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Starlight City. That's it. Not Starlight Kingdom. That one is for the history books. Located on an island roughly twice the size of the combined mass of the Hawaiian islands at a halfway point between the east coast of the USA and the UK.

In ancient times, it was called Atlantis. Now, it's got other nicknames. Not all of them are repeatable in polite company. You see, reality itself is just a little... damaged around this island, and portals directly to places people call Heaven and Hell both for lack of a better word, and, well, the things who come through those portals call them that too.

That's not the only pair of portals you'll find in Starlight City. The main civic center plaza has a huge one. But, you really never know where that one is going to go, or who or what is going to come out of it. Why base your city around such a random thing? Would you rather the strange visitors from other realities show up on the outskirts of town, where if they have ill intent they have plenty of time to hatch their nefarious plans? See, I knew you'd get it.

And that was great, sort of, for awhile. Then, well, portals just started showing up all over. People appearing, disappearing, and so on. Reality just was blindfolded and handed a big handful of darts. If you get hit by one, you might get superhuman powers. You might... well disappear. The thing is, a lot of people are really tempted to take that chance. Plus, rumor has it that there's other things out there, enhancers if you will, that can amp you up as surely as that random bolt from heaven, hell, or wherever, can.

Even if you're not interested in becoming more than human, it's pretty much the best place in the world to get fame and notoriety, so there is that. Or, you might have just been born here and this crazy is the normal you know.
-Excerpt provided by @Michale CS ( Was originally used for the Starlight City clan page)

Starlight City is a easy to find city. It is a world where heroes, villains and supernatural creatures live. It borders the world of fiction and fanfiction. Come to the city, we have a school, some great attractions and have a good time! Just know that death could lurk around any corner. - Taken from a tourist who left.... It's all lies.

The IC is up!

Starlight Academy- The school Academy where students can enroll and take classes from daycare all the way up to and through college. This will consist of the dorms, the connecting bridge between dorms, classrooms, houses for the teachers and the school's boiler room and adminstration office and medical wing

Police Station- This consists of the station and the meta-human task force for the city and includes the jail.

Starlight Graveyard- This is the graveyard where there is a certain god who you can make deals with to bring your loved ones back from the dead or visit the dead.

Glistening Lake/Rainbow Forest- It is a rainbow lake and it shows you your favorite colors at certain times of day. The lake can give you powers if it deems that you are worthy. There's a guardian sprite of the lake. The forest is the area that surrounds the lake and holds the cities worst creatures

Downtown Starlight City-- This consists of the park, plaza, town hall, hospital, the hotel, orphanage, harbor, bar, resturant/ brothel, apartments and Superior Genetic Modification Industries.

Mirroredge Pantheon- This is where the gods of the city reside.

Starlight Crevice- This is where the ruins of church are. The portals to Heaven and Hell are also located there.

Shining Stars- The fancy hotel where most events are held.

The portal- This is where people from other worlds can stumble into here. (limited to 4 per person)

Arch 1 is completed.

Arch 2: Harboring Some Dark Secrets is finished.

Arch 2.5: Take me to Church is also finished.

Arch 3: Chaos at the Fall Ball is also finished.

Arch 4: The Cryptic Calm is finished

Arch 4.5: B4 is finished


Character template
(Image should be first or just below the name . I prefer real life pictures, but I will accept anime photos, hand-drawn drawings and video game photos if you can't find others)

Hero name: This only applies if your character is a hero.
Villain Name: This only applies if your character is a villain.
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
Grade ( If they are currently a student):
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
Species :
Abilities/ skills:
History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified.

Canon character Sheet
Character Name:
History: Wiki can work here if you want.

** If the Wiki goes into great detail on these topic, I am fine with you linking them here.

Characters who may be accompanying them/known family here.

God Character Sheet
Alias ( Name they use when hidden amongst mortals.)
Actual Age:
Perceived Age: (How old they look)
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Note, Godarium is the universal god killer, so make sure that this is a part of their weakness)
Pantheon they are from: ( Greek, Roman, Norse, Mirroredge ( If you pick Mirroredge, PM me to hash out what they are god of)
Abilities/ skills:
History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified. For gods, you can also give the way the world knows their history.
Character list for active members and characters
Matthew Ryan Harris
Zane Jackson
Eros Valentino
Nathan Stone
Ryan Thorn

Alec Jackson
Adam Daniel Robert Brandon Maxwell Knight
Steven Lasket Jr
David Amadeo
Marina Herring-Owned by York
Garett Gunn-Accompanying Nicholas as a bodyguard to the states.
Bradley Valentino
Joseph Clark
Maya Brooke

