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    Miyako quietly walked among the throng of people as they entered the open-air auditorium. The stage up front was surprisingly bare considering how...flashy the headmaster could be. Last year she had decorated the entire auditorium with glass stars. It was impressive, and probably cost a fortune. But apparently the headmaster had money to spare, because rarely did they hold an event that wasn't overdone and pricey. Students were allowed to sit anywhere, and like most, Miyako took a spot in one of the middle row benches. Miyako scanned the area, seeing if she could recognize anyone from here. She noticed of few of the third years she'd become acquainted with spread out among the benches.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All of them were pretty unique, some in a good way, and some in a bad way. Next Miyako search for some faces she didn't know, to try and size up the competition.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They certainly seemed like an interesting bunch, and Miyako couldn't help but worry about some of the girls. They looked like they might be in the same vocal range as Miyako. After her curiosity was sated, Miyako waited for the welcoming ceremony to start.

    When all of the students were seated, there was a moment of silence before a light chuckle rang throughout the space. The first years would probably find the sound to be normal enough, but for the older students, it meant something much more. To them, it had a creepy tone, one they knew all too well from the previous year or so. Suddenly, fire blazed atop the roof of the stage, and a figure could be seen. It was of a woman in what looked to be a lab coat and mini skirt. As soon as the students took notice of the figure, it jumped, flipping three times before landing on the front of the stage. It was the headmaster, and as she looked to her pupils, sparks began to shoot off from backstage. An instrumental version of one of the headmaster's songs began to play in the background. Miyako's face glazed at the figure with disinterest while most of the first years and fans of the headmaster were going crazy. Same old headmaster, as unnecessarily flashy as ever.

    [rainbow]"Gooooood morning stuuuuuudeeeeents!"[/rainbow] A roar of approval came from some in the audience.
    [rainbow]"Are you ready to start the new year?!"[/rainbow] A few acknowledgments sounded off.
    [rainbow]"Here at Minamoto Academy, we will train you to become the best in your field![/rainbow]
    [rainbow]We also will teach you to overcome fears you never even knew you had!"[/rainbow] The headmaster pointed towards the sky.
    [rainbow]"But most of all, we're going to make you a star!"[/rainbow] Excited shouts could be heard spread throughout the auditorium.
    [rainbow]"We'll have a lot of fun, you'll see."[/rainbow] She winked before continuing.
    [rainbow]"First off, you will need to meet your teachers.[/rainbow]
    [rainbow]Everyone has ten minutes to interact with your fellow peers before heading off to your respective classrooms.[/rainbow]
    [rainbow]Be seeing you around my pretties."[/rainbow] The headmaster blew a kiss to the audience before smoke burst from the front of the stage. When it finally cleared, the headmaster was gone.

    Miyako sighed. She remembered how excited she had been last year, only to realize what going to this school really entailed. She didn't move as she stared at her watch. Great, ten minutes of sitting here doing nothing. Miyako patiently waited in her spot for the break to be over.
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    Misaki felt herself being pushed along with the large group of people, pouting slightly at how being in such a big crowd could be so annoying. "Ah geez..! Again with this..? Oof! Oww, my foot!" She teared up slightly but let out a gasp of relief when she finally got out of the bunch. Misaki began looking around as she slipped through the seats before she noticed a certain red-head. "Ah! Miyako! Miya-chan~!" She yelled as she made her way over to her. With a warm smile, she took the seat next to Miyako. "Hey, why do you think the stage is so bare this y---" Before she could finish her question a chuckle could be heard from the stage. Misaki felt a chill go down her spine with the laugh, soon flames burst from the roof and a wild Headmaster appeared! The stunt she pulled off before reaching the stage was still quite impressive though she had done it before. Feeling it was polite, Misaki clapped along with the crowd. Looking over, she noticed how Miyako didn't seem to be getting in to the spirit as much. "Come on Miyako, enjoy yourself a bit~!" She said while gently nudging the girls shoulder.
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    "...Kami-sama, please give me strength to endure this ultimate trial..."

    Amane looked for the seat farthest from the stage. Despite the stage being rather empty at the moment, it was only a matter of time before things get started. The last person Amane wanted to see was the headmaster.
    He looked over at the plethora of people laid out before him. There are some familiar faces, and a ton of new faces. The first years all look so excited, but little do they know what's really in store for them this year.

    Then... it started.

