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  1. Hello and welcome to the Golden Age of Dragon Hunting!
    This is a story that follows the adventures of the crew of the DHV Beowulf, (DHV stands for Dragon Hunting Vessel, and is used in the same way as SS or HMS.) The Beowulf is an airship under the command of John Caine, a world famous dragon hunter, who roams the skies searching for his dragon rival who destroyed his first airship and bit off part of his left hand.
    The Beowulf
    The Beowulf is a large three-part Dragon Hunting Vessel. It was built by taking an antique DHV, reinforcing the hull, making a new balloon, replacing the propellers with crystal-powered engines, and adding powerful new weapons. It has three main sections; The lower section is the ship itself, it has the engines, weapons, and cargo hold. The middle section is in the balloon itself, and has the living space and crew-mates' rooms, it also has a system of gondolas and platforms, allowing damage to the balloon to be repaired internally. A large "dock" at the back of the balloon can open up, allowing planes or smaller vessels to be deployed. The top section has weapons as well, a landing pad, and an observation tower, which doubles as a bell tower to warn of Daggerfoot. Each section can be accessed by elevators at the front and back of the ship. Smaller Dragon corpses are kept in the cargo hold, while larger ones are strapped under the ship. A machine in the front of the ship can drive a large spike downward at a forty-five degree angle, and is often used to finish off a dragon.

    A rare and special event has recently happened, after an extremely dangerous hunt, Captain Caine has charted his next stop to be Apollo's rest, the dragon hunting capital of the world, built into a tall mountain. It's here that he seeks to recruit new members, both veteran and beginning dragon hunters, to help him slay his 100th Dragon.

    Apollo's Rest
    Apollo's Rest is a large city that grew off of Dragon Hunting.
    It stands atop a tall mountain and is bordered by massive turrets.
    The building at the peak of the mountain is dedicated to dragon hunters, and features a statue of Apollo slaying Python

    A Dragon is a serpentine reptile with four legs and two wings. Young adults avererage twenty five meters from tip of tail to end of it's mouth. The largest ever recorded measured in a staggering seventy meters, and had to have a military fleet of twelve airship's take it down, but that was eighty years ago. They are a lot like cats, and dogs, in that they have many breeds.
    They are not capable of higher thought, but have shown intelligence of about the same level as a child. They are solitary creatures, usually interacting only to fight or reproduce.
    They freely fly in many uninhabited areas in the world, and can adjust to almost any environment. Despite their reptillian features, they are warm blooded.
    Theoretically, a Dragon will not stop growing until it can no longer support it's own weight.
    All Dragons have a strange crystalline substance that forms on their bones over time.
    The color of a Dragon doesn't always correspond to it's ability.
    Some Northern tribes used to revere dragons, but with the arrival of Dragon hunting, their beliefs rapidly died out.

    Dragons are hunted for many reasons, to keep them away from people, for their blood or scales, for sport... but the main reason they are hunted, are 'Dragon Crystals' that grow on the skeletons of Dragons, primarily around the rib-cage. Dragon crystals are mysterious sources of power to these beasts, theorized to be the sources of their 'magical' breath and their flight abilities despite their massive size. There's not a lot known about the crystals other than that their color corresponds to the dragon's abilities, and that they can be used as a source of fuel. They are still being studied extensively.
    A crystal extracted from a fire-breathing dragon.
    This variant is called "Pyrocite"
    All Dragon crystals glow faintly.
    Yep, get your hands on some of this from a dragon's carcass, and you can sell it for loads of money. But if you need a certain type or amount of crystal, you're going to need to know what to hunt.

    Different abilities are activated with different crystals. The most different crystals a dragon has had so far, is five.

    Abilities and corresponding crystals;
    Fire- PyroCite- Orange
    Ice- Cryocite- Light Blue
    Poison- Toxicite- Dark Green
    Lightning- Electrocite- Blue
    Wind- Cyclonite- White
    Water- Aquacite- Dark Blue
    Fireball- Blastite- Dark Red
    Acid- Acidicite- Bright Green
    Plasma- Plazite- Purple

    They can be used for almost any purpose.

