Steampunk Expeditions: The Lost Jungle Temple (Sign-up and OOC)

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  1. RP:

    Tl;dr: steampunk expedition to jungle temple.

    One sentence: Journey through dangers physical and supernatural in search of hidden treasure as part of a group of steampunk adventurers!

    Full: The year is 1877, the twentieth year in the reign of our beloved Queen. Expeditions have already returned from all over the world, and the map has been filled from the North Pole to the Orient with all manner of strange and wonderful treasures as the Empire expands around the globe. Sky-ships float above the spice-markets of India, Babbage Analytical Engines clack and rumble in Cairo, and even in the New World the sound of the Gatling Gun is heard, for technology is at last making its glorious conquest over barbaric superstition, and the Age of Science is at hand. Telegraphs lines, shining locomotive tracks, roaring ships of the Royal Navy and even the sparking, electrifying Electro-Static Discharge Coils of the Russian-born Nikola Tesla can be seen and heard everywhere.

    Yet for some gentleman and lady adventurers, the thrill of discovery lies not only in the machinery that drives the modern world, but also in the exploration of the deepest and darkest continent of them all: Africa! For within those mysterious jungles of savages and rabid creatures lie untold treasure and glory waiting for the lucky and the brave to find it! Already explorers have reported all manner of treasure, from gold and silver to rooms full of every sort of gemstone imaginable. Yet they also bring back rumor of strange curses and shadowy shapes lurking in forgotten ruins, and barbaric tribes of savages guarding the homes of their gods with spears and poisoned arrows!

    You, and those others with you, are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in search of all this and more. You are all gentlemen and ladies of some sort, though perhaps some of you have darker pasts unknown! The HMS Fortune, the finest Sky-Ship ever to fly from the gleaming brass and wood of Britain's Imperial Sky-Port, will be departing by the morrow. Who knows what may await you in the jungles of Africa?


    Anyone interested? I'll post a sign-up once at least two others express interest. (done!)



    GM has final say and can change rules whenever necessary
    GM may choose assistant GMs
    No controlling another's character. This also applies to GMs except in emergency situations.
    If you must argue OOC, never take it beyond conversation (in-character fights welcome within reason).
    Be polite OOC.
    Nobody has higher rank than anypony else besides the GM and the assistant GMs, either in or out of character. You're no longer in Britain, you are in Africa, and rank means nothing when savages are after you.
    Please do your best not to swear, especially OOC. Recall that this is the Victorian era.
    Please participate as you can. Others may be waiting for your character to move before they can move.
    No reversing time except by GM, and only in emergencies.
    No powers. You're all humans. You DO have steampunk technology within reason, but it must be listed.
    No personal attacks at players. We are all respectable adventurers here.
    Please keep violence to a minimum when it's not an "encounter". Encounters are introduced by the GM.
    Please no mature themes here. This is the Fantasy section, not the Mature section.
    No involving others in backstories unless by permission.
    No bringing about any sort of major disaster. This includes but is not limited to floods, tornadoes, droughts, plagues, and famines. If you "accidentally" trip a curse, your new job is to fix it.
    Please sign up before playing.
    Keep OOC in OOC. This is the OOC thread. Please use it.
    Please limit yourself to 3 characters at the most, and play all of them.
    Have fun!


    Current Adventurers:

    Dinann Quile (Wavelength) - Volunteer, good with directions
    Conall Kilburn (Seriack) - Laird's son, good with languages and history
    Viola Cooper (Morning Glory) - Engineer/Mechanic
    Rorik Palisade (Koene) - Hunter/Linguist
    Vrach Tamhota (Dirk Pitt) - Pharmacist / Chemist



    Sign-up Form:

    Job (doctor, archaeologist, botanist, mechanic, etc before you decided to join):
    Appearance (description or image; please spoiler images):
    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc):
    Origin (London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, etc):
    Reason for coming (seeking wealth, knowledge, boredom, bitter past, etc):
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc):
    Steampunk accessories (digging machines, special weapons, portal flying machines, etc. Must be portable when disassembled, because we're going through a jungle):
    Skills (can identify plants, knows different languages, photographic memory, studies ancient civilizations, etc.):
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:
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  2. I might sign up as the human so thoughtfully drawn by Explicit. (profile image)
    So we'll be exploring Africa with a zeppelin?
  3. This sounds like fun... I might just do what Wave is doing and use humanized-Farsight for this...
  4. If it stays up in the air ovO (hint hint)

    All right then, creating rules and a sign-up form!
  5. Name: Dinann Quile

    Age: 22

    Job (doctor, archaeologist, botanist, mechanic, etc before you decided to join): Construction volunteer.

    Appearance (description or image; please spoiler images):
    Moderately tall, somewhat strong build with a blond mowhawk. Better at heavy lifting than throwing punches. With dark blue, cheerful eyes and averagely tanned skin, this individual seems like someone you'd invite to tea after a good duck hunt.

