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  1. “What do you mean they don’t want an alliance?”

    Luke Claymore stared at his son, Adrian, pacing across the length of his office. While the pack was able to live wherever they chose on pack territory, there was a building in the center that had room to house anyone without their own place, the alpha and beta families, his office, and a homey kitchen like area for any meals. The pack must have accumulated a decent amount of money in the past, because everything that was directly owned by them, such as the Community building they were currently in, was nothing but modern. Right now poor Adrian was being interrogated by Luke one again, and no pack member was dumb enough to interrupt that, in his office or not.

    It was just before lunch on Claymore Pack territory, and despite the bad start to Adrian’s, day, the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky. The alpha had sent his son to see another pack alpha about becoming allies. Luke was intent on getting as many as he could by name dropping and threatening. Unfortunately no matter what Adrian had or could have done, the other alpha would have never agreed. He knew Luke, and knew how hungry he was for power. Everyone knew that got you into trouble eventually, didn’t he see that? Poor Adrian was caught in the middle, and now he was hearing it.

    “Adrian Claymore I swear I should keep you on pack territory and never give you another job in your worthless life. I asked one thing of you.” Not true, he asked a lot of Adrian, but it was never good enough. “One thing! One very important thing, and it didn’t get done. I would have sent Rick, but he’s got his hands full getting a mate for the sake of an alliance! A mate, Adrian! What are you doing to help this pack, hm?” The look in his eyes was furious, and his hands moved in an exaggerated fashion with every word. But those eyes…those eyes that held an anger that hardly ever left, stayed on his son during the entire rant.


    How could her father just give her away like that? With arms crossed over her chest and eyes looking nowhere but the window, Vera Evans rode alongside Rick in his red pick-up truck. She was didn’t understand why she even had to meet his pack, and if Rick thought for one moment she was going to let him mark her he had another thing coming. If he wanted someone who would go with what her father said just because he’s an alpha then Rick had another thing coming. Vera would not be one of his past lovers, a submissive that would take his physical abuse.

    “Come on, baby. You don’t want to meet your new family?” he laughed, glancing at her but keeping his hands on the wheel. Rick had already tried touching her arm and had gotten a swipe full of claws for it. Shifters could partially change when they wanted to show claws or teeth, and he’d seen hers enough to last a lifetime.

    “New family? Have you listened to a word I’ve said, Ricky? I’m not your mate and I’m not joining your pack!” she yelled, finally looking away from the window to glare at him instead. “By the way, I like your truck. Really tells a lot about you. I mean you know what they say about men and their big trucks, right? They’re making up for something else?”

    The man chuckled, shaking his head. “You and that attitude. I’m going to have fun breaking you, girl,” he hissed, his language making it even more clear than it already was that there was an age difference between the two. Why did everyone in her pack buy into his charming smile and good looks? Didn’t they see his manipulative ways beneath all that? “And didn’t your daddy tell you? We have a mating ceremony scheduled within the next few days. Luke is going to perform it.”

    Vera’s eyes widened. “What?” she whispered, finally showing fear rather than frustration and defiance in her eyes. It wasn’t like it was a wedding…no money was spend, not much of a big to-do. The alpha usually said a few words and the two mated…in front of others or in private. Not everyone even had a ceremony, but for Rick it guaranteed a reason and occasion to bite and mark her permanently for all to see. Then nobody could argue that they weren’t ‘meant to be’ as he was claiming.

    But Vera knew…this wasn’t her true mate. Sure, sometimes signals got crossed and one didn’t notice at first, but Rick wasn’t it, she was sure of it!