Tamara Holstead- Owned by Michale CS
Savina Daye-Owned by Michale CS
Star Butterfly-Played by Michale CS
Tyler Darkness
Brody Richards
Nanuet Mirielis Octavian-Owned by Zarko Straadi
Nicholas Star- Currently in use by me. (School)
Nicholas Danny Harris Currently on a business trip to the state
Laura Brook- Free to use. ( Lake)
Julia Star- At Police station. Not in use.
Lincoln Campbell- will allow use with permission, will mostly be involved in small plotting, currently and actively in use by me. ( Superior Industries)
Michael Star- At police station
Jasper Jackson Knight
Robert Alexander Knight/Legendary
Drake Lasket
Peter Lucas Thorn ( Ethan Rodriguez)
Dorothy Robinson
NPCS that make an occasional appearance
Lucas Alexander Star( At Superior Industries)
Lucifer Diablo Junior/ Lucien Solio ( At school)
Connor Blake (Unknown-last seen at hotel)
Benjamin Baker/ Kirk Austin/Mark James/ Tobias Hoy/ Cyrus Manson ( Unknown- last at hotel)
Derek Cornine (Unknown- Unknown location last seen)
Julienne Ann Nissly- Originally owned by Kitsune, permission has been given to use as a NPC by the original owner- Free to use ( Last location was park)
Syrena Brighton- Owned originally by Little_Miss_Storm_Cloud, permission given to be restaurant NPC- currently in use by me.
Areon/ Nightfire- Owned originally owned by neobendium, NPC status granted- Not in use. ( Unknown)
The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble- Owned by Sir Nick of Ni( NPC status granted due to their inactivity and permission via discord)- Currently back home. PM me if you would like to use.
Skylar Inkston- The Whore of Babylon ( Profile complete- currently unknown)
Lucifer Morningstar ( Profile will not be completed.)
Brandon Knight/Misfortune- Son of Adam Knight and unknown woman. God of magic and Misfortune. ( Profile complete- at water reservoir)
Chris Howard/ Chase Hunter- Kretin ( Vampire-Werewolf hybrid) (Profile complete- at superior Industries)
Max Knight- Young adult clone/replica of Robert Knight/ Legendary ( Profile complete- at superior industries)
Nathaniel Harris- "Older Brother"/ Future version of Matthew Harris (Profile complete- at superior industries)
Blake Jones/Lucky- A normal human who posses the medallion of Fortuna which grants him extreme luck... as long as he is wearing it. (Profile complete- At superior industries)
Anthony Carter- Twin Brother of Matthew Harris. Mercenary. (Profile complete)
Ryker Rodgers and Jett Rodgers- That is a secret, they are going to be sitting here for a while. ( These two will not be getting official profiles- unknown)
Gabriel Jackson- Younger brother of Alec and Zane. Member of the brotherhood of Assassins. Only member currently stationed in this area. ( Profile complete- unknown)
Bonnie and Clyde- Self-explanatory. ( I will also not be making profiles for them- Superior Industries)
Jak Thorn- Ryan's father. Alpha werewolf of his pack that Ryan is a part of. ( General information can be found on the SC album- At school)
Terra Knight- Pride camp
William Harris/ Knight- Superior Industries
"Liam Knight" ( Owned by Thuro 116 Pendragon, permission granted to use name and likeness, will be explained further in plot)- Superior Industries
Anyone who has a sheet in Medieval and Future ancestors is also fair game.
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Osena, as requested

Name: Osena ? ? ?


Hero name:

Villain Name:



5'9 height wise, scar going across back, black rune-like tattoo going down right arm

Grade ( If they are currently a student):

Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
No Job

Osena is kind and patient, most of the time. There's little that gets her annoyed or angry, and she's more into helping others than herself. This means she can easily be guilt-tripped into doing things, which can label her as a 'push-over'. She also is one to try and help people that don't even like her, leading to some unfortunate situations.
She's horrible at lying and trickery, so she's honest, even in the worst of times for it. Also, she gets easily nervous about things.
((Wow I suck at personalities.))

Due to her need to 'feed' off of emotions, specifically ones like love, if she doesn't have those around her she will eventually fade off and die. She also is rather lacking in strength, and currently sight, since she's blind.

Species : '
Goddess' ((of love))

Controlling emotions

Abilities/ skills:
Excellent hearing


Calli (sister)

She's blind, for one thing. Also not from this world. She came through the portal.
@TragicTrees Accepted!