    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): Helping hand. He's eager to please, and will likely throw himself into a dangerous situation if it gets his companions out.

    Origin (London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, etc): Cairo

    Background/Biography: Dinann grew up in a moderately wealthy family which enforced discipline and good conduct. One of his favorite occupations was to attempt to make his father smile at his achievements of the day, forming his desire to please whoever he serves under.
    A pure and uncomplicated lifestyle, Dinann is quite a satisfied soul with no internal conflict, and no desire for personal gain. The way he sees things, his only remaining purpose in life is to go out in the world and earn a title for his family. As for raising a family of his own, though he's not closed to the idea, he has his doubts that such a thing will happen.

    Reason for coming (seeking wealth, knowledge, boredom, bitter past, etc): Dinann heard of all the innovations being made in Great Britain, so after a month of planning, he set out on a journey to become part of something greater. He learned of an upcoming trip to Africa aboard a great flying ship, and that the founders were seeking volunteers. In faith that this expedition will yield great discoveries, Dinann is tagging along in the hopes of giving his family name a place in the history books.

    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): High-collared tuxedo-like black shirt and thick black jeans, both made from warm, durable fabric. Excellent defense against insects, cold, and bush thorns. Standard underclothing.
    He wears a hiking pack with necessary food and water for his own needs as well as thirty meters of rope, and room for an additional 80 pounds of equipment for whatever the group needs to bring.

    Steampunk accessories (digging machines, special weapons, portal flying machines, etc. Must be portable when disassembled, because we're going through a jungle): Preparing himself for the dangers and mysteries of Africa, Dinann carries a defensive steel shield one meter tall by two-thirds wide, and is prepared to retaliate with an explosive crossbow (gunpowder) with a sturdy bayonet attached. The crossbow's firing mechanism is moderately fragile, but the superstructure from the handle to the bayonet is as strong as any sword.
    He also has a grappling hook crossbow head for his rope, should the need arise.

    Skills (can identify plants, knows different languages, photographic memory, studies ancient civilizations, etc.): His memory tends toward familiarity and recognition more than photographic. He's terrible with names, but he'll quickly learn whose faces to associate with what character traits. He never loses his way; if he gets "lost" trying to find an unknown location, he can navigate to his journey's origin effortlessly.

    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: That I do!
  6. A fine welcome to you then, good sir! Step aboard, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!
  7. Dinann replied in an accent similar to those of the imperial officers from Star Wars. "I anticipate no problems. Tell me where you need me, commander!"
  8. Oh, and incidentially, I added two more categories into the sign-up, for previous/current job and skills. Feel free to edit your sign-up, I'll still say it's accepted x3
  9. Edit complete!
  10. Name: Conall Kilburn

    Job (doctor, archaeologist, botanist, mechanic, etc before you decided to join): Son of a Laird(Scottish Lord), he held no real job. He has been trained in sword play and languages, and his family has always been interested in ancient history, which has caught hold of young Conall as well.

    Appearance (description or image; please spoiler images):
    Show Spoiler

    Sports a goatee, but I didn't feel like bothering EE to add it in. Average height and build, he can take care of himself.

    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): A very proud individual, taken from being the son of a prominent Scottish Laird, he also tries to be a leader, although he is very naive. Also very swashbuckling, but has never actually seen combat before, only duels between friends and foes of his teenage years.

    Origin (London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, etc): Edinburgh

    Show Spoiler
    Conall grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was very pampered as a child, receiving only the best his parents could offer. As a youngster, he was taught of being a Laird, and how he would need to carry on the family name. By a tragic accident, his loving mother died, the only influence in his life that kept him from trouble, and his father turned introverted, taking to drinking and other activities. Conall had still been in his teens when this all happened, and he soon looked to other places to find his fun and sense of belonging, making friends with other noble sons. He had always been a good boy when his mother was alive, but with her gone and his father no longer a large influence in his life, he took to dueling as well as common mischief. He had the cocos always chasing after him and his friends, but he always managed to avoid being caught. Until he made the mistake of chasing after the Constables daughter, which ended up with him arrested with his pants down. His father finally took action, bailing him out, but also setting him up to learn what life is really like... At least how his father saw it. His father had always been an adventourous man, and a bit of a Acquirer of Ancient and Lost Artifacts(Which line the shelves of his study). His father, Taog(TOOK) Kilburn, sent him on the next airship to Africa. But he made sure his son was still looked after, sending his most trusted man servent along to keep an eye on him as well as carry his luggage. He told his son to not return until he had learned his lesson... And had a treasure to show it, of course.

    Reason for coming (seeking wealth, knowledge, boredom, bitter past, etc): Seeking Wealth, and, as he would say it, from boredom. He really is sent out because of trouble with the Police and at command of his father.

