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  1. Important note: The Content Ratings are only warnings of what may happen in a plot should you agree to it, save for the 18+ age requirement for my partners (and for all characters involved) if we go for a romantic plot.

    About me:
    • I am a young woman with about a decade of experience, writing hiatuses and time spent doing something else still mashed with that span of time.
    • I am open to playing characters of all genders, races and sexuality, animals and mainly-animal characters excluded.
    • I am a multi-paragraph poster, uncomfortable with working or writing posts that are less than three paragraph long.
    • My usual post is written in a word processor, spell-checked and varying between three to twelve paragraphs at it's simplest form with little to no editing and one sole character. Editing and the adding of NPCs and/or minor characters bring both length and quality up quite noticeably yet also lower the amount of posts I can do in a given day or week.
    • I am currently open and curious about trying my hand at more instinct and feeling-driven characters, that they be less intelligent, cultured or educated from the norm or that they have differing shape and nature than the standard human, monsters or mystical/otherworldly creatures included.
    • I hate being restricted by my partners on what character should I make beyond the most basic of expectations based on gender, race and maybe even rough concept.
    • I can be happy with any roleplay atmosphere, from the direst of dark, horrifying and depressing to the most carefree of light, silly and heartwarming. You only have to say the word!
    • I am in the EST timezone yet am what you can call a night-owl.

    About my expectations:
    • I want my partner to be just that; a partners. That means that we should be equally involved and active in making our story as amazing as we can make it, and to freely exchange ideas and suggestions via PMs during the entirety of our partnership.
    • While it is not strictly necessary, I am always more motivated when I get along well with my partner, that means us making an effort to be internet friends. Do know that I am absolutely against any flirting of any kind, though! ;)
    • I want each of my stories to be filled with interesting, well thought-out and multi-chaptered posts.
    • I enjoy dynamic plots (that is that are organically changing and shifting as we go along) as well as characters allowing growth and mentality shifts of all kinds.
    • I expect my partners to try their best to give posts that are as interesting and as high-quality as they can without wearing themselves out, I will in turn do the same.
    • I want any romance to be an integral part of the MAIN plot, never the central focus of the story. Non-romantic plots are also perfectly fine with me.
    • I am happiest with characters willing to add NPCs and more important minor characters to the plot so that the whole thing feel more lifelike and that both of our main characters have more chance to grow and flourish as persons/beings.
    • I cannot stand run-on sentences and wall of texts, please try to mind your formatting and sentence structure!
    • I expect at least one reply per week.

    About my current ideas and cravings:

    Original Plots and Settings

    Monstrous or Feral being attempting to pass as a 'proper' member of society, that the setting be of medieval fantasy, mundane or supernatural historical fiction or any type of science-fiction.

    Tense and psychologically/subtlety-driven horror where friends may very well be foes and one night's enemy may turn to have been filled with noble intentions all along.

    The dark and harsh life of a street urchin is a tragedy in itself, but maybe with enough luck, wits and daring that life will not be the thing that will lead to their very probable tragic and early death...


    The fall of a noble family or an aristocratic or even a royal heir must be catastrophic for those that fall victim to such a drop in social status and financial security. More so is the difficulty to adjust to the different culture and lifestyle of the destitute. What would happen in such a situation should it be portrayed without the rose-tinted glaze of heroic tales and romantic fancies?

    Time travel... it may be much more than a simple planned, mostly risk-free and temporary trip to the past with the help of a time machine. That it be the accidental jump to time or even dimensions unknown as the traveler stumble upon a breach in space and reality while exploring a long abandoned laboratory or maybe by the fulfilling of a magic ritual by the ignorant leading to the far past to an immortal being or artificially preserved person awakening long after their original civilization's fall, the opportunities for adventure and intrigue are infinite.

    I am a great fan of 'soft' science fiction, my interest ranging from the varied 'punk' genres such as cyber, steam, bio and diesel-punk to the more Mass Effect-esque type of settings.

    Virtual Realities and Artificial Intelligence, along with cybernetic/organic hybrids are elements I am quite interested in exploring, given we come up with an exciting plot for it.

    I am currently interested in trying my hand at more combat or conflict-oriented roleplay, from the story taking place around an arena of some sort or being military themed.

