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Steam Games

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tuxedo Mask, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Ok I checked to make sure there wasn't a thread about it already.

    What Steam games does everybody play?

    Turns out that unless you purchase a game from Steam (not the free ones) you can't you group chat and add friends and such. They do this to stop spammers and the like so I understand. However, that leaves me with a dilemma as now I don't know what fairly cheap game to buy in order to chat with you guys on Steam. Suggestions?
  2. Gimme your Steam name, I still have some Half-Life 2's to hand out.

    Unless that doesn't count either. But hey, you'll have Half-Life 2.
  3. Portal 2. For SCIENCE!
  4. According to this page on Steam, if you redeem a gift that activates the full account. So totally hit me up Gibs!

    Account Name: zelkirb
  5. I want me some half life 2!

    *paws at him*

    Btw i got terraria killing floor tf2 obviously and the killing floor bonus game
  6. I'll take Half-Life 2. My steam handle is Butterflyzilla. GIVE ME THAT GAME, DEAD!

    Also there's, like, two threads for Steam stuff.
  7. I have all of the Orange Box games (the Half Lifes, Portal, TF2...), Armed and Dangerous, the Freedom Force games aaand Darksiders. :]

    Steam name is andisaurusrex for anyone who wants it.