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  1. So I hear you are interested in Minamoto Academy. At my school, you will learn to become the best composer or idol your money can buy! I have many exercises that will form you into the ideal person you wish to be. Some people call my methods crazy, but does it really matter if I get results? What doesn't kill you, scars you for life! ...Oh...and makes you stronger... Come down to our lovely school and see for yourself! I'll be waiting!

    [rainbow]--Ruka "Cougar" Minamoto-- ~Headmaster[/rainbow]

    Thanks for your interest person who stumbled in here! This is an rp loosely based off from an anime called Uta no Prince-sama.

    *Please note, there is no need to know what the show/game is in order to join!

    Quick summary = You will attend an academy to become either a pop idol or a composer. All the while, the headmaster will be trying to pair different people and holding crazy events (zombie apocalypse, Cross-dressing competitions, Intense beach volleyball, etc)

    Here are some general notes which were in the Interest Check. (stuff in yellow is super important)
    General Notes (open)
    1) This is loosely based off from Uta no Prince-sama. Therefore, there is no need to have played/watched it. This also means that there are NO CANON CHARACTER! People can make characters 'similar' to a canon character, but I don't want a carbon copy. I also don't want anyone related to a canon character.

    2) No one has to predetermine who they are partnered with, but it is okay to do so. Just be mindful of the other person. (don't force people to partner with you if they say no) If for some reason it looks like someone won't have a PC partner, I will make an NPC to fill the role. (don't worry, to make up for it, I'll try to make them a desirable character for your PC)

    3) As the GM, I will be throwing crazy things at you. In some senses, it might be considered Godmodding...but what do you think GM means? Game Master? Pffft. Just please be understanding if I randomly smuck your character with a bus. (don't worry, I will never kill a character...unless you want me to)

    4) I only want one character per person. Bringing in a random NPC to help with story and moving your post along is fine, but DO NOT make the NPC a pivital character that is in your posts more than not. If the NPC becomes too important, I might just snatch him/her away and use them elsewhere, just to taunt you.

    5) Making music can be done in many ways.

    You can write your own music/lyrics

    Take an existing song and treat it like you wrote it (ICly).

    Take an existing song and change the words.

    Linking to a song is good, but more importantly I want lyrics and the tone of the song (peppy, seductive, serious, etc). I do ask, however, that song lyrics be written in English (that means if you are using a song from a different language, translate it or find a translation). I'm not judging the song per se...but it will slightly come into play in a different way (again, mainly the tone). Grades will be based mostly on the actual rp you guys do. (the interaction between characters, reactions to things, etc). This DOES NOT mean that just having your characters get along without any problems will get you a good grade! Think about personalities (both normal and idol) and how they would work. A grumpy idol with a peppy composer means you guys probably shouldn't get along very well, at least at first. Act out your roles, don't treat the 'test' like a puzzle to be solved. If you guys get a bad grade, that might actually work into character development.

    *This is a really good site I use to find Japanese songs (mainly anime, video games, and vocaloids) translated into English (if that is your thing). ->Link to Site<-

    6) Even if you have a pairing predetermined, I may throw you with someone else, or add someone to your group. This is for character development, along with making this rp not so much a 1x1 but a group rp with possible 1x1 aspects. Remember, there is a chance that the headmaster will try to make a crack pairing, or will try to make a love triangle. Just roll with it and react the way your character would.

    7) Romance is not required. However, if you do want a romance, you're in luck! I'm not picky what-so-ever. Want two idols to get together? Go ahead! Two composers? Sure! Guy with guy? Of course! Girl on girl? No problem! But like always, keep other people in mind and don't force your character on someone unless given permission. (Ex: If your character is homosexual, don't get upset if the heterosexual keeps saying no) However, I am okay with people agreeing OOCly that a character ICly keeps bothering another IC character for fun.

    8) I would LOVE suggestions on wacky events! I already have some in mind (like you read above) but there can always be more. However, I would want those to be PMed to me, that way they can be a secret to everyone!

    If you have made it past all my general notes, congratulations! Here is the Character Sheet Skeleton!
    Character Sheet Skeleton (open)
    Name: (First name then Last name)

    Stage Name/Group Name: (Idols only, To Be Determined Later)

    Age: (14 - 18)

    Grade: (1st year - 3rd year)

    Role: (Composer or Idol)



    Idol: (if applicable)

    Trademark Color: (Idols only, pick only one)



    Idol: (if applicable)


    Fears: (physical or mental)

    Favorite Pairing(s): (useable currently for 2nd years and 3rd years only)

    Rivals: (useable currently for 2nd years and 3rd years only)

    Other: (what songs are you best at singing/writing? Groups or one on one? Range? Instrument knowledge? etc.)

    And are some more notes pertaining to character creation. (stuff in Yellow is for everyone, stuff in red is for Idols only, stuff in blue is for Composers only)
    Character Creation Rules (open)
    1) The academy is called Minamoto Academy (because the headmaster is a narcissist and donated a bunch of money to the school).

