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Stay the balls out of my meat!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, May 6, 2012.

  1. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    Anything I say may and will be used against me when I affirm that I'm the most innocent person in the CBox.
  2. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    Wait, vegetarians are REAL?
    Since when?!
  3. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    they are kinda like virgins and hipsters
    you know they are real but you kinda hope you never meet one.
  4. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    Hey! It is not their fault they don't like meat or don't want to feed from poor little/big animals!
  5. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    if they dont want to kill animals why are they eating the animals food...i mean really
    plus have you ever seen a healthy looking one i mean i knew one and she got sick because she had a soup with chicken broth
  6. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    I don't know why they eat the animals food! O-o Maybe they just like it, they have right to like it you know.
    Maybe that person got sick because she was allergic to chicken? Or food poisoning! Or IDK!
    Point is, its not their faults. Each person has their likes and dislikes
  7. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    Is it weird that that picture makes me feel both hungry AND aroused?
  8. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    no she got sick because her body now rejects it
    and i know what your saying but i just dont know why they would put their body though that sort of hell.
  9. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    Nope because whenever 100 males see that picture 99.9% of them get boners, the other .1% just throws up only because the meat is raw, ruining their computer/laptop, theres still hope if he has a tablet.
    Because that 1% wouldnt notice what that piece of cut meat is close to looking like.
  10. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    ..Wait, so only 1/10th of a man does that last thing?
  11. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    yes... 1/100 guys throws up on their computers because the meat is raw.
  12. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!


    MMMM. Meat. Vegetarians don't exist, October. Shhh. Everything is okay.


    Just look at the meat and feel better.
  13. Re: Stay the **** out of my meat!

    What a pity. I can't even be without meat for two days
  14. ​Octo-sans... hates..... me? T ^T
  15. Ribs


    @Staci, octo doesn't hate you, just don't accuse him of being a murderer for enjoying his steak.
  16. I nevar would. >:D

    I LOVE grilling for family and friends.
    Give me all dat meat, I will grill the fuck out of it. >:C AND SEASON IT LIKE A HURRICANE.
  17. so... you'd grill tofu o.e
  18. wait you no like meat.....T_T *freaks out dramaticly* nooo why do they have to be like all awesome but then not like meat T_T

    oh and fuck you all for putting tasty looking things here i have no meat in my house right now and i am now hungry...you fucking suck