@RecentlyInsaneRussian A church was broken in half.... creating a crevice with two different paths, a highway down to the center of the earth and stairway up to the sky. It was caused by an earthquake and you have a choice to explore the city ( for more damage), the academy to help or investigate these strange happenstances.
@TragicTrees Accepted!

@RecentlyInsaneRussian A church was broken in half.... creating a crevice with two different paths, a highway down to the center of the earth and stairway up to the sky. It was caused by an earthquake and you have a choice to explore the city ( for more damage), the academy to help or investigate these strange happenstances.
Is it the time-skip, or earthquake happened just at the moment of our last messages?
It would be a time skip to the next morning about. ( Put us on the same timeline as everyone else)

Name: Derek Cornine
Nickname: N/A
Hero name: N/A
Villain Name: N/A
Age: 19
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.

He has brown hair along with dark blue eyes ( now yellowish red when angered/ in werewolf form). He has some light facial hair and stands at six feet tall. He also has a few freckles on his face and has a muscular build to him. As, a werewolf he is a brown wolf. He is typically seen in a green shirt that shows off his muscles. He also wears jeans and a watch on his wrist. He wears a watch on his wrist and sunglasses to conceal the fact that he isn't blind
Grade ( If they are currently a student): 1st year of College
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class): Unemployed
Personality: Derek is a very friendly and open sort of guy who likes to get to know people and spend time with others. He is also very curious about things and likes to solve murders/ happenings and is often at the crime scene. He also has a temper if he is angered and has a romantic side and often gets tongue-tied around pretty girls.
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Silver is a major weakness of along with wolfsbane. He can't charm the supernatural as they are resistant to it. Manipulating emotions of love drains him and makes him tired. His senses make him more vunerable when it comes to loud noises, horrible smells, and bright colors. Also chocolate ingestion will kill him. His strength only makes him twice as strong as he was.( Before he was bitten, he could lift 50 pounds, now 100)
Species : Demi-god/ Werewolf
Powers: Can manipulate the emotions of love, can slow down time, has charm speak, can shapeshift between a human and werewolf form, has advanced sense and strengths due to being a werewolf.
Abilities/ skills: Deductive Reasoning, lock picking, knows one form of combat
History: Classified
Family: Khronos ( Father), Lily Cornine ( Daughter of Aphrodite and Pluto, lost godhood due to an incident)
Extra: He's bisexual. He was born on October 21.


Full Name:David Amadeo
Nickname:Dave, Davey, Deo
Age: 24
Grade: N/A
Class: Psychology
Appearance: He is a very handsome young man. He has blond hair and blue eyes and a scar on his chin, making him look somewhat dangerous. He usually wears a red t-shirt and a pair of jeans with a blue belt around his waist. He is quite well-built with a six pack and stands at about six feet three inches tall. He also carries around a bow and arrow.

Personality:He is a very die hard romantic kind of guy. He is quite charming and likes to show people a good time. He also tends to play match maker, despite the fact that he himself has never found romance. David can also be somewhat sarcastic when it comes to people who are oblivious to love or don't believe in it. He also can be quite mysterious.
Weaknesses(Be fair here, it will be observed. Try to give one weakness for every power. If it's something as simple as a werewolf having better smell...that doesn't count as a power):He is incredibly weak to electricity that if one was to shock his wings, he would instantly die. His arrows only work if the other parties are willing to fall in love and he has all the same weakness as humans, such as bullets, drowning, and being set on fire. He is also weak to dark magic. If he lifts something heavier than his superstrength, he can be crushed by that objects. His heightened senses can be blocked out by other supernatural creatures interfering with them.
Species: Cupid.
Powers: He can fly, by growing a pair of white wings on his back. He also has a set ( twelve) love arrows to use if he ever has a truly diffcult time making someone fall in love. He is also very fast and agile. He also has all his senses heightened and a small degree of superstrength ( three times his body weight.)
Abilities/ skills: He is very fast and agile. He is quite intelligent and has extraordinary reflexes.
History: One day, he was made by the Roman God Cupid to serve as his helper to help spread love around the world. Cupid raised him for the first twelve years of his life and taught him what not to do. David has spent the last eleven years, matchmaking and gaining his degree( barely) in psychology. ( sometimes nearly getting himself killed doing so) and he arrived in Starlight City.
Family: None, he was made by Cupid but he has no real parents or siblings. However, Robert has been both a father figure and best friend to him for most of his life, as has Eros.
Extra: He is not able to communicate to Cupid, so he is on his own. He also wishes to find a love of his own. He was made on February 14.
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luckycoolhawk9, I'm not understanding you well.

