Starting Up Old Havits

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Who's your favorite GTA V character?

  1. Michael

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  2. Franklin

  3. Trevor

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    Oh Los Santos. Home of prostitutes, fading celebrity stars, and a litt bit of everything. Three people do seem to have another idea in mind though, for to capture the city, they need cash. And a big amount they need.


    Which bring us to our protagonists. Michael, the intellect of the whole, Franklin, the driver and new kid of the group, and Trevor, the megalomaniac, phsycotic and drug induced states make Trevor the deadly drug addict. The three will make there way to fame, by first making small time jobs, to going big and striking rich. For in Los Santos, Money Is Power.

    This RP will be based on the first heist that Michael, Franklin, and other crew members performed. Because Trevor was not involved yet on the Jewel Store heist, in place of him for the first part will be the gunman. The gunman could be whomever you want it to be. Later on in the RP, the story will progress like in GTA V and include him again in the Paleto Bay Score. Character sheets are not needed for Trevor, and Franklin (I will play Michaeln) but it will be necessary for the gunman and hacker. (Four positions in total, so the Paleto Bay score can have a Trevor and a gunman.) You can choose whatever weapons you'd like, aslong as it maintaind inside the GTA V realm and is not OP, explosive, or futuristic.
  2. Erm character sheets?
  3. For the gunman or for the Main characters? If for main, you simply tell me who and what weapons.
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