    The rest of the ride over to Claymore territory was silent. The gate surrounding the wide, open space surrounding their community opened at the sight of his truck and Rick waved to whoever was standing guard. One of the trained shifters with a lot of muscle, that she knew.
  2. Azura flinched as she heard Luke giving Adrian another lecture that he should be giving himself, power hungry jerk that he was didnt even deserve to be Alpha in her opinion but she didnt dare voice that or Luke might take that as a reason to attack - if not kill her. So she sighed continuing to walk to the kitchen wishing she could help Adrian somehow he was a good guy that deserved much better than his rotten father. As she goes to the big fridge she mutters under her breath "real father figure there.."
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  3. Ruka Shoroton just continued his banker job ignoring any crazy comments towards him or any of his coworkers at the Claymore bank. He controlled his own desires to inflict anything on his customers, Ruka knew truly that only Alphas were allowed to mate within the packs once a year and he knew sooner or later a lovely celebration was to erupt within the Claymore pack. Ruka really didn't like anybody becoming the alpha of the pack that revolved around Luke's genes and blood, since he thinks anybody related to Luke will become a very aggressive and a insane leader that will do anything to get the pack to listen to the alphas even if they had to use violence to make a member terrified and obedient towards Luke the alpha that always wanted them to do anything within the Claymore pack.
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  4. Adrian huffed in his exasperation, his eyes closing as he listened to the stern words of his father enter and intrude on his hearing. He could have sworn he felt his hand, currently balled into a tight fist, twitch in an urge to make contact with something. His toe was tapping lightly against the ground, his hands were both held obscured behind his back, and his expression was constantly twitching with the anger he was attempted to keep balled in his system.
    "I mean that they wouldn't accept those threats you posed on them." A few if the words were stressed as he spoke them through clenched teeth, his head doing a small tilt downward as he attempted to gain control of himself. First, he had nearly been ripped apart by some god-damned pack and now he was being chewed out because the threats that his father - no, not his father, just Luke - had demanded for him to say.

    There was a beat of silence before he went on about the whole 'what is your job for the pack' rant, feeding him absolute bullshit through the thing on his face he calls a mouth. When he spoke of Rick getting a mate, his lips momentarily twitched with a sneer, but quickly settled. What a poor girl, whoever it was. Rick was a real asshat, and he definitely knew it. An abusive one, too. Always putting up a show for everyone then revealing his true colors to only his 'mates', as he called them.
    When he spoke his last sentence, Adrian suddenly felt his temper crack, keeping from snapping entirely, though shifting considerably. His eyes snapped open, the ruby tint apparent within the dim lighting and angle of his head. His clenched hands flung out, claws exposed and creating dents in the wood, and slammed onto the table in front of him, his rage-filled eyes suddenly meeting with those of his father.

    After a moment, Adrian managed to get a grip on himself, and as he cooled somewhat, he spoke in a tone of deadly calm bordering towards a hiss, "I do ev-ery-thing for this pack. Everything that keeps these people as people, not some type of pieces of ownership. These people can't be replaced easily, Luke, and with the way you treat them-" he took a deep breath, "-I fear for what would happen to them if I wasn't here."

    With those last words, Adrian Claymore stood himself up, brushed his jeans off, turned, and stormed his way out of the office, refusing to remain in his presence any longer. He had gotten his rant across and had gotten his retort, and he should be satisfied. Plus, Adrian had a much better chance of defying the Alpha's power because he himself was an Alpha, and had the blood running through his veins, and-
    You should have fought him.
    Adrian groaned, holding a hand up to his head. Please, just shut up, I'm not going back to that room. Not a chance.
    You should have, though. You always have the chance to gain the title you deserve.
    With a sigh, he casually pushed aside his inner Alpha's voice, starting a walk down the hallway and finding himself walking into the kitchen.

    He noticed a familiar person in there, Azura, and as soon as he came into a closer proximity and caught her scent, he relaxed. Azura had always been a relaxing person, in his eyes, despite the streak of rebellion she also had running through her. Her scent was also nice - it was a sweet, tangy smell, almost like a tangerine, that was far more pleasant than the dominant stench his father gave off. With a small grin, he made his way towards her, hearing her mutter about father figures and realizing she was talking about Luke and his treatment towards Adrian.
    He stood behind her, and leaned his head down to rest his chin on her shoulder, saying nonchalantly, "Yeah, some fathers are pieces of crap, right?" His gaze danced around the food in the fridge before he glanced to the side towards Azura again, smiling and saying playfully, "Whatcha cookin', Azzy?"