Are you leading me through events, or following me right now?

I'm seeing lots of thoughts, even thoughts about thoughts. Belldandy can read emotions, but neither of my characters can read minds so I don't know what I am supposed to do with that content. Are these hints of some kind? Is the point that Eros is reading minds and not acting on anything? I left you a tiny taste of lust which could lead somewhere (eros detecting desire and something blocking it from Keiichi's side) . I'm trying to give you an opening for story with that, but I don't know where to go with what you did there.

Ryan getting written into the scene when he was not is providing good character interaction, but right now I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to run with that and give Belldandy some kind of temporary weakness or illness because I don't know if you are wanting to take this scene somewhere else.
@Kingof192 Let me edit those scenes.... when I get home. I missed those details..somehow. Should be edited by 3/4 the latest. Also, still working on damages throughout the Academy.
I see it OK.

I'll give Belldandy a sort of allergic reaction to psychic werewolf. I don't think she could catch lycanthropy, but things that mess with time do cause weird reactions. Maybe an actual illness angle later.

I'll let you decide if you want Eros to try to "speed things up" between K and B. Stuff in their history and the first Keiichi post would seem like a good setup for meddling, which is a thing Belldandy's big sister was doing throughout the anime.
I see it OK.

I'll give Belldandy a sort of allergic reaction to psychic werewolf. I don't think she could catch lycanthropy, but things that mess with time do cause weird reactions. Maybe an actual illness angle later.

I'll let you decide if you want Eros to try to "speed things up" between K and B. Stuff in their history and the first Keiichi post would seem like a good setup for meddling, which is a thing Belldandy's big sister was doing throughout the anime.
Works for me. :)
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@Unyielding I was not saying the power of your weapon was weak. What I was saying is that these hell monsters and normal bullets don't greatly hurt them. You need a powerful god force ( chaos energy), a heaven weapon, throwing them into the shield, otherwise they resist it. The monsters are at the mouth of hell which makes them as powerful as they would be in the underworld. It has nothing to do with power, heck, Nick wouldn't have done anything with a normal gun)
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Notable details not covered in the pictures; Marina has gills on both sides of her neck, an inch or so under her ears, allowing her to breathe freely underwater.


Marina Herring






College (Fine Arts), Third Year


Studying to Become an Artist


Marina tries to be bright and cheerfull, but is a little soft spoken and awkward when she is faced with uncomfortable subjects. On the other hand, she can be a little fierce if someone rubs her the wrong way, or something simply gets on her nerves. It is often difficult to guage what her exact reaction will be in a given situation, as her actions tend to vary depending on what her impulses drive her to do.




Hydrokinesis - Marina is able to manipulate water itself, moving it through the air in various concentrations, and even causing it to solidify for her needs at points. Though she isn't exactly able to summon up a tidal wave, she is certainly able to manipulate a notable quantity of water at once.

Abilities/ skills:

Drawing/Sketching - Marina is an aspiring artist, and is remarkably skilled at sketching, and sometimes drawing, mostly acquatic environments, either from places of reference, simply from memory, or sometimes from her imagination alone.

Mermaid Physiology - When she is in a deep enough body of water, Marina can put her feet together, and move them in a certain way for her to become a full fledged mermaid, with a fish tail, and scales covering her lower body. This allows her to swim effectively underwater, and breathe without difficulties while submerged. She is also able to supply oxygen to say, a human, VIA mouth to mouth breathing (though she saves this for last resort, as it is very embarrassing to her).


Hydrokinetic Downfalls - Naturally, without water, Marina's hydrokinesis is useless, so she usually travels with at least a bottle or two of water when she isn't hanging around a place where at least one good body, or source of water is laying about. It is also noted that the more water she manipulates, the longer it will take for her to move it around. Excessive amounts of water being manipulated at once will also leave her both mentally, and physically strained.

Dehydration - Even though Marina can survive just fine on land, with her legs and all, she has to keep herself hydrated every now and then, which is usually done by going out for a long swim every couple of days or so... Or simply soaking in a body of water for a few hours. If she does not hydrate herself within four days, her skin will show signs of brittleness, and will begin to crack in places... And her body itself will begin to weaken. If she remains completely dehydrated for more than a week or two, she will fall unconscious, and within 38 hours, wither away.


