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  1. Starlight City. That's it. Not Starlight Kingdom. That one is for the history books. Located on an island roughly twice the size of the combined mass of the Hawaiian islands at a halfway point between the east coast of the USA and the UK.

    In ancient times, it was called Atlantis. Now, it's got other nicknames. Not all of them are repeatable in polite company. You see, reality itself is just a little... damaged around this island, and portals directly to places people call Heaven and Hell both for lack of a better word, and, well, the things who come through those portals call them that too.

    That's not the only pair of portals you'll find in Starlight City. The main civic center plaza has a huge one. But, you really never know where that one is going to go, or who or what is going to come out of it. Why base your city around such a random thing? Would you rather the strange visitors from other realities show up on the outskirts of town, where if they have ill intent they have plenty of time to hatch their nefarious plans? See, I knew you'd get it.

    And that was great, sort of, for awhile. Then, well, portals just started showing up all over. People appearing, disappearing, and so on. Reality just was blindfolded and handed a big handful of darts. If you get hit by one, you might get superhuman powers. You might... well disappear. The thing is, a lot of people are really tempted to take that chance. Plus, rumor has it that there's other things out there, enhancers if you will, that can amp you up as surely as that random bolt from heaven, hell, or wherever, can.

    Even if you're not interested in becoming more than human, it's pretty much the best place in the world to get fame and notoriety, so there is that. Or, you might have just been born here and this crazy is the normal you know.
    -Excerpt provided by @Michale CS ( Was originally used for the Starlight City clan page)

    Starlight City is a easy to find city. It is a world where heroes, villains and supernatural creatures live. It borders the world of fiction and fanfiction. Come to the city, we have a school, some great attractions and have a good time! Just know that death could lurk around any corner. - Taken from a tourist who left.... It's all lies.

    Locations (open)

    Starlight Academy- The school Academy where students can enroll and take classes from daycare all the way up to and through college. This will consist of the dorms, the connecting bridge between dorms, classrooms, houses for the teachers and the school's boiler room and adminstration office and medical wing

    Police Station- This consists of the station and the meta-human task force for the city and includes the jail.

    Starlight Graveyard- This is the graveyard where there is a certain god who you can make deals with to bring your loved ones back from the dead or visit the dead.

    Glistening Lake/Rainbow Forest- It is a rainbow lake and it shows you your favorite colors at certain times of day. The lake can give you powers if it deems that you are worthy. There's a guardian sprite of the lake. The forest is the area that surrounds the lake and holds the cities worst creatures

    Downtown Starlight City-- This consists of the park, plaza, town hall, hospital, the hotel, orphanage, harbor, bar, resturant/ brothel, apartments and Superior Genetic Modification Industries.

    Mirroredge Pantheon- This is where the gods of the city reside.

    Starlight Crevice- This is where the ruins of church are. The portals to Heaven and Hell are also located there.

    Shining Stars- The fancy hotel where most events are held.

    The portal- This is where people from other worlds can stumble into here. (limited to 4 per person)

    Arches before update (open)

    Arch 1 is completed.

    Arch 2: Harboring Some Dark Secrets is finished.

    Arch 2.5: Take me to Church is also finished.

    Arch 3: Chaos at the Fall Ball is also finished.

    Arch 4: The Cryptic Calm is finished

    Arch 4.5: B4 is finished


    Starlight original character sheet (open)

    Character template
    (Image should be first or just below the name . I prefer real life pictures, but I will accept anime photos, hand-drawn drawings and video game photos if you can't find others)

    Hero name: This only applies if your character is a hero.
    Villain Name: This only applies if your character is a villain.
    Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
    Grade ( If they are currently a student):
    Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
    Species :
    Abilities/ skills:
    History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified.

    Sheet for cannon characters ( also known as fandom characters (open)

    Canon character Sheet
    Character Name:
    History: Wiki can work here if you want.

    ** If the Wiki goes into great detail on these topic, I am fine with you linking them here.

    Characters who may be accompanying them/known family here.

    Original gods for Starlight City character sheet (open)

    God Character Sheet
    Alias ( Name they use when hidden amongst mortals.)
    Actual Age:
    Perceived Age: (How old they look)
    Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc.)
    Occupation ( If occupation is teacher, please also list their class):
    Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): Note, Godarium is the universal god killer, so make sure that this is a part of their weakness)
    Pantheon they are from: ( Greek, Roman, Norse, Mirroredge ( If you pick Mirroredge, PM me to hash out what they are god of)
    Abilities/ skills:
    History: This field is semi-required. If you prefer to reveal your character's past over time/ don't have anything in mind, you can put unknown or classified. For gods, you can also give the way the world knows their history.

