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  1. Eri Nandeyu

    Sixteen | Scottish-Japanese

    - Born from an affair with a Scottish woman, Eri has never known her father. She has been led to believe that he was a Japanese commoner that was spending his vacation in Scotland and had a fling with her mother, Ida. However, this is not entirely true. Ida conveniently left out that Eri's father is not just a middle class man, he's actually the CEO of Nandeyu Automotive.

    - Eri grew up in Scotland up until her fifteenth birthday. On the eve of celebration, suddenly Ida received a call from her former lover, Mr. Nandeyu. Apparently he had become very ill and wished to see his daughter before dying. Originally, Ida refused the invitation. Yet, when Mr. Nandeyu offered to pay for Eri's tuition to Ouran Academy, Ida decided to accept on behalf of her daughter's education.

    - A week later, Eri arrived in Japan and was astounded to not only meet her biological father, but also her half-sister, Hanaye.

    - Speaks Japanese and English, but has a Scottish accent.


    * * *

    Hanaye Nandeyu

    Sixteen | British-Japanese

    - Born from a union with a British woman a traveling Japanese business owner, Hanaye has never known the true identity of her biological father. Her mother, Tricia, had a wild night with a charming man and discovered several weeks later that she had become pregnant. Tricia decided to keep the baby and raise her as with love and compassion.

    - Hanaye, like Eri, physically takes after their father. However, this was not known until they finally met years later. When Mr. Nandeyu was diagnosed with an incurable disease, he contacted both illegitimate daughters and offered their mothers the same arrangement. A free ride to Ouran Academy.

    - Hanaye and Eri were, remarkably, born at exactly the same moment in time. Identical months, day, hour and even down to last second. Their mothers got pregnant only a week apart, ironically. Hanaye and Eri met for the first time last year.

    - Hanaye speaks Japanese and English, but has a British accent.


    * * *

    Tamaki Souh

    Seventeen | French-Japanese


    - Tamaki Suoh is credited as the co-founder and President of the Ouran High School Host Club. Although his outward manner would be best described as flamboyant, egotistical and dramatic he is, in fact, a young man dedicated to his studies, his friends, and his duties as a host. He is considered the "princely" type, entertaining his female clients with upper-class etiquette and shameless flattery.

    - He views the club as his "family" with himself as the father; Kyoya Ootori as the mother; Haruhi Fujioka as the daughter; the Hitachiin brothers (Hikaru and Kaoru) as the sons; and Mori and Honey as the neighbors. His real family consists of his mother, Anne-Sophie de Grantaine; his father, Yuzuru Suoh (Chairman of the School Board for Ouran Academy); and his strict paternal grandmother, Shizue Suoh. He is also known to be an accomplished classical pianist.​
  2. Luna Maou

    Eight-teen | American - Japanese


    - Luna grew up in America with her mother and father. Life for her was that of a middle class family, she was often teased for having a different name. By the time she was 13 she had dyed her hair, had a couple of piercings and even had a small group that she ran with. Though she seemed like an
    unruly child she truly loved her parents. So when they sent her to her grandparents in Japan to attend the last few years of high school in a prestigious school in hopes to have her make something of herself, she didn't fight it. To her surprise her grandparents owned many properties around Japan making it possible for them to afford sending her to Ouran Academy.

    - If her height didn't make her stand out, Luna takes after her American mother and signs of her being half Japanese was almost non-
    existent. However, when people begin to feels comfortable around her she can either be really bitchy or extremely friendly. It may just be an American thing.

    - Luna speaks English, Spanish, and some Japanese ( may gets her in trouble )


    Kaoru Hitachiin

    Sixteen | Japanese

    - Despite being younger twin than his brother, he is shown to be much more mature and level-headed. Kaoru is just as playful as his elder brother, but is also a more insightful and easy-going person. Kaoru's mother Yuzuha Hitachiin is president of her own fashion company and his father Mr. Hitachiin works in a software company. Due to their jobs Kaoru's parents were not active in both Kaoru's and his older brother Hikaru lives. This made them rely solely on each other. Growing up this way stunted both of their growth in learning how to interact with others properly. Kaoru is also the first of the two to understand that their co-dependence must end, if they are to develop into separate and whole individuals.