Marina had apparently washed ashore one day, when she was about the age of 10, her raggedy clothes giving off a fishy odor, but nothing else seemed unusual about her. Since she had washed ashore at the beaches of downtown starlight city, it was theorized that she was a lucky survivor of a shipwreck, though the fact that there was no wreckage, not even some driftwood laying around was... Puzzling to say the least. It was discovered that she had suffered from a sort of memory loss, causing her to forget what had happened that had brought her here.

However, even so, she was raised in the local Orphanage for most of her life, and as such, they took weekly trips out to the city beach. She knew as much english as the average 10 year old did, and seemed to get along just fine with the others in the orphanage, despite her apparent lack of knowledge on common nursery rhymes, fairytales, TV shows, etc.

One day, nearing her 11th birthday, as she was swimming out into the Starlight City waters, a particularly strong current had swept her away... And she surely would have drowned, if she were any normal child. However... Instead, as she closed her eyes, she suddenly felt the urge to put her legs together, and, the next thing she knew... She her legs and feet had become a rather large fishtail, with blue scales. Not just that, but she could breathe underwater, and so, when she surfaces, she began making her way to the beach once more.

Just before she neared the shore, she felt the urge to move her legs apart... And, when she did this, her tail had disappeared, restoring her human legs to her. Much to the surprise of the caretakers looking over the orphans, and even her fellow orphans themselves, she looked to have swam all the way back to the beach on her own. Though supernatural beings weren't uncommon in Starlight city, Marina felt shy about revealing what had happened back there, so instead, she let the others simply believe that she was an exceptional swimmer.

When she was around 12, she discovered she had an innate ability to manipulate water, when she had willed the water coming from her showerhead to twist and turn. As she experimented further with this in secrecy, she found herself able to even solidify water, and use it to form either solid barriers, or deady weapons.

As she continued to grow and mature, Marina began to further develop her hydrokinetic abilities, and even experimented more and more with her mermaid physiology she was apparently able to adopt when the water was deep enough, she put her legs together, and started moving them a certain way. On the side, she b egan to take a keen interest in fine arts, and often found herself sitting on the beach in her spare time, when she wasn't swimming, nor messing around with her hydrokinesis, and sketching her surroundings.

Her sketches often seemed to be associated with water, or acquatic environments, as she often drew undersea settings, complete with fish, or scenes involving beaches. Though, she was never satisfied with her artistic skills, and as such, took up a four year course in Fine Arts in the local College once she hit her 18th birthday.

There, she worked hard to hone her skills as an artist... Though, in her spare time, she still swam out to sea in her mermaid for, and sometimes helped out around the city a little, with her hydrokinetic powers, and her mermaid physiology... Sometimes a mixture of both.

Ever since she had taken up this hobby... Alot of stories have been circulating around about people who have been saved from drowning in the water by a mysterious mermaid, or robberies foiled by a sudden, convenient plumbing failure, and other such cases.


Classified (Unknown)


- Since Marina hangs around water alot, she tends to draw using a waterproof pen, and have a waterproof sketch pad for the occasions she is inspired, or simply feels like drawing.

- Marina carries her phone in a secure, waterproof case to prevent having to constantly pay for replacements whenever she gets hers wet.

- Naturally, Marina has made friends with various aquatic creatures in her underwater ventures, ranging from fish and crabs, to outright dolphins and whales. Though she does not verbally communicate with them, her actions alone ended up forming friendships in their own right.​
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@york Awesome and accepted!
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Name: Orion
Nickname: N/A
Hero name: N/A
Villain Name: N/A
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)

Screenshot 2021-08-17 10.58.56 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-08-17 10.59.53 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-08-17 11.00.01 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-08-17 11.04.00 AM.png
His skin is entirely flawless and he is slim in figure, he wears blue jeans and sneakers. When he shifts into a werewolf, he looks like a slightly larger version of Ryan's wolf. He stands at 6'3.
Grade ( If they are currently a student): N/A
Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, a please also list their class): N/a
He is very kind and caring to all other peoples and believes that there is good in everyone. When he needs too, he is able to take charge and lead people if he needs too. He feels compelled to make every animal, machine/ person like by him. If you anger him, he is known to be aggressive and protective. Despite being nice, he can be mischevious at times.
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Due to the law of the conservation of energy, Orion is heavily targeted by all forces to manipulate, age regression/ progression is unstable, silver, He is weak to all human means and EXTREMELY weak to fire.
Species : ???? /Creation* ( Created from a god, a werewolf, warlock, human and demigoddess release spell, there is no classification for him)
Powers: Age Reduction/ Progression- Once per day, Orion can regress his age to be twelve years younger or progress his age 12 years. This ability depends how old he is when he uses it.
Appearance Shifting- Once a day, Orion can change his appearance if he wants too
Machine/ Animal talking- Orion can communicate with all animals and machines.
Werewolf- He can shift into a wolf form now.
Wind/ Air magic- Orion has the ability to control the wind/ air around him.
Ice Manipulation- He can manipulate ice and make it through his body.
Shield Breaker- It is not quite certain where this power came from ( perhaps from the other three in the room), Orion has the ability to break the shields that are connected throughout the city
Abilities/ skills: He is good at repairing objects, hacking
History: Orion was created 200 years ago as the life force of Connor when he was dying. He served the man and was recently released due to the spell of Belldandy.
Family: N/A