    2) The age group is 14 - 18 with grades being 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year. In special cases, I will allow people to be older (Ex: Said character has been failing to graduate for the past ___ years for ___ reason | Said character didn't join school until he/she was ___ because ___). There will be a limit of one or two characters that may do this and I will probably be a little more picky with them.

    3) Please only use Japanese names. The ONE exception is an idol's Stage name/Group name. However, this won't be decided until pairs/groups are made, so just keep it in mind for now. In that slot, please write "To Be Determined Later".

    4) I prefer people to use words to describe their character (but I love having pictures too!) The main things thathave to be in words are: Height, Hair color, Eye color. Don't forget! As a pop idol, you can wear wigs! Just make a note of that so we know.

    5) No one can be both a composer and an idol. A composer can be a decent singer, or an idol can write decent lyrics/music, but there will be no masters of both. (except for the head'master' because "plot" reasons...I use "plot" really loosely.)

    6) Remember, you are going to this school to become a composer/idol. No one will start as a full-fledged composer/idol. (or else you wouldn't even be at the school)

    7) Just because your character is a composer, don't think you have to be an actual composer. As I state in the general notes section below, there are ways around making songs. Ask friends, use the internet, etc.

    8) Idol personalities are what your character acts like when around fans and/or performing on stage. Remember that not all idol personalities have to be the same! Maybe your pop idol is a sex symbol? Maybe you're the really cute boyish type? Go crazy with making a fun pop idol! But remember, no full out grumpy pop idol personalities. No one wants to watch a pop idol with a scowl always on his/her face. (that can be their normal personality though)

    9) This will be one of those times when personality is more important than history for this rp. (since it will be more of a comedy than a drama) Also, I actually encourage people to make wacky characters. (have really weird fear(s), a quirky personality, etc)
    10) The trademark color is the color your idol wears when performing. Think about the color of your character's hair/eyes and either match it or complement it. (Ex: A bright red-haired character would probably wear red or black clothes while a blonde-haired character might wear blue or maybe purple) Of course your idol can wear other colors as well, but this is the color they are known for and is always on their clothes. Make sure to specify the color tone! (Ex: Don't just say blue! Say baby blue, turquoise, dark blue, etc.) No repeated colors! (Ex: No two people should have baby blue)

    11) Pairings can be predetermined or grow naturally. You may list your character's favorite people they like to be paired with (can be multiple people too). However, this option is only available to 2nd and 3rd years before the rp starts. As the rp progresses, people may edit their character sheet to fill this in/change it. Don't forget, favorite pairings can be one-sided! But remember, don't say someone else likes being paired with you unless they agree to it.

    12) Along with making about rivalries? Again, this option is only for 2nd and 3rd years before the rp starts. As the rp progresses, people may edit their character sheet to fill this in/change it. Don't forget, rivalries can be one-sided! But remember, don't say someone treats you as a rival unless they agree to it.

    Here are my two character sheets.

    Actual Character (open)
    Name: Miyako Hana

    Idol Name/Group Name: To Be Determined Later

    Age: 16

    Grade: 2nd Year

    Role: Idol



    Standing at 5'5", Miyako has maroon hair with grey eyes. She has an hourglass shape, but her chest is a little thinner than her hips. Her usual clothes consist of pants and shirts, usually long-sleeved ones. This isn't because she is a tomboy, but because she is an extreme prude. Even when wearing a skirt or dress, Miyako will wear pants underneath. Never does a spaghetti strap not have a shirt under it. She's not too picky about matching colors with her hair, but she does make sure the colors of her clothes complement each other. She usually wears brighter colors.

    Idol: (if applicable)

    Miyako is in the middle ground. Her body has a more mature shape, but her wide eyes give her a more cute look. She's too short to be the mature type, but she's too tall to be the cutesy type. In the end, she has an image of 'girl next door'. A normal girl that has enough looks to be a pop idol. Because of her middle ground appearance, she is commonly placed in cutesy dresses that show off her shoulders and legs.

    Trademark Color: Light Gold



    Miyako has a more logical, serious mentality. However, it is very easy to get her flustered. Flirt with her in the right way, say her panties are showing, or even that her shoe is untied and she'll flip out. Her actions become more animated and a usual blush will reach her cheeks. Anytime someone tries to point out that she is flustered, she will deny it. There's no way someone so calm and collected like her could possibly be so flighty and childish. Miyako also has a very competitive nature. She loves proving she's better than people. This can be seen in everything she does. She'll try to be the first done on tests, the first one in class, or maybe the first one out the door. This desire to be the best stems from her personal need for attention. Nothing gets a person more positive attention than being the best at something. This is also why she steers clear of things she's not good at.

    When interacting with others, Miyako's words can be harsh, mainly because she isn't afraid to hold back. However, this is a good sign. Miyako is only harsh with people she believes are worth her time, people who have potential but need a good talking to. Otherwise she will either ignore people or be quick to end a conversation. It is possible to gain Miyako's respect, and the moment you do, expect her to actually hold a decent conversation and give a genuine smile. Anyone she deems as a true rival should expect many icy glares and cold shoulders. Should the person be persistent, however, the rivalry can become a more friendly one.