    Words couldn't even begin to describe what was going on. Did the flashiness level of this so-called "Opening Ceremony" increase? Either way, the new students cheered as if it were a concert. Amane couldn't help but sigh. The things the headmaster did to him last year were still fresh in his memories. As much as he tried forgetting them, he just couldn't get himself to do it. Those memories were all too horrifying...
    But despite thinking that way, deep down inside, Amane's looking forward to this school year. He may not look like it, but he's really excited himself. He couldn't help but smile.
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    A sigh escaped Maemi at the sight of students trampling over each other. Though, she was struggling herself to get through the mess of limbs. “Excuse me? Can you let pass?” Most boys would let her pass due to how cute she looked while most of the girls would just shove her out the way while glaring. However, all of these went unobserved by the blue-eyed girl as she made through the massive crowd and took a seat on a row that was closer to the stage. Adjusting her glasses, she took out one of her favorite books and immersed herself into the word-filled pages. Maemi didn’t need glasses but her brother had made her wear them because it went along with her outfit, though she wouldn’t call it 'her's'. She remembered what he had told her before proceeding to look for her outfit, ‘With this outfit people will underestimate you and think you are not a threat. Then when they see you up on that stage, they would be in total shock. I can just see their faces! They are going to be hilarious!’. At his statement, she just shook her head and chuckled at his antics.

    For the first day of school, her brother went for the nerdy look. She was wearing a black, flowy skirt that went down to mid-thigh, with a pair of dark see through tights under it. For the top, she had a button-up shirt with a light yellow sweater over it and for the shoes; he gave her a pair of light yellow flats that matched her sweater. For the hair, he had it arranged into a pair of braids, tied with small bows at the ends. As for the accessories, he had given her a small, black bow-tie to go along with her skirt and the dorky glasses, she was wearing. Also, a touch of clear lip gloss and she was done. When her brother had finished dressing her up that morning, he had squealed in delight at how cute she looked, but for her it was just a routine. Not having any sense of fashion, she always had let her brother use her as a model for his design and also as a doll he could dress up. She was already used to the motions and would just go along with him, besides he was the one who pushed her to pursue her dreams. So to pay for his support, she would let him, dress her up.

    Still reading, she almost missed the headmaster’s entrance but who could, when a laugh like that was involved. Though, it was Maemi’s first year at Minamoto Academy she couldn’t stop the shiver that ran through her spine upon hearing that 'evil', mischievous laugh. ‘What the heck?’ Her gaze, now glued to the headmaster, she paid attention to everything that she said while a chuckle of amusement left her lips. “What a crazy headmaster they have here…” She whispered to herself; though it was loud enough for people near to hear. ‘I don’t know why mom transferred me to this place, but I can feel that is going to be interesting and entertaining…’ With that last thought in mind, she decided to look around and observe her 'rivals'.
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    Arisu's green eyes scanned the crowd, her eyes growing wider. She loved all the people here, there was so many people to watch and observe. To write down flaws, quirks, habits. So many different stories and singers, composers, and everyone. Arisu's medium length blonde hair was neatly tied back in a high pony tail with her side swept bangs hanging down barely brushing up her eyelashes. Her outfit today consisted of light blue skinny jeans, emphasizing her short and skinny legs, and a white shirt that was obviously to big for her because it fell off her tiny shoulders. She often wore to big of shirts because she liked to hide herself in them, it comforted her.

    Arisu sat near the back away from the stage, just a few seats away from a familiar boy named Amane. She held a tiny green notebook and a mini mechanical pencil, she wanted to be able to take notes on people in front of her and see the reactions of people's heads when the headmaster came out.

    Of course she got the reaction she was hoping for, many heads turned to their friends and some people jerked back as the headmaster gave off a quite lovely introduction.

    Arisu loved it all the same.

    And as she sat in her seat at the back she scribbled and wrote down everything, everyone's reactions, and her own feelings. Instead of searching for friends as soon as the headmaster left she sat, head down, staring at her notebook for two reasons; 1. In case she thought of anything she wanted to write 2. Because she didn't really make friends last year and she wasn't really a memorable person, so she didn't know who she could talk to. A part of her just wanted classes to start and the assignments to start flowing.
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    Nozomi was excited but nervous as she saw the crowds of people all new faces some looked pretty unique and interesting, others looked more familiar which was comforting in a way. She wiggled through the crowd trying not to shove others or step on anyones feet, the men took notice and stepped out of her way mostly, the women hardly even noticed her. She was heading toward the seats near the back, she didnt need to be up front like the others she liked having room to herself. Seeing a young man and girl sitting in the back she walks up toward them her royal blue headphones were around her neck half hidden by her long wavy hair, her dark blue eyes shy but friendly.