    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Wearing his traditional grey suit and pants, he also has a rapier strapped to his side. He also wears a knee-length trench coat that he has various items attached to it. His father had handed this on to him before he left, a gift from his old adventuring times. And, of course, Dikeledi, his fathers African man servant that he had "acquired" last time he explored there(true, not really inventory, but still...). Dikeledi, or Abadagu as Conall sometimes calls him(much to Dikeledi's annoyance), carries a large pack on his back to hold his master's equipment, which includes bedrolls, changes of clothing, and other various odds and ends to
    keep him comfy and alive in the jungle.

    Steampunk accessories (digging machines, special weapons, portal flying machines, etc. Must be portable when disassembled, because we're going through a jungle): Conall's father made sure to send him with a few items to study whatever may be out there, including a multipurpose-mechanized knife, which contains many different attachments. He also has his handy derringer that is hidden in his sleeve, only used in extreme cases, since it has to be reloaded every use. He also has enough powder and shot for 10 uses.

    Skills (can identify plants, knows different languages, photographic memory, studies ancient civilizations, etc.): Although he was a trouble maker, he is also quite brilliant. He knows many dialects of African Tribal languages and his early life studies of ancient history has prepared him quite well for his adventures. He can be thankful to his father for this, being prepped for adventure since almost birth.

    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: AYE, I did and I do, laddie.
  11. Welcome aboard, me trusty friend! Let all come who would! I shall put up the RP in a bit.
  12. *A slight Scottish accent mixed with a sophisticated English accent comes from the mouth of Conall* "I'll be eagerly awaiting. Come Abadagu! Let's get ready for our little foray into the jungle!" *Dikeledi sighs in annoyance but follows his Master's son dutifully*
  13. I won't curse often, but if I do, and I don't catch myself, just give me a poke. I normally don't, but it seemed pertinent for that part at least. >.<
  14. xD it's all right. And thank you for telling me.
  15. "I fear I won't be present for the remainder of the weekend, everyone. I'll endeavor to establish a network connection if at all possible during that time, but should I fail, I hereby entrust my actions to the Magus. Its wisdom flows forth greater than the powers of the Eye of Magnus(Skyrim)!
    Good luck, everyone!"
  16. Have a nice weekend, Wavelength! And if anyone else wishes, please feel free to join in whenever you choose.
  17. Sign-up Form:

    Name: Dr Kai Swift
    Age: 28
    Job :Doctor
    Appearance: Only humanized Kai I have I’m afraid
    Show Spoiler

    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): A Proud, Loyal and thoughtful man who takes his work approach very seriously however that doesn’t prevent him from being social out of work

    Origin: Born in the south of England Trained and raised in London

    Background/Biography: Dr Kai an ex Medical solder from the old war, given praise for his diligence in duties and things that should not be a badge for any soldier, but his past is not of importance to him he lives to forget and continue now as A private Doctor hired for the rich in the time picked apothecary outfit and treating the needy in his small clinic and home, Kai doesn’t talk about his past much due to the amnesty of doctors in the war his name is only noted as Keen Eye Crow for his precise work and high recovery record, that and his aim in those dark days

    Reason for coming: The Ships passengers demanded a private doctor in addition to the ships provided one

    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Basic medical equipment, bandages, Scalpel knives ect, White Apothecary mask, black overcoat, and white lab coat underneath, Medical case with apothecary equipment empty vile Minor ingredients and lab equipment, Travel knife for emergency procedures

    Steampunk accessories Crow mask(apothecary mask) with air tank, Pressure powered Needle gun (close range), with needles (mostly Painkillers and tranquilizers) Elixirs and potions for removing ailments, reducing pain and speeding up recovery time, Microscope goggles with zoom capabilities

    Skills: Idetic memory, Able to perform High precision work under any pressure, highly intelligent and resourceful

    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Is there a reason I wouldn’t
  18. Let me see.... ex-combat medic from one of the Empire's colonial wars, praised for diligence in medical duties, praised also for morally questionable things. Wants to forget this past, currently working as a private doctor-for-hire and apothecary for the wealthy. Treats the needy out of charity in his small clinic and home. Doesn't talk about his past, was granted amnesty for war crimes along with all the other doctors that had served in the military. Only record is as codename "Keen Eye Crow", given for his reputation for precise work, a high recovery record, and his morally questionable aims during his service.

    Hired by either the ship or the passengers, who didn't want to take any risks and wanted at least one other doctor besides the company-hired one already onboard.

    Most excellent; welcome aboard, Dr. Swift! Our passengers have been asking for an extra private medical professional to be onboard in case of emergency. If you need payment, it will be forwarded to your monetary banking account by the telegraph network; you may retrieve the money either when you return to London or at the Bank of England outpost at the Colony when we arrive in Africa. Feel free to check in with our onboard professional, Dr. Arzt, and review the supplies already loaded.
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