    Miyako's idol personality is more bubbly and energetic. She has a constant smile on her face, and tries to be an all-around cheerful person. Her more competitive side sometimes peeks out when onstage with a group as she tries to subtly take the spotlight. When Miyako is in 'idol mode', she doesn't show her dislike for being skimpily dressed, though she inwardly curses whoever decided that idols needed to be dressed in such a fashion. If a fan says just the right thing, or something onstage goes horribly wrong, Miyako will become extremely flustered, though she will try to hide it.


    Miyako was the youngest of two girls. Both girls seemed to have an inbred desire for attention. However, Miyako's older sister, Kiyomi, would take it wherever she could get it. Kiyomi's usual attention was negative, but she didn't care and continued to do anything to gain attention. When they were young, Kiyomi was a very smart girl who loved school. Though she didn't necessarily like her sister, Miyako at least admired her sister's intelligence. However, as Kiyomi grew older, she started failing school, purposely getting bad grades because it was an easier way for attention. Miyako hated watching her sister become so needy and pathetic. Going into middle school, Miyako made a silent vow to never accept negative attention. This meant Miyako had to be the best, or at least close to it. She worked hard to ensure that her grades got her proper praise.

    As middle school neared its end, Miyako knew she wanted a job that would get her attention. What better job than a pop idol? Fans were filled with positive attention. So Miyako practiced her singing and dancing to prepare for entering Minamoto Academy. She was accepted and has been there for a year now. She hasn't really made a name for herself yet, but she is confident that her second year will change that.

    Fears: Miyako has an intense fear of zombies, lie detector tests, and electrocution. She also has a mild fear of heights and snakes.

    Favorite Pairing(s): To Be Determined Later

    Rivals: She considers every idol a rival, but she is more fierce with females that have a similar vocal range.


    -Types of Songs = She is best used for more peppy songs. She's not the best at singing songs that have a rock feel to them. If put in a duet with a female, Miyako's voice shines when she takes the higher part or the melody. When singing a song with a story, Miyako prefers to sound like a strong female character than a whiny wimp. Secretly, Miyako wants to find a song so touching that it moves her to tears.

    -General Range = low-mid to high range (in musical terms = Second soprano to Soprano)

    -Groups or Solo = Because of her very competitive nature, especially with girls in her vocal range, Miyako does best solo. If she must work with someone, she will shine with a low-voiced female or a male. Put her with another girl with similar talents and sparks will fly (and not the good kind)

    -Instrument knowledge = Miyako can't play instruments that require two hands to be doing different things. For some reason, she just can't get her hands to cooperate. So she never learned to play any wind instruments. She also has a hard time with the piano. She can't for the life of her play both the melody and the chords. So, she usually just uses it help her tune herself or to plink out the notes she is supposed to sing. She is also horrible with string instruments since she can't get her fingers to move the way they need to. What Miyako is really good at are brass instruments, mainly the trumpet and the French horn.

    Headmaster (open)
    Name: Ruka Minamoto

    Idol Name: Cougar

    Age: 35

    Role: Headmaster



    A sex symbol for the ages, Ruka's brown eyes are sharp, her waist is slim with a hefty bust size, and her silver hair has a healthy shine. She stands at 5' 7, most of that height comes from her slender legs. Her eyesight isn't perfect, so she wears glasses when not performing. However, some fans think this adds a certain charm to her appearance. Her clothing is a bit more conservative, only because she likes looking like a proper teacher when at school. A kind, calm look is usually on her face, but there are rumors that she has a much more sinister appearance.


    Cougar flaunts her body. Her cleavage is always exposed, and her performance outfits are always tight fitting. She usually has her shoulders and back exposed as well. Depending on the event, she will either show as much leg as possible, or wear a more elegant dress that leaves her legs a mystery.

    Trademark Color: Any color she wants! She's motherflippin' Cougar!



    Some might say Ruka is downright crazy. In actuality, she is merely a fangirl. A fangirl of what? Fanfiction. All different kinds of fanfiction. She not only reads them, but writes them as well. But sometimes, just writing them isn't enough, she wants to live them. So using the vast wealth she possesses, she acts out her fanfics using the many students at her disposal. She also likes to write fanfics about her students, which is why she sometimes pairs people together randomly, just to see how their story plays out. There is a rumor that Ruka like's her men young and adorable.


    Cougar's idol personality is calm and elegant, but with a pinch of pep. Her smiles are subtle but charming. Her movements are graceful with a spark of energy behind them. She is a bit playful with her fans, especially with her younger male fans, giving them a wink when signing merchandise.


