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Starlight City. That's it. Not Starlight Kingdom. That one is for the history books. Located on an island roughly twice the size of the combined mass of the Hawaiian islands at a halfway point between the east coast of the USA and the UK.

In ancient times, it was called Atlantis. Now, it's got other nicknames. Not all of them are repeatable in polite company. You see, reality itself is just a little... damaged around this island, and portals directly to places people call Heaven and Hell both for lack of a better word, and, well, the things who come through those portals call them that too.

That's not the only pair of portals you'll find in Starlight City. The main civic center plaza has a huge one. But, you really never know where that one is going to go, or who or what is going to come out of it. Why base your city around such a random thing? Would you rather the strange visitors from other realities show up on the outskirts of town, where if they have ill intent they have plenty of time to hatch their nefarious plans? See, I knew you'd get it.

And that was great, sort of, for awhile. Then, well, portals just started showing up all over. People appearing, disappearing, and so on. Reality just was blindfolded and handed a big handful of darts. If you get hit by one, you might get superhuman powers. You might... well disappear. The thing is, a lot of people are really tempted to take that chance. Plus, rumor has it that there's other things out there, enhancers if you will, that can amp you up as surely as that random bolt from heaven, hell, or wherever, can.

Even if you're not interested in becoming more than human, it's pretty much the best place in the world to get fame and notoriety, so there is that. Or, you might have just been born here and this crazy is the normal you know.
-Excerpt provided by @Michale CS ( Was originally used for the Starlight City clan page)

Starlight City is a easy to find city. It is a world where heroes, villains and supernatural creatures live. It borders the world of fiction and fanfiction. Come to the city, we have a school, some great attractions and have a good time! Just know that death could lurk around any corner. - Taken from a tourist who left.... It's all lies.

The IC is up!

Starlight Academy- The school Academy where students can enroll and take classes from daycare all the way up to and through college. This will consist of the dorms, the connecting bridge between dorms, classrooms, houses for the teachers and the school's boiler room and adminstration office and medical wing

Police Station- This consists of the station and the meta-human task force for the city and includes the jail.

Starlight Graveyard- This is the graveyard where there is a certain god who you can make deals with to bring your loved ones back from the dead or visit the dead.

Glistening Lake/Rainbow Forest- It is a rainbow lake and it shows you your favorite colors at certain times of day. The lake can give you powers if it deems that you are worthy. There's a guardian sprite of the lake. The forest is the area that surrounds the lake and holds the cities worst creatures

Downtown Starlight City-- This consists of the park, plaza, town hall, hospital, the hotel, orphanage, harbor, bar, resturant/ brothel, apartments and Superior Genetic Modification Industries.

Mirroredge Pantheon- This is where the gods of the city reside.

Starlight Crevice- This is where the ruins of church are. The portals to Heaven and Hell are also located there.

Shining Stars- The fancy hotel where most events are held.

The portal- This is where people from other worlds can stumble into here. (limited to 4 per person)

Arch 1 is completed.

Arch 2: Harboring Some Dark Secrets is finished.

Arch 2.5: Take me to Church is also finished.

Arch 3: Chaos at the Fall Ball is also finished.

Arch 4: The Cryptic Calm is finished

Arch 4.5: B4 is finished


Character template
(Image should be first or just below the name . I prefer real life pictures, but I will accept anime photos, hand-drawn drawings and video game photos if you can't find others)

Hero name: This only applies if your character is a hero.
Villain Name: This only applies if your character is a villain.
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
Grade ( If they are currently a student):
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
Species :
Abilities/ skills:
History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified.

Canon character Sheet
Character Name:
History: Wiki can work here if you want.

** If the Wiki goes into great detail on these topic, I am fine with you linking them here.

Characters who may be accompanying them/known family here.