    For a decade now, a subject of much interest has been on the one dragon that John can't seem to catch. This dragon's name, is Daggerfoot. He is called so due to the massive claws on his feet, which can tear through airship balloons like a hot knife through butter. He has fifteen reported airship destructions, and is believed to have played a part in over thirty unconfirmed cases of destroyed vessels, despite this, Daggerfoot has not displayed any dragon-breath abilities yet. Despite a "small" size, he has shown incredible endurance, still being able to fly after taking heavy firepower.
    *A fog horn indicates any dragon, but a loud bell indicates Daggerfoot.*

    Character Sheets.
    Appearance: (Picture, Description, or both.)
    Previous Experience: (If none then leave blank.)

    Captain of the DHV Beowulf
    John Caine
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    About 5 feet 6 inches

    A chunk of his left hand is missing, including his pinky and ring finger, having been bitten off by Daggerfoot.

    Personality: He has shown to be quite friendly, and despite his fame and experience, respects most other dragon hunters, regardless of their feats or skills, he enjoys a good story, and enjoys telling them as well, normally with a few good laughs involved... unless it's a story about Daggerfoot, those stories can get outright frightening.

    Job: Captain

    Previous Experience: Many years of Dragon Hunting, in which he has brought down a mind-blowing 98 Dragons.

    Backstory: He'll only tell all of it to close friends, but what most people know is that he started Dragon hunting at a young age, and by 21 he was taking the world by storm, bringing down massive dragons while commanding his own ship. His most famous hunt was one in which he was holding open a dragon's mouth by pointing a sword at the roof of it's mouth... the dragon prepared to breathe fire, but he used a free hand to throw blast powder down it's throat. However, one dragon has haunted him since he first started... the dreaded beast known as "Daggerfoot." It appeared on his fourth hunt, when it destroyed his first ship and bit off part of his hand, in return, he caught it's mouth with a meat hook, and ripped it's upper jaw, permanently removing an area of it's mouth on the right side of it's face. The two have fought countless times after, nearly always wounding each other, but neither being able to land a fatal blow.

    Luggage: Carries with him a necklace made with all different types of Dragon crystal, and either has an extremely powerful rifle (as seen in the picture), or his trusty lance.

    First Mate of the DHV Beowulf

    Age: Uncertain, most likely around John's age.


    Nobody (excluding crew members) knows what he looks like, many speculate he simply prefers to be anonymous.

    About 5 feet 2 inches.

    Personality: Doesn't talk to non-crew-mates, in order to keep anonymity, but is reported as being surprisingly kind.

    Job: Helps John watch over the ship and crew mates. Helps hunt dragons.

    Previous Experience: Has been a part of John's crew since his third hunt, long before he was famed.

    Backstory: Hasn't said anything to non-crew-mates. Will be revealed by conversation. Lots of rumors surround this man...

    Luggage: Has a high-powered sawed-off shotgun, and uses a straight sword, and carries a grappling gun, he is extremely proficient with each of these.

    Head Chef of the DHV Beowulf.
    Name: Alton Barnett

    Age: 52

    Gender: Male

    View attachment 87126
    Heavy set and surprisingly fit for his age.
    Is 6 feet and 5 inches.

    Personality: He comes off as foul-mouthed and short tempered, and he is, though he loves telling stories as much as John. He often gets caught up in the heat if the moment when hunting dragons. You got to earn his respect.

    Job/s: Acts as Head Chef, and helps extract crystals from Dragons.

    Previous Experience: He hunted, butchered and cooked Dragons for years. He also has a passion for fist fighting.

    Backstory: Started out as a pugilist, and gained quite the following until a massive winning streak was broken. He lost massive amounts of money in the bet, and turned to Dragon Hunting to make money. After years of service with John Caine, he had a short break for three years as he ran a popular restaurant in Apollo's Rest serving Dragon meat. When John Caine landed down so close to killing 100 Dragons, Alton decided he wanted to help.

    Luggage: A heavy Machine gun, bionic arm enchancers, a large collection of knives, a buzzsaw, and a gargantuan amount of spices.

    The Dory Corps.
    View attachment 88188
    *Dory Uniform.*
    A mercenary guild that John has had employed for a few months, he has forty seven aboard the ship.

    *Bits of Lore.*

    The Crow Man;
    A malevolent spirit associated with misfortune. Essentially a sky-version of Davy Jones.