    Ruka was the only child of an extremely rich family. Both her parents were famous idols who performed well into their lives. With such an active, social lifestyle, Ruka herself veered towards the limelight. She easily took to performing and became a hit. She not only had a pleasant appearance, but she was skilled in composing music. All of the songs Ruka wrote were chart toppers. At age 29, Ruka was given a proposition. Her manager asked her to start a school to train idols and composers, passing down the knowledge she had amassed over the years. At first Ruka was hesitant, worrying that this was her manager's way of saying she was too old to perform. However, Ruka soon realized that it didn't matter, because now she could live out her dream of writing fanfiction all day. Thanks to a large donation from Ruka, Minamoto Academy was built and she took command. Even after only five years, Ruka has gained quite the reputation. Some call her a mad genius. Others say she's just insane. Either way, she gets results, and the batch of kids that have graduated so far all got contracted soon upon leaving the school.

    Fears: Ruka has a deep-seated fear of clowns

    Favorite Pairing(s): Herself

    Rivals: Pfft, no one is her rival. However, there are quite a few that think of her as a rival.


    Her range is amazing, she can sing any song, and she shines both on her own and in a group. She also can play every instrument. Some might go so far as to call Ruka a Mary Sue.

    Alright, three things:

    1) You will notice that I have two character sheets. One is for my PC that will be interacting with you guys on a more normal level. The other is our kooky headmaster NPC that will be popping in to cause trouble. Miyako's character...use her as an example. The headmaster's? Don't. The headmaster is supposed to be a broken character who doesn't follow the rules. If you make your character sheet modeled too much after her, I will boop you on the head and tell you to change it.

    2) Post your character sheets here. When they are accepted, please repost them into the character bin (that will be coming eventually). I plan to make it pretty and create shortcut links so people can find characters a lot easier. I'll also be making pretty icons that people can use (not required) and plan to work on a banner (hopefully to advertise) ->Link to Character Bin<-

    3) Should we be in need of some NPCs that become really involved, I will write out character sheets for them.

    And now, one final, very very very important note!
    We need to make sure that we add disclaimers anytime we use songs that aren't our own because we might get into a LOT of trouble with copyright stuff! The main thing is to say that you didn't write the song (if you didn't). The best thing would be to say the name of the song and who wrote it.

    Whew. If you guys have made it this far, I thank you oh so very much. I know this may be a lot to deal with, but believe me when I say, I'm hoping to make this rp crazy fun once we get IC! Thanks for your patience and I hope to see your character~!

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  2. Tadaaa! Here is my CS! I want in!

    Name: Naoya Kiritsushima

    Age: 15

    Grade: First Year

    Role: Composer


    Standing at just under five foot three, Naoya is a mite shorter than your average person, with unruly brown hair and matching glasses, and a face that could be mistaken for a girl’s. His eyes are a dark brown. He usually dresses in sweaters and slacks which are hand-me-downs from his sisters, which usually means that his shirts are usually varying shades of pastel colors.

    Personality: Naoya is a very approachable person. His kind, unassuming demeanor makes him extremely easy to talk to, especially when it comes to women. The reason for this is, as one girl aptly put it, “I can talk to you about anything, because it’s like you’re not even a guy!” These sentiments worry Naoya, who strives to “prove his manliness.”

    HIstory: Naoya was born the youngest son in a family of women, excluding his father. His sisters all doted on him and used him as a confidant. This resulted in Naoya being able to understand female thought processes and their troubles very well. So well, in fact, that online and sometimes even in person, he was thought of as a girl. This fact didn’t bother Naoya until he developed a crush on a close friend, and eventually confessed to her. He was rejected because the girl had never seen him as a man, but simply a fellow girl with whom she could discuss all her troubles. After this event, Naoya swore to remake himself into the manliest of men, however old habits die hard and Naoya still finds himself giving advice to men and women from seemingly a woman’s point of view. Not to mention that his male role models of choice, men like Beethoven and Mozart, ascribed to the ideals of a different era.

    Fears: Bugs, ghosts, slimy things, people seeing him dance around while playing the fiddle

    Favorite Pairing: Not applicable as Naoya is a first year

    Rivals: None as of yet, he is a first year.


    Types of Songs: Likes to write rock and pop songs, although he is very good at writing love songs he tries to avoid writing them (as they seem feminine), but anything he writes tend to turn into a love song in some way. Has a knack for unintentionally writing duets.

    Vocal Range: Tenor (but he generally refuses to sing, as he is a composer)

    Groups or Solo: Prefers to work one-on-one, because he prefers not to have to deal with personality clashes in groups. Just because he can usually work around them doesn't mean he enjoys it.

    Instrument knowledge: Plays the fiddle extremely well (he enjoys playing Celtic music and will sometimes dance around his room while playing), can play the piano very well (although he is not a master).
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  3. ...I'd like to try this out. I've watched UtaPri before out of sheer boredom, so it feels good to at least have some idea what you guys are talking about :3

    Stage Name/Group Name: To Be Determined
    Age: 16
    Grade: 2nd Year
    Role: Idol

    Amane stands at a height of 5'9'' and weighs about 145 lbs, making him perfectly fit and healthy. He has grayish-black hair and neon green eyes that seem to light up, but rumor has it that he only has neon green contacts on. This has yet to be confirmed.

