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Starlight City. That's it. Not Starlight Kingdom. That one is for the history books. Located on an island roughly twice the size of the combined mass of the Hawaiian islands at a halfway point between the east coast of the USA and the UK.

In ancient times, it was called Atlantis. Now, it's got other nicknames. Not all of them are repeatable in polite company. You see, reality itself is just a little... damaged around this island, and portals directly to places people call Heaven and Hell both for lack of a better word, and, well, the things who come through those portals call them that too.

That's not the only pair of portals you'll find in Starlight City. The main civic center plaza has a huge one. But, you really never know where that one is going to go, or who or what is going to come out of it. Why base your city around such a random thing? Would you rather the strange visitors from other realities show up on the outskirts of town, where if they have ill intent they have plenty of time to hatch their nefarious plans? See, I knew you'd get it.

And that was great, sort of, for awhile. Then, well, portals just started showing up all over. People appearing, disappearing, and so on. Reality just was blindfolded and handed a big handful of darts. If you get hit by one, you might get superhuman powers. You might... well disappear. The thing is, a lot of people are really tempted to take that chance. Plus, rumor has it that there's other things out there, enhancers if you will, that can amp you up as surely as that random bolt from heaven, hell, or wherever, can.

Even if you're not interested in becoming more than human, it's pretty much the best place in the world to get fame and notoriety, so there is that. Or, you might have just been born here and this crazy is the normal you know.
-Excerpt provided by @Michale CS ( Was originally used for the Starlight City clan page)

Starlight City is a easy to find city. It is a world where heroes, villains and supernatural creatures live. It borders the world of fiction and fanfiction. Come to the city, we have a school, some great attractions and have a good time! Just know that death could lurk around any corner. - Taken from a tourist who left.... It's all lies.

The IC is up!

Starlight Academy- The school Academy where students can enroll and take classes from daycare all the way up to and through college. This will consist of the dorms, the connecting bridge between dorms, classrooms, houses for the teachers and the school's boiler room and adminstration office and medical wing

Police Station- This consists of the station and the meta-human task force for the city and includes the jail.

Starlight Graveyard- This is the graveyard where there is a certain god who you can make deals with to bring your loved ones back from the dead or visit the dead.

Glistening Lake/Rainbow Forest- It is a rainbow lake and it shows you your favorite colors at certain times of day. The lake can give you powers if it deems that you are worthy. There's a guardian sprite of the lake. The forest is the area that surrounds the lake and holds the cities worst creatures

Downtown Starlight City-- This consists of the park, plaza, town hall, hospital, the hotel, orphanage, harbor, bar, resturant/ brothel, apartments and Superior Genetic Modification Industries.

Mirroredge Pantheon- This is where the gods of the city reside.

Starlight Crevice- This is where the ruins of church are. The portals to Heaven and Hell are also located there.

Shining Stars- The fancy hotel where most events are held.

The portal- This is where people from other worlds can stumble into here. (limited to 4 per person)

Arch 1 is completed.

Arch 2: Harboring Some Dark Secrets is finished.

Arch 2.5: Take me to Church is also finished.

Arch 3: Chaos at the Fall Ball is also finished.

Arch 4: The Cryptic Calm is finished

Arch 4.5: B4 is finished


Character template
(Image should be first or just below the name . I prefer real life pictures, but I will accept anime photos, hand-drawn drawings and video game photos if you can't find others)

Hero name: This only applies if your character is a hero.
Villain Name: This only applies if your character is a villain.
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
Grade ( If they are currently a student):
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
Species :
Abilities/ skills:
History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified.

Canon character Sheet
Character Name:
History: Wiki can work here if you want.

** If the Wiki goes into great detail on these topic, I am fine with you linking them here.

Characters who may be accompanying them/known family here.