    - - - - -

    "Mhm, I've been to the high school before, yes, ma'am."
    Vincent held the pencil in his fingers, it's tip rested readily on a piece of paper with scribbled down specifics on it, listening to the once distressed, but now relieved voice of Miss Jackson. She was the art teacher for the high school in town, and Vincent had gotten a call from her that morning with urgency, asking if he could find the time to substitute her third period class for her, since she had to leave early. She had promised him a good amount of money for it, and he had accepted, mostly because art was his favorite subject to teach - visual arts in particular.
    He scribbled down each detail that she relayed to him, and once she had finished, she made sure he had no other questions once finishing saying the subject of the class and instructions were on her desk, which he simply replied with a content, "I think that's about it, ma'am." She thanked him with boat loads of gratitude in his voice, and as he stood, he simply smiled softly to himself, saying calmly, "It's no problem, Miss Jackson, I've always loved subbing your class." With a small laugh from her end, they each said their goodbyes and hung up.

    Vincent set his phone back onto the home hook, running his hands through his thick black hair, eyes closed. He had to get ready to go, then. That meant shower, something good to wear, packing a few things . . .
    He began stripping off his shirt as he went into the bathroom, and stripped down the rest of the way before taking the shower he'd need. The hot water was nice on him - he wished he could stay longer, but knew he couldn't, since third period for that particular high school began at 12:45 and it was already 10:00. He stepped out once he was clean and dried himself off as he strode back into his room and entered into his closet, looking for something casula to wear for the student's sake. He didn't want to look like some stuck-up substitute, as many tended to do on accident and, in turn, get made fun of. Ha, Vincent wouldn't be getting made fun of, anyways - those kids seemed to really like him being there.
    After some decision making, he emerged with a pair of dark gray skinny jeans decorated with naturally-attained rips from the forces of nature here and there, a sky blue button-up, and his black Converse sneakers. Yes, that was good enough. He began to dress, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt to his elbows, getting a blow drier on his hair {it didn't really dry all that quickly on his own}, and getting himself all ready and nice for the kids' sake.

