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  1. Date: 19 February 2016
    POV: Noa
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    Noa lay on the bed breathing hard. She held as still as possible until she heard Mr. Wolfe shut the door and then she sat up and fixed her clothes. She ran her hands through her hair, it was late...or at least felt late. She was shaking from exhaustion, pain, and cold. Noa waited for a while to make sure her captor wasn't returning before rolling off the bed and looking under it,

    "Nicolas, you still awake? You can come out now." she called softly to him, pushing the tubby of their personal stuff away to look at her son. She'd been thinking about trying to escape again for a while now. Her son was turning 6 very soon. Or at least she guessed he was. She didn't really know the date down here. She didn't even know what day her son was born. She guessed a date by the fact leaves were falling and you could see some people starting to put up Halloween decorations across the street.

    She needed a good plan though. Nothing seemed like it would work so far. She was scared if the plan messed up Mr. Wolfe would kill her son. She wanted to get him out though, her boy shouldn't have to live his whole life hidden in a little room. If only she could get him out...just him even. If she couldn't get away so be it as long as her son was safe she could die happy.

    Noa reached under the bed rubbed Nicolas's shoulder gently, "Cole?" she asked softly using her nickname for him. She'd never liked the nickname Nick so she started using Cole instead.

    Noa was kidnapped at 13 and forced to live in her captor's basement for 10 years. After 3 miscarriages and many escape attempted she became discouraged and depressed.
    After four years of captivity she became pregnant again. This one was successful and she bore her captor a baby boy. James Henry...AKA Jimmy.
    Jimmy gave Noa hope again. She started to care about living again.
    Noa started planning on at least trying to escape again. She knows she has to get it right the first time or she worries her captor may kill her boy.

    Eventually they do escape, but sadly their captor also escapes and is never caught. Now Noa and her son, who has never seen the real world, must figure out how to live again after years of seeing nothing but the little cell in a basement.

    They meet another man who helped them escape and is very interested in them. Noa is afraid, but Jimmy isn't. The man tries to befriend both, but is constantly pushed away by her.

    What will happen? Will they ever adjust? Will their captor show up again?

    Looks at Time of Capture: Noa was a small girl standing at just 4'9" when captured. She had a light build with a little muscle tone from working outside for her grandfather as a shepherdess. Noa had small yet noticeable curves depending on what she wore.

    Her skin was a light golden brown. She's mixed race Romani, Serbian, and African American so her skin stay a relatively brown color only getting a bit darker in the summer.

    Noa's hair was black and was right between wavy and curly. It went to her shoulders though she kept it in a pony tail a lot or under a baseball cap. If it was humid out her hair would get a lot curlier.

    Her face was 'diamond' shaped with visible yet not sharp cheek bones. Her eyes were normally shaped. She has a small nose and thin lips always turned up into a smile. Her ears were normal.

    Noa's eyes were a very dark brown with swirls of amber in them. They always seemed to be twinkling.

    Looks: Noa didn't grow much in captivity. She now stands at 4'11", but stopped growing at all about a year in captivity. She is thinner now and though she tried to stay fit and exercise in her cell she lost a good amount of muscle tone. All in all she looks a lot skinnier. Her curves are still noticeable though, perhaps more so she's physically matured a bit more and has very little body fat and muscle to hide them.

    Her skin is lighter too from years without sunlight. It still has a golden brown tint to it though it's paler than before. She also has new scars on her body.

    Noa's hair is a very dark brown now because her captor had her dye it(Without using bleach so it still turned out dark). It now goes lower to the bottom of her shoulder blades. At this length it more on the wavy side because it's pretty thick the longer it gets the less curly it gets because the curls are weighed down . Her captor would cut it whenever he disliked the length.

    Her face has gotten thinner, her cheek bones a little more noticeable, her jaw also stands out more. Her lips are the same, but are normally chapped because she licks them when nervous, she rarely smiles except for her son and her smile never goes to her eyes anymore. Her nose is a little crooked to the left because it was broken one time.

    Noa's eyes were a very dark brown with swirls of amber in them. They don't really twinkle anymore and have dulled a bit.