    Castaway plots are intriguing to me, the idea of someone ending up on an island far away from the more civilized world and being gradually integrated in one of the island's native tribes is full of promise, as far as I am concerned.

    I would be interested in trying something centered around passing a message through social media means. 'Nuff said.

    Fandoms I am interested in:
    • Basilisk - I'll have to read it all over again, but will happily do so, should we use the original characters or the main plot.
    • Bleach (can only be canon up to the time skip, as this is as far as I have gone before losing interest)
    • Card Captor Sakura
    • Code Geass
    • Claymore
    • Death Note
    • Inu Yasha (Original Characters only, set in feudal times, as I never actually read or watched the series in its entirety)
    • Ouran High Host Club (either Mangaverse or Animeverse, yay!)
    • Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
    • Pandora Hearts (Mangaverse only and up until around the reveal of the new Glen Baskerville - I'm looking into getting back in gear and catching up on that one)
    • Vampire Knight (by the gods, please don't ask be to go along with the post time-skip/Guilty storyline, or ask me to do Kaname/Ruka - that poor girl would be eaten alive and left broken should it be done with even the barest care towards canon characterization! Also, Rido may be my favorite character but any romance will be twisted as fuck as I like him to be his usual manipulative, callous, abusive and creepy self.

    Video Games
    • Dragon Age (Original Character and plots only, as I didn't manage to sit down and finish the games yet. I plan to change that soon, however, so should you be interested in a more canon DARP, stay tuned!)
    • The Fables series I am quite acquainted with, having finished both the first and third game and played a good chunk of the second.
    • Fallout games & The Elder Scrolls series I know some lore about, though I once again didn't get far in any of the games. Original plots set in the universes I could work with, however.
    • Final Fantasy VIII - I know it's the least popular of the PS1 FF titles, but I love it and I played it enough to remember most of it, though I should get around to make one more run at it soon. On the same vein, while I was far enough to fail at beating the last boss, I have forgotten way too much of Final Fantasy IX's plot and characters to be able to roleplay them at the moment - that's also on my list of thing to remedy.
    • Persona 3 / Persona 4 (Didn't finish either one, as usual, though I got far enough to be utterly owned by Avatar-Nyx in P3. I also intend to change that and will try to go over my terror of extreme game-time management and over the top battle strategies as soon as possible!)
    • Radiata Stories
    • Tales of Symphonia (I haven't played in forever as I lost my Game Cube Memory Card, but I played and replayed the game more than enough to remember the basic plot and have a good grasp of the various main characters)

    • The Chrestomancy series I read a while ago but have still access to. I'd be happy to work with another fan in order to come up with either a brand new plot or to twist around one of the canon events to make a butterfly effect that will hopefully lead up to something quite different from what was shown in the specific book we use.
    • Fairytales of any kind, given we give them our own spin and flavor.
    • Harry Potter
    • Tales of the Ootori - Be aware that I only have the first three books at home and that it's been a while enough that I'll most likely have to read it all again should we stick to canon, however.

    • Avatar - I am of the mind that a certain ditched fiance got the short end of the stick... >_>
    • Disney Movies that are either spun with a different feel to them, with characters of different backgrounds or living in different worlds or even just set so a different action or random event changes the plot itself into something different from the movies.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
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  2. Claymore!!!! I just watched the anime on youtube and have been wanting to do a rp with it! I hope you don't mind OCs in it.
  3. Not at all! Feel free to send me a line or two about any ideas or cravings you have, and we'll get to plotting.
  4. Wow I actually like most of your fandoms. You should really finish dragon age it can give you very satisfied feelings when you finish any of the games. Castaway plot sounds fun. Code Geass or Naruto Ship could be fun.
  5. Yeah? Feel free to PM me with your ideas for these, and we'll start a brainstorming session out of your choices.
  6. So you're looking to try out a combat RP, then I'm your guy? Did you have any ideas in mind? Oh and something to note is that I enjoy playing original characters.
  7. Sure thing, if you don't mind this being my first real attempt at combat-based rps! I'll try to come up with some ideas to send you over PMs, please wait a moment!
  8. No prob and welcome to iwaku.
  9. Hey! Eh wanted to pm you about rp and stuff but says your a guest and so I cant pm you.
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