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  1. BriBry stood in front of his school in his union jack tanktop and blue jean torn up skinny jeans with the chain on the belt. His long turquois hair straightened as it feathered out of the grey beanie.

    He stared at the clubs to join he saw the Glee club signing sheet. He picked up the pen and signed BriBry Walters on the paper. "Im pretty sure there are cute people in there and i can sing so why the heck mot."
  2. Melissa Abraham bounced from table to table. It was time to sign up for clubs at her new college campus. To say she was excited would be an understatement. The only problem was finding one. Melissa liked a lot of things but her passion lay with singing.
    "Hey Monkey!" Melissa turned hearing her childhood name to see Bucky, her best friend since kindergarten, running over.
    "Sup Bucktooth." The brown haired boy glared at his friend before speaking again, only making Melissa laugh.
    "They have this Glee club thing. Check it out." Bucky nodded in the direction of the table as he lead Melissa over.
    "You the tv show?" Melissa asked slightly amused. Bucky cracked a smile but nodded.
    "Yeah like the tv show."
    When the two arrived Bucky left to go find a math club or something along those lines. Melissa waited behind the male in front of her. He looked interesting with his bright colored hair and chains. "Signing up too?" Melissa's amber eyes lit up excitedly, she loved meeting new people. "I'm Melissa but my friends call me Monkey. It's a long story." Melissa held out her hand for him to shake awaiting the boys introduction.
  3. Bribry turned to his greeter and smiled lightly. He was a slightly shyer individual when it came to meeting new people. He met her hand and shook it."Bribry, nice to meet you Monkey. " he said with a light chuckle at the end.

    He then reached the table to get his school uniform. This uniform consisted of a navy blue blazer and slacks combo ,white dress shirt, and the choice between a red bow tie, or a red thin tie.

    He sneered at the clothes but he would get used to em.
  4. "Awesome." Melissa smiled as she signed her name and email down on the sheet.
    "So where ya from BriBry?" Melissa followed him over to the uniform table, smile turning into a frown. "Are they serious?" She asked as she pointed to the uniform. It consisted of a white long sleeved button up, a navy blue blazer, two red stripes adorned the hem of the sleeves and collar, and a matching navy pleated skirt with the same duo of red stripes around the hem. They were also given a short sleeved version of the white button up, white knee high socks, navy knee high socks, and a navy sweater vest with the schools crest in red adorning the breast pocket.
  5. Bribry laughed and looked at the girl."yea i hate it too but im used to it. My parents sent me to boarding school when i was five until i graduated. Always wore suits and shit till i left the school after graduation to come here for college." He said as ne walked towards his new dorm room not knowing they were coed dorms.