    - Kaoru and his brother were approached by Tamaki Souh who inviting them to join his newly formed Host Club. Although both Hitachiins initially found him annoying and troublesome, they eventually grow to admire Tamaki because of his ability to simultaneously see them as unique individuals and as an inseparable unit, which he views as a positive aspect of their relationship. He and his brother play on the idea of "Brotherly Love" both taking on the little devils style. Kaoru and his brother enjoy making fun of Tamaki.​
  3. Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran academy.

    The Ouran host club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.

    Just think of it as Ouran academy's elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful.

    * * *​

    The Host Club, the outlandish playground for those with a prestigious family heritage that has inherited wealth and fame, along with the club's newest addition, a commoner with a brilliant mind, Haruhi Fujioka. Originally believed to have been a male, Haruhi caused quite a commotion among the club's members. Working her way from the Host Club's servant to an actual participation of the organization, Haruhi has gained not only respect from the other hosts, but has also established a purpose for herself among them.

    She may still perform duties as a Host under the guise of a male, but Haruhi has grown to accept her true gender and sometimes even dresses to flatter the adorable figure she was born with. Although, much to Tamaki's dismay, this is not a frequent occurrence.

    As per usual, the Host Club was getting itself prepared for the new year. Monday, the beginning of another term at Ouran, was not exactly Haruhi's favorite day. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and her father's late shifts at the bar would have her up most of the night. However, Haruhi is not the sort to complain. She'd manage to complete all the tasks required, somehow.

    "Kouya?" Haruhi called out to the dark-haired male standing idly by the opened doorway. "You seem..." The proper descriptive word seemed to escape Haruhi's vocabulary at the moment. "Distracted?"

    Considering Kouya and herself are the only people currently inside the Music Room, Haruhi wasn't exactly sure what could have the King of Darkness, as she has affectionately named him, so troubled. Something written inside Kouya's folder might have the answers, but due to her short height and lack of accessibility to the documents, Haruhi wouldn't know for sure.

    "Anyway, do you know where Tamaki is?"

    "Tamaki said he'd be running late and asked me to relay the message," Kouya shrugged as he slammed the folder within his hands closed. A finger rose to balance his glasses, pushing them back into place.

    A nerve visibly twitched on Haruhi's brow, "You couldn't have told me sooner?"

    "I just told you now, didn't I?"

    Haruhi surrendered, accept defeat. Arguing with Kouya would serve no purpose. Not to mention, the last she wanted today was an angry Kouya. So instead of pestering him for answers, the twins would have to serve as substitutes. Considering she shares classes with them and they are the King's loyal lackeys, Haruhi figured they might have some answers.

    "Kaoru! Hikaru!" The only replies she received was her own voice echoed backwards. Haruhi continued searching the seemingly vacant Music Room for the troublesome twins.

    * * *

    The Nandeyu sisters, half siblings actually, were driven to the Ouran Academy by their father's private valet and the drive couldn't possibly have been any more awkward. Although related through a shared father, neither of the girls had ever met each other before last week. Apparently Mr. Nandeyu believed reckless one-night stands with two women, in different countries, while traveling for business wouldn't be a life changing decision.

    Unfortunately for him, he was wrong. Both of his relations with the women resulted in pregnancies. Upon realizing that he'd contracted a fatal illness, Mr. Nandeyu decided it was about time he make amends with his mistakes. This included providing a promising future for his two daughters. After some discussion with the girl's mothers, they were flown to Japan and now are currently awaiting their first day at Ouran Academy.

    "So, ye'r mah sister?" The girl seated to the right inquired, arms crossed beneath her bust and emerald eyes never once wavering from the unknown female seated across from herself.

    The other girl shrugged, nervously twirling a lock of dark hair around her finger. "I suppose so, yeah. I'm Hanaye and you...are...?"

    "I'm Eri," she answered curtly, turning away her eyes and looked out the window. "So, we buth hae Japanese names 'n' yit oor accents ur European? Speaking of accents, Eri's was ridiculously thick and obiviously Scottish.

