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  1. Hey there, everyone!

    In case the title and nickname weren't obvious enough, I'm a geek and I love computers and techy stuff and sciencey stuff. Great, that's out of the way.

    Let's get item #2 out of the way as well: I'm currently fiancé / living-together-significant-other with RedWillow.

    I used to roleplay on certain close-knit community forums quite a lot a couple years ago. After that dying out I got into online P&P roleplays, which means using roll20 quite a lot. About six months ago, job changes and frequent schedule changes killed that, and now I'm completely out of any sources of roleplay (besides fooling around like a dork in coop games with friends). Needs moar.

    I'm not entirely sure if that's a thing here, but I'd be especially interested in rules-heavier-ish (not Burning Wheel, but definitely more than FATE or equivalent semi-freeform) roleplays by chat, or failing that via PbP. Current motivation, schedule and energy levels make it a bit harder for me to commit to anything higher than 1 posts per day, but I'm looking forward to see what happens.

    Simultaneously with signing up here, I'm also trying out an all-new online username, after using the same old one since I was 14. Feels weird, and it will take some time to get used to it. Oh well. I've been thinking about this nickname change for a while. If you've got any feedback or comments, about the name or my intro, go right ahead!

    And please, if you ever see something you think I could improve about my grammar, ortograph or creative writing (be it style or content) - please go ahead and do so in private messages under Crocker's Rules. As it says in more detail at the link, that means maximum information, minimum fluff, even if it hits hard. Does not apply to publicly visible feedback. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Welcome :D

    I invited him!

    He's mine!

    Mouhahahaha :unicorn:

    I hope you have fun here :)
  3. Welcome! It's a pleasure to have Red's other with us! I hope you enjoy Iwaku, if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer accurately!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku,

    I like to say welcome to Iwaku. I am glad to see you joined we have everything from chat roleplay to thread and pm roleplay what ever you prefer. I am Just a community volunteer, not full on staff. Make sure to read the rules, if you haven't already, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you are new to role playing in general, welcome we have many helpful tips, and discussions. We also have many Helpful staff and memebers.

    I am Dark Disney, I have been on here a year now. Please feel free to pm me at any time, I do have a husband and Job that I only work 5 hours a day, I may not answer right away. I do have a blog that will tell you what is going on my life feel free to look at it and see where I am. I do love this site. Their is something for everyone, here on this website is literally a place to call home away from home. Need an outlet we have Blogs and a counseling section. If it is a major problem with a member inform the staff immediately. If it is a problem with the site their is a bug report in help desk. Normally happens with updates.

    The people you will meet on here are just as nice and I am proud to say some are good friends, and some are like family and I really do love all them. Now I have put some helpful links in here for you. Now go and explore our wonderful home and welcome to the family.

    Most important rule, respect the staff and here it is most important rule Have fun.

    Your friendly Neighborhood,
    Dark. Disney.Triplet
  5. Hi y'all! Thanks for the welcomings and such. I presume this flashy name color will disappear, in time? Ah, sad.
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  6. Indeed, then it will change to a bluey-purple. :)
  7. Welcome ^_^
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