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  1. This story is inspired by the movie frozen, if you haven't seen it you should it is amazing, but is not going to be like it at all really. The basic story like of this is that Isotta is a princess and has the power to heal any injury or illness. Her parents knew people would want to use this power so they have had her hidden away from others her whole life. Because they needed to do buisness with another Kingdom her parents left and were killed on the carriage ride. No one knows who did it, and no one is looking. All Isotta was told was that they were attacked and killed. Now she must become Queen, find a man to marry within the next month and hide her power from everyone while being surrounded by people.

    I would like to be Isotta, and am looking for someone to be the future King. We might have multiple characters if they are needed, as things come up, but we would start at a dance held by Isotta so she could meet the men of surrounding kingdoms.

    Anyone interested?
  2. This sounds interesting ^^ I'm willing, if you'll have me!
  3. Sure! If you would like to just make a quick basic description of the prince that will be King that would be great :) I'll make the rp as soon as you make it
  4. Name: Daechon Oriske
    Age: 25
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Is this fine?

  5. Yup! I'm terrible at finding pictures of people to match my character, but Isotta is 18 and looks sort of like a pixie... I'll try to find a picture, just a moment.
  6. So like the picture, but no wings.

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  7. Looks good ^^
  8. I made the thread, with the same title as this one :) I also posted a beginning thing, feel free to just post something similar with your character getting ready or with someone coming to get my character for the ball thing
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