    Character List of active members (open)

    Character list for active members and characters
    Matthew Ryan Harris/ Twiggy
    Zane Jackson/ Living Lightning
    Eros Valentino
    Nathan Stone
    Ryan Thorn

    Alec Jackson/Crypt
    Adam Daniel Robert Brandon Maxwell Knight
    Steven Lasket Jr/.Tank.
    David Amadeo
    Marina Herring-Owned by York
    Garett Gunn-Accompanying Nicholas as a bodyguard to the states.
    Bradley Valentino
    Joseph Clark
    Maya Brooke
    Shorius/ Michael- Owned by Gands
    Elaina Cole--Owned by Thuro 116 Pendragon
    Eden Haller- Owned by Gands
    Tamara Holstead- Owned by Michale CS
    Savina Daye-Owned by Michale CS
    Drake- Played by Chrono
    Lord Immortus- Played by Michale CS
    Andy Willow Carpenter-Owned by Sapphire.Drugs
    Star Butterfly-Played by Michale CS
    Lucifer Matthias Anghelshu- Owned by Ringmaster

    Main NPCS (open)

    Main NPCS
    Nicholas Star- Currently in use by me. (School)
    Nicholas Danny Harris/Shadow- Currently on a business trip to the state
    Laura Brook- Free to use. ( Lake)
    Julia Star- At Police station. Not in use.
    Lincoln Campbell- will allow use with permission, will mostly be involved in small plotting, currently and actively in use by me. ( Superior Industries)
    Michael Star- At police station
    Jasper Jackson Knight
    Robert Alexander Knight/Legendary
    Drake Lasket
    Peter Lucas Thorn ( Ethan Rodriguez)
    Dorothy Robinson

    Occasional NPCs (open)

    NPCS that make an occasional appearance
    Lucas Alexander Star/ Cerin ( At Superior Industries)
    Lucifer Diablo Junior/ Lucien Solio ( At school)
    Connor Blake (Unknown-last seen at hotel)
    Benjamin Baker/ Kirk Austin/Mark James/ Tobias Hoy/ Cyrus Manson ( Unknown- last at hotel)
    Derek Cornine (Unknown- Unknown location last seen)
    Julienne Ann Nissly- Originally owned by Kitsune, permission has been given to use as a NPC by the original owner- Free to use ( Last location was park)
    Syrena Brighton- Owned originally by Little_Miss_Storm_Cloud, permission given to be restaurant NPC- currently in use by me.
    Areon/ Nightfire- Owned originally owned by neobendium, NPC status granted- Not in use. ( Unknown)
    The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble- Owned by Sir Nick of Ni( NPC status granted due to their inactivity and permission via discord)- Currently back home. PM me if you would like to use.

    Future NPCS (open)

    Skylar Inkston- The Whore of Babylon ( Profile complete- currently unknown)
    Lucifer Morningstar ( Profile will not be completed.)
    Brandon Knight/Misfortune- Son of Adam Knight and unknown woman. God of magic and Misfortune. ( Profile complete- at water reservoir)
    Chris Howard/ Chase Hunter- Kretin ( Vampire-Werewolf hybrid) (Profile complete- at superior Industries)
    Max Knight- Young adult clone/replica of Robert Knight/ Legendary ( Profile complete- at superior industries)
    Nathaniel Harris- "Older Brother"/ Future version of Matthew Harris (Profile complete- at superior industries)
    Blake Jones/Lucky- A normal human who posses the medallion of Fortuna which grants him extreme luck... as long as he is wearing it. (Profile complete- At superior industries)
    Anthony Carter- Twin Brother of Matthew Harris. Mercenary. (Profile complete)
    Ryker Rodgers and Jett Rodgers- That is a secret, they are going to be sitting here for a while. ( These two will not be getting official profiles- unknown)
    Gabriel Jackson- Younger brother of Alec and Zane. Member of the brotherhood of Assassins. Only member currently stationed in this area. ( Profile complete- unknown)
    Bonnie and Clyde- Self-explanatory. ( I will also not be making profiles for them- Superior Industries)
    Jak Thorn- Ryan's father. Alpha werewolf of his pack that Ryan is a part of. ( General information can be found on the SC album- At school)
    Terra Knight- Pride camp
    William Harris/ Knight- Superior Industries
    "Liam Knight" ( Owned by Thuro 116 Pendragon, permission granted to use name and likeness, will be explained further in plot)- Superior Industries
    Anyone who has a sheet in Medieval and Future ancestors is also fair game.
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  2. Okay, let me just start off with my character and the template.
    Full Name: Matthew Ryan Harris
    Nickname: Matt, Twigs
    Hero Name: Twiggy
    Villain name: N/A
    Grade: College
    Class : Still none
    Appearance: His human form would be a tall ( six feet seven inches), young blond male with bright blue eyes, a muscular and fit build. He would then wear a gray leather jacket, a white fedora, have a slight goatee, and wear gray pants and combat boots. In his hero form, he simply wears a mask. As a wolf, he is a blond fur werewolf with brilliant blue eyes.
    Matthew King.jpg
    Personality: He is sarcastic, a flirt and tends to not regard people's feelings in the least bit. He can be warm and compassionate but is rarely so. Recently, he had become more respectful of woman and as such has become more heroic and willing to be brave.
    Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): He is incredibly weak to fire and his super speed can be compromised if he is attacked. Due to his denial of his chaos ability, he is quite easily to manipulate and his regeneration takes a full year and he is incredibly vunerable in this state.
    Species : Meta-human/ Werewolf
    Powers: He has control over nature as a whole. He also has super fast speed and strength. He also has chaos abilities, but he does not like to use them. He can change into a werewolf
    Abilities/ skills: Regeneration.
    History: Unknown ( Somehow)
    Family: Nicholas Harris ( father)
    Extra: He is the original version. He was born on May 31. He is bisexual.
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  3. This is a character of mine that I never got to use, I hope it's alright. I wasn't sure what to write for 'class' so I didn't write it at the moment. Just tell me if I need to change anything ^^