    He walked in and pulled off his shirt and beanie.
  6. "That's rough. I totally dig your style though." Melissa eyed his outfit choice before giving a thumbs up of approval. She herself wore a tie dye tshirt tucked into highwaisted shorts with red doc martins. Her chocolate brown hair was gathered into a messy bun atop her head, wrists adorned with bracelets that covered nearly half of her forearm.
    "Here. Gimme a call and we can chill. You're cool." Melissa handed Bribry a piece of paper with her number before heading over to Bucky. Rejoined with her friend, they made it to their dorm. Having been the last kids to sign up for housing the two friends were allowed to room together, that and Bucky had filed as living an "alternative lifestyle." Either way it worked.
    Now in their new dorm, the two began to orginize their things an decorate their dorm.
  7. As he pulled off his shirt Bribry looked at his tattoo sleeves on his arms and the tattoos that joined them on his chest and upper back. He slid on the dress shirt and finished getting his uniform on he went and decided to go trim his hair to a spiked up look with his sides and back brushing forward looking like niall from one direction with teal hair . He smiled and walked to the first glee club meeting.
  8. "Vuala!" Melissa sang out, arms wide, presenting tier now finished dorm.
    "Awesome!" Bucky high fived his friend of seventeen years, soon to be eighteen on august 30th.
    "Hey what time is it?" Melissa wondered as she began to change into that god awful thing they called a uniform. Melissa felt like she stepped straight out of a manga dressed like this.
    "Around four why?"
    "Crap! Glee club!" Melissa gasped and hurriedly finished dressing. She let her cocoa colored hair fall down to it's full twenty inch length. She ran a brush through it's natural waves before saying good bye to her friend and running towards her new club. Being late was so not going to be a good impression.
  9. Bribry smiled as he sat down. He loved singing. He was shy except when it came to performing . He looked around at all the different people shyly blushing. He brushed a hand through his hair smiling alittle as Melissa walked in.
  10. "Hey!" Melissa waved at Bribry from across the room, taking the seat next to him. Before she could even start a conversation a girl and a boy walk in, heads held high.
    "I would like to welcome you all to the Glee Club. I am Tom and this is Maya!" The boy was thin and tall. His hair was cropped with thick framed glasses over his eyes.
    "Now, just because you signed up does not mean you get to stay. There is an audition process, any volunteers?" The girl asked. She had shoulder length blonde hair with bright green eyes.
    Melissa instantly raised her hand not giving herself a chance to turn shy.
    Maya raised a brow in shock while Tom smirked at her bravery.
    "Alright first volunteer! What's your name?" Tom asked as Melissa walked up.
    "Melissa but you can call me Monkey." That earned her few strange looks but she ignored them as she readied herself to sing.
    Melissa decided to sing acapela and took a calming breath. Looking up she began to sing Listen by Beyoncé. Her voice flowed out even and smooth. It was easy for Melissa to lose herself in the song. She poured all of her emotion into the crescendos knowing when to add vibrato and when to just let the notes hold their own special power.
    Melissa finished hesitant to look up. There was a long pause of silence before applause filled the room. Maya watched as Melissa smiled excited obviously impressed. Tom nudged her knowingly as Melissa sat back in her seat.
    "Whose next?" Tom asked.
  11. Bribry stood and walked up to the performance spot "ill go." He said as he went to the piano and played the first tunes to 'This Is Gospel' by Panic At The Disco singing it beautifully along with the pianos beautiful sounds. He sang until the last note. The group clapped and he went to sit down.
  12. Melissa stared wide eyed as Bribry began to play This Is A Gospel. Her smile grew hearing him begin to sing one of her favorite song of all times. Hell, he could have rivaled Brendan Urie's in perfection.
    Melissa clapped once the song ended. "" Melissa couldn't even find words. "That was honestly amazing." She breathed as another girl timidly stood to sing her song.
  13. He smiled and blushed . "Thank you, i love that band." He said as he fixed his tie watching the others go and awaited the decisions of the accepting of members. He looked at Melissa"i hope we make it, loved your song by the way."
  14. "Me too!" Melissa kept her voice quiet as to not distract anyone. "What's your favorite song?" She surpressed a giggle seeing her new friend blush. "You're adorable." Melissa pulled him into a friendly nuzzling his cheek, always an affectionate girl.
    It was her turn to become bashful at his compliment. "Eh, it's not that amazing."
  15. He laughed a little at the affection and her blush. "It was beautiful haha" he looked at her "oh so weird thing , i dont have a dorm mate oddly enough haha. When i found out i was like darn." He said , since he didnt have one he would be left alone although he could care less it less than thrilled him.
  16. "Woah really? That's weird." Melissa shrugged it off though. "You can totally hang with me and Bucky. We're in dorm 810 in Morgan Towers."
    Maya cleared her throat as she turned to the group.
    "Names are posted outside of these doors. The first Glee Club meeting is ajourned."
    Melissa took Bribry's hand in hers as she turned to him with wide eyes filled with excitement and fear. "Ready?"
  17. Bribry blushed as she took his hand."yea im ready" they looked at the sheet and Bribry smiled. He made it! He jumped for joy smiling"i made it!"
  18. Melissa took a deep breath before scanning for her name. It took her a second but she found it. "I did it! We did it!" She cheered excitedly jumping up and down. She wrapped her arms around Brian in a tight hug, pressing her lips to his cheek. "Congrats!" She pulled a wide smile and released him. "Let's go celebrate or something!"
  19. Brian blushed hard as he smiled at her "y.yeah lets go celebrate!" He said chuckling at her huge but adorable smile.
  20. "C'mon!" Melissa smiled taking Brian's hand in hers and nearly dragging him out. There was this amazing little diner on the edge of campus. Melissa chattered excitedly as the duo walked the paved roads of the campus.
    "What's your major?" Melissa asked as they neared the restaurant she had chosen.
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