God Character Sheet
Alias ( Name they use when hidden amongst mortals.)
Actual Age:
Perceived Age: (How old they look)
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Note, Godarium is the universal god killer, so make sure that this is a part of their weakness)
Pantheon they are from: ( Greek, Roman, Norse, Mirroredge ( If you pick Mirroredge, PM me to hash out what they are god of)
Abilities/ skills:
History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified. For gods, you can also give the way the world knows their history.
Character list for active members and characters
Matthew Ryan Harris
Zane Jackson
Eros Valentino
Nathan Stone
Ryan Thorn

Alec Jackson
Adam Daniel Robert Brandon Maxwell Knight
Steven Lasket Jr
David Amadeo
Marina Herring-Owned by York
Garett Gunn-Accompanying Nicholas as a bodyguard to the states.
Bradley Valentino
Joseph Clark
Maya Brooke

Tamara Holstead- Owned by Michale CS
Savina Daye-Owned by Michale CS
Star Butterfly-Played by Michale CS
Tyler Darkness
Brody Richards
Nanuet Mirielis Octavian-Owned by Zarko Straadi
Nicholas Star- Currently in use by me. (School)
Nicholas Danny Harris Currently on a business trip to the state
Laura Brook- Free to use. ( Lake)
Julia Star- At Police station. Not in use.
Lincoln Campbell- will allow use with permission, will mostly be involved in small plotting, currently and actively in use by me. ( Superior Industries)
Michael Star- At police station
Jasper Jackson Knight
Robert Alexander Knight/Legendary
Drake Lasket
Peter Lucas Thorn ( Ethan Rodriguez)
Dorothy Robinson
NPCS that make an occasional appearance
Lucas Alexander Star( At Superior Industries)
Lucifer Diablo Junior/ Lucien Solio ( At school)
Connor Blake (Unknown-last seen at hotel)
Benjamin Baker/ Kirk Austin/Mark James/ Tobias Hoy/ Cyrus Manson ( Unknown- last at hotel)
Derek Cornine (Unknown- Unknown location last seen)
Julienne Ann Nissly- Originally owned by Kitsune, permission has been given to use as a NPC by the original owner- Free to use ( Last location was park)
Syrena Brighton- Owned originally by Little_Miss_Storm_Cloud, permission given to be restaurant NPC- currently in use by me.
Areon/ Nightfire- Owned originally owned by neobendium, NPC status granted- Not in use. ( Unknown)
The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble- Owned by Sir Nick of Ni( NPC status granted due to their inactivity and permission via discord)- Currently back home. PM me if you would like to use.
Skylar Inkston- The Whore of Babylon ( Profile complete- currently unknown)
Lucifer Morningstar ( Profile will not be completed.)
Brandon Knight/Misfortune- Son of Adam Knight and unknown woman. God of magic and Misfortune. ( Profile complete- at water reservoir)
Chris Howard/ Chase Hunter- Kretin ( Vampire-Werewolf hybrid) (Profile complete- at superior Industries)
Max Knight- Young adult clone/replica of Robert Knight/ Legendary ( Profile complete- at superior industries)
Nathaniel Harris- "Older Brother"/ Future version of Matthew Harris (Profile complete- at superior industries)
Blake Jones/Lucky- A normal human who posses the medallion of Fortuna which grants him extreme luck... as long as he is wearing it. (Profile complete- At superior industries)
Anthony Carter- Twin Brother of Matthew Harris. Mercenary. (Profile complete)
Ryker Rodgers and Jett Rodgers- That is a secret, they are going to be sitting here for a while. ( These two will not be getting official profiles- unknown)
Gabriel Jackson- Younger brother of Alec and Zane. Member of the brotherhood of Assassins. Only member currently stationed in this area. ( Profile complete- unknown)
Bonnie and Clyde- Self-explanatory. ( I will also not be making profiles for them- Superior Industries)
Jak Thorn- Ryan's father. Alpha werewolf of his pack that Ryan is a part of. ( General information can be found on the SC album- At school)
Terra Knight- Pride camp
William Harris/ Knight- Superior Industries
"Liam Knight" ( Owned by Thuro 116 Pendragon, permission granted to use name and likeness, will be explained further in plot)- Superior Industries
Anyone who has a sheet in Medieval and Future ancestors is also fair game.
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Just to let everyone know, the next update is going to break my own rule: The next update will be on February 9th, 2018. It's my birthday gift to anyone who replies to me before then. ( And fun fact: It's also a few of my characters birthdays)

@Michale CS @York @chrono @Gands

Name: Drake Lasket
Nickname: N/A
Hero name:
Placebo Man
Age: 20
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
Face Claim: Maxi Iglesias

