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  1. Hi there. I have this partially formed idea that I could use some help on. You see, I just finished watching the entire Fringe series (well until the end of the fourth season) and I had a burst of inspiration from S04E19; so, if you haven't seen it then I suggest you read no further if you don't like spoilers.

    My inspiration stems mostly from the idea of Henrietta, and the Bishops. Of course the setting will be in a dystopian world in which the human race is kept under watch by another race (I haven't delved this far into the idea. I don't want them to be The Observers. I want this to be something as original as it can be). I want to have the story focus around a small group of resistors (of course they'll only be a small portion, but they will be very important) that may hold the key to their survival. The thing is, like the Bishops (and a form of Astrid possibly) they are from the not too distant past (from the present-future's perspective) who preserved themselves in hiding before they could be killed or worse. But then there is the "Henrietta" character that has been searching for them her whole life, because not only are they the key to winning a war that seemed to have been lost long ago, they are her family.

    If you can understand that mess up there, then bless you; I know I'm not the best at explaining things. So I need a little help from anyone interested. Firstly, I need help setting this plot up. I think once I get going, I'll get on a roll and hopefully come up with something amazing, but you never know.

    Secondly, I need people interested to understand that the "Major Characters" will in a sense be "pre-made" Of course personalities; names; little details will essentially be up to the player's choice, but the history will already be defined. I am thinking of having a team of 6 major characters 4 from the "past" and 2 from the present-future. Then I will also allow other characters to be made. These may be "loyalists" or "resistors" maybe some of the "oppressors" (good or bad).

    Thirdly, I will need a little help in figuring out how to "run" this RP. I am not a talented GM. I am a good RPer, but I have never been much good at being a proper Game-Maker.

    And lastly, at the moment, I have not decided which character I will play. I have been playing the idea back and forth between the mother and daughter, but I have no concrete choices yet.

    I thank you for taking your time to read through my post.