    Emilia Rosalind Willis

    "You could just call me Em. Most people do."

    Hero Name:
    "Midnight, might be because of my cloak and because of the fact that my career started at midnight. Gosh, it sounds like a Cinderella thing."

    Villain Name:
    "Well, I didn't really have one. I was going to take the role of my mother. 'Snow Lady' when I grew older but I prefer to be a hero now rather than a villain."


    "I'm currently in my second year of college."

    Emilia has layered brown hair that reaches just above her shoulders. She doesn't have bangs but at times, the shorter strands of her hair would fall onto her face, covering her hazel colored eyes. She's petite, standing only at the height of 5'4 with a slim physique. She isn't muscled or toned, but she's fit due to her daily morning jogs. Her favorite attire is a white blouse underneath a cardigan that a mixture of red, black and grey. She's rarely seen in a skirt or shorts, often opting to wear jeans with her favorite black combat boots.

    As a hero, she wears an attire of dark colors along with a plain mask to cover her eyes. It was mostly due to the fact that her had a fashion show on the night when she saved a middle aged woman from three men in an alleyway. Her outfit was originally just a leather jacket and a mask however, she decided to add a hood to additionally cover her face. Although her layered hair - especially at night - is messier than usual and appears like a male haircut 'Although...she did think I was a guy so practically everyone does too.'
    The image below is similar to what she wears except in black.


    Emilia is an incredibly friendly and welcoming person, willing to approach anyone and talk to them with a smile on her lips. However, she rarely ever trusts others. Most people would call her talkative since she could talk for hours about nearly everything under the sun, sometimes flitting from one topic to another. Yet, what many don't realize is that she rarely every talks about important topics such as family and her past before the age of fifteen. Whenever the topic does come up, she'd find a way to change the topic, and people would merely accept it as her short attention span - which is actually untrue but she doesn't bother to correct the wrong assumption. 'It's a good excuse so if it works then sure, why not.'

    Despite her cheerful and playful persona, she's quite perceptive even if she doesn't show it. Also, she's actually not the most calm person even if she appears to be relaxed most of the time, 'But I'm trying.' Sometimes she would have bursts of anger where she would just snap at someone. Naturally, she apologizes for it immediately. She does her best to avoid stressful situations which leads her to avoiding any close relationships. Another reason she does so is because of fear and a low self esteem, she often second guesses herself, especially with her decisions.

    With her ability over ice, there are still moments when she loses control or her control slips. Often times it would be when she would feel angry or scared. Whenever she loses control or overuses her ability, her body temperature becomes lower and lower until she gets a grip over her emotions or tales a break from using her ability.Other than that, she may be lithe and agile in combat but with a small physique like hers, someone with greater strength or larger build would prove to be a challenge to her. Additionally, she doesn't have advanced recovery rate like the heroes, 'Just a high pain tolerance and I guess that'll have to do.'

    "Well, according to my parents, they were I guess I am too."