Grade ( If they are currently a student):
Second Year of College
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class): N/A
Personality: Drake is a fun loving guy who doesn't mind a good laugh and enjoys himself. With his unique set of skills, he is more chill and relax around most. However, around his mother, he acts like the perfect child and refuses to do anything to disappoint her. Otherwise, he's mostly fine.
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): He can become powerless and his power is entirely based on people not screwing him over. He can be screwed by the normal human things.
Species : Meta-Human/ Demigod
Powers: Drake doesn't exactly have a consistent power like most meta-humans in Starlight City. His powers is whatever the people within 100 feet believe that it is. So, it's entirely random.
Abilities/ skills: Unknown
History: Classified
Family: Martha Lasket ( Mother) Steven Lasket ( Half- brother) Adam Knight ( Grandfather) Brandon Knight, (Uncle) Robert Knight ( Father) Daniel Knight ( Uncle), Will ( Cousin), Pandora Knight ( Cousin), Terra and Crystal Knight ( Grandparents), Gaea ( Great- Grandmother)
Extra: He seems to have a knack for finding trouble. He's a demigod unknown to him and has a lineage of Greek Gods and angels. He's one of the THREE hosts to the god Chaos. ( The other are his Cousins Will and Pandora, unknown to all three of them.) He's bi.

( He was inspired by a writing prompt with the same name)
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"My name is Andy! Pleased to meet you."
(Andy Willow Carpenter)

"My friends call me And, and I guess your my friend now, so you can call me that too!"


"I am proudly 17 years old!"

"I don't work anywhere specifically, but I help my dad with his car business at home!"


"I'm in high school with big dreams for the future!"

(Junior-High School)



Andy is a happy girl, with a bubbly personality. She likes to be fun and smiley in her daily life, because she thinks that positivity is the key to life! Andy is a pretty girl, but she is very tom-boyish. Her occasional jeans and sweatshirt is all she needs, until party night of course! The thing that matters most in the world to Andy is her friends. When she has a good friend, she will do anything for them. She values friendship, and everything that comes with it. Andy is a very happy person, but her life has some downfalls. Positivity is her way of thinking, but when she cracks, she bursts. Andy needs a person to be there for her when she does, and if she doesn't, she often does stupid things. Anger is her weakness, and occasionally acts out of fits of rage. However, she is still a happy person. Andy is sort of a rebel in a way, growing up with drug attics, she has been surrounded by bad behavior.

Andy comes from a poor family. She isn't embarrassed of her home life, but doesn't like to bring it up. Her mother, a druggie, has brought in several boyfriends who have abused Andy. Her father left her mother when she was young, and wanted custody, but didn't win because her mother had lied. Andy wishes to live with her father, but wouldn't dare leave her mom. She moved around a lot, until her mother settled in Starlight City.

Andy's mother is a druggie, who depends on her daughter for a lot of things. Her father is a nice, wealthy man that got cheated out of having his daughter. Andy has a little brother, and big, druggie sister. Andy is sensitive to the topic of her sister, because she was a good kid all of her life when she lived with their dad, but when she came down for college, her mother convinced to her quite. Her sister was depressed, so she turned to drugs. Andy is protective of her little brother, because she doesn't want that to happen to him.




"well, that is confidential unless you want me to kill you afterwards"
(Pele Mina)

"nickname? nicknames are for mundane with no life"

(People who were close with her pre-villain call her 'Pelina'. People who weren't, call her Pele or The Enchantress)

"hero? hah! if you call killing people for fun heroic, your crazy!"


"a villain? is that what they call it these days?"

(The Enchantress)

"I've walked this Earth a million centuries, and I still look 22"
(very old)


"I would say demon, but that's giving Satan to much cred."
(she is a demoness)



Pele is a mysterious person. She never shows her true feelings to anybody. She can be very sarcastic, and usually uses it to hid her feelings. Pele is strong and sexy, and knows it. She is very bossy, and frequently orders people around. However, she does her own dirty work. Pele cares about others feelings, but because of her past, doesn't show it. She is a player, and can usually get any guy she wants with a glance.

Pele came from a normal family, living in a normal neighbor. Everything in her life was normal, until her 18th birthday she went hiking with her boyfriend. They came across a cave, and decided to explore it. Pele tripped over what she thought was a rock, but it wasn't. It looked like an ancient artifact. Pele innocently opened it, and a demon spirit came out of the artifact. It possessed her body, and turned her soul evil. The demon eventually left over time, but her body & her soul were changed forever.