    Nozomi takes a seat close to the blonde girl that seemed focused on writing in her little notebook occasionally looking up at the crowd then going back to writing. She smiles wondering what could be so inspiring in the sea of faces but shrugs it off, she looks up at the stage as she hears a very odd laugh boom around them. Seeing the Headmaster's introduction and interesting show she giggles quietly to herself thinking this might be a fun school after all. After the introduction she looks around wondering if she should get up and try to mingle or just wait it out until class, she would like to make friends here but wasnt sure how to start. ​
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    "Ten minutes, huh? Alright!"

    Amane took this as an opportunity to get to know the others more. He figured that talking to people he's already close to would be rather boring, they can come later. After all, first impressions would leave the biggest mark, and what better way than to talk to people he's familiar with but not exactly acquainted with?
    Just his luck, he saw a blonde girl he vaguely knew seating just a few seats away. What was her name... Arisu? Another girl with a similar appearance sat a few seats from her. Perhaps she was a first year?
    Then it dawned to Amane... he's finally going to be a Senpai!
    But first thing's first, he's gonna get to know Arisu more. She always seemed like the quiet type, but that wouldn't be a problem to Amane.

    "Heeey! Arisu-san!"

    He started running over to them, until... he felt a tug at his leg. Or was it a crack on the floor? Perhaps he simply... well, slipped? One can never be so sure in this big a crowd.


    And with that, he fell face first on the floor.

    "...Ugh... Not again... So much for first impressions..." he muttered under his breath.
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    Naoya was jostled in the crowd by a pink-haired girl as he too struggled to find a seat in the crowded auditorium. Think Naoya! What would be the manly thing to do. He ran through several simulations of possibly manly actions. Men asserted dominance, he had read somewhere, he could push back and authoritatively claim seat for himself. But then people in the crowd might get hurt, no no. He continued to ponder what the most appropriate manly course of action was, but while he was lost in thought, he subconsciously did what he usually did. Moved to the side, and with a pleasant smile said, "Certainly."

    Only after the fact did he realize that his opportunity, like the girl, had passed him by. Wonderful start, he thought glumly, but wait, wasn't that gentlemanly? So alright, it is a wonderful start! Hah, take that girly personality! Now in high spirits, Naoya moved through the crowd, eventually finding a seat behind a red-haired girl and her dark-blue haired friend. His first thought was, Blue and red go rather well together don't they? His face paled, appreciating color coordination wasn't manly was it. Well, let's see Beethoven and Mozart were manly men, and in their portraits they always wore well-coordinated and dapper outfits, so color coordination He breathed a sigh of relief and muttered to himself, "That was a close one."

    Then the show, er assembly, started. And the sheer power of Headmaster Minamoto's personality completely obliterated any other thought than to cheer wildly at the end of her every sentence. Though some of her lines triggered warning flags in the back of his head, Fears I never knew I had? But he quickly dismissed those thoughts, rationalizing them away, I'm sure she means stuff like stage fright.

    Naoya clapped along with the rest of auditorium as their Headmaster made a flashy exit. And then realized how he had acted the last few minutes. There was only one way to describe it, a fangi--, Fanboy, he quickly corrected that thought. It still wasn't good, but he would be admitting defeat had he allowed that train of thought to continue. It nagged at him, but he ignored it and focused on the Headmaster's last instructions instead, Ten minutes to mingle, okay.

    Naoya leaned forward and tapped on both girls' shoulders, putting on his manliest smile he said, "Hello, are you two students here?" He pushed up his glasses after he had spoke, they had slid down his face during the exciting opening assembly. His smile gave off the aura pretty flowers and plush animals did, completely unbeknownst to Naoya. Belatedly, he noticed that both girls were wearing the school's uniform, and he thought to himself, Why would they be attending this assembly if they didn't go to this school? Great going, idiot. Well, at least I have a manly smile, I'll seem like a manly idiot. So not a total loss.
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    Wondering through the open space became rather boring for Maemi since she didn't have anyone to talk to at the moment. She knew she wasn't taking much advantage of the 10 minutes the headmaster gave them to interact with each other, but for a girl who is mostly in the clouds, interacting with people was not something that came naturally. After walking in circles for a couple more minutes, she gave up and decided to sit at an empty seat near to blondes. 'Whatever, I'm just going to read 'till is time for class.' Plopping down on her seat, she took her book out again and quickly submerged herself into her dreamland, constructed by the pages filled with poetic words. However, she didn't noticed that one of her legs was in the middle of the path that students use for walking around, which obviously with her luck, led to a hilarious terrible accident. 'What in the world!?' The sudden feeling of something tripping with her leg made her snap out of her la-la-la-la land, as her gaze focused on the boy that face-planted on the floor. Okay, Maemi for the most part was a rather calm, collected girl who is always in the clouds but hey! Even the most calm girl has to laugh at some point.