    Artillery Ammunition;
    Blast shot, Fire shot, Ice shot, Grape shot, Blunt Shot, Disk shot, Spike shot, Chain Shot.

    Mechanical capital of the world, large lower class population.

    A small city that grew around a brawling stadium. Tourist spot.

    Ruin of Doxa;
    A high-class city rebuilt on the ruins of an ancient Empire. High political power.

    Mysterious Ruins all over the uncharted world suggest an empire of great power once existed. Today, many of the abandoned castle make homes for Dragons.

    World population is about 80 million, much of the world is wildernesses.

    Dragon hunting started as a profession one-hundred years ago, before that, Dragons were thought to be almost invincible.

    Iwaku Rules apply.

    Maximum 3 characters.

    Characters are Humans without powers. Robotic limbs do exist, however.

    If character has had previous experience on The Beowulf, PM me and we can discuss it.

    Captain- John Caine

    First Mate- Enki

    Head Chef- Alton Barnett

    Tracker/Scout- Alastor Alf Heron

    Engineer- Aaron "Mouse" Felner

    Bounty Hunter- Alyss Reindl

    Scout/Hunter- Cayde Rivia

    Character Sheets.
    Appearance: (Picture, Description, or both.)
    Previous Experience: (If none then leave blank.)
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  2. Character Sheets.


    Alastor Alf Heron



    Refer to top picture and spoilers for this.
    There is a mild burn mark to be spotted on his back due to an event years ago, during his youth.



    Alastor can come across as rash and proud at times, especially when it comes to fighting and protecting someone by his own power. The man doesn't enjoy relying on someone else's power to help himself or others. He prefers doing things out his own will power and strength. However, he will recognize his own weaknesses and ask for help if it's desperately needed. Of course, Alastor might end up beating himself up if he has to rely on others help. After all, his immense desire to surpass his brother led him to try the very hardest to surpass any expectations thrown his way.

    The man is fairly observant which can be quite useful, considering he can catch on to another's body language quicker. However he won't reveal anything unless it's crucial or it's harmful to the person involved. Instead of using this knowledge to his advantage, he prefers to keep a secret until he feels that it is necessary to speak up about the issue. If the situation were reversed, he wouldn't hesitate to confront the individual involve and inform them that some things are better left unsaid.

    Unfortunately for Alastor, his loyalty can be a terrible thing at times. The ravenet is the type to remain immensely loyal to someone, to the extent of ignoring their wrongdoings. He'll often turn a blind eye and act as if he can't see the obvious faults in those he trusts. An example of this would be this strained loyalty to his father, Deimos, who he can't seem to say no to. This can often contribute to Alastor hurting himself more emotionally and drain him mentally.

    In regards to intimacy, Alastor can be quite eager to give and receive affection. One might say, he's practically shameless when it comes to affection. He sees nothing wrong in expressing his emotions though he'll refuse to act on any impulses in public, preferring to do it discreetly in those cases. Anything past a few subtle looks and touches are something he prefers to keep hidden. His mother did raise him to treat women gently though his thoughts can be rather contradicting at times.

    Scout and Tracker.


    Previous Experience:
    Alastor has worked on the field previously, having a hand in capturing some of the dragons as well. However, he has more experience in tracking down dragons and following their movements.

    At one point in Alastor's life, he was once fascinated by dragons and eager to learn about them. However, that changed the moment his city was attacked by a fire-breathing dragon. All he could remember was the city being engulfed in flames, terrified screams, roars, and his own hoarse cries for his mother and father. The attack was stopped almost half an hour later by a group of Dragon Hunters. Unfortunately for the young boy, he had already lost his family due to the chaos and the fire that engulfed their home.

    Naturally, Alastor was sent into an orphanage almost immediately as soon as he was relocated to a new city. It was here that he spent various years learning several things about the beings that had stolen everything from him. His desire to hunt them down only seemed to grow as time passed. Before he even realized it, Alastor was eighteen and being recruited aboard for a trip to hunt down dragons. From there, he continued with the crew hunting and taking down any dragons they came across. It would only be less than three years later that he would arrive in Apollo's Rest where he would hope to be recruited into John Caine's crew.