    Name: Noa Teodosija Abramovic

    Pronunciation: Noah Teo-do-zee-ah Abe-ram-o-vik

    Age: 23

    Birthday: 19 September 1993

    Gender: FM

    Personality before Capture: Noa use to be very friendly and pretty fearless. She was very cheery and had a positive outlook on life. She had a lot of energy and loved to work and help people.

    She was also very stubborn when she wanted something or thought she was right. Noa hated being told what to do which is why she didn't like school. She didn't like to be told how or what to think about things and would often refuse to do

    Personality: Noa is a hard worker. She's very loving towards her son and is also very protective of him. Her stubbornness seems to have subsided after her son was born.

    Noa is a lot more submissive than before. While she doesn't like to be told what to do she'll go with just about anything. If she has a contrary opinion she'll keep it to herself and doesn't push her wants or needs on people.

    Noa is tough, she can handle a lot of pain both emotionally and mentally. She doesn't complain when hurt and can take a lot. She still has a stubborn will to live and doesn't give up on even the tinsiest bit of hope. She wants her son to be able to handle life so she tries to show him that when life knocks you down you can get up.

    Noa can be very paranoid though. She's afraid to go back to her captor's and is always worried he's coming to get her. She doesn't trust people much and doesn't try to interact or befriend people like she used to.

    Bio: Noa's mother was a drug addict and Noa was born addicted. She was in the hospital for months before being released into her mother's care.

    When Noa was 3 she and her five siblings were removed from her mother's care and placed in her grandparents care. Her grandparents own a sheep and goat farm in the country and were hardworking yet not very rich so all the kids had to pitch in to help.

    When Noa was 13 she was walking home from school alone. She'd been late for the bus because she'd been distracted by a boy and was talking to him before he had to leave for sports practice. Only then did she realize how late she was and had decided to try and walk home through a short cut since she didn't want to tell her grandparents she'd been talking to a boy.

    On her way home she was kidnapped and brought to her captors lair. At first Noa fought to get out, she'd scream kick and punch. Anything to get away, but it never worked and only made her get punished worse.

    After two years she became pregnant and tried to get away at night wanting her baby to be raised in freedom. However she was caught before she got out of the house and was severely beaten which made her miscarry. She went into a severe depression after this.

    Over the next 2 years or so she had two more miscarriages and that only made her feel even more depressed and felt hopeless about ever getting away.

    After four years of captivity she again became pregnant. This time Noa begged her captor for pregnancy vitamins and other things to help her have a healthy pregnancy. She became very submissive and do whatever it took to keep her baby safe.

    When she had her baby she wanted to name him after her oldest brother and grandfather. The name Noa picked out was Petar Chance. However her captor didn't allow her to have any say in the name and instead the boy was named Nicolas

    Noa tried to raise her son well. They weren't allowed out of her cell in the basement, but she would still teach him and try to keep him healthy. She would exercise with him like stretching, push ups, sit ups, and other stuff inluding some tumblings. She also taught him his letters, numbers, colors, basic stuff she could teach him.

    Noa would always try to hide her son when her captor came to 'see' her because she didn't want him seeing or knowing what happened. She would normally build a 'fort' for him with some of the furniture in the room or make him go under the bed...anywhere really where he wouldn't know what was going on.

    Likes: The outdoors, fire places, coco, coffee, playing with her son, teaching her son, animals, her privacy

    Dislikes/Fears: Being touched(except by her son), feel unsafe, small tight spaces, news crews/media, public speaking, being restrained, bullies, showing people when she's upset, any kind of sensory deprivation(blind folding, things that obstruct her hearing, etc)

    Family(Mother, Father, etc):

    Father- unknown

    Mother- Sara Isidora Abramovic (Age- 46. No one has seen her since before her daughter disappeared. It is unknown if she's even alive)

    Grandfather: Petar Jakov Abramovic (70, called- Deda or Grumpa. He always looks glum and is pretty strict though he's also a very loving and caring man. After Noa left Grumpa struggled with guilt because he blamed himself for her going missing)

    Grandmother: Filipa Alamina Abramovic (65, called Baka or Gramsy. She is hard of hearing and lost her ring and pinky finger on her right hand due to an accident with farming equipment as a young girl.)

