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  1. Steam just started their summer sale.
    And since they tend to do this without warning I figured I should let all of you guys know about it.

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  2. How do you mean without warning? They do a summer and winter sale every year. It's on the front page. Some people even get emails about it.
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  3. They never announce a set date.
    They just start the sale at some point and let people discover it for themselves.
    No pre-planning can really be done other than "Somewhere in this season the sale shall come".
  4. Ah.

  5. The start date was already set for the 11th. You'd know if you had a Paypal account (they announced it through there).
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  6. Yeah, sale date got leaked about a week ago.

    The signs were there.

  7. Mmmm, someone was told.
  8. I noticed. :3 And until now, I never quite appreciated how ridiculously, ludicrously fast uni internet is.


    2.7GB download took 12 minutes. TWELVE. Feelsgoodman.jpg
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  9. only 9.8? O:

    Here in freedom land it's a monopoly or whatever. I'm happy if speed test tells me that it's up to 3mbps. Upload has been 50+ after switching to a new ISP though.

    Also, loads of wish list games on sale. Not willing to put the money on many of them. Have a new theory: if I buy it cheap there's less reason to play. Why would I put time into that four dollar game when that game I spent 50 on isn't being touched and making me feel guilty?
  11. wot
    9.8 is crazy fast for a Steam download, here gives me this as my general speed tho:

  12. xD. I am spoiled. I hit 11-12 regulary and up to 16 on a good day.
  13. You are.
    My Peak is 3.7 MB/S.

    And people are generally jealous about my Internet's quality compared to theirs.
  14. I knew about this years' sale roughly two weeks ago. Word gets around, leaks or not.

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  15. What? No one's come to talk about the damage report?

    • Tales of Maj'Eyal (Roguelike. Really enjoying it.)
    • Endless Legend: Guardians Expansion. (Yet to get far into a game to see changes. High expectations.)
    That's it. :c
  16. Sales... Too many games... Dammit! I'm flat broke this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've bought some cute ones like DLCquest and Edna & Harvey. Went completely, outrageously silly and bought Hatoful Boyfriend since it was basically cost an ice cream.

    I also got Banished and the Portal Bundle pack
  17. This is the first time I've gone through a Steam Summer Sale while actually having a reasonable amount of money to play with, rather than just flogging trading cards to get a few bucks over the course of the thing. It's really nice.

    So far here's what I've picked up and blown all my extra money from last paycheck on, though the list will grow after I get paid on Friday.

    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for $1.49
    The Witcher 2 for $2.49
    Apotheon for $3.47
    Sunless Sea for $11.39
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for $2.49
    The three expansions for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War for $17.39 total

    5 games and 3 expansions for a little under $40 is a pretty good deal, especially considering that about $5 of that came from Steam Wallet money I had through selling trading cards.
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  18. Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut, $4.99 yessss.

    Made the plan to buy before the sale hit, didn't do it until today. Now I have fifteen dollars to play with and I have no idea what I want to spend it on.

    UPDATE: Decided to get Civilization 5 because I enjoyed watching Ghandi wage war against my pal a while back. Also a couple of cheapo Awesomenaut skins. Whoop.
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  19. I got Duck Game. That's about it for this sale for me until I see something even better.
  20. So far...

    • Ziggurat
    • They Bleed Pixels
    • Fractured Space
    • 7 Days To Die
    • Transistor
    • Prototype 2
    • Super Meat Boy

    Someone stop me. I need help.
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