Starts at a coffee shop.

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  1. (Characters can be anything. I don't care. Can describe you're cherry or cherries(character) if you want but it is up to you.)

    Victoria Mullens- Age 19. Tori for short. Hates the nickname Vicky. 5'0", tanned skin, grey eyes with blue ring around them. Brunette hair with carmel brown and blonde highlights with jagged side bangs on the left side. Has a scar above her left eye along with other scars else where on her body that she hides. A tattoo on the left wrist saying "Stay" and tattoo on the right wrist saying "Strong"

    Victoria pushed open the door to the coffee shop and stepped in. First thing she noticed was it was full of people and absolutely no where to sit. She sighed as she made her way to the line at the counter. She would have to order and go somewhere else to drink her coffee, which was fine with her. She tightened her grip on her bag as the line moved painfully slow foward.
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  2. -Dawn Dwight, Age: 18, Height: 5'6'', Beautiful albino girl. Has natural snow-colored hair, red eyes (not eye color contacts), high cheek bones, Fair skin, full pale-pink colored lips and a slim body. People always ask her about her hair and eyes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Dawn always went to the same coffee shop... it was never this crowded! She pushed her way past the people that weren't in the line and cursed to herself. However as she pushed her way through the people she said, "Excuse me. Pardon me." Eventually some perv touched her butt and she slapped him hard across the face, "YOU PERV!" she yelled. Everything grew quiet and she could feel all eyes on her, but she didnt care. She walked up to the counter and ordered her usual cappochino. Ignoring all the people staring at her.
  3. Tori jump at the yelling and glanced over her shoulder to see what the ruckus was. She had to bite down on her lip to keep from smiling. She never saw many girls stand up to guys like that. The guy deserved a lot worse than a slap but atleast the girl did something. After getting her drink she turned to push her way back out and realized the girl was passing her. "Nice." Tori smiled, commenting on the girl for not taking the shit guys dished out to girls.
  4. Dawn stopped and looked at the girl. Then she gave her a smile, "Thanks. There are alot of ass holes guys in this town. I have learned to defend my self. She took a sip from her cappochino.
  5. "That they are." Tori agreed. "Smart of you." She said, knowing that a girl couldn't walk the streets here alone if they couldn't defend themself. Crazy and weird people were in this town and she had learnt at a young age the hard way. She had to took classes afterwards to protect herself. This girl seemed like someone she'd be friends with but Tori didn't have friends. As she was about to say her good-bye to the girl, thinking before she made the mistake she had learned not to make again, someone knocked her into the girl spilling both their drinks everywhere. "Sorry." She hurried to say as she turned, glaring to see who hard shoved her.
  6. ((On my phone so it will be kinda short))

    Trever Marscicano
    Age: 22
    Weight: 22
    Brown long hair (usually tied in a pony tail)
    Blue eyes
    Tough, but slim build
    Very attractive

    Trever sat in the far back corner of the coffee shop, studying his surroundings through dark shades. Less than a minute aago a man was yelled out by an attractive girl. He loved to see people get what was coming to them. Trever, being a bounty hunter and assassin, was usually the one giving the consequences to the person who had it coming. He had to fight the urge to get up and choke out that feely pervert, but being on "vacation" at the moment he had to lay low.
  7. (It's okay. I'm on mine too. I can make to new cherry to talk to yours if you want :)
  8. "Shit!" Dawn said and looked down at her shirt. She sighed, "Its alright. it wasn't your fault. It was some idiots fault." she looked around at the group of people then saw a guy staring at her. She looked back at him.
  9. "Well, I best being going." Tori said, moving around the girl before she could say anything else to the girl. She sighed, looking down at her now ruined shirt. "This is so not a good day." She muttered to herself as she continued to make her way to the exit.
  10. Name: William dewitt
    Apperence:Scruffy black hair and falls over his right eye,Sea green eyes.Quite tall and well built.Handsome
    Has a strong british accent

    William walked into the coffee shop and accidently knocked into a girl heading towords the exit "Im so sorry"He said as he turned to her
  11. Once he noticed her staring right back at him he dropped his head back to his coffee cup, pretending that he wasn't paying attention to her only moments before. He then looked back up and noticed she was still staring, so he took off his sunglasses and looked back at her and gave her a little smile before taking a sip of his coffee. He decided to wait for a reaction.
  12. Dawn blushed slightly then looked away. Instead she glanced at the guy who bumped into the girl she met not to long ago. She then remembered about her shirt and looked down at it.
    "Shit..." she muttered to herself. She shrugged her backpack off her shoulders, opened it and got out a jacket, put it on and zipped it up so you couldn't see her ruined shirt.
  13. Tori stumbled again and barely caught herself from metting the floor. Stained shirt forgotten, she looked at the guy who bumped into her. "It's fine." She huffed out, frustrated starting to sit in. She juat wanted out of the crowed coffee shop so she could actually breath. "Exuse me, please" she mumbled out trying to be polite.
  14. William stepped to the side and help the door open for her thinking it was the polite thing to do in this situation.
  15. Dawn glanced back at the guy with long hair was still looking at her and one again her cheeks felt a little warm.
    Why is that guy staring at me?! She thought.
  16. Stunned at the guy's gesture, a small smile spread across Tori's lips. "Thank you." She said, as she looked up at him. He was tall campared to her and she had to crane her head back to see his face. He was quite attractive she noticed. She'd never had a door be open for her and she didn't know what to make of it and stood frozen to the spot. Tori knew she needed to move but she didn't.
  17. "My pleasure"He said bowing his head slightly in respect which made his hair fall over his right eye again.He lifted his head and stared into her grey eyes which seemed beautiful to him.He held his breath for a second then said "Im william by the way".

  18. Tori giggled and felt her cheeks warm. Did she just giggle? She thought. She hadn't giggled like that for a long time, she realized. "Tori. Nice to meet you William."
  19. He smiled back "Can i buy you a coffee?" he said hoping the answer would be yes.
  20. She bit her lip and looked back behind her. She didn't really want to make her way back through that mess. "Umm.." She turned back to William. "Could I wait here?" She asked a little shyly. She didn't want a repeat of what happened earlier to happen again.
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