    Grappling gun, throwing daggers, and a Blastite he managed to purchase during one of his earlier travels.
  3. Alastor is accepted.
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  4. Name: Cayde Rivia

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Growing up as a farm boy, Cayde is a quiet individual, still being somewhat unused to being around such large bodies of people. Having had to take care of a large family, he's developed a tendency to work until whatever task he's given is complete. He's a person that's dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to, and while he may occasionally fail - he'll never let it keep him down, his very nature disallowing a mindset of accepting failure. Being a diligent worker, he's not fond of making enemies and is willing to turn the other cheek if it means peace can be maintained between him and another individual unless he is pushed to the extreme and forced to retaliate without an ounce of restraint.

    Job/s: Scout/Dragon Hunter.

    Previous Experience: Cayde's only true experience is from when he joined a ragtag group of Hunters to slay a local dragon, and after a hectic ordeal, the group managed to complete their task with minimal casualties.

    Backstory: Growing up on a farm with a single mother and several siblings, the result of being a child of a prostitute, Cayde spent his days working and attempting to provide for his family even from a young age. While the work was hard, he loved every second of it - being able to take pride in the fact that he was able to help his mother care for his siblings. As time went on and Cayde grew older, he learned of the 'Dragon Hunters'. Taking the opportunity once the olive branch had been extended to him, he joined a group in hunt of one of the creatures and helped slay it, the payment he received for assisting them being enough to get his family a new home away from their former lives.

    Not wanting his mother to go back to her old profession, Cayde journeyed to Apollo's Rest in search of another group of Dragon Hunters. It was a profitable trade, and while dangerous, would allow him to continue to care for his family. Happening upon the crew of John Caine, the young man could only hope he'd be recruited by the group that seemed to exude experience and talent.

    Luggage: A blade attached to gauntlet his wears on his right hand, a grappling hook attached to a gauntlet he wears on his left and two pistols.
  5. Cayde is accepted.

    Quick question, is the armor/attire they have what they'll be wearing in the RP?
    I'm not saying they can't, but in a steampunk themed world, that'll be turning a few heads.
  6. For Cayde, possibly. While thinking over the theme of the character and the RP itself, i figured that, being a 'country boy' his clothes would seem a little archaic in comparison, but still protect him to some extent.
  7. [​IMG]
    (He's the redhead.)


    Name: Aaron "Mouse" Felner
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Mouse is a short boy, only about 5'3, with fiery red hair and bright green eyes. He's almost always covered in soot, grease, or some other mechanical discharge.

    Personality: Don't let Mouse's small size fool you, he's a very big personality. His attitude is as fiery as his hair, and he's got a foul tongue that would make a sailor blush, the small mechanic doesn't censor himself for anyone. He curses passionately and will stand up to anyone who he doesn't like with a burning tenacity. Despite his larger than life, explosive personality, the Mouse is a rather introverted person, preferring to be left alone, which isn't really a problem for most people.

    Job/s: Aaron is a mechanic, and a damn good one too. He can fix just about anything, so long as he as the parts. Even if he doesn't, he can usually jury-rig something together to do the job. He's also a very talented pickpocket and incredibly stealthy.

    Previous Experience: 13 years repairing the elaborate mechanical interworkings of Idus, city of progress, three years aboard another DHV as a repairman, and three more years working to repair the cannons surrounding Apollo's Rest.

    Backstory: Mouse has quite the history. He was born in the city of technology (Idus) into a very poor family. His mother was a whore, and his father a factory worker. Due to his mother's line of work, Mouse had a lot of siblings. Dozens, in fact. In order to help support the family, Aaron and the oldest of his brothers set out to work as "Pipe Rats" the people who would clamber through the city's massive steam pipes and fix ruptures, place measuring equipment, and occasionally close off pipes that went to abandoned areas of the city. He spent years as a Pipe Rat, clambering through the bronze pipes of the city of Idus and fixing the various problems that would arise. Eventually, his father died in a factory accident, and his mother vanished and was presumed dead. With nowhere else to go, Mouse and his brothers turned to the pipes, setting up a home in the unused areas of the massive system. Unfortunately, the rather meager amount of money that the guild of siblings made working in the pipes wasn't enough to sustain them, and many of the group turned to a more illicit profession to help the younger members of the family: Thievery.