    Alongside the use of gadgets like smoke bombs and whatnot, Emilia often uses close combat. 'It was part of my training...I may as well use it.' With a lithe and agile form, she uses a seemingly invisible wire as her primary weapon, 'It's also useful for tying criminals up! It's like a two in one item, useful, right?' Close combat is something that most can do as well as a skill that other heroes used in the past, ’I don't have to fear that people will connect the dots with my past.'

    "I can control ice, but I don't like to, no, actually, I'm scared of using it.' Ice manipulation is an ability inherited from her mother. She could do plenty with the element such as freezing her opponents or her surroundings. She could also create figures from ice such as animals or even people, 'When I was a child, I liked to create sculptures of animals made of ice. It was like winter wonderland.'

    Emilia was the daughter of the city's two greatest villains. She, too, would have been part of that list as she had inherited her mother's ability to control ice while her father trained her in combat. She did not know much of the city other than the fact that it should be hated and destroyed because, 'This city has a virus of corruption and crime, the best way to get rid of it all is to have it disappear', as her parents always told her. Naturally, she believed it until she met people who changed her views.

    Later on, she and her parents were arrested. Since she was just twelve and had a hand in the defeat of her parents, she was spared from having to go to prison and instead, was given a chance at a new life. For three years, she was educated on what is right and wrong as well as what she would need to know as an ordinary citizen. She was adopted by a police officer who acted as her father and watcher. For another year, she was kept under vigilant surveillance to see if any villainous ways would surface but she was keen to put that all in the past. However, there are some moments when she ponders on whether what she did was right or wrong, 'No matter how they were...they still are my parents.'

    One day, after a school event, an incident occurred and she decided that she wanted to be a hero. She didn't mind being well known by people. In fact, she loved it mostly because she wants people to see the good she's done in the event that they find out about her origin. 'Though I hope they'll never have to.'

    Emily Olivander - Mother
    Christopher Olivander - Father
    Richard Willis - Guardian

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  4. Approved.

    Also, Class refers to if they are a teacher. I meant to change that to occupation but I forgot. @Autumn
  5. Alrighty, thanks for the acceptance :) Quick question though, until how many characters can a person have? Is it alright if I make another?
  6. Yeah, sure. I am fine with you making another. I was just about to add to the count too with another one of my own. I have never been a fan of limits, so I haven't decided yet. ( I have this forum on another site and I am treading close to 65 characters. ( without NPC's I also use) @Autumn
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  7. Full Name: Robert Alexander Knight
    Nickname: Legendary, Rob, Robbie.
    Age: 7 eons. ( Looks to be somewhere between 20 and 30.)
    Grade: N/A
    Class :
    Magic/ Defensive Arts ( All ages must take this course.)
    Appearance: He looks to be of hispanic origin. He has green eyes ( despite being blind) that are hidden by sunglasses that help him to see everything around him. He has dark brown waved hair and has a full beard. He is quite well-toned and stands at about six feet seven inches tall. He typically wears a black fedora, a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket covering it and black jeans and combat boots. He also has a scar under his chin and wears a black wrist band on both arms. In his god form, he looks the same, but stands at about a hundred feet and glows.
    New Legendary image (open)

