Steampunk Dragon Hunting.

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  1. Hello, and thank you for clicking this. I believe this is my third attempt at getting this going, but it's my favorite setting, so I'll just try again.
    Quick History;
    We begin our story on a continent known as Teramagos, a land of ancient forests, tall mountains, plentiful islands, vast flatlands and strange creatures. But none are so strange or so fearsome, as the Dragon. Since an era long forgotten, the scattered tribes of Teramagos worshipped the dragons as gods and demons, with equal measures fear and reverence. But some three hundred years ago, the City-State of Doxa grew powerful, and expanded across the southern half of the continent. Thus the Doxan Empire was born. With this Empire came technological advancement, and born from the fires of progress were new weapons capable of doing the unthinkable; killing dragons. And with that the source of their power was discovered. A strange material called Philosopher's stone, which could be refined into fuel for further technological advancement. And thus we are taken to the present day; in the Age of the Hunt.

    Quick Dracobiology Lesson;
    In this setting, a Dragon is best defined as a large reptillian creature with four legs and two wings. While remarkably intelligent, they are merely animals, and incapable of higher thought or communication. Additionally, their large size, territorial nature, and solitary lifestyle make them almost impossible to tame. They are a single species, but have countless permutations that almost ensures no two dragons are quite alike. Finally, the source of the Dragon's "magic" breath and flight capabilities is the Philosopher's stone that grows within the Dragon. It is believed that the Dragons have an ability to tap into the true potential of this material unlike any way a human can, allowing them to even alter gravity itself enough to allow them flight despite their large size. Due to their unique appearances, particularly powerful Dragons are often given nicknames by those they've terrorized.

    Non-Dragon Nature;
    Similar to our world, but with some differences. There are few large mammals such as elephants or rhinos, as they would make too easy prey for dragons. Additionally, almost all carnivores have additional adaptation that allows them to hunt fish, as aquatic populations are rarely affected by Dragons. To make a long story short, Dragons are super-predators, and creatures have evolved to cope with them.

    Quick Politics Lesson.
    The Doxan Empire is made up of various City States which are each expected to contribute something to the Empire. Vast differences of living conditions in each often cause political unrest. At the head of it is an elected Emperor and a governor for every city state. Additionally, the area outside of the Doxan Empire, known as "The Far North" is littered with various tribes who still worship the Dragons.

    Religion lesson;
    The people of the Doxan Empire follow a semimonotheistic religion which is centered around a deity known as "The One" and a list of various Saints. A strange being known as "The Haunting Crow" is a source of misfortune."
    The tribes of the Far North have countless variations of their polytheistic, Dragon-worshiping beliefs.

    Dragon Hunters;
    Dragon Hunters are the beating heart of the modern day Doxan Empire, as the steady flow of dead Dragons is what keeps the wheels of progress turning. The act of Dragon Hunting is normally done from an airship. Please note; If the Dragon is struck with sufficient force, such as military grade artillery or face planting into the ground at terminal velocity; the Philosopher's Stone will overreact, and the Dragon will explode. As such, the Dragon must be hit with a special harpoon to prevent it from falling or escaping, and then fought with small weapons, from the deck of the airship. Higher class airships may use fighter planes to lure the Dragon closer, or distract it from the airship. There are high rates of serious injury and death. For official Dragon Hunting Vessels, they receive the prefix "DHV" before their name.

    Strange Ruins;
    Odd placements of stone and vast underground networks are evidence of a long-past civilization that puts Doxa to shame. Though any formation beyond their impressive stonecutting ability and some connection to the Philosopher's Stone is lost to the ages. Many theories exist though...

    Players will be the crew of the renowned Captain John Caine, aboard the DHV Beowulf. While most Captains never make it to thirty hunts, John Caine and his mysterious first-mate have made it through eighty five, though one beast eludes him; The Black Dragon, Daggerfoot. Adventure awaits!

    Well, I don't think I missed anything. (If you think I did, tell me.) If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask. Player input to the lore is appreciated and encouraged. Now, I have a few pressing questions;

    Should Dragons be limited to flame, or have other breath attacks?

    Should the Beowulf have to fend off sky pirates?

    Should we use Dice mechanics?

    Character Death/Serious Injury?
  2. Should Dragons be limited to flame, or have other breath attacks? -Yes!

    Should the Beowulf have to fend off sky pirates? -It depends on how it's implemented.

    Should we use Dice mechanics? -I've never gotten to try this out, but I'm willing to give it a go!

    Character Death/Serious Injury? -Hell yes, I like to live dangerously!

