Steam Wars

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  1. Welcome to the BSS Gladiator. The fastest and most powerful airship in the British fleet. Or so Captain Ray says. You have been accepted to fight in the war as crew of this great ship. Bring this letter to Captain Ray's warehouse on the harbor to meet your comrades, your captain, and the ship you will be working on.

    First Mate Cory Anderson.

    Basically, there is a war that is fought on giant steam powered airship
    Name:Benjamin Leach (Benji)
    Age: 19
    Job: Engineer and Gunner

    Multiple characters are allowed if you can keep track of them.

    Jobs include: Engineers, gunners, medics, and bombers.
  2. Benji stands in the ship docking warehouse with his tool bag, smoking a cigarette. He checks his pocket watch once again "He's late."
  3. "Hey!" Nickolai called to the sandy blond as he spotted him from across the warehouse. Making his way through the crowd easily, it didn't take the tall man long to reach the younger boy. "I'm not too late, am I?" He grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.
  4. Benji looks up, hoping to see the captain and sighs "You are not. Our host is, though."
  5. "Ah, I see" The man smiled. "So, I take it you're part of the new crew too?" He stared inquisitively at the young man. The boy looked like he could be a gunner, but Nickolai wasn't sure. "Whats your position?"
  6. He kicks his bag. "Applied for engineer. They said an engineer could operate a cannon too." He flicks his cigarette to the corner and checks his pocket watch again. "Seven minutes and twenty seven seconds."
  7. "Ah, impatient, are we?" He chuckled as the boy shot him a disgruntled look. "You should relax a bit! You know, live your life before we get on this ship and into this war." He scrutinized him again. "I mean, you can't be older than 20 yet." After a moment's pause, Nickolai suddenly realized something. "Oh, how silly of me. I forgot to introduce myself." He held out a hand. "Nickolai Rivera, gunner."
  8. He frowns and shakes your hand. "Benjamin Leach". He keeps a hand on his watch. "He said to be here at a certain time, I expect him to be here at that time."
  9. "To each his own." he shrugged. Running a hand through his raven hair, he sat down on one of the many crates stacked on the loading dock. "So, Benjamin, what's your story?"
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  11. "Nothing. Hes late." He turns to Nikolai "im an inventor and an engineer. What do you do?"
  12. "Ah, nothing much. Just Benji here being a bit on the stiff side." He chuckled. "My name is Nickolai; I'm a gunner. Nice to meet you!" He stuck out a hand towards the red-head.
  13. She returned a confident handshake "Likewise. Stacey Donovan. I'll be medical once it's needed and floating around wherever they tell me till then. I fell like an intern again, but at least it's on an airship."
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  14. An older gentleman walks into the warehouse with a younger man walking with him "sorry I am late, everyone. I am captain Ray." Benjamin looks at hi. "You are ten minutes and fourteen seconds late"
  15. The young woman turned, watching Benjamin calling the leadership into account before he was even on board. She couldn't completely disagree with him, but raised an eyebrow "There's a risky first impression." She whispered to Nickolai with a foreboding click of her tongue.
  16. The captain frowns and looks at his watch. The young man scowls at him. "Watch your tongue. He is your superior." Captain Ray looks up. "No, no. It was your fussing that made us late, Cory." He then regards his to be crew "I apologize for being late. You must be Mister Leach. I heard you were a bit fussy with time. No matter." He turns to the other two "And you are?"
  17. Straightening she addressed the captain "I'm Stacey Donovan, Sir." She was exited to begin something new, to stand on her own two feet, even if it was for a war.
  18. "Ah, yes. Miss Donovan. A pleasure." He leans in a bit closer, glancing at Benji "Does he seem like a bit of a stiff to you? I already have to deal with Cory. Another crew member with a stick up his arse is the last thing I need"
  19. Name: Gibson "Gibs" Barlowe
    Age: 28
    Vocation: Mechanic/ Mechanical Director
    Similar to:
    (Why not Cid, Cid's cool right?)

    Gibson walks in Rubbing his head, eyes slightly closed. "Hoy, Captain, You've a note from Hawkings" Gibson opens his eyes to see the meeting "Oh?.. uh.. hey all, I'm Mechanical Director Gibs, Gibson Barlowe." Gibson passes the Captain the note. "I'm sure you all have met Captain Ray as well as introduced each other... Right? "
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