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  1. Hello Everyone :)
    So I've recently joined Iwaku and have no RPs going on yet. Hopefully it won't take long to find some long-term rp partners. Anyways, here's a list of things that I'm looking for, and some rp ideas or pairings that I'm interested in at the moment.

    Looking for in Partner:
    - at least one or two posts a week. I don't mind if you're a slow poster since I tend to be rather slow at times too. If you're going to take longer than that or something comes up, please let me know.
    - Be able to write at least one paragraph or more and have good grammar. I don't mind some mistakes as we're all human but if it gets to be a lot and all the time, I can't quite handle that for too long.
    - Please be able to rp males as I prefer to play females with mxf pairing. I don't strictly do females though. I do play male characters too, but not where romance is concerned. More as minor or side characters. Or they can play a decent role in the rp, but there's still not going to be much going on romantically for them.
    - Let me know if you've lost interest in the rp. I really don't mind. I'd rather have you tell me than me go on wondering if there'll ever be a response again.

    shy girl x popular guy
    werewolf x human
    pirate x stowaway
    monster x human
    science project x friend/science project
    vampire x human
    dancer x musician
    rich x poor
    prince x princess
    werewolf x pirate
    mythical creature x mythical creature
    princess x pirate captain
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.