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  1. A girl was kidnapped as a young teenager. She was kept imprisoned in a small room in the basement of her captor's house. At first she did try to escape, to fight, anything to get away, but eventually she stopped because it was useless. She couldn't get out.

    After two years of captivity the girl becomes pregnant and tries to escape again because she didn't want her baby growing up as a captive or possibly being killed. Her captor finds her trying to escape and she is beaten which makes her miscarry.

    More years pass. She's had a few more miscarriages and then she becomes pregnant again and this time it turns out. She bears her captive a beautiful baby boy.

    The girl struggles to raise her son in the basement. Finally after years the girl decides to try to get out again. And she succeeds.

    Now the girl and her son are free...finally. But things aren't as fairytale as it seems. The child struggles to adjust to the actual world and the girl herself can't seem to go back to living in the free world. She's afraid all the time and shows signs of depression and PTSD.

    Their neighbor, a young man, notices them and tries to get to know them. He helps with yard work sometimes and just in general is helping them out.

    Anyway it's kind of a slice of life/romance-ish rp?

    We are looking for someone to play the guy. Detail can be adjusted and stuff, nothing totally solid except the basic plot line. Even how the guy gets met can change. Maybe they meet him in a support group, maybe he's a co-worker, maybe he works at the school the boy starts to go to.

    Please respond if you're interested!

    You will be added to a chat thread if you show interest and the details will be worked out from there.

    I will be playing the girl and @andrew21234 will be playing the child.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.