    "Yeah, my mum is British and I'm assuming yours is Scottish?" Hanaye smiled, attempting to be polite and start off a friendship with her sister.

    However, Eri just scoffed and said nothing in response. Hanaye frowned, her brows furrowing together sadly."I'm sorry? Look, I'm really nervous and I..."

    "Nu kiddin'," Eri snickered, flashing a smirk in Hanaye's direction.
  4. Back in the farthest part of the music room, the light shined in through the windows in a gold glittery blanket. This soft lighting brushed against a beautifully embroidered shoji screen. The embroidery of red sakura trees and butterflies stood out strongly against its cream colored backing. Sticking out from either side of the screen were the corners of what looked to be the ends of deep green pillows. A soft sound of what sounded like sleeping bodies and their soft movements could be heard coming from behind the screen.

    Suddenly a fair colored hand seemed to fall back against the green pillows with a soft thump. Despite it's color there was no mistaking that the hand belonged to a male. The fingers twitched slightly as it peeked out from the screen. It seemed to react slightly to Haruhi's voice as she called out into the music room.

    "Oh Hikaru! don't!" Kaoru's voice can be heard coming from behind the screen.

    "Kaoru is quite the crybaby." Hikaru's voice came next sounding teasing.

    " Hikaru! That's not true. I am not a cryba... " Kaoru said, a light gasp came from behind the screen as he was cut off.

    "Oh, so you're gonna deny it, huh? What about when the two of us are alone playing punishment games? Tell us what happens then, Kaoru? " Hikaru said sounding mischievous.

    "But, that's because you.........We have a peeper" Kaoru voiced

    " Come join us Haruhi" the twins said together, the hand crooked it's finger in a come here motion. The rest of the body still hidden behind the screen.

    A black Mercedes slowed to the front gates of Ouran Academy, what made this car different? The windows were rolled down completely and loud music was blaring out its windows. In the driver seat a purple/pinkish haired female drove in and stopped the car. She stepped out and tossed the keys to the passenger who could now seemed to be the actual driver of the car.

    "Thanks, I'll call you when I am ready to be picked up." Luna said in english and with a smiled as she grabbed her bag and began to walked off. Her uniformed looked off, the collar loose and what should have been white knee highs were now black with lace.

    "Jeeze, just walked in and already there are looks." she clicked her tongue against her teeth as she walked towards the main entrance. Brushing her wavy hair away from her face.
  5. Hikaru, or Kaoru's, hands just barely graced the flesh of Haruhi's when it was suddenly, and quite rudely, slapped away. "Don't touch my daughter you lecherous perverts!" There was no mistaking that voice, it could only belong to one man. "Haruhi!!!" Tamaki Souh, yup, the one and only. The madly grinning blond embraced the irritated Haruhi into his arms and spun her quickly around the room. Their feet hardly touching the floor in the process. "I missed you!" He shouted, causing a painful ringing within poor Haruhi's ears.

    She struggled to break away from his hold, "Tamaki-senpai!"

    "Haruhi?" He pouted, oh so perfectly, with his bottom lip curled pathetically. "Why are you mean to your daddy!"

    "You're not my father, Tamaki-senpai!"

    Those two continued to bicker, while in the background, Kyoya was curiously researching something on his laptop. Apparently new students were going to be transferring in for the semester. Seeing as how Kyoya is always up to date with the current activities of Ouran, he personally went to retrieve information on the arriving students. However, he suddenly got a marvelous idea. Judging by the student's records from the computer, all three of these girls transferring in were able to speak English. Kyoya figured it would be more proper to have Tamaki, who can speak English fluently, go and greet them.

    "Tamaki, I have a mission for you." He called across the room, successfully removing Tamaki from his sad corner of depression.

    "What is it, Kyoya?"

    "Three new students are transferring in and they speak English," Kyoya gently readjusted his glasses. "Perhaps you'd like to welcome them to Ouran?"

    He was the King, after all.