God Character Sheet
Alias ( Name they use when hidden amongst mortals.)
Actual Age:
Perceived Age: (How old they look)
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Note, Godarium is the universal god killer, so make sure that this is a part of their weakness)
Pantheon they are from: ( Greek, Roman, Norse, Mirroredge ( If you pick Mirroredge, PM me to hash out what they are god of)
Abilities/ skills:
History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified. For gods, you can also give the way the world knows their history.
Character list for active members and characters
Matthew Ryan Harris
Zane Jackson
Eros Valentino
Nathan Stone
Ryan Thorn

Alec Jackson
Adam Daniel Robert Brandon Maxwell Knight
Steven Lasket Jr
David Amadeo
Marina Herring-Owned by York
Garett Gunn-Accompanying Nicholas as a bodyguard to the states.
Bradley Valentino
Joseph Clark
Maya Brooke

Tamara Holstead- Owned by Michale CS
Savina Daye-Owned by Michale CS
Star Butterfly-Played by Michale CS
Tyler Darkness
Brody Richards
Nanuet Mirielis Octavian-Owned by Zarko Straadi
Nicholas Star- Currently in use by me. (School)
Nicholas Danny Harris Currently on a business trip to the state
Laura Brook- Free to use. ( Lake)
Julia Star- At Police station. Not in use.
Lincoln Campbell- will allow use with permission, will mostly be involved in small plotting, currently and actively in use by me. ( Superior Industries)
Michael Star- At police station
Jasper Jackson Knight
Robert Alexander Knight/Legendary
Drake Lasket
Peter Lucas Thorn ( Ethan Rodriguez)
Dorothy Robinson
NPCS that make an occasional appearance
Lucas Alexander Star( At Superior Industries)
Lucifer Diablo Junior/ Lucien Solio ( At school)
Connor Blake (Unknown-last seen at hotel)
Benjamin Baker/ Kirk Austin/Mark James/ Tobias Hoy/ Cyrus Manson ( Unknown- last at hotel)
Derek Cornine (Unknown- Unknown location last seen)
Julienne Ann Nissly- Originally owned by Kitsune, permission has been given to use as a NPC by the original owner- Free to use ( Last location was park)
Syrena Brighton- Owned originally by Little_Miss_Storm_Cloud, permission given to be restaurant NPC- currently in use by me.
Areon/ Nightfire- Owned originally owned by neobendium, NPC status granted- Not in use. ( Unknown)
The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble- Owned by Sir Nick of Ni( NPC status granted due to their inactivity and permission via discord)- Currently back home. PM me if you would like to use.
Skylar Inkston- The Whore of Babylon ( Profile complete- currently unknown)
Lucifer Morningstar ( Profile will not be completed.)
Brandon Knight/Misfortune- Son of Adam Knight and unknown woman. God of magic and Misfortune. ( Profile complete- at water reservoir)
Chris Howard/ Chase Hunter- Kretin ( Vampire-Werewolf hybrid) (Profile complete- at superior Industries)
Max Knight- Young adult clone/replica of Robert Knight/ Legendary ( Profile complete- at superior industries)
Nathaniel Harris- "Older Brother"/ Future version of Matthew Harris (Profile complete- at superior industries)
Blake Jones/Lucky- A normal human who posses the medallion of Fortuna which grants him extreme luck... as long as he is wearing it. (Profile complete- At superior industries)
Anthony Carter- Twin Brother of Matthew Harris. Mercenary. (Profile complete)
Ryker Rodgers and Jett Rodgers- That is a secret, they are going to be sitting here for a while. ( These two will not be getting official profiles- unknown)
Gabriel Jackson- Younger brother of Alec and Zane. Member of the brotherhood of Assassins. Only member currently stationed in this area. ( Profile complete- unknown)
Bonnie and Clyde- Self-explanatory. ( I will also not be making profiles for them- Superior Industries)
Jak Thorn- Ryan's father. Alpha werewolf of his pack that Ryan is a part of. ( General information can be found on the SC album- At school)
Terra Knight- Pride camp
William Harris/ Knight- Superior Industries
"Liam Knight" ( Owned by Thuro 116 Pendragon, permission granted to use name and likeness, will be explained further in plot)- Superior Industries
Anyone who has a sheet in Medieval and Future ancestors is also fair game.
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@Gands Accepted! ( I hope the bar wasn't directly on the harbor, but a little off of it. Otherwise, the property damage on it would be astronomical. The harbor itself was destroyed in arch 2.)
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Just off is fine. It may not have opened yet, but pretty much is close to it at this point.
@Gands Good to Know. Otherwise, the Ic is open. So you can either have Michael at the hotel or by the harbor. ( That is where the plot is right now.)
Posting her Fate Accelerated Stats as I think they're pretty self explanatory as to what they mean. Ask if you have questions, @LuckycoolHawk9

