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For whatever reason, I want to be in more role plays! All of the ones I am in so far have been fantastic and I simply can not get enough of what every member has in store!

Not that I want to role play with every single member at this moment...(please don't take that seriously, Iwaku! ;_;)

Anywho, yes~! Iliana is all up for grabby hands right about now! 8D And to make your lives easier, she has plot ideas! >:D

View attachment 7202Keiara, a junior, is horrible in school. Grade wise, she does fairly well (all but History) but socially, she can not stand other people. That is all fine, except when Keiara gets into an argument with the oh so pompous boy Mason in the cafeteria, the principle and her have a little one. Her punishment: If she doesn't score a B or higher on her History exam at the end of the year, she would have to repeat the entire class all over again with no senior privileges. The catch: her tutor is Mason.

~Genre(s): Modern
~Romantic Subpolt: YES. :D
~Extras: Post as long as often as you wish. I'm here all the time so do not rush!
View attachment 7203Walker Miller was found dead in his home, hanging from a rope with a chair beneath him. No evidence was found and the forensics are at a downright stupor. Their only conclusion was that a ghost murdered him! Too bad for them, for F.B.I detective Miranda Nox doesn't believe in ghost. A murder always involves a murderer. Miranda, a single woman of 34, is determined to crack the case herself, moving her ranks up in the F.B.I. However. she is snagged with a problem. Upside: The known family member of Walker is a 29 year old man by the name of Ethen Miller. Downside: He's a sloppy alcoholic that works at an Adult Items Store.

~Genre(s): Modern/Mystery/Mature
~Romantic Subplot: Mm hmm! ^^
~Extras: Ili has never done smut before but is so interested in trying! Dun hurt her! D:

That's about all I have for now! Of course, if you have ideas of your own, throw them at my face me! If you're interested, you can either post here about your thoughts, or PM me! There can be more than one person, I'd love to do as much as I can!

:D Til then, partner!
-holding in all his nija excitement and realizes he's already roleplaying with the goddess-
@_@ must.resist. urge to roleplay
i wish. but sadly, i don't steal girls. or even to them....*realizes that every conversation i've had with my friends was about videogames*
No No, Ninja! I already has you! D:

It's fine, kisha! Everyone has their exceptions!