    * * *

    The driver of the Nandeyu limo parked alongside the sidewalk, the elderly escort opening the doors and allowing each of the girls to step outside underneath the bright glow of a highly set sun. Eri stepped forwards, her bag slung lazily over one shoulder. Unlike Hanaye, the female with shorter hair did not bother with the yellow school uniform as her half-sister did. Of course, Eri was required to wear the Ouran uniform, but she had selected to dress in the men's attire. Since Ouran receives a hefty slice of their funding from Mr. Nandeyu's company, no one objected to Eri's decision.

    Eri's blue uniform was complete with a tie and everything else it required. Considering Eri has a rather ambiguous build, a fairly modest chest which is hidden beneath layers and her hair is kept short, she was able to successfully pull off the guise as a man. Hanaye, on the other hand, managed to wear the yellow outfit in a manner that actually flattered her feminine physique. Long locks of dark hair cascaded down her back and swayed beautifully with each movement of her body. Hanaye's eyes, a shade of brown so dull they almost seemed black, were thickly outlined with lovely lashes.

    She shifted nervously in the form fitted dress, finding it a tad too tight in the bust. Understandably so, Hanaye did inherit her mother's well endowed chest. Together the half-sisters walked to the entrance of the Ouran Academy.

    "Are we supposed to speak in Japanese?" Hanaye questioned, whispering softly beside her sister's ear.

    Eri frowned, huffing a breath of air from her mouth that lifted her bands up slightly. "Aye, we're in Japan!"
  6. Kaoru pulled out a bag of something spice and began to munch away. He noticed how they made his lips puffed up slightly from its spiciness. He lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked away some of the reddish residue. Hikaru leaned over his brother and began to eat some of the foreign food. Then an idea came to mind, he looked over at Hikaru and they locked eyes. They both knew what the other was thinking and as if they were looking into a mirror they simultaneously grinned mischievously.

    "Yes, you should go "boss"..." Hikaru said sarcastically as both twins slide up against either side of Haruchi. Hikaru wrapped an arm around her shoulder while he held up what looked to be a spicey chip "Say ahhhh..." he placed one in her opened hand and watched her eat it.

    "That's right we can take care of Haruhi." Kaoru slide one of his arms around Haruhi's waist. "Oh! you're dirty Haruhi." He slide his hand down Haruhi's arm and brought her hand close to his mouth giving it a quick lick.

    Both twins grinned and began to laugh hysterically as they watched Tamaki's reaction. The arms that were around Haruhi were now around each other but they didn't move from her sides. They enjoyed teasing the so called King.


    Wow..." Luna muttered to herself as her eyes took in the vast beauty of the buildings. This place was defiantly meant for the rich. As she walked through the main buildings doors she could sense some of the other students behind her making their way in the same direction as she was. Luna politely held the door open, she wasn't looking to be liked or anything of that sort. She was just being nice or at least attempting to.

    "Ummmm..... well this is unexpected." what was suppose to be holding to door for a few students turned into her holding the doors for watch seemed to be the whole student body. "When the hell did I become the butler?" She tried her best to find a moment or a sign that she could let go of the door.

    "Ah! excuse me be careful I am about to let go of door? I need to get to the main office." Luna said in broken Japanese as she poked out from behind the door attempting to gain the attention from a group of girls.

    "No that's your job, peasant!" one of the girls in the group snapped at her. Luna eyebrows arched up in surprise at the girls attitude. Some of the other girls in the group laughed a they continued walking into the building.

    "I should have closed the door on your pretty face." She gripped the door handle tightly. "She just made it on my shit list." she said out loud not caring who heard her besides she didn't expect many of them to speak fluent English. She went back to trying to close the door.
  7. 3...2...1...


    "Hikaru! Kaoru!" If they wanted to play games with the King's favorite, then they'd be punished. "Go and bring these new girls to the Host Club!" His command went without lenience. The girls would receive a proper Ouran welcome. Tamaki, having successful torn Haruhi from the twins' hold, held her in a loving embrace. "Don't worry, my little Haruhi, those nasty twins won't bother you anymore!"