    Oldest Brother-
    Chance Emil Abramovic (Age-29. He is currently in the Navy)

    Older Brother- Asher Simeon Abramovic (Age- 27. He is in jail for doing and selling drugs)

    Older Sister- Mariam Kisaiya Abramovic (Age- 26. She has down syndrome and still lives with her grandparents)

    Youngest Brother- Flint Luka Abramovic (Deceased. Would be 20.. He enlisted in the Army at 17 and was killed over seas just after his 19th birthday)

    Youngest Brother- Roman Adam Abramovic (Age-20. He is currently going to college for a criminal justice degree.)


    At first she lived with her grandparents after escaping, but needing her privacy she and her son moved into a very small trailer home.

    After she escapes she's going to work on getting her GED.

    She wants to become a veterinarian technician and is planning on becoming certified in that after she finished her GED.

    Noa makes sure all doors are locked and windows are shut before bed.

    When she did chores on her grandaparents farm she not only herded the sheep and goats but also cleaned the stalls, fixed the fences, and worked on general maintenance.

    Noa is fluent in Serbian(Her grandparents taught her).

    She is teaching Nicolas both Serbian and English.

    Noa hated school with a passion though she managed to get a B average for the time she was there with now and than and A or a C.

    Noa didn't want media attention after being rescued. In fact she refused to do any interviews and did't want any pictures of her taken at all. She just wanted to be able to move on with her life without having to talk about her past or have her every move scrutinized .

    Looks: Nicholas, luckily, derived most of his traits--physical and otherwise, from his mother. His warm brown skin had paled plenty during the years he lived in captivity, but now it's tone has returned, he even developed a slight tan from playing out in the sun at school. His eyes are a sanguine amber color, almond shaped with thick dark lashes encasing them. Nicholas' hair is black, but unlike his mother's it lacks any curl or wave. The 6 year old has finally rounded out some, his cheeks chubby with youth and so forth. Nicholas is a bit shorter than your average 6 year old, but he won't be nutritionally stunted forever.

    Eye Color x

    Name: Nicholas Abramovic (Wolfe?)

    Age: 6 years old. Born Oct. 5th

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Nicholas is a very intelligent little boy, far smarter than his kindergarten counterparts. In fact, the amber eyes boy has the makings of a sociopath. Despite this, Nicholas loves animals but is deathly afraid of spiders. He's not very talkative, but draw him into a conversation and eventually he'll start to give you more than one worded responses. Nicholas is also a very sad and very lonely little boy, he knows that there's something wrong with him--he's figured out that much given that he has to go talk to the school therapist every Friday for an hour after school. He doesn't try to make friends because he doesn't want anyone to know that he's different, hence his loneliness.

    Nicholas is stunted emotionally, however. He's trying to understand emotions from watching others, but he's had yet to truly experience anything other but anger or fear.

    Bio: Born in captivity, Nicholas has only been exposed to the outside world for about a year or so. His mother protected him the best he could, but there was always some things that she couldn't just shield him from. Because of the way he used to live, Nicholas is afraid of the dark and hates sleeping on his bed, in fear of falling off. He has plenty of nightmares most of which result in bedwetting and tears. Nicholas, as he grew, began to realize his mother's fear and that only increased his own. As a result he's extra perceptive to his mother's emotions and tries his best not to upset her whenever possible.

    With their newfound freedom, Nicholas has been enrolled in Kindergarten.

    (Nicholas is only 6, doesn't have much of a bio.)

    Likes: Animals, sweets, taking care of his mom, watching cartoons in the morning, drawing, learning about people, manipulating people, getting hugs from his mom, art

    Dislikes/Fears: The dark, being yelled at, sleeping on his bed, tomatoes, living in a trailer park.

    Family: Ravel Wolfe - Father
    Noa Abramovic - Mother

    Extra: [Nothing as of yet]


    Name: Ravel Sin Wolfe

    Pronunciation: Ra-Vel Sin Wolf

    Age: 32

    Birthday: 12 Dec 1982

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Dominate: Ravel is a dominate person he loves to be in control over anyone and everyone and feels like a king when he can control others.

    Hot headed: It dosn't take much to get Ravel going he is easy to piss off and hard to calm down and can be quite violent at times.