    He then went on to start packing up materials. There wouldn't be much to take, since a lot of the materials he'd need were at the school, but packed up the basics, such as writing utensils, paper, all that. All the while, his mind wandered towards the thought of after his job, of getting back out to the forest to let himself go for a little while. Yes, that sounded very relaxing to him. With a deep breath, Vincent glanced at the time - 11:31 - and went to grab his cell phone, car keys, and materials, making his way out the door and locking it behind him.
    He approached the parking lot of his apartment complex and searched around for his car for a little bit before spotting it - a black jeep. Yep, a jeep. That was just his style, I guess you could say. Vincent tended to pull it off well, though.
    He made his way towards it and hopped in, lighting up the ignition and pulling out to begin his drive to the school he was called to.
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  5. Azura new the moment she felt a presence behind her that it was Adrian she caught his sent which always had a feral spice to it but one she took comfort in. Feeling his chin on her shoulder she glances at him smiling softly "hey there, why in fact I was just complaining about pieces of crap fathers, care to join me?" her tone is warm and teasing as she lightly pokes him on the nose "trying to mooch off my cooking again I see Addy" she scans the fridge her hand gripping the handle to the fridge hard as she tries to quell her anger towards Luke she hated the way he treated people especially his own son it wasn't right "how does Dutch pancakes with eggs and bacon sound?"
  6. Luna hated the way Luke treated Adrian. It wasn't fair. Yes the Alpha had technically taken her in and she could never stand against him, but she didn't particularly like him either. The blonde wolf knew Adrian as a part of his hunting team and she knew him well enough (not enough to be considered best friends or anything) to know he's an amazing leader. He should be Alpha. And Luna would be proud to follow him, just as she does when they hunt for the pack. But when he fights with his father, he can be downright terrifying.
    So Luna avoided the tension seeming to emanate from the mansion and instead trotted out to the borders of the Claymore territory. To accommodate this many shifters, it has to be huge, so running out there takes a little while, even in her current wolf form. To Luna, who enjoys, simple, little things, the vast acres of land seemed like too much somehow and the sheer number of wolves around here makes the group runs on the full moons a little chaotic rather than harmonious like it should be. If she had a choice, she would have chosen to join a smaller pack and she hates it when Luke tries to add to their numbers even more.
    As she sprinted through the forest with her mismatched eyes wide, the tension seemed to melt away. The farther she was from the pack, the more relaxed and carefree she felt. Then she found one of the edges of the territory, this one marked by a shallow river where Claymore pack shifters patrol on a regular basis for intruders. Of course, there never are any because the Pack's Alpha is too intimidating and aggressive, so Luna was never concerned about her spot on the edge.
    The small wolf pawed her way to the edge of the water, not minding the mud much as she laid down, eyes half-lidded and relaxed. Her keen ears picked up birds chirping and a breeze winding its way through the leaves. It was perfectly serene out here. Just the way quiet, little Luna liked it.
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  7. Ruka stretched and walked out of his banking job since his shift was over, then he went to employees office of the bank and picked up his Violin and slid the band over his shoulder and across his chest for he can carry his violin in either of his forms. Ruka left the building and looked around it seemed like the rest of the pack was still doing their own businesses in the city he shrugged it off and walked around the city to look around then decided to head to the forest where he can be at peace with nature and his violin's music that he plays just for fun also to calm anybody who was full of total stress about anything. Ruka went to the forest and jumped into a tree that was close by the city and little farther from the urban sounds of the city that everybody lived. Ruka took off the case of his Violin and started to play as it was always ready anytime when Ruka wanted to play since he already tuned it before his banker job. Ruka played the Violin that was a very calming music for everybody in the pack. He would do anything to keep the pack calm and at peace to keep them relaxed for the time being, Ruka also totally had Luke with all his body and soul no matter what Luke would do for the pack just for his own insanity of the power of the Alpha wolf in the Claymore pack.
  8. Adrian felt his small grin grow a tad with the tone of her voice, brown eyes warming. Azura was usually pretty sweet to just about everybody in the pack, excepting the times that a few of the members rejected her kindness. Then she'd become a bit harsh. But not a lot of people within the pack really pushed away kindness from anyone. With the bond that was shared by everyone within the Claymore pack, it was impossible to call the love they all felt as discomforting. It was a warm sensation, and it was definitely a nice one for all in the pack.
    He felt himself chuckle when she spoke of his mooching, and said in a knowing tone, "Well, you know me, always poking my head into everything, making sure everyone's doing fine. This caught my focus, though." His grin lopsided into a crooked smile as he shrugged dismissively, listening on to her offer of choice. He felt his expression become a tad enthusiastic as he nodded and said, "Anything you cook sounds fantastic, Azzy! I can't wait." His head lifted from her shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her in a quick, but meaningful hug, letting go after a second and saying, "As soon as I smell it being done, I'll go fetch the others." He then paused as a thought suddenly came to his mind.

