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  1. Isotta sighed as she continued looked in the mirror. A woman was fixing up her hair for the ball this evening and she was nervous. What if someone found out? Would they try to expose her secret? Would they use her? All of the nerves were making her hands almost glow so she quickly hide them with gloves.

    "I think that is enough Amelia, where is the dress I must wear?" Isotta murmured, growing when Amelia motioned to the dress. Most of her skin would be covered, but she would still need gloves in addition to the dress. "I will dress myself, thank you." She dismissed the maid, making sure the door was closed before going to the plants in the window.
    To keep her powers at bay she would keep nearly dead plants by her window at all times. When she was stressed she would bring them back to normal conditions and watch them grow.
  2. Cassandra fidgeted as her mother kept fussing over her. I must stay hidden. she thought to herself. It's important That i stay hidden. He told me not to tell. I shall not. She looked out the window as she watch the scarlet panted sky slowly disappear replace with the darkest of blue. "Oh, dear. Cassandra stop moving. I just want to look over you at your first ball, sweetie." Cassandra or Cass she likes to be called nodded and sighed.

    "Is the others ready Ma?" she asked her mother. Her mother looked shock and shook her head and left the room in the hurry. Glaring down at the oversize dress she must wear she felt tired. Tired of living in fear. Fear of someone finding out. Though it was her first ball. She always declined the others, claiming to be busy. She was busy though, most of the time. Read, writing sitting on the grass are very time consuming you see. She lifted her hand, which were bare, and there on the tips of her fingers as it was stage dancing on them were flames.
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  5. The Prince of the Asvahnians allowed himself to be dressed by his butler, silently accepting the help. He was using the time to gather his thoughts. His father had finally drawn the last line when he heard news of a queen holding a ball to find a king. "It is past time you get married. Stop this nonsense and get married! You're twenty-five, and have yet to even begun courting a princess."

    As such, Daechon was getting dressed in his finest clothes, donning reds, oranges, and yellows. Golden chains and ornaments hung on his horns, and a bit of kohl lined his eyes. "As his butler tied his boots, he finally spoke. "Do you think I will ever love her?" As usual, the butler was silent, his pale violet eyes focused only on his shoes. Standing when he was finished, he bowed to Daechon and left him in his quarters alone.

    The prince sighed. Getting to his own feet, he brushed his hair out of his eyes, looking at himself in the mirror that sat in the corner, nearly as tall as he was. Tugging at the collar of his tunic, he frowned at himself before tying his hair back with a black ribbon.


    Several hours later, he arrived at the queen's palace in a black carriage, tugging at his gloves just a bit nervously. This was it; the night he would become betrothed.
  6. When there was a knock on her door Isotta realized that she had yet to put her dress on. With a quick "Just a minute!" She took off her robe and put on her dress. By now she was an expert at tying her own corset since she had done so for years.

    "Princess, everyone is arriving and it is custom for you to open the doors yourself." The servant explained, bowing as the door was opened by the princess herself.

    "Of course, I know that." Isotta said although she had not known. "I will be down in a moment, please obtain the tiara from the throne room." She said simply before walking past him and towards the front of the castle.

    As soon as Isotta felt the tiara being placed on her head she took a deep breath and opened the doors. The amount of people overwhelmed her, as she was only used to ten or so servants in the castle.

    "Welcome, all, to the ball. I am Princess Isotta and as you know I must find a proper prince. If you would please come in and enjoy the food, dancing will beginning in about an hour." Once she was finished she turned and let out her breath, trying to stay calm.
  7. Daechon watched the queen, as well as the other suitors gathered. He recognized many of them, from his childhood, like the elven prince, the wraith king, and the Lord of Ice from the north. As they were bade entrance to the castle, he nodded to his acquaintances, shrugging his shoulders a bit as the elven king snickered at him.

    Once inside, he sat at a grand table in the dining hall between a king from the southern countries, his skin black as night, and an eastern spice lord, who probably hailed from across the sea. Talk was subdued--no one really knew each other, and all were trying to win the queen's favor.

    Daechon picked at his food, not really hungry. After all, what princess desired a man who ate a lot? He was supposed to be refined, poised, elegant. Not some slob, like some of the older kings he saw across the room. He took a small sip of the wine that was set at his place, his back straight and his expression one of quiet disdain and elegance. Women liked that, right?
  8. Isotta used the first part of the dinner to watch all of the princes. Some seemed to be relaxed and talked with one another, but others stayed quiet. She picked out a few of the quiet ones, deciding that she would lean towards those since they were less likely to ever guess her secret.

    As the dinner continued she ate a few bites in order to not faint during the dancing and sipped at her wine, making sure not to have much. The wine always made her looser and she did not have the luxury of letting her secret slip.