Pele had a wonderful family & boyfriend before the accident, but when she turned, the demon made her kill her father. He was dearest to her, and the demon knew that. Her mother found out and was so frightened that she told the town. They were going to burn her for witchcraft, however, her mother still knew she was inside. She told her to leave the town, and never come back. Pele's boyfriend went looking for her, but could never find her. Pele believes her mother and ex-boyfriend are now dead, since she has lived a long time. (DM ME IF YOU WANT TO SPICY UP THE PLOT BY BECOMING THE BOYFRIEND)




-strength: Pele has a very keen sense of strength, given to her by the demon
-demon weapon summoning: Pele has access to special weapons that have demonic powers. In order to use them, you have to summon them by their demon name
-runes: Pele has "runes" on her body that look like tattoos. They are each used for different things such as the Stealth, Fearless, & Soundless runes.
-steele: Used for drawing runes. You trace the rune onto your body, leaving a white mark and burning sensation upon your skin. When your done, it will turn black & start taking effect. The rune cannot work fully if unfinished.
-snake bracelet: Pele has a snake that wraps around her wrist like a bracelet. When she summons it, it turns into a whip to battle with. (SHOWN IN GIF ABOVE)

-angelic power: when angelic power (Bible readings, etc.) are used at Pele, it will hurt her. She can make a rune to heal her, but if she cannot, it will do a great deal of damage. Angelic power can possibly kill the body, but not the evil spirit that lurks within her. If one was to fall in love with her, and want her back to her original self, they would have to kill the evil spirit without killing the body, which takes a summoning.
-Hell: Pele can be sent down to Hell, but it has to be done by a great power. Only ones with a stronger force than her can send her evil spirit soul back, and recover her old self.
-Emotion: if a person can track down her past, and really hit the sweet spot, then she might break down. She usually doesn't let anybody know what she's feeling, but she might!
-Pain: having demonic powers are draining. When drawing a rune, it starts to work immediately, but the stronger the rune, the more energy it takes to work.
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Canon character Sheet
Character Name: Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly(1).jpg
Canon: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Age: 16
Her cheeks normally have posh pearl pink hearts on them. The heart marks on her cheeks sometimes change into other things to reflect her emotions, such as hourglasses when she is bored, grey skulls when she is pumped for battle white skulls when she is depressed, light bulbs when she has an idea, stop signs when in danger, or broken hearts when heartbroken. Considering that her mother's cheeks have magenta diamond-shaped marks and other queens of Mewni have borne similar marks, it is logical that this is a genetic trait.

star butterfly.jpg
**Personality: Star is very energetic and friendly. She loves having fun and usually has an optimistic outlook on life. She loves to help others and whenever she sees that someone is upset, she does her best to cheer them up. Strangers, in her eyes, are just friends she has not met yet, and she feels bad if she hurts someone's feelings, whether intentionally or not. Star has a happy-go-lucky attitude and always tries to put a smile on everyone's faces. She also works very hard towards her goals, so much so that she will sometimes end up greatly sleep-deprived. Owing to her rather sheltered upbringing, Star's optimism and enthusiasm can border on recklessness, to the point of endangering the people around her with her madcap antics. She has rather simplistic views on concepts such as leadership and responsibility, believing that prioritizing fun above all else matters the most. While rarely ever angry, she does express annoyance towards people who do not take her seriously or give her the attention she wants. Although she treats her friends kindly and rarely holds grudges against them, she is usually brutal towards her enemies.
**Species: Mewnian
Powers and abilities

    • Royal magic wand: Star wields the Butterfly family's royal magic wand which grants her multiple magical powers, though she does not fully understand them yet. She can summon many different creations or change anything she wants with the wand just by saying spells and pointing it. Star can also transform her wand into other things, like a mace or umbrella.
    • Hand-to-hand/armed combat: Star also knows how to fight without the wand, either fighting unarmed or using a weapon. As a toddler, she was taught how to break a neck with her bare hands and the art of swordsmanship by the Mewni royal guard.
    • Agility/dexterity: Star demonstrates tremendous agility and physical prowess throughout the series, such as sprints, midair flips, and perfect balance.
    • Mewberty form: In "Mewberty", Star goes through mewberty and develops a "half-butterfly" form that grants her flight and web-shooting powers. As of The Battle for Mewni, Star's mewberty form becomes considerably more powerful after she gains a new wand. In "Sweet Dreams", Star can also travel between dimensions in this form without dimensional scissors. Star gains full control over this form in "Deep Dive". As seen in "Conquer" Star's mewberty form also increases the power of her spells exponentially to the point where her attacks are able to hurt an empowered Meteora.
    • Innate magic: In "My New Wand!", Star learns to "dip down" and access the innate magic within her own body and amplify her wand's magic. According to Baby, Star is the strongest innate magic user since Queen Eclipsa. In "Toffee", Star proves powerful enough to restart magic throughout the universe by using her innate magic to birth a new Millhorse from the last fragment of magical energy in the universe.
    • Flight: In "Mewberty", Star grows a pair of small wings and can use them to fly temporarily. She is shown using these wings to cross over a sinkhole in "Star on Wheels". After gaining full control over her Mewberty form, she is able to fly freely and practically effortlessly.
    • Creativity: Star has also demonstrated a talent for paper cutting, painting, and drawing. She also makes up her own spells using her imagination.
History: http://starvstheforcesofevil.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Butterfly