    If she really were the nerdy-type girl her outfit portrayed, Meami would had immediately apologized and said it was an accident, as a blush of embarrassment would had covered her face. Yet, she was anything like that, so the first thing that came out of her mouth wasn't an apology but a small, soft chuckle. She quickly placed her right hand over her mouth to stifle the giggles that could still be heard coming from her. Do not misunderstand, she did wanted to apologize for the accident but at the moment the incident was to funny for her to even utter a single word. 'Oh! I-I h-have apologi....' she couldn't even finish her train of thoughts as another fit of giggles burst out. The book in her left hand was quickly forgotten as she waited for her giggles to calm down thus not noticing the boy's reaction at the moment.
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  10. Hearing the young man call out someones name and start running toward them she assumed it was the girl next to her, Nozomi looked up just in time to see him trip on a pink haired girls outstretched leg to land face first on the floor. Flinching in sympathetic pain she cant help but smile slightly finding it a bit cute especielly his muffled words, he was obviously use to misfortune happening to him. Hearing the pink haired girl unable to control her giggling Nozomi rolls her eyes, she understood often she found herself giggling over the same things, though she would apologize after and help whoever she had wronged even by accident.

    Wanting to be friendly and polite she stands up walking over to the man "Hello are you alright? That looked pretty painful" her voice was kind and concerned her blue eyes friendly as she holds out her hand to help the man up.​
  11. [​IMG]

    At first, Amane thought it was his own clumsiness that caused him to trip. Did he break a nose, or scratch a cheek? Fortunately, the worst damage was only a nose bleed, which he wiped away with his hand.
    But suddenly, he heard a rather tormenting giggle. It was enough to make Amane wonder if it was on purpose. Needless to say, it pissed him off. He was just about to apprehend the culprit, until the blonde girl he saw next to Arisu held out her hand, as if to help him up.

    "Hello, are you alright? That looked pretty painful."

    Amane was so embarrassed. To think, the one who offered to help him up was none other than his future kouhai. Nonetheless, he took her hand and hoisted himself up, since it would be rather rude not to accept her kindness.

    "Yeah, I'm uhh... fine, thanks for your concern." He laughed nervously. Then he felt some more blood drip from his nose. He quickly wiped it off, and started laughing nervously again. The he turned around to look for the one who might've tripped him. If he's gonna take a guess... it would be the pink-haired girl who was obviously trying not to giggle.
    "Oi! What the hell are you laughing at?! You think you're so funny, eh?!"
    That shy nerdy-girl getup of hers was starting to look rather counterfeit. It could be convincing if she mostly stayed quiet, but it was not enough to fully convince Amane. Something tells him she's a lot more mischievous than she looks...
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    Arisu watched as the madness unfolded, she noticed the girl who outstretched her leg to trip the unaware Amane. And Arisu noticed the new girl very willing to help him up. She very quickly took notes of it then jumped up to join Amane and Nozomi. To stop any arguments from happening Arisu stepped in and pulled out a clean handkerchief from her back pocket, "Here." Arisu's small hand held the handkerchief out for Amane to take. Her tiny voice came out in a squeak. She wasn't much of a talker and she wasn't sure she could really intervene and stop a fight or argument from going down right here. The mischievous pink haired girl made Arisu slightly nervous.
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    As her fit of giggles calmed down, she started to notice the little group that was forming around her. Hearing the obvious angry tone on the boy’s voice, her eyes focused on him at the moment.

    "Oi! What the hell are you laughing at?! You think you're so funny, eh?!"

