Stay or Leave?


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Was remembering this earlier. Now I'm really curious to know what others would do. :P

A few years ago, my roommate and I made our weekly grocery store run; a mundane but necessary activity. When we walked around the corner of the grocery, we were faced by a squad of police cars and a steadily forming crowd. Standing on the ledge of an office building across the street was a woman. Maybe she was high, maybe she wasn't, it was hard to tell. Within a few seconds, the street was full of people. They weren't going to help; there was nothing they could do anyway. But they were there watching. Then we noticed that there was also a lot of people walking into the store, doing everything they could to keep from noticing the scene. And the whole time, the woman on the ledge just tilted back and forth.

It was definitely a surreal moment-like stumbling onto the set of a movie.


Would you stay and watch? Or would you keep walking? Turn on the Bat Signal?
I'd most likely call her as insecure attentionhog, flip her off and proceed to the model shop where I'll feel I little bad for acting callously but BLOODLETTERS! SO MANY BLOODLETTERS!
You know just by including the bat signal you opened me up to saying I'd deal with it myself as I'm connected to Oa via my power ring, right?
You know just by including the bat signal you opened me up to saying I'd deal with it myself as I'm connected to Oa via my power ring, right?

I honestly thought you'd take the Samuel Jackson route.

"Ma'am, we've got the donut ready for you!"

Disappoint. :|
I would be leaving as soon as possible and hoping it worked out. D: If I couldn't do anything, I sure as hell wouldn't want to just stand around and watch her die.
I would leave. I have no desire to see someone commit suicide.
I would probably leave. I've seen things -like- that before and honestly, it doesn't interest me.
Out of a macabre sense of curiousity, I'd stay a moment to watch, but probably get bored and carry on about my day.

Now if it was an actual dead body? I'd be CSI'ing the SHIT out of that.
"Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble, if I stay it will be double..."

Sorry, first thing that popped in my head, damn canned music at work.

I wouldn't watch. Police are there and hopefully have a trained negotiator on the way. Not going to give her the satisfaction of my attention, nor watch should she slip or jump off the damn ledge. I hate people that try to commit suicide. They're fucking selfish and boo fucking whoo on the whole "They're disturbed" shit. I've known two people who have killed themselves, neither of them well, and while it bothered me, it saddened me seeing how it affected those that I loved.

*deep breath*

Okay I think if I say any more it'd need to go in a blog or counseling forum.
Stay and try to do something to help!
wait...window ledge or roof barrier ledge?

There has to be SOMEONE who knows who she is and a POSSIBLE reason why she's upset right? Maybe we can like talk her out of it?
Force her to safety? I mean the POLICE IS THERE ! D<
If I couldn't get up there and pull her to safety and couldn't speech/lecture her out of it, I'd lecture the police into saving her?
I wouldn't stay unless I knew the person.

If I knew the person I'd help out as much as I could...

If I don't know them... I don't know how much help I'd be.
Morbid fascination would bid me hold my ground and watch like every damn accursed rubber necker also in the area.
Bat Signal.

Also the first thing I thought of were all of the 'jumper' incidences from Reno 911. FUCKING HILARITY ENSUES.
I would stay simply because when a person is in trouble I often feel that I should help them, even if I am unaware how to help them. I'd probably leave after a bit when I figured out there is nothing I could do.

Still, it always tugs at the heart strings a little to know that we are such strangers to one another that when we hear another soul cry out in pain, the usual response is to be a voyeur or ignore it. Maybe if we all wanted to help this sort of thing wouldn't happen, but I can't say for certain. Maybe I can stand directly under them so they see that someone is willing to catch them or die trying. Who knows?