drink human blood and take the shape of other people to the majestic Thunderbirds in the north. Each region its own wonder, and each culture with its own myths, legends, legends and customs. But all these are under threat, from each others ambitions, and more recently, from the warmachine in the east.

    In the east lies a Island kingdom with imperical aspirations. Known once as the Golden Islands, ruled by the Golden Emperor, descendent of the Islands gods themselves. The country is home to a longstanding tradition of war and honor, the way of the warrior; Bushido. The country itself is ruled by Akira Ryu, the Iron Shogun. Called as such for revolutionizing the nation from a agricultural, rural nation to a industrial, densly populated one. The shogun has ambitions of Dominance, having led the conquest of the nearby, smaller kingdoms. But his nickname also refers to his reign of fear and absolute dominance. Under him more atrocities have been commited then under the last three rulers combined. His Iron Samurai, Noble warriors wearing 7 foot, exhaust spewing sets of steampowered armorsuits. These monstrosities are exclusively used by the ruling class and their closest followers and they use them to put down malcontent and raised voices with extreme impunity. The Shogun does not rule alone however, underhim are warlors, so called Daiymos, who swear their fealty to him, even if they all have their own personal agendas.
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  2. Added something from the rp OOC i am working on
  3. Feudal Japan? Steampunk?

    None of these other words matter. I'm in.

    They were all interesting words, though.
  4. As soon as I saw Steampunk and Japan I wanted in. Then as soon as I finished actually reading the whole thing, I want this to be real already.
  5. Interested
  6. Exellent. The ooc is currently halfway done
  7. Why didn't you tell me?! Is it because of GURPS ._.?

    I promise, it will be done today!
  8. OOC Should be up today. ITs looking to be very... massive.
  9. Since Sengoku Basara's Date Masamune and Basara alone is ridiculous in it's own way. Would a canon character like him work? Or do I have to create an OC? This seems rather interesting. I amnot great at creating a character off the bat.
  10. Herro :3

    Twould like to express my interest.

    First a few questions:

    1: Writing level recquirements?

    2: character limitations (what do you want, what don't you?)

    3: anime physics or real life limitations?

    4: Is this going to be wholly serious or somewhat silly? I am down for some good ol shogun seriousness, butt comedy is a nice thing from time to time
  11. Also interested
  12. @Dante Redgrave This is not anime. It's fairly bonkers in its own way, but more geared towards real life stuff. Everyone is playing a OC, this is not taking place in our own world. The Golden Isles is not Japan as we know it.

    @Anri Wihnren So far I am looking for any and all that would fit. There is quite the extensive world lore in the OOC now, so it should be able to guide you to what I expect and need for my players to do. As for the tone. Expect both serius and shenanigans. This is more a samurai movie then a anime. But it DOES have spirits and yokai and mystic monks, so there will try to maintain a balance of things.
  13. Thanks anyway. I am kind of rubbish at being an OC. WHich is the problem why I have no OCs. Thanks anyway!
  14. Steampunk Airship!



  16. So, I read the OOC, but what will our Characters be doing exactly? I re-read 3 times before asking this question D:
  17. I...I forgot to write that didn't I?
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