    With her hand still over her mouth, she looked at the boy while tilting her head in confusion. ‘Huh? Is he talking to me?...Oh, right! He tripped over my leg.’ Remembering what her brother told her, she stood up, dusted her clothes and proceeded to apologize. ‘Sis, remember to portray you character. Clothes are like costumes; if you don’t act as you are perceived, people might start to suspect. So, remember to be shy, respectful and quiet, okay?’ Yet, she mostly remembered how she had tried all morning to make him understand, that she wasn’t studying to be an actress but a singer. Still, she tried her best to stay in her ‘character’ as she had promised, though what was meant to be a shy apology that a nerdy girl would say, it came out totally different.

    Looking up at the boy, she tried to muster her shyest voice, though it clearly didn't work. “Oh! I’m s-sorry that you tripped with my leg, Senpai; it was an accident. Though that clearly shows, that you don’t watch where you’re going and don’t pay attention to your surroundings. But, don’t worry, I would try to stay out of the way next time.” With a quick, respectful bow she finished her little apology and sat back down.

    It was ironic, how she gave him an advice that, in reality, she doesn’t even apply to her own persona. Though, it was obvious she wouldn’t notice how ironic she was being since she was mostly seen lost in her own thoughts. ‘Hope I did that right…’

    After that little interaction, she finally looked around and focused on the others around her. Staring at the two blondes, she tilted her head as a question developed in her mind and like usual her mouth just blurt it out without any hesitation. “Are you two related?” Maemi was indeed, a weird girl.
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    Nozomi smiled at the boy seeing he was embarrassed "Your welcome, I hope your nose feels better Senpai" her voice was soft. Noticing he had turned his attention to the pink haired girl she slowly backs away toward her seat but she stumbles over the other blondes foot quickly grabbing one of the seats to keeping from falling she blushes embarrassed at her clumsiness. "Oh! Im sorry! I didnt mean to run into you there I wasnt paying attention S-Senpai" At that time the pink haired girl looked over to them and asked if they were related, looking at the other blonde her eyes widen slightly surprised at the question.

    "Umm no im a first year here, I dont know anyone here yet" Her voice was shy as she took her seat again hoping she hadnt made the other blonde mad. Ugh she was already making a fool of herself, she hoped things didnt keep going this way.​
  15. [​IMG]
    Amane started being more aware of the chaos unfolding in the Opening Ceremony. Was it always this chaotic? Maybe so, but he never really moved much during his first year in Minamoto Academy. Perhaps he's gotten too comfortable with things, that he doesn't even mind the chaos at all. But what the pink-haired girl did was unforgivable.
    Then, he noticed Arisu handing out a handkerchief to him. Her voice was barely audible, so Amane second-guessed if she even said a word at all.

    "Uhh... Th-Thanks."

    Amane proceeded to clean his bloody nose and hands with the handkerchief. Though, he started to feel more and more guilty over the fact that he's staining someone else's handkerchief, and he barely even knew Arisu. But it's not like he had a choice, it would be way better than walking around the halls looking like he was just in a fight he obviously lost. Blood is not badass, or so Amane thought.

    "I'll give this back to you later, freshly washed and all!" Amane said, smiling.

    Now... back to business.

    “Oh! I’m s-sorry that you tripped with my leg, Senpai; it was an accident. Though that clearly shows, that you don’t watch where you’re going and don’t pay attention to your surroundings. But, don’t worry, I would try to stay out of the way next time.”

    ...Is she for real?! Though Amane could attest that he doesn't have the best movement coordination, the hint of mockery in the pink-haired girl's voice was enough to piss him off.
    Okay, okay, Amane thought. This is still only the first day of classes. I should avoid as much trouble as I can.

    "...Hmph. I'll let it slide, for now. You're lucky the year has only just begun... If I happen to feel so much as a little mischief from you, well, I shall show you no mercy next time!"
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    Miyako gave Misaki a small smile. Thanks to the girl's lower voice, she had gotten off from Miyako's rival list fairly easily. When the girl nudged her arm, Miyako scoffed lightly. "What, and give the headmaster the attention she craves? I think not." Truth was, Miyako was jealous of all the attention the headmaster got, which was why she was trying not to get excited over the woman's show. Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a nerdy girl behind them. She looked to be a first year. The girl asked if the two were students and Miyako cocked an eyebrow. She looked down at her uniform, complete with blazer, jacket, and a skirt with pants underneath. Miyako was one of the few students actually wearing her uniform, and the girl asked her? Miyako returned her gaze to the brunette. "Duh numbskull. How did you get into this school again?" Miyako wasn't one for softening her words to make people feel better, especially when they could be potential rivals. Miyako turned her body towards Misaki and shrugged. "But that's what the system is like. More students means more money for the school, regardless of whether the kids are half-wits or not." Miyako returned her gaze to the girl, her eyes narrowing slightly. The newbies needed to learn their place.