    Personality: He has a very friendly and open personality to most of his students. He is very intelligent and can be quite calculating. However, when it comes to actual combat, he has a cold, unfeeling and somewhat cynical approach that makes him seem quite dark. He is extremely overprotective of his family.
    Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): His psychic power is unpredictable at best, along with his ability to access his god form at all. His water sage powers are diffcult to use away from large bodies of water. His magic is based on the energy he can exert in one day. Also, if someone is to knock off his sunglasses, he is blind and must rely on his other senses.
    Species : God.
    Powers: He has the unpredictable power of seeing all futures at once. He is also a master of all forms of magic and is a water sage. He has the ability to rarely shift between his god and human form.
    Abilities/ skills: He is a master of strategy and tactics and has 7 eons of combat experience. He is also quite well at science.
    History: Not given by applicant.
    Family: Classified.
    Extra: He never sleeps, so he can be talked to at any time. He was born on March 23.
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  8. @Autumn Whenever you get around to posting, I will probably be asleep, so I will approve it at about 8-10AM for me and 8-10Pm for you.
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Raveen Wolfe
    Nickname: Raveen
    Hero name: NA
    Villain Name: Razor
    Age: 26
    Appearance: 6'3
    250 Ibs
    Grade: NA
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Personality: Cold, Calculating, Deceptive, loyal to none, quiet, emotionless.
    Weakness: In Titanium mode Raveen will sink. Electricity.
    Species : Mutant
    Powers: Titanium skin: Can turn his skin and organs into titanium making him resistant to physical and heat based attacks also has spikes on his skin to make his body a more dangerous weapon.
    Needle wave: Can fire a stream of metal needles from his body ranging in size from thread needles to broad swords.
    Drill limbs: Can change his hands or feet into metal drills.
    Chainsaw: Can change either of his arms into chain saws.
    Razor Wire: Can create small amounts of sharp metal wires that can be used for multiple things from creating weapons to making trip wires and traps.
    Black metal: When he uses his metal powers the metal is black making it hard to see at night.
    Abilities/ skills: Decent marksman.
    Expert hand to hand fighter.
    Small katana training prefers fist fighting.
    Explosive handling and creating.
    History: Unknown
    Family: Father Ravel Wolfe Deceased.
    Mother Luna Wolfe Deceased.
    Oldest Brother Vectus Wolfe Deceased.
    Older Brother Tosen Wolfe Deceased.
    Younger Sister Nova Wolfe Missing.
  10. Approved. ( In future, please include more weakness. Mentioning specific weakness and/or include human weakness such as getting shot, being burned alive, etc will suffice too. Otherwise good character.)
  11. Is there a IC.
  12. Ok how many villain's are made?
  13. Just yours. I am going to add one or two of mine right now. ( Just need to find some images for them). I have 10 in total in mind over time though.
  14. I can add some more.
  15. That would be cool and great for me. I can use them to work some new arches in besides the one I have. So, sure go ahead. :)
  16. I'll get them up in a bit.
  17. Okay, cool with me. I am a very patient person. ( I have waited months for replies in the original version.)
  18. Full Name: Zane Jackson
    Nickname: N/A
    Hero Name: N/A
    Villain Name: Living Lightning
    Age: 32
    Grade: Third year of college ( He quit for a bit due to life getting in the way and taking care of Nathan)
    Class: N/A
    Occupation: Henchman of Lucas Star
    Appearance: He has black hair, gray eyes and a muscular build, he wears a black fedora, a leather jacket and sneakers and pants. He also a scar on his right arm that was received from his accident. He also wears a necklace that has a lightning bolt on it. He also wears black gloves. He has a very light outline of a beard.
    Personality: He is cold and manical type of man who does not give much regard for human emotion and tends to not like to engage in many activies. However, he harbors a " false persona" of being kind and somewhat interested in others problems.
    Weaknesses: Guns, psychic blasts, fire and his ego. If he holds a lightning bolt, it burns his hand and if he uses all his electricity he is easily hurt. He also can't enter water in his electric form or he will die.
    Species: Meta-human.
    Powers: He has control over the element of electricity and form it onto his body and consume it. He can also summon lightning bolts.
    Abilities/ Skills: He is an expert at archery.
    History: Unknown.
    Family: Alec Jackson.
    Extra: N/A
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  19. Full Name: Lucas Alexander Star
    Nickname: Luke
    Age: 36
    Hero Name: N/A
    Villain Name: Cerin
    Occupation: Billionaire/ Member of Police Force.
    Appearance: He has blond hair with black streaks in it, black eyes and is clean-shaven. He wears a red hoodie and he is also a small magic wand on the side of his belt. He also has two pistols on his side and a staff on his back. He is somewhat well-built, 6'4 inches tall. He wears dark red jeans. In his villain form, he wears a business suit and a red fedora, blue contacts to change his eye color.
    Personality: He is very cold and calculating. He is quite recalcitraint and is a flirt. He is very greedy. His " False persona" is that he is kind and considerate and is well- respected.
    Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER): . He is weak to every element except wind.He has to be concentrated to teleport and fly. Loud noises weaken his senses. He gets drained physically by energy manipulation.
    Species: Magician/ Meta-Human Hybrid.
    Powers: He is a master of dark magic. He is also a master of wind magic. He basically has the same amount of super human strength as his brother and has the same advance senses ( except better than his brother.) Energy manipulation. Teleportation and has flight.
    Abilities/ skills: He has extreme durability and regeneration. Trained businessman and detective and master of manipulation and is a dark sage. is a tactical genius.
    History: He grew up in a wealthy family, but he did care for the wealth. He was selfish and greedy, When his parents died, Lucas gained all of the money and fortune/ the empire. His brother inherited the house. At age 20, he began training under his mentor. At age 22, he trained at the academy and joined the force a year later. He is next in line to be chief.
    Family: Nick Star ( Twin.), John Star ( Nephew), Amanda Star (Niece), Micheal Star ( Nephew), Julia Star ( Sister in-law)
    Extra: He hates the color black and his brother. He loves/ hates and respects his mentor Robert Knight. He loves women.
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