    Amane's regular attire usually consists of unbuttoned dress shirts or unzipped jackets over t-shirts with rather comical designs, a pair of black jeans, and sneakers. He mostly has a pair of neon green headphones dangling around his neck, which you could hear various J-Music from because he never turns his MP3 player off. He usually doesn't care about his appearance when he's not onstage, so his hair could get rather messy. You can sometimes see him with dirt on his face or clothes, often because of his clumsiness and knack for being stubborn.

    Onstage, Amane still wears practically the same clothes, minus the humorous t-shirts. He would rather be true to himself and his fans, so he prefers his own style of casual clothing. He doesn't like wearing flashy clothing or makeup, but if the situation calls for it like, say, a song with a story, he'd gladly wear what fits. He would sometimes wear a suit when he performs Ballad or Smooth Jazz.

    Trademark Color: Neon Green


    Amane has a rather... 'unique' set of traits. He is kind, outgoing, helpful, stubborn, arrogant, and clumsy, to name a few. One thing is certain though: Do not expect him to be of any help whatsoever. Whatever help you ask him of, he will mess it up one way or another. He has a knack of messing up the simplest and most mediocre tasks, especially ones that involve any physical labor, despite being physically fit. What's worse, he blames his screw-ups on someone else, preferably the person nearest to him. Sure, he's always kind enough to at least try to help someone with a rather difficult task, but that always ends in failure. The only things he's actually good at are grades and music. Studying and reading are the only times he could just sit down and relax, and he loves music with a passion. He takes his music very seriously and he tends to focus on becoming an idol more than anything else.

    Amane could be loud at times, but it only shows that he is surrounded by people he sees as good friends. He tends make bad jokes given any situation, which does not help lighten the mood at all. He is also very oblivious when it comes to romance, so expect him to see everyone as friends until he himself falls in love with someone. But usually, flirting with him would be quite futile.

    Idol: Onstage, all his negative traits go down the drain. Before the actual performance, he rehearses hours upon hours every day, making sure to have sufficient breaks whenever he can. His overwhelming presence onstage is enough to catch the entire audience's attention. This is why he prefers to solo, because doing a duet would only result in him overshadowing his partner. He only duets with other idols who have as much stage presence as him, and if he were to perform in the group, he'd be the leader. He is the type to be the energetic Punk Rocker who would show off his Punk Rock Aerobics and guitar moves, and tends to go all out onstage, which is why he catches most people's attention so much.
    At times when he just wants to do a relaxing performance, he can sing Ballad, or perform Smooth Jazz with his Saxophone.


    Amane is the middle child out of three siblings in a rich enough family to have had a music room. He and his siblings used to have jam sessions all the time, with him as the Vocalist and Guitarist, his older brother as the Bassist, and his little sister as the drummer. But his siblings only saw it as a hobby. Amane was the only one who really took it seriously. Soon, the siblings grew apart, each pursuing their various dreams. But Amane never gave up on bringing the old band back together. Eventually, he found the opportunity to attend a school that raises Idols and Composers to unlock their full potential. It was his only chance to prove to his siblings that music is not only a hobby you can put down anytime, but a way of life. A way for souls to communicate through passionate melodies.

    • Despite being a totally different person onstage, he still has the fear of tripping during one of his performances.
    • He fears that if people find out he performs Ballad and Smooth Jazz from time to time, it will ruin his Punk Rock image. Don't get him wrong, he loves doing both. But he feels like Ballad and Smooth Jazz doesn't complement his personality, so he usually performs in small cafes or restaurants in secret.
    • Giant Isopods. Ugh.

    Favorite Pairing(s): To Be Determined
    Rivals: Amane never tries to make rivals out of anyone, rather, a lot of people would declare him to be their rival.
    • Amane usually sings Pop Punk and Alternative Rock music, but he can also do Ballad and Smooth Jazz when he's in the mood, which surprises most people if not all.
    • He has a vocal range of baritone to tenor.
    • He prefers to perform solo, but he doesn't mind doing a duet if his partner doesn't mind either. When performing solo, he performs with either backing tracks or a temporary band. If he would ever perform in a real band, he will take the lead as the band's leader, but as of yet, he is focused on reforming Ukiyo. You can try to convince him otherwise but it will take some effort. He also prefers to have a piano accompanying his sax when performing Smooth Jazz.
    • He plays the acoustic and electric guitar, the sax, and he has some experience as a DJ.
    • He used to be in a band called "Ukiyo", which was composed of him and his two other siblings.
    • Despite wanting to be true to his fans, he doesn't want to be completely honest to his friends, especially the classy suit-wearing sax-playing Jazz guy part.
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  4. Liam van Alkema Your character sheet looks good! Maybe if you find some time, a little bit more organization on the Other might be nice (like what I did with Miyako)....but considering I did the exact same thing as you with the headmaster, I won't complain.

    Nenshou Tamashii Neon Green! I love it! (and I also love the fancy name banner!) Let me know (either through PM or a new post in OOC) when your character sheet if officially done so I can look it over.