    Hm. Should I stay and help? He felt himself suddenly fall into an indecisive silence as he tried sorting out where everyone could be. Knowing a couple of the wolves, they were probably out somewhere - those like Miles actually had school during the day, so he obviously wasn't here. Luna seemed to be feeling rather solitary, but in a better way than saddened, so she was out . . . same with Ruka. He stayed away from his father's emotions.
    With a shrug, he said, "Y'know what? I'll actually hang around here a little bit to help out. If you need help with anything, let me know." He shrugged again and smiled, that flicker of helpfulness coming into play once more.
  9. Luna laid there for a while, eyes closed and thoughts peaceful...but then it came again. That strange feeling she started getting a few months ago. Every so often, when she was alone without entertainment, this heavy feeling would weigh down her heart and darken her eyes with sadness...or could it be longing? What is this feeling? She wondered, frustrated because she hasn't figured it out yet and it keeps getting worse every time she spends time alone. Away from the warmth of the pack she felt colder than normal.. but she kept brushing it off and pretending it will go away soon. She used to be just fine in solitude, spending her days with the rain and the snow and the sun and the breeze...but somehow it's not enough anymore. And she doesn't understand why.
    Loneliness. Luna is lonely. She just doesn't know it yet. She can't identify the yearning as something necessary.
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  10. Ruka jumped out of the tree as he changed to wolf form and left his violin in the tree for now he just stretched and looked around as his tail sways and he stretched he felt free and ran to the forest full of happiness enjoying his time in the forest he sniffed the fresh air in the forest as he listened to the woodland creatures chatter among themselves around him as he walked along the forest he enjoyed the peaceful times in the forest as he trotted around he caught scent of a wolf he followed the scent then jumped into a tree and stood on all fours looking around for anything out of the ordinary, but nothing caught his eye. Ruka just saw the other wolf, but she still smelt like a Claymore pack member. Ruka jumped down from his perch Then looked at the female, but he couldn't quite get why she was totally alone he even looked for other wolves to make sure the female was alone just to make sure he wasn't wrong in his conclusion, but he didn't know what to do about a lonely pack member originally pack members travel in groups not alone. Ruka just thought for a minute *maybe she has no friends in the pack just like me, I think that might be true.* he said in his mind, then he sighed and went over to her and nudged her with his muzzle and then switched forms to his human then spoke. " hey umm why are you alone here, do you have friends or not?" he asked nicely.
  11. Luna's ears perked up at the sound of pawsteps coming toward her. She lifted her head and watched the silver wolf, Ruka, approach her. She wondered why he was here at the edge of the territory. Hardly anyone comes out here unless it's their job. he nudged her and she stared at him with her mismatched eyes curiously until he shifted. She turned away, trying to give him a little bit of privacy. Most shifters in the pack don't mind nudity anymore, but Luna likes to at least be polite to those who might actually care. He asked her why she was alone out here. She wasn't sure if she wanted to answer his questions but she didn't see the harm in answering him so she stood on all fours, faced him slowly and kept her head down so as not to stare at his naked body.
    Then Luna shifted herself, shivering out of her coat as her bones slipped back into human form and her paws grew into little hands. Her eyes returned to a matching blue with brown flecks and her muzzle retracted into a fair skinned pair of nostrils and lips and cheeks. The rare human form that Luna takes. Immediately she curled up in a ball so he couldn't see any of her privates and the long, wavy hair down her back covered the mysterious scars near her spine. "I believe I have friends, Ruka, but I do enjoy solitude every once in a while. Most don't come out this far for no reason. Why did you come?" She wondered, tilting her head a bit
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  12. Azura smiled as Adrian hugged her always caring and protective of her she gently pats his arms around her warmed by his hug "Mhmm now your just buttering me up so Ill cook for ya" she shakes her head her eyes bright she loved to tease Adrian he was very teasable to her, kinda like an older brother you cant help but poke....except he doesnt snap back at her. She starts to get the ingredients out of the fridge and cabinets setting them on the counter top she gets out a big red mixing bowl and a wire whisk. She looks up at Adrian surprised and grins "Gonna help me cook today Addy? I can teach you how to make these if you like, but im blaming you if anyone complains about burnt bacon, eggs, and pancakes" She giggles softly her tone playful and takes a few steps away from him so shes out of his reach waiting for his reaction
  13. Ruka looked at luna, then looked for tree branch with leaves and he grabbed it and broke the hanging branch to cover himself and blushed " sorry to the inconvenience Luna it just felt quite natural since I thought I still had some fur, I kinda forgot when we change back we are bare naked, anyways I came out here to enjoy the nature since I finished my job, I was just getting tried of Urban smell so I came to the forest to relax that's quite all then I saw you alone I thought pack members are originally in small groups when they come to the forest. I thought you didn't have friends like me so I go to the forest alone mainly. When i caught a another wolf's scent I thought it wasn't a pack member, but now I see my coclusion was totally wrong." he said and broke another branch of the tree with leaves and handed it to her." um here use it to cover up, I won't do anything to you." he said and sighed I guess I tore up my work uniform again. I'm so oblivious." he said and laughed at himself then averted his eyes from Luna's naked body for she can cover herself.
  14. Luna gave him a half smile, amused at his nervousness and long explanation. "It's quite alright, Ruka. I don't mind. I was just worried you might be. Kind of shows how this pack isn't as connected as it should be. Too many shifters..." She mumbled quietly, taking the branch to lay it beside her. Nudity didn't bother her, but the fact that she had just complained about the Claymore pack did. So she shut her mouth before she could say anymore on the topic. If she spoke to the others, she prefers to turn the focus on them rather than herself or her opinions. "It shouldn't be so hard to make friends in the pack. Haven't you tried before?" She asked, wrapping her arms around her legs.
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  15. Ruka nodded at her " yeah, but when I get close friends they leave me as quick as lightand I never see them anymore. I think they don't like me much because I get really aggressive when they start to talk about Alpha Luke and his son. I just don't know if the friends I make just pretend to be my friends just to show off that they are friends with a rebel banker that they can use as a shield if they get into trouble, and blame everything on me, for I can get the punishment from disobedience . So I don't know who are becoming my true friends or pretend ones, so I stop trying to make friends with anybody in the pack. I still consider them as family so I treat them equally, but I get to nervous to become close friends with either of the members. My only close friends that I trust are the woodland animals and the plants as well in this forest. I still hunt with the pack and do what they tell me to do, when we are hunting for prey, oh by the way I find having others see me bare naked but I do keep my own privacy when I want to." he said to Luna.
  16. Miles looked in his rear-view mirror at his younger siblings. "You guys better settle down back there, or I'm turning the car around." The young shifters cheered as Miles smirked. "And you guys can explain to mom and dad why we didn't get to school today." The cheers were replaced with a small gasp each before silence filled the blue Chevy Cavalier wagon. Feeling accomplished, Miles returned his full attention to the road. Being the eldest shifter that still attended school in the city, he had the responsibility of chauffeuring his younger siblings to school, along with their friends at times. Miles didn't mind for the most part, but it did get a little frustrating to be in the middle ground. He was too old to fit in with the teenagers, but too young to fit in with the twenty-year-olds. However, Miles shrugged it off, content that he at least had some good human friends at school that were his age.