    After the dessert was served Isotta stood and smiled at the men. "You all will have a chance to dance with me now, if you wish, the food and wine will stay out so those who do not recieve their turn until later can be entertained."
  9. Daechon perked up as the princess announced that it was time for the dancing. He jumped to his feet, aiming at being the first she danced with, but a king who looked upwards of fifty got to her first, asking for a dance.

    Grinding his teeth, Daechon sat back down, forcing himself to calm. He'd have his turn. After watching them for a couple minutes, he got to his feet again and approached the two. "Excuse me?" he asked. "Might I have this dance, Your Majesty?" He bowed, the chains in his horns making a soft tinkling sound. Meanwhile, he held out his hand for her to take.

    He couldn't help but steal a glance at her current partner, who was eyeing him with contempt. Asvahnians weren't well liked outside of their own country, especially by nobles, but Daechon was nearly hated, him being the son of the king.
  10. Isotta dreaded the dance with the King, he stepped on her feet. By the end she was greatful that it was over and curtseyed as he left.

    When a prince came over and asked for a dance she smiled and curtseyed again. "Of course, I just ask that you try not to step on my feet. The last did not know how to dance properly." Isotta explained before looking up into his eyes.

    She reconized him as one of the quiet princes and mentally started to analyze his movements, to see if he would work. Isotta set one of her gloved hands out for him to take and hoped this dance would go better.
  11. "Well, I can assure you that I have had many years of experience," Daechon said with a small grin as he took her hand, leading her to the center of the floor, moving along to the beat of the music, his touch light on her hands, gently guiding her. "Might I ask Your Majesty's name?" he asked while he danced, his movements careful but sure.

    He gave a soft smile, looking into her eyes while he led her into a spin, gently squeezing her hand. "Also, may I be so bold as to say that you are truly beautiful? Whomever you choose to marry shall be a lucky man." He knew that he was turning the charm on high, even though he could be even less interested in her, and was already growing tired of the charade.

    As the song ended, Daechon bowed and let go of her, giving asoft smile as he murmured, "It is time I give the next suitor a chance, hmm?" Backing away, he watched the prince of the wood elves approach, his tan skin matching the greens of his clothes.
  12. She grinned in her mind because he did not know her name. Most men here would have done as much as they could to learn about her. "My name is Isotta, and I do believe you have great dance skill." She commented as he guided her around.

    Isotta could see through his compliments, even if they made her blush. "I hope your intentions are pure, as you seem to only want to compliment me to gain my affection enough to recieve a crown. I see how they look at you, like you are less than them. Meet me when I send the others home and we can see if I wish to talk more. If you see others staying behind you should just leave." She twirled one last time and then nodded.

    "It's best I see what others have to offer." Isotta murmured.
  13. Daechon returned to his seat, ignoring the envious looks from the others nearby, who had obviously wanted to dance with Isotta. He sat in boredom for a couple hours, until the dancing and eating was done, and some of the kings and princes were filing out, obviously rejected.

    He remained in his seat, trying to see if anyone else was chosen to stay as well. He didn't really care if he was chosen or not; in truth, being single seemed appealing. Who cares about an heir? Daechon would be perfectly happy being a king alone. Still, his father would rather have him dead than never marry. So he didn't have much of a choice.
  14. The other of the quiet men were chatter boxes when it came to dancing with her. Isotta was hopeful at each prince she danced with, but found none that seemed like they would leave her alone and keep her secret.

    At the end of the night she watched all of the men leave besides the first prince that she had danced with. When the doors were closed she made her way over to him.

    "You seem to be the only one who I thought might make a suitable husband." Isotta said before sitting next to him. "I was hoping that we might discuss some things and come to an agreement about the arrangement."

    "I do not wish for a loving husband who spends all of his time with me. In fact I would rather be left alone. You would be free to do as you please as long as you do not hurt anyone. I ask that I be allowed to rule besides you, and that you continue the ways that my father has done things and that you treat me with respect, but allow me my privacy. I do not care if you are with other women, in fact I prefer it. Would you agree to these terms?" Isotta asked, watching him carefully as she spoke.
  15. Daechon nodded as Isotta gave him her terms. Seemed good enough, in fact, it's what he wanted. An entirely loveless marriage. Of course, they would need to produce an heir, but that was something that can be achieved on their wedding night, and be as loveless as the rest of their marriage.

    He nodded. "That sounds agreeable. I believe that the arrangement will work in both our favors." He stood, letting a soft smile cross his lips. "I look forward to our time together, my lady."
  16. Isotta nodded and stood. "I will have a write up of the agreements ready within this week and the wedding will be next Sunday. If you send someone with requests for your room I can have it set up before you arrive. If not we can sort it out after."

    She made her way towards the door, happy she only needed hide a bit longer before she could help those whom she always did. "Please come back next Saturday in order to sign the contract and move your belongings. If your father wishes to be present that is fine, I do not care."

    (After this we could skip to Saturday if you want or Sunday , unless you have something you want to write out)
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