    Meanwhile, Kyoya stepped forward and handed three separate photographs to the twins. "These are the new students. I gathered their profiles from Ouran's database. You'll have to use English or hope that they can speak Japanese." The photographs were head shots, featuring a girl with wildly colored hair, another with short black hair and the last one that looked to be the typical Asian.

    "Go along then," Kyoya smirked, gently pushing up his glasses once again. "The King did command it."

    * * *

    The Academy was impressive, Eri had to admit despite her reluctance. This school was clearly intended for those of prestigious backgrounds. In fact, if not for their father's massively successful company, neither girl would be standing on the campus. Nor would they have even met each other. While Hanaye was immediately welcomed among the groups of chattering females, Eri refused to be thrown into that social environment.

    She decided to walk into the school with Hanaye, after all, she wasn't the other girl's guide or escort. Eri happened across a rather amusing scene, her lips twitching in a smirk. "You might 'ave broken her nose, though." Eri snickered teasingly, coming up alongside Luna and stood with both hands in her pockets. "Then tee poor girl 'ould never go oot in daylight a'ain. What a tragedy, eh?"
  8. "Ugh....running earns is so boring." Hikaru grunted as he walked next to his Kaoru. Pulling out a his hand held game and began to play as he walked. He had no problem maneuvering through the hallways without looking. Especially when everyone seemed to move out of the twin's way.

    Kaoru looked down at the pictures in his hand "Hey Hikaru these girls look really different don't they?" he said as they made their way towards the main hall. When he didn't get a response he looked up "Hikaru are you listening?"

    "KYAH!! ITS THE TWINS!!" a group of regular customers came rushing up to the twins. They squealed and jumped around the twins their yellow dresses made them look like a bunch of yellow peeps candies come to life.

    "Hikaru! you're so cute!" said girl #1

    "Will you see me today Kaoru!? I brought a catalog of my mother's new Kimono brand!." said girl #2

    Hikaru smiled and pulled Kaoru against the front of his body. At that moment time seemed to slow down, Kaoru faint blush formed on his cheeks. Kaoru turned his head to the side to look up at Hikaru with a look of innocence in his face. "I'll be the one to help you choose a Kimono. After all you've grown and I have to take your measurements." Hikaru softly said as he lightly held Kaoru chin, tilting Kaoru's face up to his. "Oh..Hikaru you're always trying to take my measurements." Kaoru said as leaned into his brother.

    "KYAH!! KYAH!!" the school girls screamed in their excitement, some of them even fainting.

    "Well that was easy." the twins spoke in unison


    Luna looked over at the new voice. She had a look of surprise on her face, but it quickly turned into a smile. " Yeah well, I am pretty sure I'd be doing the school a good service by sending some of these "ladies" home." Luna added a heavy sarcastic tone to the word ladies. She let go of the door, expecting one of the many students to catch or stop the door from slamming closed. But unfortunately she was wrong, she simply watched as the door was stopped with a loud thump by the forehead of a male student who cried out.

    "pppffft....Well that didn't work out as I hoped." Luna said and laughed at the same time. She offered her hand for a hand shake. "My name's Luna Maou. And yourselll....?" Luna didn't finish her sentence when the loud screams of school girls erupted. Luna tilted her head towards the hallway where all the loud sounds and foreign language was coming from. "Holy! what was that?" she asked, her hand still sticking out in a greeting.
  9. Tamaki and Haruhi remained in the Host Club, Hunny and Mori absent, along with Kyoya. "Do you think it was wise entrusting the twins with such a task?" Haruhi had to question the actions of her eccentric blond senapi. After all, he doesn't exactly come up with the best plans. Sometimes he gets lucky, but that's not often.

    "Stop worrying, Haruhi~" He assured her that everything would be fine, patting her hair affectionately. "The twins may be little devils, but they do obey my command."

    "That's not entirely truth, Tamaki."

    "Kyoya!" The blond whined, "Stop ruining my moment with Haruhi!"

    Kyoya smirked, lifting his gaze away from the notebook he's always seen with. "You were having a moment?"

    Tamaki deadpanned, dropping to the floor in a weeping mass of depression. Haruhi just sighed, running a hand through her hair and walked away.

    Just another day in the Host Club.

