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  1. So, I have had a few role-plays die recently, and am looking for some new partners. I'm have a few plots in mind and also a few expectations. Instead of doing multiple threads looking for partners, I will update this one whenever I have availability and new ideas. (:

    About Me (open)

    I love to write; it is what I do. I tend to inadvertently match post length, though from time to time I will post a considerable amount more or less than my partners depending on the story and how much my partner gives. I occasionally make grammatical errors, but mostly because my thoughts flow so much faster than my fingers can move.
    I love writing about intense and interesting character dynamics; whether it be a crazy whirlwind romance or intense hatred and animosity. I'm looking for people who can build interesting relationships with their characters and mine.
    I prefer to play female characters though I can play male. My partners can play either, it is up to you.
    If you want to chat and become friends, that is fine and I would be happy to make your acquaintance, though it is not necessary.

    I am looking for partners who enjoy writing and are good story-tellers. Quality over quantity is better than neither, but I expect my partner to be able to contribute to the story as a whole. If you only respond to what my character does without adding anything I will lose interest quickly.
    A couple of paragraphs written in third person/past tense is what I prefer and if doing face-claims I would rather use real people not anime. It makes the story more realistic for me.

    And now for some ideas (:

    I call the characters 'Alpha' and 'Omega' to differentiate between them. I am willing to play either role.

    Eye of the Beholder (Fantasy) (open)

    The Eye of the Beholder
    What is perfection? What is paradise? What is happiness and joy and love? None of these things have every truly been mastered before. The human race was in terrible discord. Killing each other in cold blood for petty disputes like invisible lines.
    They taught these things to the children in school. They grew up hearing the stories, though none of really understood what killing was. It’s a different kind of world now. It’s quiet, and peaceful. Somebody’s idea of paradise.
    Magic floods the brain of every child born. Making them pliant to the will of the spell casters. What happens when a baby is born without the Mages being informed though?
    Alpha has strong magic, and has spent their life quietly honing the ability. Living alone since they were old enough to fend for themselves, they know nothing of the rest of the world. A misguided journey lands them smack dab in the middle of a conspiracy of monumental proportions.
    Omega can be either a denizen of the city that Alpha frees or one of the spell casters.

    In the Depths (Steampunk/Suspense/Fantasy) (open)

    In the Depths
    A mining company has set up a series of shafts at the edge of the uncharted territories hoping to dig out as much gold, silver and arcane technology as they can. But when miners start going missing, they contact the characters and offer to pay them to track down and eliminate whatever it is that's down there.

    Alpha is a mining corp representative that contacts Omega to investigate a string of unusual disappearances inside the mine. Omega is a sorcerer/sell sword that will do almost anything for a quick buck. When getting the call they jump at the opportunity. Unfortunately, Omega insists on accompanying them to keep an eye on the company's interests.

    The miners they encounter speak of strange happenings, and then the duo start experiencing things that they never expected to be true.

    The Neptune's Scorn (Pirate Adventure/Fantasy) (open)

    Alpha has a ship, and the beginnings of a crew. They still need more when they make port. Rounding on all of the taverns and inns they round up a motley bunch of drunkards and rabble rousers; basically taking only the dredges of society.
    Omega, has had a ridiculous string of bad luck. Once a respectable trader (details can be discussed during plotting) his business/home was torched, and now nothing remains but ash and memories. Down on their luck, they get roped into some high stakes gaming (also can be discussed) and are in some serious debt. To avoid being killed for refusing to pay, they sneak aboard the Neptune’s Scorn.
    Alpha is hiding something from the crew though, and while hiding around the ship, Omega discovers what it is. Omega confronts Alpha, threatening to reveal the secret to the rest of the crew unless they’re made first mate and given privileges.
    Alpha acquiesces without second thought. Unbeknownst to either character, Omega’s luck is actually a curse placed on his family line and the voyage is plagued by a series of horrible happenstances.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my ideas. (: That's all I have for right now, but I will update as the plots are filled or I come up with some more. If nothing above strikes your fancy feel free to PM me with ideas of your own, I'm open to almost anything.
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  2. Bounty or Depths of the Earth sounds fun to do, I'll send you a PM!
  3. I would love Bounty, Children, or Depths. I'll PM you!
  4. Added another idea
  5. Eye of the Beholder sounds fascinating! Perhaps a PM is in order?
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