    Mouse himself became a very talented thief and pickpocket, to the point where he could steal the shoes off your feet or the coat off of your back without you noticing. He's also incredibly light of foot, able to go undetected by any but the most observant of watchers. At age 13, he was caught by a ship-captain when he tried to steal the man's wallet. The captain, impressed by his skills, offered him a job on board a ship called the D.H.V. Julia, where he spent three years as a mechanic, repairing the ship's engine, guns, hull, and even the crew's weaponry. Even then, every cent he earned on board was sent back home to his siblings. At age 16, the ship stopped at Apollo's rest after Mouse was injured, leaving him there to heal. The D.H.V. Julia was destroyed three days later, leaving the redhead to fend for himself in this new city. He got a job maintaining the cannons surrounding the city, though once again had to turn to thievery to support himself. Now, he's hoping to get onto the Baeowulf, either legitimately or stow away, so that he might return to his home city, or to get another job as a mechanic.

    Luggage: A set of tools, one gun, and the upper half of an old automaton, a pet project of his.
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  8. WIP (I'll Finish by today)
    Character Sheets.
    Name: James Regalado
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Loner, more interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family, not very altruistic, not very complimentary. Would rather be friendless than jobless. Observer who values solitude. Detached. Private. Not much fun, hidden. Tends not to like most people. Socially uncomfortable, not physically affectionate, does not talk about feelings. Suspicious of others. Can be lonely. Can be insensitive or ambivalent to the misfortunes of others. Responsible. Orderly, clean, and organized. Perfectionist. Has very high standards for their performance and the performance of others. Natural leaders, but will follow if they trust existing leaders. Value knowledge, competence, and structure. Long-range thinker. Has an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action.
    Job/s: Doctor/Scout
    Previous Experience: Assassin
    Backstory: James comes from a family a doctors. Ever since he was a young boy, he was told that he was to carry on the family tradition, and become a doctor, he was taught how to patch up people, and other medical stuff. But James had other ideas. He wanted to go and hunt dragons, and study their bodies. When James's father found out about this he was furious. So furious that he disowned James, and kicked him out of the house. Once James was kicked out, he found an assassin. The assassin took James in, and raised James as his own. The assassin taught James how to become an assassin. James would help his new father on missions. One day, the assassin messed up on his mission, and died. James had to watch as his father die. After the death of of his father, James went to a medical school, and got his P.H.D. Once he got the degree, James saw that their was help wanted on a dragon hunting ship. So James went to the captain, and got the role of the doctor.
    Cane (In picture.), Sniper rifle, medic gun (Numbs the body of any pain for 30 minutes.), and pocket knife. ​
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  9. Name: Alyss Reindl

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female


    Personality: Vivacious, flirtatious, and often loitering around the nearest seedy watering hole. It's little wonder Alyss sometimes gets mistaken for a lady of the night. She always lives in the moment, revelling in the good times and moving on from the bad, sometimes too quickly for those around her to appreciate. Alyss can be a merciless tease, though not maliciously. She just enjoys playing with her friends, and has no intention of hurting them or upsetting them. She's always appreciated the rush of combat, the smoke and the noise speaking to her on a level beyond words. She has little sympathy for those who hurt others for their own benefit, and little mercy for those who would flee. A vixen in red satin, a crimson devil.

    Job/s: Bounty Hunter

    Previous Experience: 10 years of hunting down wanted criminals.

    Backstory: Alyss grew up in the small city of Pygmachia, an only daughter of a couple who jointly ran a food stall to provide for the tourists. A bit of a daddy's girl, she always enjoyed going hunting with her father to get more meat for the stall. It was her father who first taught her to shoot on these trips, indulging her tomboyish instincts even though it upset her mother.

    One day, at the age of 16, Alyss and her father returned to find that the stall had been robbed by a small group that had fled the city. While her father tended to her mother, who had been injured in the assault, Alyss marched into the mayor's offices and demanded justice. When the mayor said he could do little as they had left the city, Alyss took her father's rifle and the description of those who had scene the incident and went out looking for them. Tracking them as she would an animal, she came across them at an inn on one of the major roads. Entering the inn with rifle drawn, she demanded they return with her. Their response was...uncooperative, to say the least. A brawl-cum-firefight broke out, but Alyss's marksmanship pulled her through, though she still bears a scar on the left hand side of her body where a bullet grazed by. With the three dead, she turned to the barman and ordered a whisky. Knocking it back in one gulp, she dragged the bodies out of the inn and buried them on the other side of the road. To this day, the inn bears the name "The Thorny Rose".