    * * *

    Eri was also curious as to what was causing such an bizarre scene in the hallway. From what she could see, it seemed to be women fainting and others screaming with their cheeks having gone aflame. It was utter madness in there! "Wuman at this schuil hae lost thair freakin' minds!" Eri exclaimed, backing away from the door and was seriously contemplating the sanity of these yellow chickens. Yeah, chickens, that's exactly what they looked like with their bonkers behavior.

    "They're reacting to a pair of twins in the hallway," Hanaye announced as she suddenly appeared between Luna and her half-sister. Standing taller than Eri and from her position, she could easily see the source of the girl's excitement. "A pair of ginger-haired twins, I can't really see from here...but, I think they're men."

    Eri slapped her forehead in disbelief. "Stoatin, a bunch o' fangirls!"
  10. The twins smiled and wooed the crowd of girls before them. Striking poses and making comments that only set the young females off into even more of a frenzy. They were even getting admiring looks from some of the male students, but everyone knew that the brothers were playing the proper hosts. Hall monitors appear and began to dispatch orders to the crowd. Slowly females were being ushered towards the classrooms while emergence stretchers were brought out to take the fainted to the nurse's office. The twins stood in the middle of all the commotion. Hikaru began to look around the hall when his eyes spotted a strange color in the large room full of yellow.

    "Ah! Kaoru look over there." Hikaru pointed straight in the direction of the three females.

    "Hmmm? Ah! good job Hikaru." Kaoru smiled as his eyes landed on the individuals who stood out.

    With a sly grin the twins shouted " TARGETS SPOTTED!" Both rushed towards the little group, dodging people in their way. The distance between themselves and their targets grew smaller quickly.


    Luna's eyes widen as she saw the twin males begin to run in their direction. The grin on their identical faces made her feel a bit icky. She wasn't to sure, but she knew trouble when she saw it coming. To her, those twins gave off the mischievous vibe that little children or siblings give off when they caught you in a lie and are about to tell the whole word about it.

    "I think we are about to have company.." she spoke to the sisters. Luna notice just how fast the twins were running and they showed no signs of slowing down. "Ummmm....Maybe we should move." Luna took a step back, she didn't want to get run over.
  11. Sharing Luna's attitude, Eri and Hanaye quickly re-positioned themselves off to the side to avoid getting trampled. Neither sister was expecting an arrival of twins, but that's exactly what they got. Identical twins, ginger-haired even. Hanaye kept silent, standing behind her shorter sister and watched the pair with curious eyes of dark-brown. While her sister, on the other hand, approached the brothers with crossed arms beneath her bust and wore an annoyed frown.

    "Whut's gooing on?"

    "Eri," Hanaye whispered from behind, "We're in Japan remember?"

    Immediately Eri repeated her question, but this time in Japanese and her Scottish accent impaired her speech just a tad.

    "Whut's gooing on 'ere?"
  12. The twins stopped in front of the little group with a big smile. They both set their eyes on the tall Eri who stood before them like a wall. The twins lips pressed together in a O formation. Letting out a little whistle the twins looked at each other and had a moment of understanding.

    "Wow aren't you impressive! I like the way you speak too." Kaoru said in English, leaning over towards Eri. Kaoru was taller than Eri even with her height he was still inches taller. Bending at the waist his face moved closer to Eri as he inspected her face. Switching to Japanese "Look Hikaru! she's like Haruhi, dressing boyish. But she is actually very lovely." Kaoru gave Eri a crooked smile as he looked her.

    Hikaru had slide himself behind Hanaye and Luna, he poked his head between the two girls with a mischievous grin. His eyes shifted from side to side looking at each girl. "These are different as well." He took a piece of each girls hair and raised it up above their heads. "She has English mixed in her. Hey! doesn't mom have a shop in Britain!?" Hikaru said referring to Hanaye. He then brought Luna's different colored hair in front of his eyes. "OOOOhhh! what a rebel! Right Kaoru look she even has a different uniform look."

    Kaoru glanced over at Hikaru and nodded "They all are cool." Standing up straight he stood tall and gave Eri a little smile. Placing one hand in his pocket and running the other hand through his hair, Kaoru spoke "Well to answer your question, we are your welcome party!. We are part of the grand Ouran Host Club, and we find it our duty to assist you."