    After each child was safely at school, Miles made his way to his high school. He pulled into his common parking spot in the back row and walked into school in time to hear the bell ring. He had five minutes to get to his first class. With a minute to spare, Miles reached his seat for his first class, Literature. He enjoyed it for the most part, but most of the books they read were pretty dull. The class drudged on as the most illiterate of the bunch tried to read chapter five, page one of their latest bore fest. The bell couldn't ring soon enough as Miles bolted for his next class, Government. This class wasn't his favorite considering it focused on the decisions of old guys in history. He liked when they talked about more current events, which luckily happened quite often. The teacher loved current events.

    The next bell rang and it was time for art. Miles had taken a language for two years instead of art, so he was behind in class. He was a senior mingled in with mostly sophomores. He had made friends with a few, though he liked to keep to himself in art. He wasn't bad at it, per se, but he certainly wasn't good. Miles was just thankful that his grade was based mostly on participation and doing what the teacher asked for the week. At 12: 39, Miles walked into the room, chatting with his fellow art buddy, and took his regular seat at a table smack dab in the middle of the classroom.
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  17. Luna frowned when he mentioned the dishonesty of his past friends. It's not right to take advantage of people like that. Even if she feels just a little uncomfortable talking to him as he confided in her so easily, Luna was also a good listener and as he explained his situation, Luna payed close attention to what he had to say, glad that she wasn't the one talking about herself. Yes, it was strange to be involve in such easy conversation, but something in her might have enjoyed the company. Luna nodded in response to his last statement. She gets it. "I can't believe people would take advantage of you like that. It's not right. I wish it was easier for you to trust people. I can't prove that I'm not lying to you, but I'll be your friend regardless of your occupation. That is, if you want.." Luna wanted to help him any way she could, but of course, friendship is a mutual thing and if he didn't like her, she'd surely understand.
  18. Ruka looked at her and smiled." sure Luna I'm fine with it, we can be friends. That fine I'm use to it, anybody can be something else within, i know from experience that anything can change through out the years. Well because I'm more like a innocent and loyal in the pack, and plus they know I will always take the blame to protect my close friends when they are in trouble, no matter what the punishment will be that's the part that I can't change no matter I do to make that part change within myself. I'm happy you said that Luna, but I can't even tell if anybody is lying to me that is a flaw in my genes so that's why I trust everybody I become friends with in the pack and plus you have to trust your pack no matter, what they say to you." he said to Luna still smiling at her, but he knew good things always ends badly if your not really into anything that revolves around him.
  19. Alina was at the library. She usually was during work hours of weekdays. The brunette tossed a pleasant smile at a patron of literacy before walking over to help the elderly woman out. Nearly on auto pilot, the woman asked for a library card before scanning the books onto the given account. Alina had been at this for two, nearing three, years already. The scent of the aged pages still made her feel like curling up in a corner and reading until the moon rose.

