States: Peace and War

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  1. Welcome!
    In this role play you'll be taking the role of a ruler, king, president or however you want to call it, you will also have a territory under your control. Now it's up to you to be a good ruler and declare war to others

    Before making a character sheet and territory sheet I would like you to know a little about history!:
    400 years ago the Sacred Gulia Empire faced a bloody civil war that lasted 100 years, the great religious, customs and economic differences among all the parts of the Empire ended spliting it, giving birth to the states we control now. Our ancestors have been fighting each other during this 300 years but now it's your turn to rule. What will you do?

    ________________________Ruler CS_____________________________
    Appearence (anime)
    Your people gave you a nickname:
    Normal clothes:
    Weapons (optional)
    Armor (optional):
    Family crest:
    Not important info:
    _______________________TERRITORY SHEET______________________
    Geographic description:
    Capital city:
    4 Important cities:
    More info you want to add?:
    -What I say goes
    -Medieval times, NO GUNPODWER, no magic
    -Please avoid using words as "the best ships, best arrows, best army," etc in your cs
    -More rules will be added if needed
    -Write "war or peace" an the end of your cs
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Lyra Doells
    Nickname: "The Demon Minister"
    Age: 25
    Normal clothes:
    Sometimes shows even more skin (open)

    Weapons (optional): uses almost all kind of weapons but her favourite is the sword in the picture
    Armor (optional): has many armors for different occasions but the one she uses the most is the one in the picture
    Not important info: -Not married yet
    -Does not live in a fancy house but in a small one at the outskirts of the capital where she helps with planting and hervest
    -Has dedicated all her life to martial arts and studying to become a good Grand Minister
    __________________________TERRITORY SHEET______________________________
    Name: Democratic Repubic of Rondorio
    Flag: A blue hummingbird inside an olive wreath
    Geographic description: Rondorio is in the center of the continent, the plains allow to rise cattle and horses as well as good for planting, many rivers go through the Republic.
    Capital city: Kimlaska Lanvandear, most people call it only Kimlaska
    4 Important cities: Rem, Sortos, Kalsor, Virie
    Religion?: Atheist, people belive praying is a waste of time and prefer to do things on their own than waiting for a miracle
    Customs?: -It is common to get married at the age of 20
    More infro?: -Military service is obligatory at least for 3 years.
    -The Grand Minister is chosen every 5 years
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