    Needless to say, I am interested.
  3. Should dragons have more than one attack. Duh it makes it more interesting

    I don't know how to answer the second question XD

    I say no to the dice. I've never liked it but that's my opinion

    I'd say character deaths of the creator is ok with it. It wouldn't exactly be fair to randomly be killing off people's characters without there permission. Might anger some one greatly.

    And I have a certain question that applies to characters. I had an idea for a character but it's not specified if it's allowed or not

    I am very interested!!!
  4. Ask away.
  5. Ok so you spoke of dragon tribes.
    Well I was wondering. Could I make one of them that was recently taken prisoner by the others?
  6. 1. Uh, hell yeah. If they're supposed to be unique, might as well implement a variety of "magic" breath xD
    2. I think it would make things interesting, so I'm gonna say yes.
    3. You either succeed or fail at using dice in a roleplay, so I'm going to say it depends on how you plan to implement it.
    4. This wouldn't be very dangerous if there wasn't death and serious injury, now would it? Of course, I think it is good to allow users to have the option in this kind of setting.
  7. Should Dragons be limited to flame, or have other breath attacks? The setting and the dragons themselves are described as quite diverse, so I think it makes perfect sense for there to be a variety of breath attacks from different types of dragons living in different habitats (ice, lightning, corrosive, petrifying, etc.)

    Should the Beowulf have to fend off sky pirates? I'd say it would depend on how they fit into the world and the plot. Are they pirates that pillage commercial airships and non-Dragon Hunting vessels primarily, or are they more like rogue dragon hunters that don't do things through the official channels or take part in some kind of black market for dragon parts/Philosopher's Stones? What would they be doing exactly and how is it related to the crew of the Beowulf?

    Should we use Dice mechanics? As a rule of thumb I would generally say no as I can't math for the life of me. However, I understand these mechanics can be helpful in streamlining and improving roleplay experiences. I would need to know how they'll be used and for what before I can say for sure how I feel about Dice being used for this.

    Character Death/Serious Injury? This certainly seems like a story where those would happen, realistically speaking. As long as it's planned and executed appropriately in a way that enriches the plot and the characters I see no reason why not.
  8. Well, it depends on the condition under which he was taken prisoner, and his behavior while imprisoned.

    Under normal circumstances, any captured boarding party would be held in the brig until the ship stops at the next city. They would then be formally arrested, tried for piracy, and then convicted, before the very likely fate of capital punishment.

    So they would need to have a way to convince the captain to drop charges.
  9. Well it was a she. And I was thinking how she got on was maybe he had a little something like a relic of her tribe and she tries to take it back but gets caught. And now he's kinda fascinated with her tribe and the way she is and stuff
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  10. Well, always a sucker for steampunk, and throwing in Knighthood's highest calling? Sounds like fun. As for the questions most pressing, well...

    Should Dragons be limited to flame, or have other breath attacks?
    I'd say sky's the limit, or should be, no pun intended for our fiendish flying foes. Makes the named ones all the more dangerous, especially if the 'norm' is flame.

    Should the Beowulf have to fend off sky pirates?
    I'd reckon the main source of hostility from non dragons would be the Far Northern tribes, so if they can manage airships/smaller aircraft, I don't see why not. Mix things up as needed.

    Should we use Dice mechanics?
    Ehh, kind of leery of this, maybe to decide things that really should be out of player hands, but personally keep it limited is my opinion on the matter, if we're to use them at all.

    Character Death/Serious Injury?
    Hunting Dragons high above the ground? Oh yeah, the danger for someone getting crippled/dead should certainly be there. Doubly so for constant, blatant disregard for safety or reason for the sake of it (Nothing wrong with the odd heroic moment, I say, but it shouldn't be a "Oh, there goes Bob, leaping off the airship, harpoon in hand to lance the dragon, again." type of deal.)
  11. I think I'm gonna start work on the OOC, probably going to go more into the detail of the world.

    Any subjects you guys would really like for me to go into?

    @daniel reaver
    I can see her plausibly in the story, we may have to PM a bit to go over the specifics of what she was looking for, how she got on The Beowulf, and how she was caught.
  12. Ok!!
  13. Ok well, it appears to be glitched when viewing from mobile.

    I'll try and fix it.

    Edit; It might be glitched.
    My second time viewing it from mobile was perfectly fine.
  14. You sure it's glitched? I can view it just fine ever since you put it up and I rp soely out of a phone XD
  15. Yeah it was only weird the first time I pulled it up for some reason.
  16. Well at least it's ok now
  17. I've been busy, but I'll have a CS up as soon as I can.
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  18. I'm afraid I have too many obligations on my plate at this moment, so I might not be able to participate in this rp properly.
  19. Nooooooooooo ;-;
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