    Sure, the brunette wolf could’ve done what most healers did, either stick to the pack full time as a healer or go into a medical field to complement their natural born abilities. But, Alina hadn’t “signed up” as a pack healer, she’d still been a teen when she and her mother had joined the Claymore pack. It wasn’t for lack of skill, she was nearly as good as her mother (and this was without using her ability on a regular basis). There just hadn’t been a reason for her to step up to the place of official healer yet either, all four of the current healers were still strong and kicking. There wasn’t a need for a fifth yet.

    Alina was torn from her thoughts as another patron came up to the desk for assistance. With an easy smile, she directed the kid, who she was pretty sure was supposed to be in school, to the history section. She picked up a pile of books and was crossing to put them on a cart when some wolf, somewhere in the pack kicked a table. A sharp zing echoed around her mind before the knowledge of exactly which wolf was hurt (it was Burt AGAIN), how badly he was hurt and how the hurt could be fixed shoved itself into her mind accompanied by a chuckle from her inner wolf. Needless to say, it shouldn’t have surprised her when she dropped the pile of books onto her own toes. With a hiss, Alina jerked her foot out from under the now pile of books as she rubbed her head. Stupid healerness She sulked childishly in the safety of her own mind. ow Of course, this made Alinas wolf, if it was possible for a wolf, laugh even more.
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  20. Luke was furious, but didn’t go after his son. There was no point, they would be yelling at each other all day and what he really needed was time to sulk and tell himself how it was basically anyone’s fault but his own. Besides, his brother Rick should be coming soon with the woman from the Tatlow Pack. Now that brought a smile to his face. That alliance would scare anyone off.

    A small ring let him know he’d received a text message. Luke let out a deep sigh before retrieving his phone off the large wood desk covered in paperwork and checked it. Hm, they were arriving. Just in time, he needed something to calm his nerves after dealing with Adrian.


    “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to text and drive?” Vera asked accusingly, looking over at Rick. They were going down the long paved road that led to the community parking lot, one that the pack could park in within the center of the pack, or of course they were free to be in their nearby living quarters. Being Beta, he lived at the center with his Alpha and family.

    “Don’t you worry about a thing, doll,” he answered, as if that was supposed to calm her. Soon enough they were parked, a large brick building in front of them. It really was nice, very modern and clean cut. “I wonder if anyone’s fixed lunch. You know we’ve been looking for an extra hand around here to cook for the family,” he said speaking of their entire pack, “that could be your job.” Actually Vera enjoyed cooking but had never had much practice, but she just huffed and opened the truck door, having to slide a few inches until her feet touched the pavement. “Fine, fine. But I’m grabbing something whether you cook it or not before we go meet up with Luke or any of the others.” Reluctantly, starting at the back of Rick’s head with loathing, Vera followed him with her arms still crossed. They pretty much stayed that way when around him; she hoped it sent off a ‘touch me and you die’ vibe, but so far he hadn’t gotten it.
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