    If anyone ever has any questions (about the rp, character creation, etc), don't be afraid to ask!
  5. Name: Nozomi Raitoningu

    Stage Name/Group Name: To Be Determined Later

    Age: 16

    Grade: 1st year

    Role: Idol


    Show Spoiler
    Normal: 8063 (800x600).jpg
    Nozomi has vivid blue sapphire eyes, long golden blonde hair that falls down her back in waves to her waist. Shes 5'7 and 140 pounds, she has soft pale skin most people tease her that she has a "moon tan". She has pouty lips and a small'sh nose, and yes her nails are often painted various colors of blue, green, and red. This is what she normally wears -
    img-thing (1).jpg This top, These pants leggings.jpg BUENO-2013-hot-sale-new-arrival-fashion-font-b-black-b-font-font-b-combat-b.jpg
    And these boots. She wears the headphones in the pic often too.

    Idol: Eiri.full.144694.jpg She also wears knee high combat boots with silver buckles. Her hair is golden blonde with dark blue streaks in it, her shirt is royal blue

    Trademark Color: Royal blue.


    Normal: Nozomi is a sweet, outgoing, caring, intelligent, and brave girl. She's often shy at first but once you break the ice she's usually upbeat, she likes teasing (not in a mean way) and has a good sense of humor, with a bit of a sarcastic side. She loves to make others laugh and smile, always willing to help out, shes not afraid to get her hands dirty of needed. She does have a bit of stage fright but she doesnt want anyone to know. She loves animals, music, history, singing, reading, and playing various sports (when she has time).

    Idol: Her idol personality is a punk/goth outlook with a upbeat touch. She's smooth and cool, sometimes seeming quiet and reserved almost brooding. But always friendly with fans and friends. She likes to surprise others with her different ideas/actions.

    History: Nozomi is the only daughter of a rich family, her father is a successful business man thats at work even when he's home, he never showed much affection toward Nozomi usually too busy to even pay her much attention. Her mother died when she was 2 of a car crash, Nozomi was in the car but she only got a few cuts and bruises. She doesnt remember her mother other than what others tell her, her father doesnt speak of her.

    Nozomi has loved music/singing ever sense she was little always dreaming of becoming a famous singer and making people feel happy/understood with her songs. She was ecstatic when she got accepted into Minamoto Academy to learn how to become an Idol.

    Fears: Drowning or not getting enough air, spiders (Shes deathly afraid of them horrible arachnophobia), freezing on stage, hurting anyone unintentionally, most bugs in general, and pink (lol).

    Favorite Pairing(s): (useable currently for 2nd years and 3rd years only)

    Rivals: (useable currently for 2nd years and 3rd years only)

    Other: (what songs are you best at singing/writing? Groups or one on one? Range? Instrument knowledge? etc.)
    Nozomi is best at singing rock/punk/pop/upbeat genres but shes not limited to those.
    She would like to be in a group but is afraid of trying to harmonize with others.
    Mezzo-soprano to contralto.
    She knows how to play the piano and guitar, acoustic or electric.
    She likes to write her own lyrics but is often afraid they're not good enough or won't match the beat.
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  6. Obsidian L Scarletta Lookin' good! I think the only thing is the Groups/One on One comment. This question comes from your perspective while looking at your character. Meaning, when the time eventually comes, will she prefer a group or not? This is to make sure that you know ahead of time whether how your character will react to such things and so I know how your character should react when working with others. That way, I can put your character outside her comfort zone (should I feel we need some uncomfortable character development). You don't need to take my advice, but I feel like your character would prefer a group because of her slight stage fright. (just a suggestion from my perspective)
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  7. This looks really fun!! (:

    Name: Arisu Sasaki

    Age: 16

    Grade: 2nd Year

    Role: Composer

    Appearance: Arisu is about 5' 4" when she is standing and weighs about 110. She has bright green eyes and has "bombshell" blonde hair. Her hair is medium in length and falls just a little past her shoulders and is medium in thickness. She has a rather small frame, button nose, and rather thin lips. Her fingers are also relatively small so playing her instruments is sometimes a little difficult. (Short fingers and guitars don't mesh well). Often she wears white and green. Her skin is medium in pale/tanness, and she has a natural rosy red tint around her cheeks.


    Personality: Arisu cannot be determined if she is an extrovert or an introvert. She loves people, she loves human companionship, and being in big groups. Though she hates to socialize. She loves to observe people and have them talk at her. She hates making conversation and would much rather be around people who will talk a lot and not even care if she talks. She hates being forced to speak in front of people or crowds, though she will gladly be in the middle of a giant crowd. She basically just loves to observe people, because everyone is so different. Arisu is not shy. She can appear to be shy, or come across as a little snotty, but she isn't. Much like an introvert she is an observer who pays attention to details. She just prefers to be quiet.

