Steampunk Dragon Hunters 2nd reboot attempt.

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  1. In this RP, players will act as the newly hired crew of the airship DHV-Beowulf (DHV stands for dragon hunting vessel.) under the command of the famous hunter John Caine and the NPC crew members as John tries to be the first hunter to kill 100 dragons in his lifetime. I'm still deciding how many dragons he has left to go. he's planning on making his 100th successful hunt be the one where he finally takes out Daggerfoot, his deadly Draconic Rival which destroyed his first ship.

    The practice of dragon hunting began 100 years ago when weapon advancements of the industrial revolution proved strong enough to combat dragons, since then dragon hunting had become part of the culture. (Similarly to knights, samurai, or cowboys, Dragon Hunters are revered.)

    Machinery and technology in this lore is somewhat what you'd except from steampunk, though most of the machinery is not powered by steam, but by the use of "Philosopher's Stones"; strange and powerful crystals which grown in small amounts on a dragon's skeleton, giving them their strange powers. Robotic limb replacement has been invented, (By fusing a Philosopher's stone between the machinery and limb) but artificial intelligence is currently unheard of.

    Just to clear things up, in this lore, dragons are not sapient, they are merely (exceptionally dangerous) animals. Other than philosopher's stones, a dragon's body has many uses.

    If you have any questions, or would like for me to expand upon a certain subject, you are encouraged to ask.