    Violent: Works hand in had with Hot headed but he is quick to resort to violence and thinks its the best answer what cant you fix with a good old fashioned beat down.

    Vicious: When Ravel fights he fights he doesn't stick to any rules he will do whatever he can to win not to mention he caused Noa to have a couple miscarriages by beating her which tells how vicious he can really be.

    Cold: He doesn't care about any one but himself he dosn't care that he ended three life's before they began and left Noa scarred from what he did.

    Bio: Ravel didn't grow up in the best of households switching between his father who was always out with whores and his mom who was struggling to make ends so she was always out on jobs. He grew up by himself so he began looking up to kids in his neighbor hoods which happened to be thugs and gangsters. Which got him used to drugs violence kidnappings and other things at a young age so he grew up seeing those as right, he stole fought, sold drugs and other things.

    Once he reached 18 he enlisted in the military since he wasn't caught for anything during his time in gangs thinking this job would be just like the gangs he was with go places kill people loot them and take what he wanted, he was wrong after about two years he was put in a military prison for trying to rape a girl while on deployment. After leaving the military he joined MMA and started a rookie career for about five years becoming a main heavy weigh contender but never taking the title so he took the training and left.

    He started getting back in with his old gang members and started a business where he fixed computers but he actually took personal info from the computers and his gangs used that to get money high level fraud.

    Ravel was never good at finding himself a girl and he didn't like any of the gang members he saw all those girls as whores and sluts he took a interest in young girl that passed by his house multiple times so one day he set up a plan with some of his men and got her with a chloroform rag to her mouth and dragged her into his house and locked her in the basement. Luckily he planned this out and began soundproofing his basement and securing if so she would get away.

    The rest is listed in Noas bio.

    Likes: Drugs, alcohol, sex, guns, winning, having control, getting revenge.

    Dislikes: Laws, cops, order, stuff not going according to plans, people getting in his way.

    Mother: Luna Siten
    His mother she was always working multiple jobs to make ends meet he hasn't talked to her in years and has no plans to.

    Father: Raveen Wolfe
    His father someone he dosnt plan on ever talking to Raveen probably dosnt even know he has a son.

    Unnamed gang members: Local Blood Gang that he hung with in his younger days.


    Name: Adam Kane

    Age: 26

    Gender: male

    Adam was raised by the nuns at the orphanage who taught him to be a kind person. He offers help where ever he goes.

    Easy going- although Adam is a nice guy he is also a very go with the flip sort of guy. He will often let life's other matters work themselves out.

    Passionate- when Adam finds something he really cares of he sees it through. He gives it his all and always completes tasks he cares about.

    Caring- being raised in an orphanage made him aware if people's feelings at an early age. He often goes out of his way to make someone smile.

    Bio: Adam was in an orphanage form most of his life. His parents passed away when he was 6. He spent his time dreaming of the day he would get adopted, which sadly never happened. Adam left the orphanage on his 18th birthday where he immediately got a job at a local autobody shop.

    Adam has always had a big heart, even in the orphanage he would always help out with others' chores or even give away part of his meals to those who weren't used to the small portions. Adam continues by volunteering at the orphanage on the weekends and donating any time or money he has to anyone in need.

    Although the thing he wants most of all is a family Adam doesn't date much. He usually finds himself getting annoyed with which ever woman he goes out with. He hears them complain about the smallest things and he always ends up blowing his top telling them they know nothing of pain or hardship.

    Likes: his job, the orphans, having fun and thinking about the future

    Dislikes/Fears: privileged people irritate him, he fears he will never meet anyone he can spend the rest of his life with

    Family(Mother, Father, etc): his family was killed in a car accident when he was 6

    Extra: he has a scar along his neck from when he was in the car accident. He hates it.

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  2. The counting didn't help.

    Nicholas laid beneath the stuffy bed, hands over his ears and eyes squeezed shut. His mommy told him to count through his numbers, all the way to 500 and if he finished counting before then, start counting all over again in Serbian. The highest he could go in that language was 32, so he had passed the time with repeatedly counting to 32. Over the years, the efficiency of this tactic had decreased--his mom's screams got louder and the voice in his head couldn't compete. Sometimes he cried, sometimes he just laid there, heart thumping in his ears while he waited for it to be all over. He knew that Mr. Wolfe hurt his mama, and he knew that if he was bad, Mr. Wolfe would hurt him too.

