Starting Over

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  1. "Damien... Sweetie, time to get up. Its your first day of school." His mother said shaking him a little. Damien let out a sleepy groan and put the covers over his head, "Five more minutes..." he mumbled.
    His mother rolled her eyes,
    "No, wake up now. You said 5 minutes 10 minutes ago."
    He you didn't respond so she knew he was already asleep once again. She off the covers and move the curtains causing the sunlight to shine in Damien's eyes.
    "Ah!" He said covering his eyes as he sat up, "Ok! I'm up! I'm up!" In girl terms his voice was just naturally low and boyish, but it wasn't scary deep either.
    She chuckles and rolled her eyes,
    "I warned ya! Now come on, get dressed!" She said then she walked out of the room. He grown and dragged himself outta bed and dragged himself over to his closet, quickly grabbing his binder, blue jeans that were a little baggy and his favorite skull t-shirt. It has already been a week since he moved hear from Nebraska... Already things are looking up for him, however his heart still ached due to the betrayal from his friends... his hometown... her. He shook the thought out of his head as he slipped on the binder which instantly flatten his chest shortly after slipping on the rest of his clothes and his black shoes. He had to move on... this who is the perfect opportunity to start over. He quickly grabbed his backpack and ran down the stairs and out the door, "Bye mom!" He said running to the bus stop. Luckily as soon as he got to the bus stop the bus pulled up. He took a deep breath and thought, 'Time to start over...' and walked in.
  2. The feeling of something walking over her tingled in the light brunette's body, making her wake up instantly. She opened her eyes to be greeted by the sight of a small white kitten walking over body, walking up her bare chest and booped her nose with it's. "Ahh, hello little one..come to wake me up?" She asked in a soft voice, smiling as the girl sat up and set the kitten on the side of her bed, then looked up to see she had ten minutes to get to school.

    "What?! No!" She shouted, getting up from her bed quickly and started to changed into a set of clothes, consisting of a red plaid hoodie, a white tank top underneath the hoodie, a black skirt that didn't go down to her knees, nor short that everyone was able to see her nautical star tattoo, black thigh high socks, and black boots.

    "Mooom why didn't you wake me?!" Ayami whined loudly while coming downstairs, grabbing her messanger bag with a hot pink checkerboard strap and paint splatters on it and ran into the kitchen. "I tried to, three times-"
    "And you didn't listen?!" Ayami cried as toast popped out of the toaster that made the girl turn quickly and grab tit, stuffing it into her mouth and ran towards the front door and left for school.

    "Alright! Have a nice da..." Her mother shouted, rolling her eyes as the point of shouting was useless, her daughter was already off to school. Ayami ran down the chalk decorated driveway and down type cracked sidewalk towards the school, hoping to make it their before being called tardy again for the third time this week.
  3. By the time Damien got to the school he excitedly got out of the bus and looked around. His bright blue eyes practically sparking with excitement. He just has to remember to be more careful this time... he doesn't want to repeat current events. As admiring how nice the school was, he accidentally bumped into a smaller body and heard a thud right afterward. He looked down... It was a girl.
    "Crap! Sorry!" He said bending down to help her with her stuff.
  4. "Gah why do I always do this?!" Ayami shouted, however it was muffled by the toast in her mouth. She always did wonder why she was late, although the answer was simple. The girl always stayed up late, mostly playing video games or dating sims. The girl would play dating sims until passing out at one in the morning.

    "Stupid! I'm just so stu-Wah!!" She said before running into someone and fell to the ground, her bag falling to the ground and the things inside falling out. "O-Ow.." Ayami groaned, sitting up to see a boy helping her pick up the things that fell out of her bag, which was her art bag-containing coloring pencils, scissors, glue, glitter, and markers-, a current Shonen manga she was currently reading, a small Violet glittered notebook, her black and pink MP3, and the most embarrassing of all, a small tiny blue square that looked like it had something circular inside.
  5. Damien finally looked into her eyes and his heart nearly stopped for a moment as he looked into her violet blue eyes. Holy.... He quickly snapped out of it and rubbed the back of his head and smiled sheepishly, "Aha, sorry about that! Guess I wasn't paying attention... are you ok?" He asked admiring her beauty. As he asked this he continued stuffing her things back in her bag, pausing briefly at the tiny blue square but then shrugged it off, the he helped her up and looked down at her.
  6. "H-Huh?" The girls said, turning her head in the direction of the voice and looked at the boy that was looking at her. Wow..he's very... She thought, snapping out of her trance when the boy asked if she was alright.

    "Um..yeah I'm fine!" She exclaimed in her determined voiced, getting up and dusting herself off, then grabbed the strap of her messanger bag. "Thanks for the help." She said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
  7. He chuckled, "Its the least I could do for bumping into you," he paused for a moment, "I'm Damien by the way. Damien Chandler." He said with a smile, "Yes in case you haven't noticed I am new here." He joked.
  8. "Newbie huh?" Ayami asked, placing her hands behind her head and smiled. "Well, let me be the first to welcome you to our "Lovely" school." She said, grabbing the glitter from her art bag and grabbed a handful of it, then tossed the glitter into the air. "Welcome!" She cheered, placing the tube of glitter back into the bag and slinged it over her shoulder.

    "Now that that's out of they way..As the first to talk to you, do you need any help getting around the school?" She asked, placing her hands behind her back and looked over to him.
  9. Kier pulled into the school's parking lot, finding a parking spot easily. "See ya in choir," he told his friend, Auberon, who he gave a ride to school every day. After Auberon started heading inside, he got out and grabbed his backpack, brushing back his dark hair.

