Staying Classy is Hard when you're new D:

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I'm in love with this site.

I'm kinda dying in college right now. It's just not a fun experience for me. I used to be a huge roleplayer until video games and school took over my life. I started out on Neopets xD Such good memories and now I'm ready for bigger and brighter things. So I promise I'm nice. I can be overdramatic though and full of radical ideas :D So drop by. Give me a passing hello member to member and maybe we can sit back and get to know each other in a roleplay world.


Remember to Stay Vogue.
NEOOOPPEEEEETS! I used to love Neopets until Nickelodeon bought them out and everything became all about Neocash. ;__; I got warned one day for sarcastically roleplaying as a biscuit, cause everything else was against their TOS...

I mean.... Hello and Welcome to Iwaku! :D
That's actually where I started too. Good times. Had like three accounts on there 'cause I quit and went back a couple of times and completely forgot what I used for a password.

Also, @Diana, I'm surprised I never got frozen or banned. I was in tons of violent/romantic roleplays on there, and I totally used bad words some times. I was so naughty.
We love to too. I suppose.
Just kidding.
Anyway, hello and welcome to Iwaku!
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
I'm giving you cookies for having completed the Resume already (yay you!).

If you haven't had a chance to look around yet, there's fun out of character chatting to be had in the General section, including lovely topics like this one about words you love but don't use enough. (There's also a subsection there called counseling, where we rant about things we don't like and cheer about good things).

If you have any questions, please ask!
Oh wow! I started out on Neopets too. Then I moved on to Gaia, haha.

I'm new on here too. Let's be friends? 8D