    Arisu is a day dreamer. She loves to meet new people and put them into her day dreams. She likes to sit and look out windows and dream of what could happen next in her life or how she would like everything to play out. She likes to be whoever she wants to be in her mind, like an extrovert who can talk to anyone and everyone. On occasion Arisu can get her day dreams confused with reality and that can make things a little awkward. Especially since she is a hopeless romantic, who will fall for any boy who shows her any kind of compassion. Which is really kind of a weird quirky trait she has, but nobody has to know about it.

    History: Arisu grew up in a really large home, she is the 7th child and the youngest. She gets along well with her family and she respects her parents who both work two jobs to afford their lifestyle and home. Her brothers and sisters all showed talent in many different areas. Her oldest brother is a genius at math and her oldest sister is a very talented scientist. Arisu didn't get the short end of the stick, she just got the performing arts side. While all her other siblings are smart and are pursuing careers like doctors and lawyers, Arisu just wants to write music. She gets teased a lot for being the odd ball, but her family still loves her and supports her.

    • Arisu is afraid of shirtless men (Don't get her wrong, she loves a nice guy. She just prefers him to have clothes on)
    • She is strongly afraid of fake spiders
    • Also afraid of certain music chords (Like minor chords or ones with a lot of flats) (Side note: She's a jumpy person who enjoys every type of music, she just day dreams to much and when her dreams turn sour on accident she always imagines dark sounding chords, so when they are played in real life it reminds her of bad dreams)

    Favorite Pairing(s): Undetermined

    Rivals: None as of yet

    • Arisu can play the piano, violin, and acoustic guitar
    • She is better at writing lyrics and can sometimes struggle in writing the actual music, lyrics matter more to her.
    • She loves to write duets simply for harmonies
    • Will write about any kind of music that she is asked to write. Her best songs are the ones she can personally relate to, so the genre doesn't matter to her.
    • She has a strong knack for taking songs and their lyrics and turning them into a completely opposite song. She can take a love ballad and turn it into a hard rock song. Or combine the two, ballad and hard rock. Writing the actual music can be really hard but she can hear how it should go in her head. But sitting down at the piano and writing the music out is hard for her.
    • Her favorite colors are white and green
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  8. Alice Falling Great great great! Your Fears and Other sections are so organized! (if you can't tell, I love organization)

    I was secretly wanting at least one gender in each role and we have now officially succeeded in that! Hoopla!

    I'm really hoping for a big cast, so keep 'em comin' everyone!
  9. Thank you!! (: I just mostly love bullet points! They look so nice and pretty! Hehe!!

    Now I'm going to go find this anime and watch it because it sounds simply amazing!
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  10. It a fun anime, but it's good to note that it is a "dating sim anime" (1 girl, 6 guys, all like her for whatever reason). It also doesn't have the random events like zombie apocalypses, cross-dressing, etc. That was my twist to make it more fun. But the cast of males are interesting (and you'll probably find at least one guy you like among them). Just don't expect things to get as crazy as this rp will!
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  11. Ok edited, added a little to other things too :)
  12. I... done.

  13. Nenshou Tamashii Stupendous! (eventually...I'm going to run out of unique ways to say everyone is doing great...) Isopods huh? Goooood to knooooooow. Muwahahahahaha!

    Obsidian L Scarletta I like to edit pictures as a hobby, so I tried to make your picture what you were imagining. Do either of these two work? (clicking on them will send you to the direct link)

    Attempt one: (an edit using the picture you supplied)

    Attempt 2: (an edit using the original version of the picture...which I happened to have in my picture stash)

    [No need to actually use them. I just thought I'd give you the option.]

    I'll wait a little longer so see if there are any more people who are going to join. (I know two people from the interest check haven't popped in here yet, so I was going to see if they would show up) But regardless, I think 5 (counting me) should be good enough to start. This rp is going to be pretty random, so it should be easy enough for people to jump in (should more people want to join later)

    Also, should anyone want an edit of a picture, let me know. (I'm not too good, but I'm not too bad) It's a hobby, so it's no trouble.
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  14. DON'T DO IT! They're demon spawn! Evil incarnate! Make one false move and they will destroy us all! D:


    In the event that only the five of us get to RP, are we allowed to create second characters?
  15. I was leaning more towards no...but if people really want to, I'll think about it. First I'd like to see the rp in action with people only having one character and see where it goes from there. But thank you for asking!

    See guys? Questions can work miracles and bend rules! So don't be afraid to ask! (sometimes getting me to rethink things might change my mind about stuff)
  16. Hello! I haven't seen the anime but I'm really interested in this RP. I hope I can still join; here is my character.

    Character Sheet (open)


    Name: Maemi Kawate

    Stage Name/Group Name: To be Determined later.

    Age: 17

    Grade: 2st year

    Role: Idol




    Maemi has light cream-colored skin and light pink hair that reaches her lower back. She stands at a petite and lean 5’8 and weights around 135 lb. She has dark blue eyes that are the color of the ocean in the evening. She’s mostly seen skipping around lost in her thoughts or reading a book under the shade of a tree but, that being said, there is something captivating about her refreshing and peachy exterior. It kind of reminds one of the coolness of a soft breeze in the summertime, while sitting by the ocean’s side with one’s toes in the cool sand. She’s usually seen wearing skirts and dresses making her look cute and innocent but that’s because many of her clothes are made by his older brother, who is a fashion designer. In reality, she doesn’t have a preference in clothes.



