State of Disarray (An Anthro Optional State of Decay RP!)

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    In the year 2016, human kind had progressed and flourished with their science seeming to have no limitations. There were typical first world problems, but now there were many dramatic changes that have even shaped us as a species. Now, genetic alterations and animal like experimentation have kicked up and spread like a forest fire, taking many people and turning them to anthromorphic animals whether voluntary or involuntary. Life was pretty normal other than that climactic change and it seemed many more were to come, many that could make man live in peace and tranquility.
    Trumbull Valley, one of the many counties stretched across the United States. It had been eleven days since everything had changed, when the outbreak occurred. Nobody knows what caused it yet, some say it was a disease, others say some mistake in some lab, heck... Some folks think it's the wrath of god. Whatever it is, we're on our own. The radio broadcasts have stopped four days after all hell broke loose. Now, good will and humanity will be put to the test against survival and life.
    And now! Ze character sheet (open)

    Starting Equipment: (Limit one melee and one gun, please. The gun might be changed by the GM if it is.. Well.. We ain't going to have a dude walk in with a minigun, ya know?)
    Occupation: (What were you before the apocalypse?)
    Skills:(These can be hidden until your character confesses them.. Just PM me the skills if you want or keep them as TBR! Limit 5 skills max)
    Location: (Were they hunting in the forests and have just arrived from a big trip? Or have they been hiding from the ravenous horde? Heck.. Were they on a 10 day fishing trip and have just came back to realize all they loved has been destroyed?)
    ((Your CS info will help me decide what your character knows in what's going on. They might know about the military's presence, or perhaps they might know locations of other survivors! [Side characters will be important for your survival I will mention that]))

    Ze Map! (open)

    Ze freaks!(Infected Info) (open)

    The majority of the infected population are considered to be slow and not soo bright, but don't let that drop your guard. There are also a couple mutations to keep an eye out for!

    The Juggernaut [​IMG] One of the most dangerous mutations out there, the Juggernaut is about two times the size of an average human, and it has the strength to pick you up and bite a huge chunk out of you. They're slow, though, and can be taken down with teamwork.
    The Feral [​IMG] Runs on all fours, glows a bit, and is quick, agile, and deadly. You gotta be quicker than them! They are like a normal zombie therefore can be knocked/gunned down easily.. They're just very quick! And can leap on you and tear you apart if you're not careful...
    The Bloater [​IMG] They're slow, very fragile, but carry a bad package. They can burst and pour out a liquid that can both harm and drain the energy out of those who are not infected... Not to mention the possible viruses you could get if you get stuck in this stuff. Expect to be in a bed for a good day or two if you get caught in this bad sucker.

    Well hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome! Welcome to Furasian's State of Decay inspired RP migrated from another joint and rebooted here in iwaku! This section will focus on some quick ground rules to ensure we all have an understanding of how to conduct ourselves.
    1. No arguing, flaming, or any of that hate on this OOC. If there is an issue confront your local GM and or CoGM to resolve it!
    2. No God modding, and no gary/mary sues gibberish whatever. Your character has skills! But they are NOT the all knowing being sent to this earth.. That's where teamwork might come into play!
    3. The posts will be limited in most situations. No 1x1s please.
    4. There can and might be a fear factor in place for this RP. You got flesh eating psycos and mutated nightmares to deal with. Be afraid :3
    5. I as the GM shall claim the GM Spot and say I have the ability to alter/change/you know.. Enforce ze rules!
    6. Any Ideas will be taken! Just PM then or pop them up in the OOC ^.^
    7. There are side characters, but lets limit it to two main characters per profile.
    8. Military characters will be allowed. But let me know if you make one for I must give you the background information of what our army is up to

    Survivor Journal
    This is the Survivor's journal, a source of information for all characters to utilize ingame if the standards are met. Here they can review the status of outposts, key survivors, and mission opportunities.

    This is the outposts tab. Survivor settlements that have been discovered or contacted will be posted along with any information that is available.

    Ascention Church: *Possible Home*
    Survivors: Unknown
    Status: Unknown
    Radio: *Active*
    Latest Transmission: Unknown
    During the outbreak, many of the locals at Spencer Mill gathered at the church for rescue and religious peace. Over time though the numbers dropped, but it's location just outside of town behind the cover of the forest has kept it safe from the infected population most of the time. With a cautious step, the few remaining occupants have banded together to make a home out of it.

    Survivor Roster
    Survivors who have joined the player's cause or are people of interest are placed here. Whether they are a settlement occupant that has left to make a risky supply run or a talented individual who can help around the outpost you will find them here.

    No Survivors to report in

    Tasks In Progress
    Survivors or Key Survivors that have left the settlement can be kept tabs on here. Keeping an eye on this section would be wise.

    No tasks being handled.

    Mission Roster:
    For those in the outpost or those just joining this world, the missions available/inprogress will be available here.

