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    Collin Poole. The school resident rebel. Well, one of them at least. Any decent high school has a pod of rebels, but Collin sticks out. Why? Because even though he does drugs, smokes cigarettes, moves from girl to girl, skips school, bullies others, and other things, he can still keep his grades up. This simple fact has baffled the principal. It isn't like the man can expel Trent; he isn't failing. The other factor may be because Collin's parents have great influence in their little town of Evington.

    Evington is one of those cities that only exist as a dot on the map. Not many people know this town exists; it feels like the only people who do are the ones that reside within the county limits. Anyway, Evington is one of those town where eveyrone knows everyone and is in everyone's business. Basically, Collin's actions aren't secret to anyone in the town... everyone is just scared to do anything against him because of the power of his parents. Should anyone have that much power over a small town? Probably not, but they wear it well.

    At the moment, it is a Wednesday. Any good kid would be in class right now, Collin isn't a good a kid. Where is he? Sitting on the back of his trucks with a couple buddies in front of the supermarket smoking cigarettes, being loud, and just causing a disturbance in general. He couldn't be there much longer because at 11 he had to make it to school to take an English test that he knows he is going to ace.

    "Dude, you sure you have to go take that test? Lets pick up my girl and head to the lake," his friend Trent said.

    "Nawww. We aren't doing that," Collin said nonchalantly, tossing the butt of his cigarette onto the ground and laid back on his metal toolbox, pulling his hat down over his eyes. "I may not regularly attend school, but I have to take that test." He nodded his head slightly and that was that.

    No one ever dared to question Collin. Mainly because he had a certain presence about himself. When he entered a room just his general attitude and stature demanded attention. The way he spoke was matter-of-factly, was always the final say. Of course there were some people who would question him, and they were good a hard stare with a raised eyebrow and cocked head... Collin's way of challenging them to speak some more.

    "Aight, I gotta go. Y'all gotta leave."

    And that was that. His group dispersed, he got in his truck, and made it back to class in time to take the test; he actually made it to class a little early.

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    Demi Kochner walked down the hallway to her class like always. She was the quiet child barly ever noticed. She lived next to the school in a tiny house. She was always first to the school and last to leave. Demi was never good at school, she was never able to spell good or do math but that never stopped her from trying. As she walked to her class she saw Collion down the hall near the classroom. She was terrified of Collion. She never had a problem with him but she knows how his parents run the town she hates so much. She was always afriad of being noticed and with Collion that would make people think, What type of girl is she? She liked being invisable and she wanted to stay that way. Demi grabbed a strand of her light blonde hair and began to twist and pull on it lightly. She didnt know what to do. Do I go another way? Do I wait and be late? Do I just go to class? She stood in the hall thinking about it. Just do it you wimp! She screamed at herself in her head. Demi took a deep breath and walked to her class keeping her head down hoping not to be noticed by the schools smart bad boy.