For this version of Star, I'm doing a little tweak that forks off of canon slightly as I don't want to bring Marco and his family over to SC - This Star is a double created accidentally by the original - but rather than reverse the spell and re-merge the two Stars, it was decided to send that Star into another version of Earth so she could find her own way. ( Star thinks it's just so the other Star can be free and not end her clone-life, but her parents see it as a way of having a "backup" Star Butterfly in case the original perishes, as macabre as it may seem. They've had other duplicitous plans before so this isn't too far off. )

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Name: Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu
Nickname: The Executioner.
Age: 17 years

Occupation: Catholic Priest/Monster Hunter.

Personality: An earnest and polite man. Swift to act if the cause is just, as well as somewhat agonized over his condition.

Species : Damphir

Lucifer is a Damphir- A human and vampiric hybrid, bred by black magic and weird science. As thus, the abilities of a classic Nosferatu shine more clearly in him then most who were birthed, rare as they are. Currently, his body is faster and stronger then the average olympian. His senses are sharper by night, his eyes able to see in the dark. He can walk on walls and with the fresh consumption of blood, can regenerate wounds that would otherwise be fatal as well as boost his strength and speed to greater heights. The one fantastical ability he has is his power to shadow-walk, using the darkness as gates to cross into the Never-Never and teleport for short distances.

Daylight weakens him, rendering him to base human norms and preventing access to his powers. Decapitation and complete destruction of the heart combined are also a way to kill him. Currently, he cannot access the more fantastical abilities other then the shadow-walk.

Abilities/ skills:

  • Pain Resistance- Rain was a believer in the phrase 'Pain is weakness leaving the body'. Since he was eight, she put him through the wringer whenever they had a physical training session, toughening up his body and ensuring he could take a hit. Baseballs, blades and bats all played a part in this.
  • Stealth- Not surprisingly, this became another tool learned and studied almost fanatically. A mistake meant a baseball projectile, so he learned to be quiet and to recognize his surroundings in terms of what to use to remain silent.
  • Enhanced Stamina- Relying on your powers to the point of complacency was not something Rain wanted for Lucifer. So it was with great regret and for his own good that she sic'd her Pit Bull on him. This impromptu stamina training gave Lucifer the habit of running for his life and as a result, he can push himself further when the need arises.
  • Handgun Use- Revolvers, naturally. Both as a matter of personal taste as well as the fact they tended to not jam in the presence of Wizards. Besides, any creature that can shrug off a .50 caliber most likely won't be stopped by much else.
  • Martial Art(Kung Fu)- Learned from the woman his teacher sent him to in the Church, she took it upon himself to teach him her own style. An instinctive mixture that seemed more bestial then measured, relying on being in tune with what she called the 'Inner Monster'.
  • Meele Weapon(Black Keys)- The signature weapons of the Burial Agency. They take the form of long and slender rapier-like swords with blades measuring over one meter and extremely short hilts, looking more likely to be used to thrust than slash at the opponent, the blades called into being at the users will. Blessed at every stage of creation, the end result is a potent, spiritual weapon capable of inflicting pain on many dark creatures and nullifying some of their abilities.
  • Weapon Focus(Black Keys)- Very few Executioners, much less trainees apply themselves to these weapons, as there are easier if less potent ones available. Lucifer is an exception.
  • Mythos(Vampires)- While the agents of the Burial Agency are expected to face against many monsters, Lucifer's focus are on vampires. Both on how to kill them as well as deal with them, as needed.
  • Mythos(Unseelie Accords)- As a trainee of the Burial Agency, Lucifer is taught in the laws that are the Accords. To know when to not cause a paranormal incident as well as work around them when needed.
  • Throw- To hit a target with an object, or to hit a target with the right part of the object thrown (such as the blade of a knife or hatchet), use Throw.