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Full Name: Peter Lucas Thorn ( Ethan Rodriguez)
Nickname: Pete, Petey
Age: '24'
Occupation: Grave Reviver
Appearance:He is 6'2, quite muscular ( Some consider him hot with his six-pack without a shirt on), has spiked messy black hair, blue eyes and has a mustache and almost full beard. He wears a skeleton necklace around his neck and wears a short and cartoon character shirts.

Personality: He has a kind and trusting personality. He is willing to help anyone that he believes is worthy of his help. He also tends to not be able to tell good from evil. He can be quite manipulative and likes to make quick money from people's grief.
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Reviving people drains his energy and if he revives too many, he will be completely drained and died. He can also be shot at and killed easily. He also is far too trusting of people.He can be killed by godarium and heaven weapons. He needs permission to take memories.
Species : God ( Of second chances.)
Powers:He can revive dead humans ( three people per week), Supernaturals ( One per year) and animals( Unlimited to his remaining energy.) He also can control the dead that he revives. He can also take memories if he touches you.
Abilities/ skills: Intelligent, a great con-artist.
History: He doesn't know his history and nobody seems to know him or have any record of him.
Family: Osiris (Father), Mnemosyne ( Mother), Muses ( His sisters), Horus ( Brother)
Extra: He does not like children of Hades or angels, as they often ruin his business. He gave himself a last and middle name, as he didn't have one

@york @Michale CS @Kingof192

Character Name: Jason Todd
Nickname: The Arkham Knight
Canon: Batman "Arkhamverse"
Age: 22
**Personality: Jason Todd was the second incarnation as Robin. He cared for his mentor, Batman, and wanted to live up to his potential, to stop crime and protect Gotham City. However, Jason possessed an explosive temper with numerous incidents of him going too far in his actions as Robin despite his natural talents and aptitude under Batman's guidance, with hints in his behavior that he might one day kill instead of using restraint. After being tortured by Joker, his mental state started deteriorating, and he hoped that his partner would come in to rescue him. In time, (due to Joker showing him a photo of Batman with a new Robin); Jason lost hope and started to hate his mentor for leaving him to die. After he escaped, he became vengeful and wanted to kill Batman. As shown in the Arkham Knight's persona, he was ruthless, calculating, and appeared to be somewhat apathetic to the "weak" that Batman protected. Jason also was blinded by rage for Batman leaving him to die, as shown when he cost Scarecrow's toxin machine to be dismantled by Batman's Batmobile. Despite his hatred for Batman, he still showed genuine care for both Oracle and Alfred Pennyworth, and at one point asked the former how the latter was doing. He also deliberately avoided revealing Batman's true identity to Scarecrow.
**Species: Human
**Powers: None

  • Weapon Master
  • Marksmanship
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Intimidation
  • Peak Human Conditioning
  • Stealth
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Violent
  • Fiery Temper
  • Master Escape Artist
  • Master Acrobat



Jason was born on a rooftop to Willis and Cathy Todd, a pair of methamphetamine addicts who were in debt to Carmine Falcone. Willis tried to sell his newborn son to Falcone to settle his debt, but was instead beaten by Sal Maroni. As Jason grew up, Willis frequently told him that he was so worthless that he couldn't even give him away and frequently assaulted him.
Willis and Cathy were both executed by Maroni when Jason was thirteen. It was Jason who told Maroni where to find where they were hiding, but in exchange, the Maroni Family gave Jason his own patch in Gotham Citywhere he could commit crime without interfering with any of their business.
The Second Robin