Savina Theresa Daye
Loyal, Steadfast, Pleasant

Junior Student
Alignment: Principled (Good)
High Concept: Loyal Budding Superheroine
Trouble: Dual-Natured Personality
Aspect: A lot Tougher than I Look
Stunt: Because I have superhuman strength, I gain a +2 when Forcefully Attacking or Overcoming Obstacles, where my super strength would help.
Stunt: Because I'm preternaturally tough, I reduce all physical damage by . Once per battle, I can ignore the damage of a single exchange worth's of attacks on me. However, because of the confidence this provides me, I may not ever refuse to enter a dangerous situation if there's even a remote possibility of survival.
Stunt: Because I Can Fly, I get a +2 when Cleverly Overcoming an Obstacle or Creating an Advantage where my ability would help.

Careful (+1 - Not Very)
Clever (+2 - Average )
Flashy (+2 - Average)
Forceful (+4 - Superhuman)
Quick (+3 - Exceptional)
Sneaky (+2 Average)

Bio: Savina Daye is a girl of two minds. On one hand, she just wants to be a normal person when she grows up, far from the attention her abilities give her. But, once she's out in front of people using her abilities, she becomes a glory hound and loves the attention.

@Michale CS Accepted! ( I am pretty sure I get how it works)
@Michale CS Accepted! ( I am pretty sure I get how it works)
If I were gonna stat her out in Marvel Power Grid -

Intelligence - 3
Strength - 5
Speed - 3
Durability - 5
Energy Projection - 1
Fighting Ability - 4
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Name: Jasper Jackson Knight
Nickname: N/A
9 eons
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.):

He wears a black cloak with a gray muscle shirt and black pants underneath it. He has a black tatoo shaped like a shadow on his arm. He is six feet tall and also wears a skeleton necklace.

Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class): Stealth Teacher
Personality: He has a mysterious personality. He is unpredictable at best, sometimes acting calm and chill and other times being your worst nightmare type of teacher who would keep you on your toes. He also likes to surprise and sometimes even help people. He also is incredibly lonely and finds himself second guessing interactions as well as being plagued with self doubt.
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Light magic, staying in the shadows too long makes him insane, Goddarium
Species : God/Shadowmancer
Powers: He can blend in perfectly with the shadows. He can use the shadows as weapons, to control weaker people and for stealth.
Abilities/ skills: Some combat experience, cooking, etc ( he is the stealth guy)
History: Unknown
Family: Adam Knight ( Brother or father), Terra Knight ( Grandfather or father),
Extra: He was born in America. He was born on February 9th.
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Name: Cystal Booker
Nickname: Princess, or Bloom
Villain Name: D.Vines aka DragonVines
Age: 20
Appearance: Standing at 5'1" and weigh about 110lbs, Cystal has pale skin with specks of freckles across the cheeks and nose, which she hides with light makeup cause hates it. She has mid back length orange-red hair. She also has natural bright blue eyes, that turn bright green when angry or power hungry and have a cute gap between her front teeth. She usually seen wearing a girly clothes like dresses and such, though wears a unisex dark coloured jacket with her's and older brother's villain symbol on the back, that she only wears when out with her brother causes mischief. The hood is large enough to cover her eyes from lookers.
Grade: High School
Occupation: n/a
Personality: She's seen to be pretty sweet and kind of words and intellegent dispite her random her kidish excited outburst. She never show intellegents so many would think she's an idiot and childish. Cystal has also shown that could be not all the way there in her mind when she feels disrepected or angered by someone though she will smile about it though its rare for her to be upset since she's so bubbly in school. When she's not in school and with her brother she usually causing mischief. She's is always picking fight that she finds interesting to her and even killing randomly if she's not watched by her brother.
Weakness: She weak against Fire and Electricity
Her vines can easily burn though the effect lessens if she puts armour on them as defense. Electricity can stun them if her vines, as well stun her, doesn't have armour. She is naturally afraid of fire. Though she haven't been exposed to a lot of other metas, or magicians, etc she doesn't know all of her weakness. (more will be added later)
Species: Meta - Human
Powers: Stage 1 Phytokinesis
Abilities/Skills: Gymnastics & Basic Close Combat. She's pretty fast and flexible from being in clubs and teams that invovled Cheersquads and Gymnastics. Cystal learned that basics of combat by her father and older brother when she was younger for just in case senerios. She even know how to munipulate people when needed.
History: Since she was young, Cystal has grown up a fascination on heroes and villians as she watched in the news and stories for many years. She grew up on the knowledge by her mother and father, who was secretly one, Cystal learned she had power at her teen years when she used as a test subject by her mother and kids at a normal school that picked on her. The picking wasn't cause of any of powers, eye colour changes, family, etc...ok maybe a little, though it was her unnatural beauty she had as she grew up.

As she did so her mentality behan to change from sweet and pure typical brother spoiled teen girl to something else. Her sanity slightly began to break as she found out her older brother, who she was really close to, ran away from home. She never knew why he did, but he just did and Cystal didn't appreciate it at all. Later in her years she lost her mother to magic, of course her mother didn't leave without passing on the after effects on her. She pretty happy that her mother died after so many years of mental abuse. At 18 she moved in with her brother after she found out where he was.
Family: Secret Booker (Mother)
Gregory Booker (Father)
Skylar Booker (Older Brother & Mentor)
Extra: Cystal have slip ups sometimes.


Name: Skylar Booker
Nickname: Sky or ID
Villain Name: Cypher
Age: 22
Appearance: Skylar is usually seen wearing glasses at school and branded game or movie shirts or jackets, now and then he wears a versity jacket. Though when his out doing mischief with his sister, he is wear their darm coloured jacker that has their villian logo on the back and the hoodie covers his eyes from others and doesn't wear his glasses.
Grade: College
Occupation: n/a
Personality: Skylar is pretty akward around people in his none existing school social life though he doesn't mean he doesn't know people cause he does. Everyone. He mostly a watcher and learn everything that way. Along with going into the system for info. His pretty intelligent and knows it and will show it if giving the chance and a stuck in his nose with books all the time if his not out getting his knowledege from somewhere else. The things he knows is pretty dangerous, his a walking info box. He has shown that his pretty saracastic and laid back guy and willing to help though with a price. He can be pretty protective over his sister and short tempered about it too.
Weakness: He is weak against Mind Minuplators and Electricity. Even though he has a strong mind he can easily get captured if someone minuplate him when his guard his down though it can bring his brain power high and making him power high which can go bad pretty quickly if the controller isn't careful. His brain power can increase and making him stronger with his telekinesis which is a pro to this though the con of it is that he will have multiple burn outs which can lead him into a coma for weeks to almost months.
Species : Meta - Human
Powers: Data Manipulation
Abilities / Skills: He knows Close Combat pretty will that it could keep him from getting killed without a fight. His quick to get information people when he needs it and he even developed telepathy, which he could only do with his sister which is a one way, and telekinesis.
History: tba
Family: Secret Booker (Mother)
Gregory Booker (Father)
Cystal Booker (Sister)
Extra: n/a
Skylar and Cystal are accepted!
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Quick question
What's going on so far in the rp?
I seen that it's going by Arcs and such
Arc 1 was just a short introduction.

