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  1. it was such a clear night tonight that when I got home I took a blanket to the backyard and stared at the sky awhile. It was nice.

    Do you stargaze? When was the last time? Any cool stargazing tales for us?
  2. Last night. We went up on the rooftop, and it was by the beach side (we were staying overnight at a resort) so it was great. Just lying back and listening to music while looking up at the stars, even though we couldn't identify any constellations, was very soothing. Just what I needed after the past week.
  3. I love to look at the stars when I want to gain some perspective and clear my thoughts which have been jumbled and crowded by white noise and negativity. There's nothing quite like looking up into the past and seeing what was and knowing that it won't always be, but for the span of our lives, at least there is some comfort in that persevering impermanence. And in embracing the fact that as far as the eye can see is only but a small point on a forever spiraling outward arm of space dust and matter, even the largest problems seem insignificant and in a way, you too feel insignificant, but not in a way that's diminishing of self. You come to realize that everything has a time, a window in which to shine brightly before fading, just like the stars we admire and make into shapes with names and stories. Just because they fade, doesn't mean they didn't matter. Just because we don't know their story, doesn't mean it was any less beautiful.

    So yeah, I like stargazing.
  4. I wish.

    But the sky isn't that spectacular where I am.
    Light Pollution, it's a bitch. >.<

    Though Light Pollution is partly why we have Neil deGrasse Tyson today, so I can't really complain much.
  5. Man, stargazing is awesome.

    Living in a village with lots of light pollution, I can't do it as often as I'd like. I have no car either, so the few good spots around here where it's actually possible to see starts are too far away. It sucks, but there really isn't a lot to be done about it. The winters are pretty good for stargazing, though. Especially when it's below zero and nearing midnight.

    But the coolest moment in my years of noobish stargazing was probably when I was off working. We were staying at a small inn close to a camping area, and at around 12 they turned off all the lights and such. It was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so the light pollution was minimal, and oh my god did that present an opportunity. Never in my life have I seen such a clear sky and such visible stars, I was flabbergasted. I think I spent around two hours standing on the second floor balcony, freezing my balls off, just watching the stars. The morning after I barely made it out of bed at 6am, but it was so worth it.

    There is also a mountain not far from here that would be ideal for stargazing. Never been there, but I'm planning on dragging a few people along next winter. It's gonna be awesome.
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  6. Stargazing is very liberating to the mind and spirit. I'm way out in the country so no light pollution here.

    Last time I stargazed was back in February on a cold clear night with a sky full of stars. Nothing short of Blissful that was.
  7. I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere so the starts are pretty clearly visible every night in case the weather doesn't feel like being a prick.

    Whenever I go outside when it's late, I tend to take a while to just stand in the middle of the yard and look up to the sky for a while and possibly get my neck sore as a bonus. I haven't actually 'stargazed' in a while, it been too cold for that.

    I don't really think about the "Oh, how insignificant I am" stuff when I look at dem stars though. I just think they're pretty.
  8. I live in Edinburgh and London. Like fuck am I getting to see any stars, even with a telescope. I do love to stargaze on the rare occasions I'm somewhere it's possible.

    My roommate, however, is from the Faroe Islands. They're tiny and have a population of 50,000, so the light pollution is almost nothing by comparison. He has some fancy ass telescope so he can do amateur astronomy. It sounds pretty amazing, to be honest. He headed home a couple weeks before the end of term so he could see the full eclipse rather than a partial one.
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  9. What can I say man? You're missing out ;)
  10. Seems to me if you want to get away from the light pollution is to head out in the country. I'm sure Scotland is not as heavily urbanized as England if you can be there during a clear night. The British Isles are all a rather busy little group of islands, wouldn't you say?
  11. i saw a comet once
  12. Hale-Bopp in 1997?
  13. dunno
    i just saw this thing streaking across the sky

    thought it was a comet
  14. I've never understood why being small /part of a larger whole makes me insignificant, I also just think they're pretty and it's fun to find constellations. :3
  15. Because some people follow the belief of "We humans are the only one's in this Universe" or "We have special/divine purpose" which makes them feel greatly powerful and influental.

    But then when one looks at how big the Universe really is, and how small they are by comparison?
    It's a game changer, some people would rather be a bigger part of a small world than be a small part of a much bigger world.
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  16. I guess I can understand that.
  17. Every night I take my dog out. It's Florida so the skies are usually fairly cloudy or at the very least thick. Just behind our apartment is a wooded area (mostly) free from light pollution so during the winter months the sky is pristine and I can pick out plenty of constellations in my little slice of the sky.

    Once saw shooting stars just about every single night too. Was really wonderful.
  18. I stargaze every time I look at my avatar.

    Seriously, sadly I don't have much opportunity to where I live. It's still cold here, and I can only ever see a max of five stars when I look outside. Which sucks because I love stars.
  19. I do less star gazing and more aurora watching. Sadly, my camera can never get the picture because it's a cheap point and click digital, although I love going out by the river or lake when I'm camping and just lay back on the ground and watch the sky, especially during meteor showers.

    I actually live 3 hours away from the largest dark sky preserve in the world, so it's nice camping there when stuff's supposed to happen. It's part of why I don't want to move back to Ontario.
  20. I'm jealous.

    Florida ain't got shit like that unless you drive down to the Everglades to sacrifice yourself to Mosquitos and no see ums.
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