    Luna swat at Hikaru's hand trying to make him let go of her hair. She wasn't in any pain but she was becoming annoyed. Being that she didn't know him was what made her uneasy in having him touch her. Even for her being an American this little interaction made her uncomfortable. Not only that, but she was having trouble full understanding what was being said. She was catch snip its of the conversation and was able to piece some of it together. No wonder her parents urged her to learn Japanese, but why would she at the time? she wasn't expecting to live anywhere outside of the United States.

    Luna gave a second swat and was able to get Hikaru to let go of her hair. "Childish" she said in English.
  13. "Wow aren't you impressive! I like the way you speak too."

    A combination of widened eyes, slightly narrowed at the brow, and a frown fell perfectly onto Eri's expression. This twin clearly held no hesitation with personal contact and his comments, flirtatious in nature, were not scoring him any favorable points with the Nandeyu female.

    Eri's speech is not uncommon in her beloved Scotland, but apparently these Japanese males found her accent to be entertaining. A delicate brow twitched as Kaoru dared to come closer towards Eri, "Back off!" She warned through clenched teeth. Alas, her voice was muffled by the twins as they continued to chatter among themselves with no regard to the girls.

    As for Hanaye, she took a different approach to the twins. Unlike her sister, she actually welcomed their company and giggled happily when Hikaru took a lock of her hair. "It's nice to meet you, gents." She offered her hand to them, glancing towards her sister for a moment, and nervously smiled back at the brothers. "I'm Hanaye and that's my sister..."

    "Half sister," Eri interjected through a yawn and was looking away towards the building. "I'm Eri." She finally acknowledged the pair of gingers, hands stuffed in her pockets and right foot slightly propped up on the wall.

    Immediately saddened by Eri's obvious dismissal of their sisterhood, Hanaye's eyes dropped to the ground as she took an unhealthy interest in her shoes. As for Eri, on the other hand, she'd grown irritated by the brothers and pushed herself past them with little effort. For standing so tall, neither brother was that troublesome to move aside. Eri walked between the brothers, casting a curt wave at Luna and blatantly ignored her sister.

    "Um," Hanaye shifted nervously. "I'm sorry about her. She's very....introverted?"
  14. Hikaru had taken the hand Hanaye had offered him and held it lightly as he watched the interaction between the siblings. Sensing how awkward the mood had turned he began to set things into motion. Hikaru reached down for Hanaye's other hand and held on tightly. He then twirled both of them around and around as he laughed.

    "Kaoru lets take them to the Host Club! I'm getting hungry" Hikaru said as he came to an abrupt stop, he kept a firm grip on Hanaye hands making sure she didn't fall. Hikaru reached over and placed his hand behind Luna's back and began pushing the two females towards the direction of the Host Club.

    Kaoru nodded at Hikaru, turning to Eri's direction. He took a few large steps towards her direction until he was close enough to be heard. "I didn't mean to offend you. We have food and tea at the Host Club, if you'd like you are welcome to come along." his eyes shifted to Hikaru. Both looked at each other for a moment. "But if you don't feel like it at the moment it's fine." Kaoru words sounding nonjudgmental. "When you are ready to blow off steam, we are in the music room. We always enjoy entertaining guests."

    With that, Kaoru walked away from Eri and hurried towards the others. He walked up behind his brother and placed one arm on Hikaru's shoulders as he assisted with ushering the girls.


    Luna wiggled her shoulder when she felt Hikaru's hand. She was about to protest but the promise of food neutralized her annoyance. Her stomach even responded to Hikura as if it was asking for the menu. Luna placed her hand over her stomach and allowed herself to be lead.

    "ummm.. w-well I guess if there is food. I cheeseburger sounds good right now." she smiled to herself as she imagined how yummy the meal will be. There was no denying her love for different food. Suddenly an idea struck her. "Wait! do you guy's even have cheeseburgers here? How much will it cost too!?!?" she had almost forgotten she was in a prestigious academy.
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