Born from a Scholomance ritual to resurrect Dracula on earth, Moria Anghelscu carried the infant though when she gave birth, she renounced her old ways and called for help. Answering the call, Rain Stoker and the Watchers came to Europe and helped her to escape. Leaving the infant in the charge of Rain after naming him, Moria left to undo the damage she wrought and fight the Scholomance on her own terms.

Rain would return with the infant to Texas, at her fortress and stronghold; The Stoker Ranch. Here, she taught Lucifer all she could, preparing him for the day he left and became a target for his enemies. At her urging, he left the Ranch to complete the rest of his training, bearing a letter to a friend of Rain within the Church and the organization known as the Burial Agency.

Currently, he's still in the midst of his training and while he bears the weapons of the Church and wears their garb, he currently lacks experience most of all. Though that will change with time.

As of now, he's 17 years old.

Family: Rain the Huntress. Moira Anghelscu(blood relation).

Extra: Actually a sanctioned priest. Takes his blood through insulin shots.
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@LucycoolHawk9, I will. Sorry, I have been grounded for a while now, so whenever I can get on a computer is when I am currently doing the form :/
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@sapphire.drugs Andy is accepted.

However, I'm going to need some more weakness for Pelina. Some things that could help is elaborating how badly angelic powers can hurt. ( Example: A bible reading makes her physically ill, but a stab from an holy sword can possibly kill her.) Likewise, how powerful would someone need to be to take her to Hell? Another thing to think about is what weakness the rune have, what drawback comes from using? Likewise, how strong does the demon make her? Can she lift cars or is it just slightly stronger? What's the physical cap? (Remember as a key balance for later, for every power, there must be an equal weakness to them.) Let me know when you finish with the edits and I will look over it again.
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Name: Bradley Valentino
Nickname: Brad, Hot-shot
Age: 28
He is a stud, no seriously, that's the best way to describe him. He has sandy blond hair that shines in the light and is in a mess of organized spikes that match his flawless face and his sparkly blue eyes. He is quite well built and often sports muscle shirts and jeans, even when he is teaching along with sneakers. He has a slight shadow of a beard and he often wears a watch that glows. He has beautiful white wings when he flies and sometimes carries a bow and arrow. He stands at 6'2.
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class): Between jobs, want to apply to be an English teacher at Starlight Academy
Personality: Unlike many cupids and children of hot gods and goddess, he is not an arroganat prick about it. He is a down to earth guy who is incredibly sensitive and he often considers others feelings before he does anything. He does not like heart-breakers and believes everyone should get a second chance in life. He also is always happy.
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Electricity is a major weakness of his since he can grow wings and fly without a second though. Sexual manipulation is random and he can't control when it goes off and can attract mobs that can hurt him. Like any other arcane magic user, he needs to concentrate to use his magic. His magic is like a drug and if he doesn't use, he suffers from withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fevers and sleep deperviation. He can be killed by iron weapons and guns. Using fel magic turns him twisted and drains his life energy. The more he uses his magic, the more of his mortal soul he loses, turning to insanity. His nature and ice magic can be weakened by fire, shadow by light, fire by water, Arcane by lack of concentration and his fel magic is weak to any holy magic. He also gets weak if he doesn't have sex at least once a week.
Species : Demi-Elf
Powers: Like his father, he can grow a pair of wings and fly in the air. He also has sexual manipulation and can play with other sexual urges. He also can read the desires of others. Since his mother was an elf, he also knows arcane magic that he rarely uses. He only has mastered shadow and arcane magic. He can use fire, ice and nature limitedly and never used fel.
Abilities/ skills: Archery, can cook up a storm. Has a good singing voice.
History: Classified. Honestly he doesn't know it.
Family: Eros Valentino ( Father), Mother ( Unknown elf)
Extra: He's bi-sexual/
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@sapphire.drugs Looks good. Just to note, I'm going to safely assume demonic and angelic weapons would hurt her. But yeah, Pele is accepted!
angelic will, demonic wont. and thank you! does anybody want to start a relationship with either Andy or Pele?