Starpship crew RP?

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  1. Hi o/

    I have came up with a group roleplay idea that i would like to share with you all in hopes that i can get enough interested in joining in on it..

    Whats the idea? a RP in which all PCs are apart of a independent starship crew that deal in merc work and cargo hauling, it will be a casual Action/drama were PCs will be developing bonds with their fellow crew mates and manning their battle stations when the shit hits the fan

    What makes this a unique idea? Polly not unique...but i plan to have the universe contain fantasy Elfs, orcs, trolls, humans and etc all coexisting in the same universe. Magic and supernatural stuff is also allowed in this rp making it a fantasy/sifi blend were a Elf Mage can use a Laser pistol in one hand and shoot fireballs in the other hand

    Which may not make sense but hey its a attempt I'm making here

    Any rules?

    Given that this is a kinda over the top sifi RP, the only rule i can think of is to not be a dick to others

    Factions And Races

    The Elven Empire - Elfs, masters of arcane and the discovers of Space flight

    The Orcish Union - Orcs, Most Honorable warriors in the universe,

    The Galactic federation - Humans, Highly skilled Merchants and Leaders

    Moros Syndicate - Crime organization that focuses on drug production and slave trading

    Chaos Pirates - Psychopath pirates, founded after a mass prison breakout

    The Unity - ????

    The Big 4 - A alliance of four different Mega corporations, Originally at war but then formed a treaty for the sake of profit
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  2. Also, i am open to any ideas someone may give...if this idea kicks off, then i hope to work along with those who are interested to build up this universe (I.e write lore and such)
  3. I'm interested friend, tell me more or we can discuss in a conversation which ever works.
  4. This sounds like exactly one metric crap ton of fun. I'd be very interested in playing and contributing ideas :D
  5. i like to say that i have made a group for anyone who is interested to join

    Go here please
  6. The factions seem uniform to a point that strains credulity, is there any chance of making them more socially, politically, and ethically diverse?
  7. It seems interesting... perhaps if time permits I might join in.
  8. This looks fun.
  9. ayyyyyy bump
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