Stay Away (KayLove & DemonoftheDamned)

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The house was located just outside the city.
It hasn't been touched in almost ten years. At least, that's what others think.
Within in this house lived a little demon. She has been there for almost a century. This demon prefers to keep the house to itself. It could be lonely, but to keep herself occupied, she would mess with the neighbors or any residents of the house.
Of course... they deserved that, awful, fate. She was there first after all.
Recently, this demon has heard from the neighbors, there was going to a family moving. Moving into her house.
The little demon sunk into the darkness, waiting for their arrival.

On the other hand, the family next door was talking about the supposed new neighbors.
In the house was a family of four.
"You've heard the stories, David," a woman in her late thirties, possibly early forties.
"It's just the town's made up scary legend," a man, not much older than her said back. "I'm sure the neighbors will enjoy themselves greatly.
"Mom! Tell Cooper to leave me alone!" A girl around fifteen came stomping down the stairs, followed by a boy the age of seventeen.
"Cooper leave you sister alone. Kelly, stop tattling," their dad spoke up.
"I was talking to mom," Kelly mumbled before pushing pass the two to look through the pantry.

That's how the demon knew she would be getting company. Listening in on the neighbors.
They were talking about the town's newbies, and it wouldn't be long before she saw them.
She could only hope that they would leave just as quickly as they came.​
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