Jason had his first encounter with Batman when he was a witness to a fight between him and Joker at age fifteen shortly after a successful robbery. Jason saved Batman's life by pushing him, unconscious, out of the way of Joker's machine gun fire. Incredibly, Jason stole Batman's Grapnel Gun and used it to defeat Joker. Batman came to and knocked Jason's Pistol out of his hand with a Batarang before he could shoot the Joker point-blank in the head. The Joker warned Jason that he would never forget his face before Batman knocked him out.
Batman had Jason arrested for his crime, but he was charged as a minor because he had managed to avoid leaving anything probative behind in all of his other crimes. A Wayne Industries project that placed troubled teens into schools ensured that Jason did not serve his full sentence. Jason was an A student, an excellent athlete, and he attracted the personal interest of Bruce Wayne. A few months after being released, Batman appeared in Jason's dorm, handed him his own Grapnel Gun and a Robin costume, and told him that he had one night to impress him. He did.
Months later, Gotham County allowed Bruce to take Jason in as his ward. Bruce had another entrance to the Batcave built into Jason's bedroom.
The Joker's Abuse

Like Dick Grayson before him, Jason assumed the role of Batman's sidekick, Robin. While Jason enjoyed being a hero and had an aptitude for it, he also had difficulty with his temper, recklessness, and self-control, and he frequently disobeyed Batman's direct orders. Reprimands for that behavior rankled the new, headstrong Robin - he expected to be treated as a partner to Batman and a son to Bruce, but instead felt like a mere assistant.
At one point in his tenure as Robin, Joker blew up a school, filled with children. It was at that moment that Jason decided that he needed to die. Going on his own, Jason turned off his comm link and tracer, and tracked the Joker to Arkham Asylum. There, the Joker trapped him and beat him to the point of unconsciousness with a crowbar.
The Joker kept Jason in a sealed-off and abandoned wing of the asylum, tied to a chair. There, with Frank Boles covering for him, Joker tortured and brainwashed the young man. As part of a psychological plan, Joker forced Jason into believing that Batman had abandoned him, and that Batman was the true villain. That would lead to a future confrontation between mentor and ward that would break Batman. Jason was strong, held onto the belief that Batman was out there looking for him, and, would soon find him. However, Joker started to break down Jason's will when he showed him a photo of Batman with the new Robin, Tim Drake
The abuse continued for six months, and Joker even let other Arkham inmates beat Jason. Joker also branded the letter "J" on Jason's left cheek. Finally broken, Joker forced Jason into revealing Batman's identity, but before he did, Joker shot him, and gave the footage of that to Batman, who believed Jason to be dead, finally gave up the search, and did not know that Joker had Jason wear body armor during the filming. After Jason had recovered, the torture continued still, this time under Harley Quinn, who was jealous of Jason for being chosen to replace her as Joker's sidekick, but nonetheless, used her training as a psychologist to manipulate Jason not only into believing that Batman gave him the 'J' brand, but also to shoot the villain Catman, who wore a Batman costume while Jason was under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. It was Harley who called Jason "Arkham's Knight in Shining Armor" because she believed that if Jason killed the real Batman, she and Joker could be together forever.
Arkham Asylum Incident

Jason broke free during Joker's prison break at the asylum, but Joker had paid well to retain the services of Deathstroke to make sure that Jason didn't leave the island alive. However, Jason managed to persuade Deathstroke that Joker wouldn't fulfill his contract with the mercenary, but that he could triple his pay if they escaped together. Deathstroke accepted after he force-fed Jason a tracking device. They stole a helicopter to escape, then went to Wayne Tower, where Jason broke into one of Bruce's bank accounts that was earmarked for Batman, by using information that he'd gleaned as Bruce's ward, and transferred all of the money he promised to Deathstroke. Incidentally, Jason had his first encounter with Tim Drake during the break-in, who assumed that Jason (because he was wearing Deathstroke's mask) was Slade's sidekick.
After Arkham Asylum Incident

Jason put Deathstroke on retainer. He went on to steal millions of dollars more from Bruce, which paid for the earliest steps of his plans for revenge.
Arkham City Incident

Jason watched Batman and Joker (though it was actually who Clayface posed as a healthy Joker.) He was then approached by the real (and sickly) Joker himself.
After he struck a conversation with his old victim, Joker revealed his continued partnership with Deathstroke, instructed the assassin to aid Jason's quest for revenge, reinforced the young man's distorted perception of Batman abandoning him, and encouraged him to ensure that he became a more well-known figure in Gotham as the Arkham Knight. While Jason brutally beat Joker and made an attempt on his life in retribution for what he did to him years ago, he decided not to, the Joker informed him that he had high hopes for the young man's plans against Batman and Gotham.
Before Arkham Knight Incident