    Although, Maemi is not super tall, the way her body and face are shaped gives her a more mature look and her long legs makes her look like a model. Due to this fact, she is usually described as being the calm, mysterious and seductive type of idol. That is why her brother would try to hide her mature body with cute and innocent looking clothes. When doing her gigs, she is usually seen in dark colored clothes and black heels or boots.

    Trademark Color: Pink Fuchsia



    Maemi’s personality is very dependent on her moods. When she is sad, she is mostly seen with a glazed expression or lost in her thoughts. When she is happy, she can be seen skipping around or playing pranks on people with a huge, silly smile on her face. If she is calm or serious, you would find her reading a book under the shade of a tree or practicing her singing in her room. Though, if she is angry, she rarely throw a tantrum but she would make people notice her foul mood with sarcastic remarks or despising glares. In other words, she is very diverse when it comes to personalities.


    As an Idol, Maemi would take on a more mature personality. She would often act calm and collected because a career as an Idol has always been her dream and she likes to act as a professional. Sometimes she would make herself seem mysterious and seductive by smirking or winking at her audience to make herself more attractive and interesting to the people listening to her and like this, gain fans. To some people, she would seem a bit diva-ish due to the fact that when it comes to her Idol career; she is sometimes a bit of a perfectionist.


    Maemi was born in a famous family. Her mother is a musician, her father is an actor and her brother is a famous fashion designer. Being the younger of the two, she grew up having no privacy in her life. This made her hate the life of fame but this didn’t stop her mother from making her take guitar lessons in hopes of wanting her daughter to be like her. At first, she would hate the lessons and would often try to skip them, but the more she took them, the more she started to fall in love with how the guitar would make all those beautiful sounds. Soon, she found herself wanting to learn more about the string instrument and about the music industry as well.

    After some taking her guitar lesson, she soon discovered that she could sing pretty well but she tried to hide from her family as much as possible. She didn’t want them to force her into being famous like her, but like to any other person, her luck ran out one day. She was practicing on her guitar on her room and getting too much into the song, she started singing. Her mom who was passing by her room, hearing how good she was, decided to enrolled her in Starlight Academy, a major singing academy at the time. Of course, Maemi protested against her mother’s wish but being younger at the time, she couldn’t do much and not having any other options; she accepted her mother’s wish.

    As time passed in Starlight Academy, she started to like singing for an audience. Loving the way, she could share her feelings through her voice by singing different kind of songs. Though, she would always prefer to sing, soft rock. (Like Evanescence) Shortly, she was accepted into a small group but her happiness was short lived because soon after she joined the band, her mother decided to transfer her into a new academy; Minamoto Academy. And that is where her new beginning starts.


    She has an unusual fear of trouble, ironic since her sarcastic remark would often lead her to trouble. She also has intense fear towards failure because even if her mother was a bit obsessive with wanting her daughter to be famous, Maemi still wanted to make her family proud, specially her mother. She also doesn’t like any type of insects or sea-creatures.

    Favorite Pairing(s): Not yet determined.


    Friends are Rivals that haven’t attack you, yet. She considers everyone her rival in some type of way, even if they are not an Idol. This way, she makes sure to learn from every experience.


    -Types of Songs-

    Maemi sings a little bit of everything but she prefers alternative metal songs that have a dark feel. Her smooth, sweet voice allows her to convey a feel of sadness in her songs that usually makes them a bit haunting and enchanting. (Like, Evanescence songs.)

    -General Range-

    Mid-range. (Mezzo Soprano) Instantly recognizable voice, with its smooth and sweet coloring, that is well supported and technically good. This helps Maemi hold belted notes for periods of time, without wavering in pitch, and produce a consistent tone.

    -Groups or Solo-


    She prefers groups since she already has a bit of experience with them due to being in a band in her old school. When she is faced with the challenge of singing acoustic songs, she gets nervous and a bit shy because people would get to hear her voice more.

    -Instrument knowledge-


    She is very good with the guitar and she is planning on learning how to play the piano as well. She likes creating her own tunes but is not very creative when it comes to create the words to go along with them.
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  17. If you've been reading the conversation so far, we're in need of a lot of people, so I'd assume Xy here would let you join :3
    ...Judging by the characters so far, I'd say this would be the complete opposite of UtaPri. There are more girls than guys, and more idols do rock/metal than pop.
    This... is going to be interesting.
  18. Wow awesome you didnt have to do that! =D Thank you! I couldnt find a punk looking anime girl that wore a royal blue color so thats why I went with the turquoise hehe. I like them both but Im gonna go with the 2nd one, just cuz it has more black mixed in and thats what I was going for a blue/black mix up =)
  19. EWWWW! Giant Isopods! Those just give the heeby jeebies =P
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