Stealing Life: A Tale of Piracy, the Wild West, and Steampunk

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  1. A ship hung in the sky over the admiral's chambers. Usually, this ship would have been shot down or otherwise brought out of the sky before it came anywhere near Admiral Clairhaven's estate, but this was a special case.

    Everything about Anthony DuBlanc was a special case. The pirate poet was an interesting one, and the Admiral'd had his eye upon the man for some time, originally as a possible mate for his granddaughter but later as a potential prison cell occupant when DuBlanc took up piracy. He was a rather inept pirate, more foolish in pillaging than he had been at prose, and yet somehow, he seemed to always slip through the Admiral's hands. Even though the boy was here on a pardon, the Admiral knew he'd just escape anyway should anyone try to apprehend him. Somehow, DuBlanc always got away, and no one was certain how.

    Of course, Anthony was not the only DuBlanc to worry about. There was that insane cousin of his. Not to mention the navy captain and brother, Arthur DuBlanc. Very soon, all three would be gathered and Clairhaven would finally be ready to set his plan in motion.
    Soon, if things went according to plan, the most annoying and ill reputed Captain, the Pirate, and the Whore would be out of his life forever, locked in some territory jail cell in the Western American continent and he'd have the answer to all his problems.

    Anthony wished Emma had decided to dress like a proper young woman. This day could change their entire lives and there she was, practically naked. Short trousers, tall socks, and a vest over a paper thin blouse where not going to impress Lord Admiral Clairhaven. Anthony only prayed that, whatever they were needed for, it was important enough to overlook Emma's lack of civility. Anthony did not wish to lose this chance at a pardon and letter of marque because his cousin wanted to parade around naked, for all intents and purposes.

    "Relax, Anthony, it will be fine. Besides, rumor has it Arthur's going to be here and everyone know he has a large enough collection of clothes to make up for anything either of us lack. Besides, the Admiral hates him more than he despises us. Arthur will have his full attention, I'm sure." Emma gave a quite evil grin as the two reached the doors of the Admiral's private office and were ushered in, Anthony still amazed that they were invited to the house of a man who 'despised' them. It seemed odd, but it was a chance, and Anthony did not feel as though he'd had one of those in quite some time. Now, if only Arthur would actually show up...
  2. Clairhaven.

    Arthur hated the man nearly as much as the man hated him. There certainly was no lost love there and Arthur personally blamed the man on his lack of commendations once he had hit Captain status. Though in a way, that had actually worked out to his benefit. Being on his very own with not nearly enough to do as the Admiral purposely kept him busy on small jobs that even an inept ape could do let Arthur do what he loved to do best.

    Drinking and Whoring.

    Both of those items came after his love of clothing of course and while his uniform was perfectly bright and shiny and polished and stylish, Arthur simply couldn't handle living all his life in just one set of clothing. No, he couldn't handle it at all. Though today of all days, he decided to dress in uniform.

    Anthony would be there.

    Arthur would dress like a soldier for his Brother's sake, no one else. Even if his brother was a moronic pirate. Oh he could strangle Emma! Anthony was far too innocent to be a pirate and if Clairhaven was telling the truth and offering Anthony a letter of Marque then that was the only way to get his brother back and maybe Emma out of their lives for good.

    A chance for life to return to normal.

    The motorized carriage arrived at Clairhaven's just on time and Arthur was out in a flurry, cane in one hand and his hat in the other as he rushed by surprised servants and various Military. They were used to Arthur DuBlanc and his various habits and didn't try to stop him. He spotted his brother and his bothersome cousin before the great doors to Clairhaven's meeting room and took a look at Emma before turning scarlet.

    “Why can't you just wear clothes?”
  3. "Because my mummy loved me. Just because yours wanted to hide you beneath yards and yards of cloth doesn't mean mine didn't care." Emma smirked happily as the doors swung inward. Anthony, on the other hand, turned bright scarlet.

    "Hello, brother. I trust you were-"

    "And anyway, who wants to dress like you do? I've seen better fashion sense on a raven. At least they have a compulsion to collect obnoxious shiny things. What's your excuse?"

    "Please, Emma! Not now!" Anthony hissed.

    There was the sound of an irate throat clear as the three stood in the doorway. Admiral Clairhaven stood with his hands gripping the edge of his desk with enough force that his knuckles were white. In contrast, the man's face was scarlet and his nostrils flared.

    "Do none of you know the meaning of decency and composure? GET IN HERE AND CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!"
    He pointed a finger at Emma. "And cover her up! Before someone starts spreading rumors!"

    "Listen, you lumbering boar of a man, I won't be spoken about-" Quickly, Anthony covered his cousin's mouth before something more regrettable could be spoken.
  4. Arthur was no longer scarlet, in fact he was nearing on purple. A very dark splotchy sort of purple that came from holding his breath. “You damned harlot! You look like one and you act like one and you reflect poorly on our family and!” He was nearly about incoherent from rage, spluttering and gripping his cane.

    Luckily or unluckily, the door swung open just as Arthur was about to launch into another tirade. Instead, Arthur was whipped around by Clairhaven's words. Once again the damned man had caught him with his proverbial pants down. At least this time it wasn't literally.

    Nor was the Admiral's daughter involved.

    Arthur shouldered out of his shiny red military coat and covered Emma as best he could as Anthony covered her mouth. He shot his brother a look that insisted that Emma not be allowed to go places ever again and why hadn't he made sure she was dressed first?
    “I'm sorry, Admiral Clairhaven... Clearly my young female cousin is a bit overcome by her own female mannerisms. She just has no control over herself at all. We've got the Doctors on it but they can't do anything with her either.” Arthur said smoothly, trying to lay the blame not at his own feet for once.

  5. "If you are going to lie to me, DuBlanc, you'd best make sure it's a convincing one. Now. Kindly comport yourselves and act like civilized human beings, if this is a feat of which you are capable!" Clairhaven frowned sternly at the three. He turned away, releasing his desk so that he could fetch a bottle and two glasses from the mantle. He set the glasses on the table, unstoppering the bottle and pouring for himself and for Arthur, to whom the cup was rather hastily handed as soon as the three had dragged Emma close enough.

    Anthony, hands still full of a squirming, fighting, biting Emma, was making a rather pained face.

    "Ouch, stop that, Emma! For the love of all that is, act like a lady for once in your life. You're going to get us all imprisoned," he whispered. It seemed to work. The girl stopped fighting and shrugged her cousin off, standing on her own and looking across the desk at the Admiral.

    "You said something about pardons in your letter?"