After a year of training and planning, Jason formed a militia in Valle de las Guerras in Venezuela. Around this time, he also sneaked into Arkham city and had a run in with the Joker. Mockingly adopting Harley Quinn's moniker for him, Jason picked the alias "Arkham Knight", and knew that, based on the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incidents, it would haunt Batman once he revealed himself. As the Arkham Knight, Jason returned to Gotham City where he forged an alliance with Hush and went on an intense fact finding mission to determine the abilities of Batman's allies and steal the schematics of Batman's weapon and vehicle arsenal, so that he could reverse-engineer them, for both him and his militia's use.
Jason had Deathstroke train the militia as well as fight Robin and Nightwing to test their weaknesses, shadowed Batman to keep up with his activities following the Joker's death, and frequently downloaded schemata from Batman's computers. Jason also went on a campaign of intimidation to 'persuade' some of Gotham's super villains to work for him, including Harley Quinn, Firefly, and Bane (whom he'd abducted after Bane was knocked out in a fight that he orchestrated).
Nine months after the Joker's death, Jason somewhat reluctantly partnered with Scarecrow to end Batman once and for all. Together, they managed to get all of Gotham's most powerful villains to work towards a singular goal - the defeat of Batman.
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Name: Shorius { Michael }

Apparent Age : 25 ( born roughly 500 BC ) Date of birth translated to modern Calendar 01-30

Race: Titan, son of Oceanus and Tethys.

Appearance: Olive skinned, Prominent tattoo of Orca on left arm. Deep blue eyes, wild hair and both beard and mustache. Usually wears simple sturdy dress. Jeans, denim shirt, sandals, but sometimes wears custom made boots that would be very much at home at Renaissance faire.

Grade as Student: NA

Job: Owner manager of Restaurant / Bar called...Codfathers

Personality: Shorius is a gregarious sort. In a high school environment he would be a good guy jock type. He is generally friendly with everyone. He is very charismatic. Good humored, he is rarely angry. He can be protective of those him though. He could be described as very easy going.

Powers: Super Strong, Extremely durable & tough. Incredibly resistant to poisons, disease. { Under the water } Special senses, similar to dolphin sonar, breathing under water, able to withstand the pressures of the depths. Is somewhat heat resistant, inherited from his Father.

Weaknesses: Godarium, the enchanted metals Imperial gold, Stygian Iron, Celestial Bronze and Bone Steel formed against Giants. Was given a weakness to Lightning specifically due to a conflict with Poseidon.

Skills / Abilities: A very accomplished merchant and modern businessman.
Able negotiator, Excellent sailor, master of boats and nautical equipment of any type.
Master of rope and knots. Master of most melee weapons & many hand to hand fighting styles. Good with small unit tactics. Is a master brewer a more recent skill obtained while running a werewolf biker bar. Familiar with Mages, Were creatures and Vampires of various types. An accomplished archer, familiar with modern Archery equipment. Doesn't use guns, Can drive but prefers not to. Excellent knowledge of ocean life. Excellent cook/chef.

Family: Oceanus and Tethys, a large number of Ocean Nymphs and River gods & goddesses. Distantly related to Olympian gods.

Brief biography: Shorius was born to two elder titans and raised among humanity. He started life among humanity as a child given to the elders of an Phoenician outpost
near the modern site of Gibraltar. He became a sailor and merchant in the tradition of the Phoenicians. He eventually came into contact with other Scions and heroes of Olympian bloodlines. Gradually he and his group of companions became embroiled in a conflict between a group of gods. Shorius and his companions & of course their godly allies won the day. Ares himself gave Shorius an Iron Spear, another gift of the battle was the symbolic horn of the North Wind. Shorius then spent a considerable amount of time hiding from Poseidon in a series of adventures.

In the end, with the help of his father, he gave up the powers of the North Wind to appease Poseidon and was given a leather pouch through which he can obtain items of wealth, gold, gems, Jewelry lost in the oceans. A handful can be obtained this way every day. He was sent through a portal, then another portal then another. Shorius has been many places now. The last portal brought him to the Harbor of Starlight City. So far he has purchased an old harbor side bar and is turning it into a place of his own.

Items. Spear of Ares. This is a mighty weapon, When holding it, Shorius knows no fear. It is now keyed to him and might harm any who would choose to touch it's bare metal. He can shrink it to the size and shape of a pen. It is powerful enough and indeed keyed to killing creatures of great might.

Pouch of Tethys- The owner can reach in and grab a random amount of wealth once a day. Such wealth is obtained from under the ocean, various sunken treasures from anywhere from Ancient to more recent time.

Marvel Power Grid int-4 str -5 spd 2 -4 in water dur - 6 range - 1 fighting skill - 6
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