    "You're right Mi-chan. That's how you got in after all." Miyako's eyes widened. No no no no no. Miyako slowly turned to see the last person in school she wanted to talk to, Takama.

    Takama's mouth was twisted into a smirk, and a hint of laughter could be seen in his grey eyes. Miyako's cheeks puffed out and she stood to confront the young man. However, this didn't work as well considering how much shorter she was than him. "Listen here buddy. I'm better than you in every way and I'll bet the records from last year would prove it." Takama scoffed and was about to reply when a softer version of Takama's voice piped in. "Come on now Takama. Be nice."

    Coming up behind Takama was his much nicer twin, Sokoro. The youth gave Miyako and Misaki a kind smile. "Sorry about Takama. He tends to be a bit ruthless with his jokes." Sokoro put a hand to his mouth and leaned down to Misaki. "But he's really just a big old teddy bear deep down." Takama lightly punched his brother. "Sokoro, stop spreading false rumors. It's bad for your image, and worse, mine." Sokoro lightly rubbed his arm. "Hehe...oh." Sokoro finally noticed the first year behind Miyako and Misaki and gave the girl a gentle smile. "I see we have a new student. I'm Sokoro, a third year. Might I ask your name?"
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    Arisu was secretly grateful that Amane took her handkerchief, it meant all the more reason she could interact with him later. And maybe then she could actually make a new friend. Arisu worked hard before this school year to learn how to show friendliness towards people and make acquaintances without having to talk to much or tell her life story, which there wasn't much to tell. Arisu couldn't help but smile.

    Until guilt swept over Arisu for having accidentally tripped the new girl, who was blonde much like her. She didn't see much resemblance though, she wondered how this other girl thought they were sisters. Arisu was glad that the new girl, Nozomi, answered the question of their blood relation. Arisu didn't feel like talking because she felt awful she had tripped a newcomer, this wasn't in her handbook on how to make friends. Arisu wanted to apologize but didn't quite know how to word it. What do I say? I'm sorry my foot was placed wrong and you tripped over it? That would sound snarky, and I don't mean to be snarky. My foot shouldn't have been there in the first place. I should have moved it when I saw the girl so she had a clear path. Gosh dang it, Arisu! What do you say?

    Unfortunately though, Arisu really couldn't say anything. Instead she just smiled at Nozomi sheepishly, hoping she wouldn't take it the wrong way then quickly brought her little notebook up to herself and wrote a note to self, which read:

    Tripping people can cause two reactions, an argument/frustration on both parties or an awkward moment for both parties as well. Currently you have witnessed the first one and accidentally caused the second one. Don't ever cause the first one.
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  18. [​IMG]
    Fubato had been sitting near the back, not wanting to interact with others. He was here for one reason, and one reason only, to compose music. Anything not pertaining to music and the heightening of his skills was irrelevant and a complete waste of time. As the assembly ended and the students were given time to talk, Fubato nearly scoffed. Such interactions were pointless. The first year messed with his tie before crossing his arms and legs. Hearing noise from on his right, Fubato looked to see a boy face down on the ground and a pink-haired girl giggling to herself. Fubato's eyes narrowed at the scene. This is what happens when you interact. Meaningless scenes that are mere distractions. The boy didn't care if he was supposed to interact, he wasn't going to get involved with these hooligans. Fubato rose from his seat and made his way to the classroom much earlier than he was supposed to.

    Roido cheered loudly after the headmaster made her leave. This was the best assembly I've ever been to! The special effects were amazing too. Feeling pumped, Roido scanned the sea of students to find someone to talk to. He spotted some people in the back and thought they could use some company. As he hopped over benches to get back to them, he watched as a male student stumbled to the ground. Roido gave a boisterous laugh which lasted long after the boy had gotten back up. Wiping a tear from his eye, Roido was about to join the gathered group when he saw a blue-haired boy begin to leave. Thinking that he was going to be late, Roido ran after the boy, preparing to talk the boy's ear off.