    Today was one of those days when he just laid there, trying to tune out what he heard, mind far far away. Nicholas hadn't even realized that it was all over until his mother was shaking his shoulder and beckoning him out from beneath the bed. "Cole?" Nicholas blinked a few times, releasing a breath he hadn't known he was holding. "Mommy? Is Mr. Wolfe gone now?" He asked in a quiet whisper, skin dirty against the cold ground. Nicholas hated it here, he really did. The only reason he knew that there was life aside from this was from the small window. Through that, he could see the seasons change, hear the other kids scream and play. This? The way they were living now? It was wrong.

    Nicholas crawled out, and then onto his mother's bed. He climbed into her lap and hugged her tightly, his thin body soaking up the warmth she radiated. He didn't say much, as there was nothing to talk about. Nothing to do. Sure, there were their color pencils and his mommy showed him how to do exercises, but other than that it there was nothing for the intelligent little boy to do. His stomach gurgled and whined, his face scrunching up as it did so. His belly hurt.

    "Mommy, I'm hungry." He whispered into the dark, burying his face into her chest.

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  3. Date: 19 February 2016
    POV: Noa
    Tagged: @Sav

    "Yes, he's gone." Noa said sitting back on the bed next to Nicolas. She rubbed his bag gently, frowning when she heard his stomach growl. They hadn't eaten in a while. Mr. Wolfe hadn't fed them in a while. Noa didn't know if she'd angered him and he was punishing them, which is what seemed evidence by how much more painful his visits were right now. Though he could also just be too busy or not care enough to remember them when it wasn't for his pleasure.

    "I know, čovečuljak, I know." Noa whispered, hugging her son and rocking a little. She pulled the blanket around both and her child. She hated how helpless Mrs. Wolfe made her. She couldn't even feed her own son when he was hungry! They weren't allowed to keep food down here, Noa didn't know why...they couldn't mount an attack with a couple chip bags or loaves of bread.

    "Cole, I gotta talk to you OK? I want to to try and get us out of here." Noa said, not only trying to distract her son from his hunger, but also trying to make a plan on how to get him out.

    "The only way we can get out if when Mr. Wolfe comes know how when he's carrying food he'll leave the door open?" Noa asked looking at her son and ruffling his hair, "Well I was thinking maybe you could hide in our bathroom...near the door and when Mr. Ravel comes in you run. Run out the door and get out. I think we're down stairs so run up the stairs and find a door that goes outside. Make as much noise as possible Scream, yell, break things...whatever it takes OK?" Noa explained,

    "You gotta get outside...that's your job. Get out and make noise. I'll try and distract Mr. Wolfe so he doesn't chase you." She added,

    "What do you think? Think it'll work?" she asked. Nicolas was a smart boy, maybe he had a better idea than her. She didn't see any other way, but then again she was never the brightest person. Noa honestly didn't know where her son got his brain from.

    Noa smiled down at her son, she was in a lot of pain and could feel herself still shaking, but she ignored it and hoped her son wouldn't notice. The room was dark right now, they had a single light bulb in the ceiling, but it wasn't turned on right now so she couldn't fully see her son's face, but her vision was adjusted enough to see it pretty well.

    TRANSLATION (open)
    човечуљак) means Little Man.
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  4. Date: 19 February 2016
    POV: Ravel
    Tagged: @Sav @Charlie Vasilyev
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    Ravel finished with Noa and went back upstairs and decided that he would use some of his coke, after taking it he felt like he could hear Noa and and Nicholas talking, which was just pissing Ravel off. He decides to go into the garage and beats on his punching bag but it isn't helping it sounds like Noa and Nicholas were talking even louder raising Ravels rage. He went do the door the basement and flung it open and went downstairs not even closing the door. "Will you two just shut the fuck up. Your lucky I even let you guys eat." He balls his hands up into fist and swings his fist at Noas head if it connects he would follow up with a stomp oh her stomach a attack he did quite often and caused a couple miscarriages.
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