    Returning home to return her father's rifle and collect a reward from the mayor, Alyss set herself up as a bounty hunter, and rapidly acquired a reputation for her efficacy. Soon she began travelling in search of more interesting work and more notorious bounties, bored of dealing with small time criminals and petty thieves. In time though, even these bigger challenges began to bore her. What else was left? Dragons, of course. Bounty hunting her way to Apollo's Peak, she arrived at seemingly one of the most opportune times.

    A high powered blunderbuss, loaded with pellets or solid shot depending on need.
    A pair of pistols, always strapped to her leg where they can easily be drawn.
    A sharp knife tucked into the back of her belt.
    A hip flask of whiskey.
  10. Alyss is accepted.
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  11. Done!
  12. Aaron is accepted.
  13. Name: Lucif Dawl

    Age: never says (28~30) (claims to be 20)

    Gender: male


    Personality: A silent observer. Despite his initial cold appearance, Lucif is actually just shy and likes to listen to people talk but refuses to speak more than one or two words at a time. Due to his shyness, Lucif refuses to take off his mask when around others, even during sleep. Friendly and loyal, Lucif will risk limb and life for those close to him and will not hesitate to kill anyone or anything he deems a danger to his friends. A professional killer, Lucif is proficient in both ranged and close combat and has a great deal of knowledge of many poisons and their antidotes. Has a soft spot for cute things (baby animals, little children)

    Job: Hitman/Bodyguard/Escort

    Previous Experience: Lucif had done a number of jobs over the years: 300+ reported successful hits, 210+ reported successful jobs as a bodyguard, 510+ successful escort jobs. Lucif also hunts wild animals during his free time.

    Backstory: Lucif grew up as an orphan in the slums. As the biggest kid on the block, Lucif saw the other orphans as his family and did whatever he could to protect them. As time went on, however, more and more gangs entered the slums and Lucif sought protection from the Trabia mafia family. In return for the protection of his friends, Lucif and a handful of other children from the slums were picked to be apprentice assassins. Lucif achieved his first kill at the age of 14. Several years later, Lucif was a favorite of the Trabia family, being sent on the most important missions, including assassinations of rival mafia bosses and escorting VIPs in treacherous situations. Lucif was later allowed to become a freelancer and, finally leaving the slums, began his own business as a professional hitman.

    modified sniper rifle
    a set of combat knives
    a book he is reading (changes whenever he finishes the one he is reading)
    multiple pouches of poison and medicine.​
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  14. 300+ Human kills in (probably) 4 years? Seems a little powerful for what everyone else is doing here.
  15. I never said how old Lucif is. He claims to be twenty and is physically fit but because he almost never speaks and never removes his mask, nobody really knows for sure. I think i'll make him 30-40-ish cannon wise though
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  16. Hey, mate. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll have to apologize first for forgetting to tell you all those months ago that I needed to go off the site for a bit. But I'm back now, so I figured I'd lend a hand! Of course, seeing as you've already got a hearty crew on your plate, I don't think you'd need me. I have to say, though, that since this is a "new universe" so to speak, I wouldn't be able to use Mycroft and Cisco. A personal policy if you'd take it.

    I'm not fully on board the idea yet, and then there's @Cats who I wouldn't want to ninja, but how do you think this particular individual would fit in the story, sans context for the moment?

    EDIT: Also, I missed it the first time that Lucif also wears a mask. Shoot. The picture for his appearance doesn't seem to be working, though, @jeshem


    "The star below heaven foresees the dragon of death in the far night...
    And thus the crow alone takes flight."
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  17. Ah yes,

    @Cats you gonna finish that doctor?

    Lucif is accepted.
  18. Just occurred that I don't have a name for the currency in the world.

    If y'all got any ideas, feel free to come up with it.

    One unit will have the same value as the United States Dollar.

    RP will be up later tomorrow.
  19. *Important Question*

    Should Raiders be involved? Perhaps some occasional human opponents to spice things up?
  20. Idanmark?

    And absolutely no opposition to some human opponents :3

    EDIT: Hmm, maybe Idunmark works better?
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