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  1. Just got back a bit ago (about an hour and a half) from the California State Fair. So I thought I'd start a thread, just to see if anyone else has visited their state fair this year. And what you saw and did (and bought and ate) while you were there. I saw art displays, visited the rabbits (also had some huge pigeons), shopped the vendors (some really good stuff amongst the junk), bought a knife sharpener, a hat, and two bamboo spoons. Also ate a "Super 9", drank a moscato-sangria wine slushy, then later, topped it off with a hot white mocha.

    No, not a super detailed view of everything I saw, but, hey, I'm tired.

    So, any news on the fair front where you live?
  2. North Dakota State Fair is at the end of this month. Debating if I should go see KISS again or not.
  3. Mine isn't until September or October, but my sister, her friends and I always go every year. Looks like that might be changing soon though, she never talks to me, so I have arranged to go with my best friend and his boyfriend. I love them, loads of fun.
  4. Oklahoma has their state fair in September and October. In both Cities. Tulsa usually coming before OKC. I haven’t been since I was in high school. Doesn’t appeal to me. Though I may go just to catch pokemon....

  5. KISS is performing at the North Dakota State Fair this year? Not that I'm a KISS fan, buuuut...

    Was "scheduled" to go yesterday with my best friend and his wife, but they were unable to make it. So, today, the plan is for us to go together. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Given what happened yesterday.

    You can catch pokemon at your State Fair? I'd suggest going for a Pikachu... just don't forget the rubber gloves.
  6. Best of luck! Also, I have no idea why that one part was bold lettered O.o
  7. My town has it this coming week. Not sure if I'll have time to go. Last year I only went for like one lunch and that was it. I'm not a rides person. xD
  8. Yup. I know I went when they were at the fair a few years ago and it was fun, but I am broke so probably shouldn't spend the money to go this year. Now if it was Three Days Grace again..that I would not have hesitated on xD

  9. Because I bolded it. And thanks... luck held, had a great afternoon/evening at the fair.

    I'm not a rides person either. I just go for the food/drink, the displays, and the vendors.

    Never heard of Three Days Grace, but I can imagine they're better than KISS... not at all into Heavy Metal. *goes to hear what Three Days Grace sounds like* Ooooo, yes! KISS is garbage in comparison. So, yes, save your money... save it for the good stuff.
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  10. New Mexico's state fair is in September.

    But if it had happened I wouldn't have been able to go. I'm still traveling.
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