State of Disarray ((Looking for players!))

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  1. Hello everyone! I Furasian have developed a anthro-optional zombie apocalypse group roleplay based on the concepts from State of Decay. While it is fresh and still in a developing stage, it greatly needs more roleplayers in order to push into the in-character phase. So if you are interested in surviving the zombie apocalypse in the rural Trumbull Valley region, don't be shy to put in a idea or even a character sheet!

    What is State of Decay?

    State of Decay is a zombie survival sandbox game created by Undead Labs with a huge emphasis on the survivor and the community. Here you can step into the shoes of a survivor in the rural county of Trumbull Valley or a soldier outside Danforth ((Which the roleplay will touch base on later on if it persists long enough.))

    Link to Roleplay
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  2. This roleplay certainly looks interesting, and I'd like to join! Just a thing, though: what kind of characters are you looking for?
  3. Well this roleplay is set in a modern yet more rural setting so anything goes from farmer to tourist to whatever you wish to be! Those who wish to do an actively on duty military character (army, national guard, etc.) Will have to swing a PM by me so I can give them some information about what is going on with the remainder of the government
  4. Ok, so I've got a few choices, which seems more interesting, secluded herbalist, controlling redneck, or a overly social desert survival expert?
  5. I can live with that. If you refer to the OOC on the map I can point out for you the Mt Trumbull is a hot spot for campers and hunters! What made this game unique in my opinion is the characters; not everyone who plays a role in your outpost is a badass or a coward. They're an array of people! I remember one soldier I bumped into loved anime...
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  6. Question, is this still open? I was about to post a CS but I didn't see any activity so I was not 100% sure.
  7. I do believe it is, though we'll start once there's enough characters, I think.
  8. Thank you, I'll go ahead and post a CS at the link given.
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