    Chapter 1- Ascend from the darkness - "At first, they just told us to stay home, lock our doors, and wait for the all clear, then the power died... Noone ever sounded the all clear." It has been almost a week since the lock down had been established with the threat of the monsters that roamed the streets painting you as their next meal. This have quieted down rather significantly though, compared to the first days of the outbreak.. Perhaps it is time to step out and start searching for others who have made it.

    To do list:

    [ ] Come in contact other survivors (Player or NPC)
    [ ] Find a home.​
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  2. Ach. I forgot to give my annual greeting in the thread.. Welcome! To state of Disarray, a roleplay inspired by the State of Decay series. I as a zombie enthusiast have enjoyed a lot of zombie titles from Resident Evil to indie titles like Project Zomboid. With time developing and my fall semester coming to a close I am more that happy to reboot this roleplay in hopes of developing a series that will last as long as the roleplayer's interest (Hoping that's long too!) so feel free to look around the tabs, take a few ideas for your roleplays, or even submit a character sheet!

    OR just listen to the good ol soundtracks.

  3. I'm going to safely assume this is where I put my character sheet. Not really sure how Iwaku works just yet...and hope this is still active.

    Name: Maria Looden
    Age: 26
    Race/Species: Human

    Appearance: Maria has short, layered hair that is a dusty brown. Her eyes are a gentle hazel and can sometimes appear rather golden in the sunlight. Porcelain-like skin gives Maria that elegant feel even if she may not be, with smooth skin like that. The middle aged woman does not look her age and can sometimes be mistaken for someone who is just entering their twenties. Maria only weighs 113 pounds and is 5' 3".
    She often carries a weak smile, and while she attempts to be outgoing or stay positive; her eyes are filled with sorrow. Clothing is generally basic with Maria, as long as she is covered she will not care what it is that is on her. However, she does not fancy ripped clothing.

    Starting Equipment: Melee Weapon Metal Bat
    *A metal bat found by her sister and given to help Maria stay safe long enough when her sister is away.

    Occupation: (Current) Journalist (Past) Medical Assistant

    Skills: Medical, Observation
    *Maria was highly skilled in the medical field and can do anything up to minor surgery. However, right before she was laid off, Maria was part of the Psych Ward Counselor. Now with an occupation in Journalism, Maria has a knack for catching things in 'a picture' before anyone else does.

    Location: Maria and her sister, Vivian, were on a trip to Alasks to visit the Inuit Tribes and experience a spiritual path. When the returned home from their new experience, everything was in ruins and not a soul was in sight. Now, Maria and her sister try to stick together though Maria struggles to go anywhere; preferring to stay inside right where they are currently helping any survivors.
    Ascension Church in Spencer's Mill

    Name: Vivan Looden (Vex)
    Age: 24
    Race/Species: Human

    Appearance: Vivan slightly resembles her sister but has more of a stubborn attitude. Her hair is shoulder length, weightless and is a deep passionate brown. Eyes are similar to her sister's but instead
    of appearing golden in the sun; Vivan's eyes can seen almost as a rusted orange. She also
    has pale skin due to their recent trip to Alaska, however her skin is generally
    tanner than her sisters.

    Starting Equipment: Machete

    Occupation: Automotive Mechanic

    Skills: Mechanical, Craftsmanship

    Location: Ascension Church in Spencer's Mill​
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  4. Accepted! IF it is easier for you when it comes to determining a specific location for your characters, the settlement we'll be focusing on is Ascension Church in Spencer's Mill.
  5. It will be much easier, yes. Thank you. :)
  6. Good to hear! Now to see if others will be interested..
  7. (I'll get a bio for Thalice as fast as I'm on a computer, although that might happen first on Monday.)
  8. Take your time boss I don't think we will be doing the kick off anytime soon
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  9. Name: Thalice Cydonia
    Age: 25
    Race/Species: Human

    Appearance: Pastel green, wavy hair framing a friendly, but semi-attractive face. Her skin is fairly tan, and she is almost sickly thin. She is unable to move anything below her waist, leaving her with either krutches or a whelchair. She usually dresses simply, as long as a set of clothes is comfortable to work in, she'll wear it.

    Starting Equipment: A vast variety of seeds, a ceramic grinder, a spray bottle, and a pair of wooden krutches.

    Occupation: Gardener

    Skills: Botanics
    Having studied as good as all existing plants throughout her life so far, she knows pretty much whatever is necessary and unnecessary to know about plants, and some mushrooms.

    Location: Completely oblivious to the apocalypse, Thalice spent the previous days firmly planted in a greenhouse, caring for the plants in it. Currently being unable to move at any faster than crawling speed, she has been forced to resort to using plants as a mean of fending zombies away. She is currently situated in a garden in the same town as Ascension Church, researching more effective ways of keeping zombies out, her most promising subject being fungi.
  10. @IntrusivePenDesperateSword

    Accepted! It might be difficult to do some tasks for yer character... But hopefully things work out ^^
  11. @Furasian
    As far as what has come to mind, Thalice will be in trouble when you find her, then work at the church with growing stuff. I don't know, let's see how the plot develops.
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