    Sighing softly, he took a deep breath and began walking towards the front steps, his pale grey eyes scanning over the other students. His english teacher had mentioned that they were having a new student in class that day, and he wanted to know who they were. After all, when there were the same people in school since first grade, a new student tended to be seismic. The last new student had arrived in ninth grade, and had been forgettable. Travis Montgomery wasn't exceptional in any sense of the word, and had long since faded from memory. Hopefully, this next new kid would be more interesting. Or at least cute.

    In a town this size, you tended to see the same hundred people at school, so when he saw the new guy, Kier immediately could tell. That, and the fact that he had bumped into Ayami, a girl that Kier had occasionally seen but never really spoken to. People were staring as the two of them fumbled around as if they'd never talked to anyone else before. Rolling his eyes, Kier walked up to them as he heard Ayami mention giving the new guy help around the school.

    "Hey, you're the new guy?" he said, checking the guy up and down. "Hey, Ayami," he said, nodding in her direction. "So...are you from somewhere better or worse than middle-of-nowhere, Michigan?" he asked the new guy.
  10. Just as he was about to accept her offer a guy walked up to them and he rubbed the back of his head laughing a little, "That obvious huh? Yeah, the name is Damien. I came here from Nebraska... lets just say its not what it use to be."
    He then looked at Ayami and smiled, "And I wouldn't mind you showing me around. Do you know where," he thought for a moment, "Where Mr. Roberts history class is?"
  11. Ayami fell silent as the two males talked, then blinked when hearing the male that walked up to her and Damien greet her. "Ohayō Kier." She greeted in Japanese then turned back to Damien. "Yeah, I have him for third hour. I'm sure Ms. Dubois won't mind..if I'm not there this one time.." She said with a small chuckled, then turned on her heels and started walking towards the school.

    "Come on, let's go slowpoke." She shouted, tilting her head back to see the two boys.
  12. "I'm Kier," he introduced himself to Damien, listening as Damien asked where Mr Robert's class was and Ayami offered to help him find it. "I'll go with you," he said, deciding that this new guy was interesting enough. "I've got study hall first period anyways, so it doesn't matter." He followed after Ayami, knowing exactly where they were heading. "So, Nebraska, huh?" he asked Damien. "Why'd you come here? I mean, Nebraska's Nebraska, but Harperton isn't much better. Our last new kid was in ninth grade, and he's sort of faded into obscurity..."

    He smiled at Damien, adding, "You'll probably cause some waves here...New kids are something of a novelty here, especially when they're cute." He glanced at Damien, trying to gauge his reaction. As far as he knew, he was the only guy interested in other guys at Harperton High, so it would be nice to not have to drive forty-five minutes to North Cayo, the nearest city, just to visit whatever boyfriend he had at the time. Of course, there were plenty of straight girls at Harperton High, but not many of them really 'did it' for him. With any luck, Kier would not be the only gay guy at Harperton.
  13. Damien looked at Ayami then at Kier and walked with them he raised an eyebrow looking at Kier as he asked questions. He adjusted his backpack as he said, "Well I came here because things were getting complicated there and my mom ended up getting a job over here so... here I am!"
    It took him a moment when he realized he called him cute and looked at him... Oh no, he did not swing that way, he only liked girls. Of course in his situation he definetely accepted other people's sexual orientation "Uh, thanks? I think," he chuckles. He then looks at Ayami and poked her, "Geesh. Someone is in a hurry." He joked.
  14. "Of course not! I just Don't want Dubois to be on my case...again.." She mumbled, stopping in her tracks. Ms. Dubois is a recently divorced women who teaches sophomore and junior English. Ever since her divorce, the woman was more strict and it almost seemed she was trying to make everyone else's lives a living hell.

    "Mr. Roberts..Is on the second floor.." She mumbled, snapping out of her trance then started moving again, heading up the stairs on the left side of the hall.
  15. It wasn't hard to figure out by Damien's reaction to his comment that he was straight. "Well," he commented, "you'll certainly make waves among the girls..." Shrugging, he followed Ayami up the stairs, the five-minute bell ringing. As people began heading to their classes, he said, "Mr. Richards is a pretty cool teacher...I had him last year for American History. D'you have English with Ms Lewis third period? She said something about a new student yesterday...she's alright, but we read a lot of books."
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  16. As he followed Ayami he looks at Kier and nods, "Yeah I have her third hour. At least now I know I would know someone in that class!" He laughs a little and rubs the back of his head, then looking between the two, "Do either of you guys have Mr. Armstrong for math 4th hour?"
  17. "I do. Looks like we'll be seeing more of each other then." Ayami answered Damien's question, looking back at him over her shoulder and winked. "One of my other friends is also part of the class too, maybe I can introduce her to you!" Ayami said a cheerful tone, walking down a left hallway.
  18. Juliet was sitting on the ground in the hallway as she let out a growl of irritation, anger or frustration, maybe even a mix of all 3. Being stuck with a part time job Juliet didn't have much time to finish her homework. The little time she had left.. she decided to play video games instead of doing some studying, wrong move. Juliet always was a thorn in the eyes of most of the teachers. She had a rebel side. She had filled it up with broaches and buttons. She often would wear fishnet gloves. Or arm and legs warmers in bright neon colors. Now she was here 2 hours earlier to finish her homework, she even skipped breakfast! Yet here she was, her brain not functioning to get math done! With a final groan of defeat she throw her textbook down the hallway before running her hands through her blond hair. "Could it get any worse then this?!"