Arch 2 was a battle at the harbor and other unresolved threads( These will remain so since the orchestprs are not here to continue.

Arch 2.5 was a church fight and the opening of two portals. It also started the mini arch of Belldandy and Keiichi. It also was when Orion became a full fledged character.

Arch 3 was defusing a bomb at the Fall Ball. It was successful.

We are currently in Arch 4 (which is uncovering Crypt's Identity . It is almost done.)

If you like to hop in still, we have Keiichi heading to the shopping center (Kingof192 Pc)and Savina (Michale Cs Pc) at the cop station .

Everyone else in the hotel (divided into room 1 ( Which is mine and york), Room 3 (Mine and Michale other character) Room 2 ( My remaining Pcs), Hotel Ballroom (Mine and Kingof192 other Pc) and finally Hotel Lobby (Mine, Gands and that guyinthestore PC).

I personally recommend starting in Room 2(mentioning you were at the ball) or Police Station (Opting for no attendance). (These are the easiest for me due to high replying in the other room)

If you opt for Police Station tag me and Michale CS and Room 2 just tag me.

( Similiarly if you choose Room 1( tag me and York) Room 3 (Michale Cs and me), Hotel Ballroom ( Tag me and Kingof 192), Hotel lobby (Tag me,Gands and thstguyinthestore (Note:NOT RECOMMENDED).

Finally you can tag me and Kingof192 if you choose to go to the shopping center. @Muno
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Hmm... I'm not sure what character to make for this. I would like to do something motoring related but not sure how to integrate it.
@TheTechnologicVampire Maybe someone who can create cars, manipulate metal or (if you want to, a transformer) That's what I got.
Name: Rachel Hino
Nickname: Chel
Hero name: Ryder
Age: 23

Appearance: When a vehicle mode is active, armour relating to the appearance of said vehicle, which includes parts of the vehicle, appears over her body. It is usually sparse, mainly covering her arms, chest and upper back, shoulders, legs, and small sections of a helmet on the sides of her head. She uses this as her hero appearance.

Occupation: Car mechanic and modifier/Freelance hero.
Personality: Chel is someone who's not afraid to show off her body, flaunting it at most opportunities. She's kind and hard-working, with a tight dedication to her duty as a hero, and to her love of cars and thus, by extension, her car repair and modifying business. She's not afraid to get stuck in and get her hands dirty, always ready to back up her fellow heros when the time comes. When she gets angry, she is a very vicious and relentless girl, not wanting to let off the punishment until she feels the perpetrator has got what they deserve.

Weakness: She can only transform into one vehicle at any time. Any attack done to her in vehicle mode will revert her back to human form. She needs a short amount of time to scan the vehicle before she can transform into it; she cannot defend herself while doing this. She can only transform into road vehicles (goes from bikes up to articulated trucks).
Species : Meta-human
Powers: Vehicle transformation
Abilities/skills: She is extremely proficiant at manuvering cars, repairing them, and modifying them. She's also not a particularly bad shot with a gun.


Extra: When scanning a vehicle, she is given a weapon appropriate to the type of vehicle (for a large vehicle, she is given a heavy weapon, while smaller vehicles get smaller weapons, and faster vehicles get weapons with a high rate-of-fire). At the end of the post, I will post a picture and a short description of the vehicle, in a spoiler tag (mods will go in the tag if the vehicle is modified, though I'll just post a picture of the vehicle if it doesn't have any mods, or needs a description), whenever she changes her alt.mode.

@LuckycoolHawk9 Hope she's good enough for you. >w<
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Keiichi is motoring related, as being a mechanic and a driver are his only skills. The downside being I the player don't have any experience writing in that vein as my main interest in him is in the personality and in the dynamics between my two characters.
Who would like to interact with my little beauty, Chel?