    Gurima sat in front of Arisu and another blonde girl. He had wanted to sit next to them, but he had been voted 'most scary guy in the academy' both years, which wasn't much of a confidence booster. So the sharp-eyed man stared at the stage with his arms crossed and an unintentional scowl upon his face. When the assembly finished and it was time to talk with people, Gurima froze. He wanted to make friends with the students behind him, but most guys found him intimidating and most girls found him scary. So the grumpy-looking third year sat still and listened to the conversation behind him. It started with a crash, and Gurima noticed a first year nearby bursting out laughing. Then there was a shout, and apologies, but it didn't sound like there was much forgiveness. It was a bit confusing to follow, but he couldn't bring himself to turn around either. All he knew was that Amane and Arisu were involved. He had no idea who the other two were. Not knowing two of the group members was even more reason for him not to turn around. He didn't want to start out the school year by frightening any of the new girls.

    What a beautiful display! Ryouji gave the headmaster a standing ovation, even though the woman was long gone. As the applause died down and chatter began to fill the air, Ryouji began to scan the rows of benches, searching for new student he hadn't met yet, specifically female ones. His eyes fell upon a small group in the back, and the third year made his way to the back rows. He watched the scene unfold, with Amane being his usual klutzy self and Arisu being the kind, quiet little angel she always was. Ryouji made it to the group right as Amane claimed he would show a pink-haired girl no mercy, and Ryouji clicked his tongue. *tsk tsk* "Amane-kun, why would you threaten such a beautiful new student?" Ryouji gave Maemi a wink before turning to Arisu. "And Arisu-chan! Darling! You look as ravishing as last year!" He grabbed the girl's hand which held her pencil and gave it a light peck, miraculously avoiding getting the pencil in his eye or nose. He finally addressed the other blonde student. "And what have we here? Might you be a new idol in the making? Might you allow me to compose sweet music with you? We shall fill the world with our loving song!" Ryouji gave a flick of his bright yellow scarf before bringing his attention to Amane. "I can't believe you were trying to keep these sweet maidens for yourself. You really must give us lowly composers a chance to find love as well." Ryouji brought a hand to his chest as his other hand motioned to Amane. "We fly, dear maidens, on the wings of our dreams. Though he may be a looker, he's not all that he seems." Ryouji had a habit of subtly insulting his manly competition with poems. It usually went over pretty well, mainly because the ladies are suckers for poetry. At least the ones that attended this academy were.
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  19. [​IMG]
    Love...? What in the world is this guy talking about?

    Just when Amane thought the first day of classes couldn't get any worse, this haughty bastard shows up. First of all, the pink-haired girl brought it upon herself. If she weren't so snarky to begin with, Amane would've forgiven her. Second of all, what did he mean by "trying to keep these sweet maidens by himself"? He wasn't trying to do anything of the sort. I mean, c'mon, Amane just wanted to make friends! Is that so much to ask?

    "Listen here, buddy...
    I have no room for such imbecilic attitude,
    Your insufferable personality, disdain it does exude!
    I do not wish to make an enemy out of you,
    But mark my words, piss me off and this day you shall rue!"

    Amane had never really liked Ryouji, not since the first time they've met, and not ever since. Perhaps it was just a feeling that this person is someone most guys would hate. But one thing is clear: Amane does not like Ryouji.
    Well, his day was pretty much ruined. All he wanted to do now was to look for his classroom. Though, being the nice guy he is, he waited for Ryouji to reply before saying 'Screw this, I'm so done.'
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  20. [​IMG]

    Arisu was starting to notice a recognizable head in front of her, Gurima, as she wrote. She remembered him from the previous year and she remembered his title. Arisu never quite understood why he always was called scary, all her observations lead her to believe he couldn't be scarier then any other guy at school. She almost wanted to make conversation with him, talk to him, actually get to know him. But of course she was soon interrupted by the well known Ryouji. She let him kiss her hand, her already red cheeks turned a deeper shade. She knew his little tricks, thanks to her wonderful observer trait, but she too often fell into his advances.

    Arisu felt awkward with the situation at hand and stumbled over her words, "I don't appreciate.... I think... But.... Class?" Arisu is not shy she's just not used to her worlds. She didn't quite know what she wanted to happen in this situation either. So Arisu decided she would leave for class, she held her little notebook tightly and thought for a second that maybe she should talk to Gurima before she left. But she already felt awkward and wordless as it was, so to save her from having to make even worse conversation she walked off briskly, filled with a bit of regret that she couldn't express herself better in this situation. And she hoped Amane didn't punch out Ryouji.
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